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Supporting            Action                                                                          Client Group       Year               Responsibility
1.1 Encourage early approaches and referrals to housing advice and other services
Raise public             Run a public information campaign to encourage people at risk of            All, esp. older,   Year 1             Housing S&C
awareness of              homelessness to make early use of housing money and welfare rights          younger and                           Housing Advice
advice services           advice                                                                      BME people
Ensure agencies          Establish a new post to produce information, develop referral               Vulnerable         Year 1             Housing
identify clients’         procedures and provide training and guidance for other agencies and         people
housing problems          professionals to encourage early referrals to housing advice services
and make referrals       Work with support agencies to ensure that benefits and housing issues                          Year 1             Project Manager
to housing advice         are considered when assessing the needs of vulnerable clients                                                     Housing
                         Ensure that the Care Programme Approach addresses benefits and              People with        Year 1             Social Services
                          housing issues for people with mental health problems, particularly on      mental health                         Croydon PCT
                          admission to hospital, to prevent homelessness                              problems
1.2 Target early intervention and pre-crisis action at common trigger points and groups most at risk of homelessness
Identify and act on      Develop a programme of outreach sessions in schools and youth               Young people       10 in Year 1,      Housing Advice
homelessness              groups in New Addington and north-west Croydon, to involve former                              30 in Years 2-5    Options
trigger points and        residents of Foyer@Croydon
raise awareness          Deliver negotiation and assertiveness skills training for young people                         Year 2             YMCA, CAYSH
amongst young             aged 15 plus at risk of homelessness subject to charitable funding
people at risk           Assess feasibility of funding Safe in the City to work with disaffected                        Year 1             HPS, Social
                          13-17 year olds and their families in order to prevent 80-100 exclusions                                          Services, YOT,
                          and 50 young people from being accommodated by Social Services                                                    CAYSH
                         Train teachers, Education Welfare Officers, Educational Psychologists                          Year 1             YOT, Police,
                          and YOT staff in restorative justice/conflict resolution for under-14s in                                         Education
                          five schools from Oct 2003

Raise awareness         Develop an outreach strategy targeting groups that are particularly        Ethnic minority   Year 1      Housing Advice
amongst                  vulnerable to homelessness or are under-represented among users of         communities,                  CHAS
marginalised             mainstream services                                                        older people
communities and         Deliver outreach sessions to marginalised groups                                             Year 2
provide early           Hold 10 housing advice outreach surgeries for community groups,                              Year 1
advice                   including 2 for Asian women
                        Extend to other marginalised communities in north-west Croydon                               Year 2
Rough sleepers          Fund homelessness outreach worker to identify and contact rough            Rough             Year 1      Housing S&C,
                         sleepers and arrange appropriate specialist provision                      sleepers                      YMCA
                        Maintain reduction in the number of people sleeping rough at below 6
Ensure early            Employ a designated worker to ensure that offenders have access to         Ex offenders      Year 1      Housing Advice,
access to advice         housing advice and information on housing options, and are assessed                                      HPS, London
for ex-offenders         for vulnerability and entitlement to housing before release from prison                                  Probation
                         and referred to specialist services
                        Create a formal link with HMP Highdown to ensure remand prisoners          Ex offenders      Year 1      Housing Advice,
                         receive preventative housing advice and consider measures for the                                        HPS, HMP
                         early assessment of prisoners for vulnerability and housing entitlement                                  Highdown
                        Produce leaflets for people attending magistrates courts on sources of     Ex offenders      Year 1      Housing Advice
                         housing advice and emergency accommodation
                        Continue to provide advice and resettlement support to 40 young            Young             Year 1      CAYSH
                         people in custody or under supervision of the Youth Offending Team         offenders
                        Establish referral protocol between Housing and Youth Offending Team       Young             Year 1      HPS
                         to assess young offenders’ entitlement to housing before release from      offenders                     YOT
1.3 Reduce homelessness by tackling the main causes
Reduce the level        Extend the advice service provided by the One Stop Shop for Young          Young people      Year 1      HPS
of homelessness          People (currently catering to 16 to 19 year olds) to cater to all people                                 Social Services
arising from             aged 16 to 25 by re-locating to larger premises                                                          CAYSH
exclusion by            Implement and evaluate new procedures to reduce homelessness               All priority      Years 1-5   HPS
parents, relatives       arising from parental eviction                                             need
and friends             Refer 80 people to Croydon Mediation Service, including those placed       applicants        Year 1      HPS
                         in accommodation, and prevent homelessness in 50% of cases
                        Assess options for providing mediation to under-16s to prevent family                        Year 2      HPS
                        Ensure all people threatened with exclusion receive an options                               Years 1-5   Options
                         interview to encourage a realistic perception of their housing options

