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					                 SOUTH MIAMI ROTARIAN
                  Meets Tuesdays 12:00 noon at Bernie’s Steakhouse 5959 SW 71street; S. Miami, FL 33143

         Tuesday January 18h, 2005                      Ecuador where she was able to employ her
                                                        architectural skills in developing a regeneration
President Dan McCrea officiated today’s                 project. This project was the catalyst for
meeting.                                                converting an essentially crime ridden and
Visiting Rotarians: Joe Witz (Miami); Sam               impoverished area to a thriving and appealing
Rothman (Bailey’s Crossroads, Va)                       community which is attracting businesses and
                                                        investors. Due to its success, this area has now
Guests: Raoul Gobus (John Sorgie)
                                                        become the number one case study in the world
Capt. Asaad Masoud provided a seafaring                 on urban regeneration. Karla is committed to
flavor (sounded like Popeye) as he led us in            world peace and conflict resolution. As a Rotary
our ♫ Welcome Song ♫                                    World Peace Scholar she will soon be leaving to
           ANNOUNCEMENTS                                the University of Queenland in Brisbane,
                                                        Australia where she will pursue a Masters
President Dan reminded us that we are in                Degree in International Relations. To be
                                                        considered for the scholarship a student must be
the midst of two important fundraising
                                                        able to speak a minimum of three languages.
                                                        Karla informed us that Rotary is the only
                                                        organization in the world that is working for world
Rotary’s Centennial Commemoration,
                                                        peace and conflict resolution by sponsoring
which will provide lights to South Miami’s              students. Karla relayed to us that terrorists
Community Center playing field. Please                  groups such as Al-Qaeda have been busy
contact Horace Feliu if you would like to               recruiting university educated students for years.
make a tax-deductible contribution.                     Her power-point presentation illustrated an aerial
                                                        view of the twin towers torched by the colliding
Our Arts & Crafts Festival is quickly                   jets on that infamous day of September 11th. Her
approaching (Feb. 26 & 27) and time is                  presentation brought home the fact that we
running out to enlist sponsors. See Dan for             Rotarians must continue to counteract hate and
packets and info.                                       terrorism by sponsoring students and affording
                                                        them the opportunity to learn about conflict
Dan turned the floor over to our “President             resolution and mediation and by serving as our
for life”, Dr. Mike who requested that we let           ambassadors. For more information please
him know if you would like to be on the e-              contact Karla at: karlacastellanos@lycos.com
mailing list via our Yahoo group or if you are
receiving double messages. Dr Mike will be              Our Next Speaker: Coach Frank Haith- U. of M.
happy to straighten that out as well.                   Basketball

                                                                           It’s Your Turn On:
Dan then turned the floor over to John
Sorgie who shared with us the good news                 JANUARY 25

