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					            FEMA - National Flood Insurance
               Program (NFIP) Q3 Data
                               READ THIS DATA WARNING

                    Data Layers

                                   FEMA - National Flood Insurance
                                    Program's Q3 Data

                    Background Information

                    WARNING: The following two guides are available for
                    your consultation. It is strongly advised that you look at
                    this documentation so that you can use the data
                    appropriately. This is of particular importance if you are
                    going to be combining this data set with other City of
                    Cambridge data. For a hard copy version of this document
                    contact the MIS Department.

                                   Q3 Flood Data Specifications

                                   Q3 Flood Data Users Guide

      General Information | Feature Attribute Table | Annotation | Projection Information | Compilation
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Last Update -

General Information:

Current Location:                             /eth1/d/fema/flood
or:                                           /d/fema/flood
Coverage Name                                 FLOOD
Coverage Type:                                Polygon
Areal extent:                                 Middlesex County
Attribute Table Name:                    FLOOD.PAT
Data Source:                             FEMA NFIP Program
Description:                             Flood prone areas
Fuzzy Tolerance:                         27.128
Dangle Tolerance:                        0.00
Precision:                               Double
Shape File version (polygons):           /eth1/d/fema/shapes/fld_ply
Shape File version (arcs):               /eth1/d/fema/shapes/fld_arc

Feature Attribute Table:
Q3 Flood Data ARC/INFO Coverage Attribute Definition (Taken from the Q3 Spec Document -
Figure 8)

                                    Q3.PAT DEFINITION

  POS                 ITEM NAME      W          W    T       D                  DESCRIPTION

    1          AREA                  8          12   F       6         Polygon area

    9          PERIMETER             8          12   F       6         Polygon perimeter

   17          Q3#                   4          5    B       0         Record number

   21          Q3-ID                 4          5    B       0         Polygon ID

   25          FIPS                  5          5    C       -         State and County FIPS codes

   30          COMMUNITY             4          4    C       -         FEMA Community ID number

   34          FIRM_PANEL            11         11   C       -         FIRM panel number

                                                                       USGS quadrangle identifier (Key to
   45          QUAD                  8          8    C       -
                                                                       RQUAD files)

   53          ZONE                  5          5    C       -         Flood hazard zone (See Table 4)

   58          FLOODWAY              5          5    C       -         Floodway type (See Table 5)

   63          COBRA                 9          9    C       -         COBRA identifier (See Table 6)

   72          SFHA                  3          3    C       -         In/Out determination
                                                            Polygon shade symbol (See Tables 4
   76         SYMBOL               4       5    B       -
                                                            and 8)

   79         PANEL_TYP            4       4    C       -   Type of FIRM panel (See Table 7)

                                   REDEFINED ITEMS

   25         ST-FIPS              2       2    C       -   State FIPS code

   27         CO-FIPS              3       3    C       -   County FIPS code

   34         STATE                2       2    C       -   State FIPS code

   36         PCOMM                4       4    C       -   FIRM community/county identifier

                                                            FIRM panel number and suffix (Key
   40         PANEL                5       5    C       -
                                                            to RFIRM files)

   45         LAT                  2       2    C       -   Origin latitude of 7.5-minute quad

   47         LONG                 3       3    C       -   Origin longitude of 7.5-minute quad

   51         QUAD_UNIT            2       2    C       -   Index number to 7.5-minute quad


Description             Subclass   Level       Symbol       Size       Color

Projection Information:

Zone           4151
Datum          NAD83
Units          FEET
Spheroid       GRS1980
Compilation Procedures:
Compilation: The flood data was taken from the FEMA NFIP Q# Flood Data CD (Disk
             labelled DISC 22, September 1996, Massachusetts). The original data file
             processed was: C25017.E00 located in the 'ARC' directory on the FEMA
             CD. This file was re-projected from Geographic DD (NAD 27) to the
             Massachusetts State Plane Coordinate system (NAD83) to enable it to be
             viewed and overlayed with the other City GIS datasets.
    Arc/Info         arc import cover C25017.E00 C25017
  Processing         arc project xx flood83 nadstate.prj
      Steps:         arc rename flood83 flood

FEMA CD:       The FEMA CD contains data for the entire State of Massachusetts in the
               following formats: Arc/Info export format, DLG and MapInfo formats. If
               you would like to have some of the other datasets installed on the GIS
               system please contact the GIS Unit at the MIS Department for assistance.
See Also:      There is very comprehensive Metadata for this dataset from FEMA. Please
               see the FEMA Data Users Guide and Data Specifications document. The
               Data Specifications document also contains vital information about the
               accuracy of the dataset. Please be warned that you should have a thorough
               understanding of the accuracy limitations of this dataset and how and if it
               can be used with other City of Cambridge GIS data. If you have any
               doubts about the use of this data contact the GIS Unit at the MIS

Sample Image:
General Information | Feature Attribute Table | Annotation | Projection Information | Compilation
                 Procedures | Notes | Sample Image | FEMA Table of Contents

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