Reduce              Address housing benefit issues:                                               All tenants    Year 1          Liberata
homelessness         improve average time taken to assess a new HB claim to 36 days and                                         Finance Dept
arising from the      to assess a change of circumstances to 10 days
loss of rented       arrange briefings between HB service and advice agencies to clarify                        Year 1
accommodation         verification criteria for HB claims and maximise claims for discretionary
                      HB payments
                     pilot a system to give advice agencies improved access to the housing                      Year 2
                      benefit service and to fast-track cases where eviction is threatened
                      because of HB delays

                    Employ a homelessness prevention officer to:                                  All tenants    Years 1-5       Procurement
                     save 30 private tenancies through negotiation with landlords, providing
                      grants to clear rent arrears and resolving HB issues
                     place 16 households directly in alternative private tenancies, through
                      the sponsored tenancy scheme (STS), prior to eviction
                     arrange floating support for 30 households through CCHA to help them
                      sustain their private tenancy or STS placement

                    Increase access to housing and other specialist advice by:                    All tenants                    Housing Advice,
                     ensuring housing advice is available to people at the county court                         Year 1          CHAS, Housing
                     providing information on sources of help for council tenants receiving                     Years 3-5       Management
                       rent demands and notices
                     exploring options and funding to provide welfare rights and debt                           Years 2 and 3
                       counselling services in conjunction with housing advice
                     providing information through annual Private Tenant Newsletter                             Years 1-5

                    Encourage joint working to address issues in the private rented sector:       Home-owners,
                     review levels of possession actions and rent arrears and promote joint      all tenants    Years 1-5       Housing Advice
                       working through the Mortgage Arrears Forum
                     hold an annual private tenants forum to give tenants information on                        Years 1-5       Housing Advice
                       rights and responsibilities
                     Develop referral network of advice agencies and information providers,                     Year 1          CLSP, CHAS,
                       including community groups                                                                                Housing Advice
Reduce              Provide a range of specialist and co-ordinated advice services:               Victims of                     Croydon Council
homelessness         Continue to grant-fund Ambassador House One Stop service for                domestic       Years 1-5       Executive Office
arising from           victims of domestic violence and hate crimes                               violence
domestic violence    Continue support for the Domestic Violence Advocacy Service which           and hate       Years 1-5       Executive Office

and hate crimes       supports victims through the legal process                              crimes
                     Develop plans for a specialist court as part of a new co-ordinated                   Year 1      Executive Office
                      borough response to domestic violence
                     Agree referral and information sharing procedures between Housing                    Year 1      Housing Advice,
                      and the Information Resource Co-ordinator at the specialist court                                HPS, Options
                     Use Open House, the housing newsletter for council tenants, to                       Year 2      Project Manager
                      publicise services for victims of domestic violence and hate crimes
                     Provide training and guidance to caretakers and neighbourhood                        Years 1-5   Housing
                      wardens to alert Police of cases of violence/harassment                                          Management

                  Enable victims of domestic violence and hate crimes to remain in their      Victims of
                  homes:                                                                      domestic
                   develop Safer Homes initiative with Croydon Police to install security    violence     Year 1      HPS
                    measures to enable 60 households a year to remain in their homes          and hate                 Croydon Police
                   train staff on alternatives available for people experiencing domestic    crimes       Year 1      Housing
                    violence                                                                                           Management
                   develop a homophobic harassment policy                                                 Year 1      and Advice
                   develop Tenancy Relations Service to deal with homophobic crimes                       Year 1
                   ensure a prompt and effective response in cases of harassment or                       Years 1-5
                    violence and provide additional security measures, support, graffiti
                    removal and mediation to enable people to remain in their homes
                   raise awareness and encourage good practice among private landlords                    Year 1      Housing Advice
                    through the Private Sector Forum and invite them to the launch of the                              Executive Office
                    co-ordinated borough response to domestic violence

