GEARING UP FOR CRM 2.0 by ProQuest


For years, credit unions have differentiated themselves from banks and other competitors by creating strong "trusted advisor" relationships and superior banking experiences for their members. But the rules of the game are changing quickly and in a big way. This change all starts with the concept of customer relationship management (CRM). CRM is a strategy that has been pursued by credit unions ever since the term started being used in the early 1990s. Most financial institutions recognize that CRM is an "umbrella" concept that includes several distinct components that require different tactics and systems, but which at the same time must be designed and managed with a single overall strategy. CUs that can keep their strong member focus and commitment to relationship management intact, while adapting to new channels, systems and member needs, will accomplish the biggest CRM goal of all -- staying relevant in their members' financial planning and activities, and maintaining their position as their members' financial partner.

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