Minutes of Parrot Head Club of Hamilton – September 28th_ 2006 by lifemate


									       Minutes of Parrot Head Club of Hamilton – October 26th, 2006
          meeting held at DiMaggio‟s on Upper Ottawa in Hamilton

Attendees at meeting:

      Mary and Doug Griffiths

      Mary Tilley

      Phil and Jackie Andrews

      Henry Wiens

      Gloria and Bob Aitken

      Bill and Lorella Farnell

      Danny Misson

      Jack and Sharon

1. Last meeting‟s minutes were accepted

2. Unfinished items:
      o Parrott Sanctuary
              i. As it turns out, they are looking to build a facility to house the
                 birds, not just cages as we had understood it
             ii. Mary Griffiths therefore moved to donate them $100. Gloria
                 seconded the motion and the vote was unanimously in favour
      o Christmas family
              i. St Matthews House will identify a family
             ii. Annette will take the lead in getting a list of things the family
                 needs from St Matthew‟s House
            iii. Annette will seek volunteers from our club to assist her in
                 getting the items on the list and presenting them to the needy

3. Treasurer reported:
      o Bank account had $3137 to which $135 was added from last meeting
         for a total of $3272.
      o We owe Mike Wharton $60 for the web page
4.   New business:
       o Christmas Party
                i. To be held December 15th at 7:00 pm at the Black Bull on
                   Guelph Line in Burlington.
               ii. Buffet style finger foods will be available for $7.50 each
             iii. Everyone is on their own for drinks
              iv. We will decorate and bring own CD player
               v. A committee will be established next meeting to be
                   responsible for the Christmas Party
              vi. Idea to be discussed next meeting: should we have a gift
                   exchange, like a Silent Santa?
       o Cabin Fever
                i. Since last meeting, members of the Executive Committee met
                   with John Elder the Entertainment Programmer for Hamilton
                   Entertainment and Convention Facilities Inc. (HECFI)
               ii. The Hamilton Parrottheads have a great opportunity to join
                   with the HECFI in their plans to present a 1200 ticket, Jimmy
                   Buffett type event at Hamilton Place.
             iii. Once the costs are covered by ticket sales, the balance
                   earned from ticket sales will be split between two charities
                   selected by the Hamilton Parrottheads (we are proposing MS
                   and Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Hamilton). All costs will be
                   covered by the HECFI.
              iv. Our role will be to assist in promoting the event and in ticket
                   sales, run the silent auction, run the raffle and 50/50 draw,
                   and assist in the planning of the event. Money resulting from
                   the silent auction, raffle and 50/50 draw will go the our club.
               v. The HECFI had already contracted Tom Watts and his band
                   for the event, we have arranged with Sunny Jim to come as
                   well and play sets opposite to Tom Watts.
              vi. HECFI has committed to approach corporate sponsors re door
                   / promotion prizes, such as Captain Morgan, Lakeport (re
                   Bravo), a hot tub company, and Jimmy Buffett‟s agent (re
                   tickets), and we will suggest also attempting to get vouchers
                   for Caribbean vacations as door prizes.
             vii. Jack Green and Mary Griffiths will head up a committee of
                   Parrotthead club members to participate in our responsibilities
                   in this relationship. Jack and Mary will meet with John Elder
                   to firm up information needed for launch. By our next meeting
                   we will establish the team for this event.
            viii. We will need some auction prizes, so club members are asked
                  to consider what connections they have to organizations that
                  may be able to donate (we will ascertain with John Elder
                  exactly what exposure these donators can expect in return for
                  their donations).
             ix. We will also look to this event as a vehicle to expand our
                  membership – and will look to provide at the event, the
                  opportunity for people to join.
              x. As a club we have committed to sell 250 of the tickets – we
                  feel this will be easy to surpass and are confident that we can
                  sell in excess of 500.
             xi. Gloria motioned to proceed with this event, Doug seconded and
                  we had unanimous agreement.
     o    CANUSA
               i. The 16th of February, the Saturday following the Cabin Fever
                  event, we plan to have our annual CANUSA event.
              ii. Danny will lead the team taking responsibility for this event.
             iii. Sunny Jim will play at this event and we anticipate another
                  group joining him.
             iv. Doug and Larry will meet with the new Marriot on Upper
                  James to negotiate a „best deal‟ including rooms. This hotel
                  also has a shuttle downtown so those from out of town who
                  come to attend both week end events will be able to stay
                  there and attend without driving. We want to keep the price
                  down for this event.
              v. Danny moved we proceed with this event, Bob seconded and
                  the vote was unanimous that we proceed.
     o    Web Page
               i. Bill Farnell has been responsible for creating a great web site
                  for the club (check it out at www.A1eh.com)
              ii. Next step is to get photos together – please send any relevant
                  photos via email to Danny – along with information about each,
                  such as the event name or some description.
             iii. Please review the web page and offer your suggestions on what
                  you think should be included – we see this page as being our
                  club‟s main communications media (along with email)
     o    Jackie and Phil Andrews were welcomed (and does Phil ever know his
          Jimmy Buffett trivia!)

5. Mail
      o   Manatee Club sent us their newsletter – we pay $50 a year to support
          a manatee. The newsletter will be made available to the members.
6. Mary Griffiths is responsible for Communications. She and Danny offer
   their apology if members are receiving more than one copy of things – they
   are working on coordination and are erring in the direction of too much
   rather than too little at this time.

7. Membership renewal
     o November is membership renewal time – forms are available on the
        web site (at the bottom of the „about us‟ page), and will be available
        at the November meeting

6. Upcoming events:
       Next meeting – November 30th at DiMaggio‟s at 7:00 (December‟s
         meeting will be the Christmas Party)
       Meeting of the Minds – Gloria and Bob are wheeling their way down to
         Key West now and other members will be joining them there. Watch
         them at www.hogsbreath.com at 9:00 pm on November 1st
       Mid-January – „Halfway to Phlocking‟ party at Port Clinton Ohio will
         have Fingers Taylor, K.D. Moore and Corned Beef and Currie (this one
         is on Mary G.‟s „highly recommended‟ list)
       Late-January – Roseville, Michigan will have Caribbean Blue (an email
         was distributed about the theme room for this event – sounds like a
       June 7-10 Phlocking of the Faithful event (info at www.phlocking.com)

7. Quote of the meeting: “Nothing‟s worth doing that isn‟t worth overdoing!”

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