                  Ensure robust policies to tackle violence and harassment in or around the   Victims of
                  home:                                                                       domestic
                   Where appropriate, take possession action against council tenants who     violence     Years 1-5   Housing
                    perpetrate domestic violence                                              and hate                 Management
                   Take firm action against perpetrators of racial harassment, including     crimes       Years 1-5   Housing Advice
                    use of acceptable behaviour contracts and legal action
                   Publicise action taken against perpetrators through Open House                         Years 1-5   Housing S&C

Supporting          Action                                                                       Client Group   Year        Responsibility
2.1 Increase the supply of affordable permanent housing
Develop new            Fund 213 additional housing association homes for rent to local          All            Year 1      Housing
social rented           authority nominees                                                                                  Development
housing                Fund 74 homes for shared ownership                                                      Year 1
                       Maximise investment resources by contributing to the work of the SW      Vulnerable     Years 1-5   SW London
                        London Partnership Group in highlighting sub-regional housing need       people                     Partnership
                        and maximising the opportunities for new developments
                       Devote 30% of the housing association development programme to 4-                       Year 2
                        bedroomed homes to meet the needs of larger families
Promote                Seek 40% of affordable homes across all sites larger than 0.5 hectares   All            Year 1      Housing
affordable homes        or with 15 or more homes and 50% across all sites of 30 or more                                     Development
                        homes through planning gain measures
Meet needs of          Devote 35% of the housing association development programme to 1-        Vulnerable and Year 1      Housing
vulnerable and          bedroomed homes to meet the needs of single, vulnerable people           disabled                   Development
disabled people        Fund 6 new two, three and four bed homes built to wheelchair             people         Year 1
                        standard, at least half of which should be two bed properties
                       Ensure 10% of new homes are built to be accessible to, or adaptable                     Years 2-5
                        for, wheelchair users and maximise number of homes built to Lifetime
                        Homes Standards
Maximise lettings      Secure the maximum nomination opportunities to schemes funded            All            Years 1-5   Housing
for Croydon             through the SW London Strategy                                                                      Development
nominees               Maximise nominations to RSLs                                                                        and Allocations
Explore change of      Conduct an options appraisal of existing low demand sheltered housing    Vulnerable     Years 1-2   Supporting
use of existing         to consider alternative uses for other households including vulnerable   people                     People, Stock
provision               people and single people needing to move on from hostels                                            Investment

2.2 Increase supply of good quality temporary accommodation and reduce use of bed and breakfast accommodation
Promote a range          100 additional housing association leased properties                        All priority   Year 1          Procurement
of temporary             250 additional properties through the Sponsored Tenancy Scheme              need           Year 1          CCHA/CRIAS
accommodation            120 rental units through market rent schemes                                homeless       Year 1          HALS partners
initiatives to meet      40 units through the Croydon Rent in Advance Scheme                                        Year 1          Housing
the needs of             Return empty properties to use through a range of schemes, including                       135 in Year 1   Environmental
different                 temporary social housing grants                                                            170 in Year 2   Services
households                                                                                                           105 in Year 3
                         Assess feasibility of the Local Space scheme, in which Council stock let                   Year 1          Procurement
                          on non secure tenancies is used as surety to raise loans to secure
                          more temporary accommodation
                         Establish a register of private landlords willing to let to vulnerable      Vulnerable     Year 1          Procurement
                          people through the Sponsored Tenancy Scheme and provide                     people                         Housing Advice
                          information on how tenants’ support needs can be met
Ensure effective         Fund hostel placement co-ordinator to place 80 vulnerable people in         Single         Year 1          Housing S& C
use of hostel             supported accommodation and ensure the best use of hostel provision         homeless,                      Social Services
bedspaces                                                                                             rough                          Leaving Care
                         Establish a new accommodation panel to monitor move-on from hostels         sleepers,      Year 1          Team, HPS,
                          via the Housing Register and determine the need for further provision       young people                   CAYSH, YOT,
                                                                                                                                     Croydon YMCA,
Ensure temporary         Place 97% of all households in temporary accommodation inside the           All priority   Year 1          Procurement
accommodation is          borough, excluding applicants who need to be placed outside Croydon         need                           HPS
good quality and         Monitor in-borough leasing by other authorities and ensure that the         homeless       Years 1-5       Procurement
value for money           Council is offered first refusal in accordance with the inter-borough
                          protocol on out of borough placements
                         Ensure that authorities who lease properties in Croydon apply rent                         Years 1-5       Procurement
                          levels appropriate to the local temporary accommodation market
                         Check records of enforcement action by Environmental Services and                          Years 1-5       Procurement
                          Tenancy Relations Service to assess suitability of all private properties                                  CRIAS
                          before they are offered as temporary accommodation
Minimise use of          Ensure that no family with dependent children is placed in a bed and        Families       Year 1          Housing
B&B hotels                breakfast hotel for longer than 6 weeks

