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The deep and delicate art of ECM


The enterprise content management (ECM) market is at a critical turning point where it must prove itself or be lost altogether. A seemingly trite but crucial point about ECM is that, in its infinite variety, it's just plain hard. Vendors that have tried to go after the truly common denominators of content management demand, across industries and business processes, often look like little more than just another kind of database. To look more closely, the biggest, most successful and influential providers of content management in the enterprise were formed around two primary categories: document management and Web content management. The critical business problems and initiatives that call for content management require an even more expansive accommodation for information, spanning everywhere from highly explicit data in enterprise systems to the tacit knowledge in people's heads. The most successful companies in the world will use the art of content management to benefit from the skills, experience and expertise of their people: their employees, executives, partners, customers and consumers.

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