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Speed Searching


Online searching is quick, and so many resources can be found with amazing speed compared to just a decade ago. The super searcher can quickly try a search at several databases, skim results, reword the query, and deliver relevant content. While there are many approaches to speed searching, this article explores using short queries, long phrases, search suggestions, and search switching techniques to help users get to the information they want. Minimize your keyboarding time so that you have more time for browsing the results. Choose a distinctive or unusual word, and try to avoid words with multiple, unrelated meanings like ford, apple, or any word that is also a celebrity name. Meanwhile, copying and pasting a longer phrase, especially in an increasingly online environment, can make running a longer search statement even faster than typing a short one. Again, uniqueness should trump the short query. On the other hand, choosing the best query words can certainly speed searching.

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