that the proceeds of our Football Mania                 DOOR PRIZE:         ERNEST SWIFT
netted a grand total of $2,973.00.                      DESSERT:            ED FISCHER
Congratulations to John Sorgie and                                    ST
everyone who invested!!!                                FEBRUARY 1
                                                        DOOR PRIZE:          HOWELL WATKINS
                                                        DESSERT:              FABIO FERNANDEZ
         Dr. Darrell Downs
         introduced our speaker:                        FEBRUARY 8TH
                                                        DOOR PRIZE:           DR. DOUGLAS WEINMAN
        Karla Castellanos- Rotary World                 DESSERT:              ROY GONAS
          Peace Scholar
Ms. Karla Castellanos is a native of New York                  MEETING FUNCTIONARIES
who grew up in Honduras. At the age of 17 she
                                                        Invocation:              Horace G Feliu
left Honduras and enrolled at Miami Dade
                                                        Pledge:                  Stan Zeltsman
Community College. Karla then moved on to the           Visitors:                Capt. Asaad Masoud
University of Miami where she graduated as an           Happy $:                 Suzanne Fontana
architect. Teaching is her passion and to that end      Door Prize               Hampton Booker
she is a professor at Miami Dade Community              50/50 Raffle:             Ed Fischer
College. Karla has also worked with the
renowned community development firm of                  January Birthdays: Ellen Book (10th); Mari
Zysoovich Inc.                                          Colina (7th);Arjune Singh (23rd ); Dr. Doug
Karla represented us as our 2000-2001 Rotary            Weinman (7th);
Ambassadorial Scholar in the UK, Rotary                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
International District 1090. During this time she
had the opportunity to attend a ceremony at
Windsor as well as visit Germany and Egypt.              ROTARY MOTTO:                 “SERVICE ABOVE SELF”
This part of her life was instrumental in her           Inkjet Cartridges envelopes from Mike Mills
                                                        Club’s email: southmiamirotary@yahoogroups.com
decision to apply for the Rotary World Peace
                                                        Editor: Horace G Feliu
Scholarship. Karla also went to Guayaquil,              CLUB’S WEBSITE: www.southmiamirotary.org
Have you Made-Up a meeting?                              COMMITTEES                        CLUB OFFICERS 2004-2005
OF EACH MONTH to                           Chair –                                    President          Dan McCrea
Club Secretary Terry Voche                 Archivist – Bruce Higley / Noel Markman    President Elect    Ellen Book
      (305) 439-7364                       Avenue of Service Awards Marty Rosen       V. President       Michael Newman
                                           Bulletin – Antonio Re                      Secretary          Terry Voche
To find a club to make-up an absence,      Class. & Membership – Don Streaker         Treasurer          David Jacobs
check www.rotary.org                       Current Year Historian – Stan Zeltsman     Sergeant-at-Arms   Mike Mills
                                           Family of Rotary – Joanna Barusch
OPPORTUNITIES TO MAKEUP                    Fellowship Activities – Heather Berry      BOARD OF DIRECTORS
ATTENDANCE                                 Fundraising – Terry Voche                           Darryl Downs
MONDAY                                     Programs – Victor Dover                             Ed Fischer
7:30 a.m. Miami-Dadeland, Marriott Hotel   Public Relations – Ed Fischer                       Linda Kaplan
12:15 Allapattah, Women’s Club of Miami    50-50 Raffle – Donna Gaines                         Victor Dover
  1737 N. Bayshore Dr, 4th fl                                                                  Doreen Reitnauer
                                           VOCATIONAL SERVICE                                  Larry Sherry
TUESDAY                                    Chair – Ernie Swift
                                           Career Development – Horace Feliu
8:00 a.m. Miami Beach, Van Dyke                                                       DISTRICT 6990 GOVERNOR
  846 Lincoln Road                         High School Citizenship – Bill Enright
                                           Rotary Volunteers – Fabio Fernandez                   Roland J. Benson
12:15 Perrine-Cutler Ridge,                                                                       303 SE 17 Street
  Tony Roma’s 18851 S. Dixie Hwy.          Youth Svs – Ernie Swift
                                           Vocational Awards – Frank Weiss                   Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316
12:15 Miami Lakes, Shula's Steakhouse,
   7601 Miami Lakes Dr
6PM Weston-Sunset,                         COMMUNITY SERVICE                          ASSISTANT GOVERNOR
    Bonaventure Country Club, 200          Chair – Raquel Hickey                              AG Phil Everingham
                                           After School House – Azam Malik                E-mail: pbemsdd@hotmail.com
    Bonaventure Blvd
                                           Community Development – Otto Fuentes                  (B) 305-324-5211
7:00 p.m. Miami Sundown,
                                           Elder Program –Leo Haskins                            (F) 305-326-8911
 Steak and Ale Restaurant, 9090 SW 97th
Avenue. Miami 305-279-8111                 Fellowship House –
                                           Harry White Scholarship – Diana Phillips
WEDNESDAY                                  Interact – Mari Colina
7:30 a.m. Opa-Locka,                       Inter-Club – Lydia White
  Jackson So. Maternity Centre             Partners in Service – Sid Greenstein
   14700 NW 27 Ave                         RYLA – Donna Gaines
NOON Hialeah-Springs, Miami Springs
NOON Homestead,                            INTERNATIONAL SERVICE
   Capri Restaurant 935 Krome Ave          Chair – Ellen Book
   Florida City, FL                        Ambassad. Scholarship – Amar Sawhney
12:15pm Doral-Miami West, 94th Aero        GSE – Ellen Book
Squadron, 1395 NW 57 Av, Miami             Polio Plus – Linda Kaplan
7:15 p.m. Miami-Granada, Airport Marriot   Rotary Found. – Ann Fischer/Linda
Hotel 1201 Lejeune Rd, Miami, FL           Kaplan
                                           World Community Service –
THURSDAY                                   Youth Exchange – Doug Weinman
8:00 a.m. Bal Harbour,
   Sea View Hotel, 9901 Collins Av
12:15 Miami,
   Rusty Pelican, Rickenbacker
12:15 North Dade-N. Miami,
   Laurenzo’s 2255 NE 164 St
12:15 Coral Gables
 Country Club

7:30 a.m. Key Biscayne,
   Sonesta Beach Hotel, 350 Ocean Dr
7:30 a.m. Miami-Kendall,
Radisson Hotel, 9100 N. Kendall Drive
12:15 Miami Shores Country Club
 10000 Biscayne Blvd.
12:15 Miami West, 94th Aero Squadron
 836 X-Way & 57 Ave (Red Road)

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