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Jumping to Solutions


It's human nature to leap to conclusions, especially in busy and stressful environments like healthcare. The phenomenon known as "solution jumping" simply describes providing an answer before truly understanding the question. The impulse to solution-jump is especially prevalent when it comes to migrating to new IT applications. Taking the time to look before you leap will pay off in a smoother implementation for the project team and the end-user. Following a structured discovery process will allow you to step up to new productivity without jumping into trouble. By involving key individuals in the discovery process, you will have a built-in knowledge base of subject matter experts. Your decision-making will be based on reliable information. The end result is a more efficient use of resources, elimination of errors and redundancies, and fewer headaches for the project team and the end-user. By incorporating a structured discovery process upfront you will have a much softer landing when you leap into your implementation.

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