; The Limits of Regionalism: NAFTA's Labour Accord
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The Limits of Regionalism: NAFTA's Labour Accord


Robert G. Finbow The Limits of Regionalism: NAFTA's Labour Accord Ashgate, 2006, xiii+300 pp. isbn: 0-7546-3337-2 (hbk) 55 Reviewed by Tony Heron It is fast approaching the completion of a decade since the chaotic scenes of the 1999 WTO ministerial summit in Seattle, when the clashes between local and federal authorities and 'anti-globalisation' protesters on the streets were mirrored by analogous conflict inside the conference centre between developed and developing countries regarding the agenda for the proposed 'millennium' trade round. With the subsequent launch of the 'war on terror' and the supposed 'securitisation' of us foreign economic policy, President Bush quickly acquired 'fast track' trading authority (which had expired in IQ95)i DUt rather than following the Clintonian approach, the Republican-dominated Congress sought to explicitly eschew any linking of labour rights with the establishment of free-trade agreements.

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