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					To:       Prospective Visiting Students at Berkeley
From:     Trond Petersen
RE:       Housing in Berkeley
Date:     June 15, 2006

Housing is expensive here,more expensive than in Oslo. Rents vary considerably,
especially by location. Housing close to campus is expensive.

Visitors always find a place to live.

The most difficult time to find a place is in August.   It is usually easier in
January or other months.

Please do not go to the departmental offices at the University and ask them for
help with finding housing. The University serves about 32,000 students by about
1,500 full-time faculty. The departments do not have the resources to help its
own regular students and certainly not visitors from abroad.

Please also note this: Oslo is an entire 9 hours ahead of the U.S. West Coast,
so that 9am in San Francisco corresponds to 6pm in Oslo, and 10pm in San
Francisco corresponds to 7am in Oslo. So please do not call from Oslo at say
hours 15:00. Then it will be 6:00 in the morning here. Wait to call until
about hours 18:00-19:00, when it is 9:00-10:00 in the morning here. and then you
can continue calling until you go to bed at midnight, at which time it will be
hours 15:00 here. You will always be 9 hours ahead of Berkeley.

Here are some contacts.

1.   Sigvor Hamre Thornton

She is Norwegian, from Bergen, but has lived in Berkeley since 1952. She has
been exceptionally helpful to all Norwegian visiting students and scholars, as
well as to those from Sweden. She is also well connected to several landlords.

Tel.: 1 (510) 524-6433 (home)
522 Cragmont Avenue
Berkeley, CA

2.   Jamie and Isabelle Samanian

Tel.:       1 (925) 933-9799 (home)
e-mail:     i.samanian at

They own several apartments and houses in Berkeley and surroundings and have
rented to Norwegians for a long time. These are furnished.

3.   Claude Samanian

Tel.:     1 (510) 548-3321 (home)
Tel.:     1 (510) 848-8570 (office)

He owns several apartments in Berkeley and has rented to Norwegians for a long
time. These are furnished.
4.    Apartments on Walnut Street, Close to Hearst Avenue

Glen Stevick
Elizabeth Scherer

Tel.:    1-510-540-6461 or 1-510-501-1540

These apartments have been popular with Norwegian visiting scholars.

5.    Moshe

Tel.:    1 (510) 528-8503

He owns several apartments in Berkeley, including several townhouses (5-6 of
them), where each has three bedrooms, a living room, a dining area, a full bath,
and a half bath, quite suitable for 3-4 people, since one of the three bedrooms
is very large. The townhouses rented for about $1,500-1,600.- in Spring 1999.
These are furnished.

6.    Jay and Josephine Varnes

Tel.:    1 (510) 526-1389

They have a house with two apartments for rent at

     1323 Henry Street

7.    Ken Baar

Tel.:    1 (510) 525-7437

He has a one-bedroom apartment (livingroom, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom) with a
deck in house on

     2146 Russell St

It rented Fall 1999 for $850.- per month.

8.    Various housefinding services

There are several services that list apartments, houses, studios, etc., that are
for rent. To access these services you need to pay a fee, often $50-75.

Here are some of the services available:

Berkeley Connection
2840 College Avenue,
Berkeley, CA
Tel.: 1-510-845-7821
ERI Better Homes & Gardens
2980 College Avenue
Berkeley, CA
Tel.: 1-510-883-7005
Tel.: 1-510-883-7000

Homefinders Bulletin
2158 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA
Tel.: 1-510-549-6450
       1-800-400-5588 (free within U.S.)

Rental Solutions
2180-A Dwight Way
Berkeley, CA
Tel.: 1-510-649-3880

Community Living, UC Berkeley
(Access to this service may be somewhat restricted)
2405 Bowditch Street
Berkeley, CA 94720
Tel.: 1-510-642-3642

A free WEB service listing:

8.   Short-term Rentals

If you need a place to stay for just a few days, here are some possibilities

2001 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA
Tel.: 1-510-848-6800
About $30.- per night or $200.- per week.
This is fairly nice for the price.

Berkeley City Club
Durant Avenue
About $95.- per night

Durant Hotel
Durant Avenue
About $140.- per night

Bancroft Hotel
Bancroft Avenue