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					                           McPherson Opera House Company
                                   Rental Policies

The McPherson Opera House is a multi-purpose facility dedicated to the preservation
and advancement of the arts in McPherson and the surrounding communities. Providing
rental space for events allows patrons to utilize the facilities and enjoy the unique
beauty of the Opera House. We appreciate your cooperation in following these policies,
which will help protect and preserve the Opera House for generations to come.

1. All public use of the Opera House rental facilities must be scheduled through the
Opera House office. The office is located at 219 South Main St. Office hours are 8:30
a.m.–12:30 p.m. and 1:30–5:00 p.m. The phone number is 620-241-1952.
     Class reunions may be reserved 5 years in advance.
     Wedding receptions may be reserved 18 months in advance.
     All others may be reserved one year in advance.

2. Rental agreements do not signify exclusive use of the entire Opera House facility.
The Opera House is a multi-use facility that will often have several activities going on at
the same time. Your cooperation is requested in securing the rest of the building.

3. The McPherson Opera House is an entirely smoke-free facility. This includes all
restrooms, lobbies, and public spaces.

4. Parking is available in several areas around the Opera House. Because the Opera
House is located in a retail area of McPherson, please encourage your guests to use
the large public parking lot located northeast of the Opera House during Main
Street business hours (Monday–Friday and Saturday morning). This will allow the
Opera House to be a good neighbor to the surrounding businesses. Bus loading and
unloading is available on the south side of the Opera House. We request that buses
unload and then move to a designated bus parking area.

5. Please consider the size limitations of the facilities when booking an event.
     Rose Morris Room & NCRA Community Meeting Room: 50 people each room
     Grand Ballroom: 90 people (guests and service staff)
Occupancy is determined by fire regulations. At maximum occupancy, comfort is
reduced if all occupants are seated at tables. Set-up can be in theatre style (without
tables), in classroom arrangement, at banquet tables, and at round tables. We have
30”x 60”-rectangular tables (2-4 people), 60”-round tables (6-8 people), upholstered
chairs, and 4 high “bistro” tables.
     To protect the floor, we ask that no other furniture be brought into the Ballroom
without prior approval. The catering kitchen, adjacent to the Grand Ballroom, is
available to renters of the Ballroom only.

6. Opera House personnel will do the room table/chair set-up according to your diagram
(worksheet provided). The diagram should be sent to the MOHC office at least one
week before the event so that we can properly plan furniture needs for facility renters.

Revised 2009
7. The Ballroom is equipped with an audio system with multiple inputs. Equipment
available to rent:
    Wireless hand-held / lavaliere microphone:       $20           CD player: $10
     Projector / screen / DVD player:                $50           Screen only: $20
Mark Hunter, 620-245-0801, can help with tech support.
Chuck Vetter at “Sounds Great” 620-241-6322, can work with you on special needs.

8. All facilities must be left in the same condition as prior to the function by both the
renter and the caterer. Clean up is to be done immediately following the event. All
counters and tables must be wiped down and the floor swept. Brooms, dust mops, and
basic cleaning supplies are provided. Renters or caterers should bag up trash from the
event in trash bags, which can be wheeled in the large trash can to the alley dumpsters
on the east side of the building. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

9. The McPherson Opera House does not provide the following: tablecloths, dishes,
cooking & serving utensils, platters, pitchers, paper goods, silverware, coffeepot

10. Rental Fees
The rental fee is for 1–4 hours. Wedding receptions are full day.
    Rose Morris Room:               $ 75
    NCRA Meeting Room:              $ 75
    Grand Ballroom:                 $150
    Grand Ballroom, Wedding Reception: $300
One-half of the rental fee is due the day the reservation is made. Security deposit is
also due at the time of the booking. The balance of the fee is due 2 weeks prior to the

11. Security Deposits
The security/cleaning deposit is given in the form of a check made to the McPherson
Opera House. This is refundable after the event, less any damage fees. In the event of
breakage, the renter will be billed for any damage fees greater than the amount of the
     Rose Morris Room:                           $ 50
     NCRA Room:                                  $ 50
     Grand Ballroom:                             $100
     Grand Ballroom, Wedding Reception:          $200

  Cancellation Policy
  Fees and deposits will only be refunded if the event is canceled 4 weeks prior to the day of the
  event. For reservations in December and August, fees and deposits can only be refunded if
  canceled 3 months prior to the event.

Revised 2009

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