Ensure B&B hotels         Conduct monthly inspections by housing officers of all hotels used to    All            Years 1-5   HPS
meet appropriate           accommodate homeless households.
standards                 Environmental health officers to inspect all hotels used to                                         Environmental
                           accommodate homeless households at least every 6 months                                             Services
                          Avoid using hotels prior to inspection other than in an emergency                                   HPS
                          Assess the quality of hotel premises, facilities and management under                               HPS
                           the Council’s hotel grading scheme every 6 months
                          Produce a quarterly newsletter for B&B proprietors to encourage higher                              HPS
                           standards and improve the flow of information
                          Every 6 months check with BABIE and other councils that out of                                      HPS
                           borough B&Bs used by the Council have been inspected and are of an
                           acceptable standard
                          Continue to avoid using hotels rated D under the BABIE grading system                               HPS
                          Give guidance on raising standards to proprietors of hotels rated C2                                HPS
                          Continue to avoid using hotels rated C2 for families                                                HPS
                          Issue the B&B Guide, Guide to Health and Community Services and                                     HPS
                           local information leaflet to every household placed in B&B
2.3 Promote a range of housing options and encourage realistic expectations among those in housing need
Facilitate access to      Assist those at risk of homelessness to claim grants, loans, HB and      All            Year 1-5    Options
private rented             other funds to help them gain access to private tenancies
housing                   Provide deposits and rent in advance via CRIAS for 30 priority need      All            Year 1      Housing S&C
                           and non priority households threatened with homelessness                 Hostel
                          Fund rent in advance and deposits to place 30 hostel residents in        residents      Year 1      Housing S&C
                           private tenancies via CRIAS
                          Consider acting as rent guarantor for young people placed in the         Young people   Year 3      HPS
                           private sector with floating support                                                                CCHA/CRIAS
                          Promote good practice on standards through holding two multi-            All            Years 1-5   Housing Advice
                           departmental private landlords forums a year                                                        Environmental
                          Encourage property owners from BME communities to become                 BME people     Year 2      Services
                           landlords by publicising the private landlords forum through community
                           organisations and faith groups
Assist people to          Help 30 households move through the Fresh Start initiative               All            Year 1      Options
move to low               Help 15 households move through the national mobility scheme                            Year 1      Resources
demand areas
Enable people to          Provide clear information on lettings, waiting times and rehousing       All            Year 1      Options
make informed              prospects through the Housing Options Shop and Croydon Housing

choices from a         Options Information Service website
range of housing      Provide targeted information on alternative housing options through the   Year 1      Options
options                Croydon Housing Options Service website
                      Give every approved homeless applicant an appraisal of their rehousing    Year 2      Options
                       prospects and alternative housing options every 6 months
                      Issue all new tenants of council temporary accommodation with the         Year 1      HPS
                       appropriate estate information pack when they sign the tenancy
                      Produce a leaflet for each area in which temporary accommodation is       Years 1-2   HPS
                       used, with information on local amenities, including healthy living
                       centres, libraries, shopping, schools and nurseries, and sports and
                       leisure facilities

Supporting           Action                                                                       Client Group    Year            Responsibility
3.1 Provide a range of flexible, floating support and tenancy sustainment services
Support people       Provide a floating support service for 60 vulnerable families and single     Vulnerable      Year 1          Housing S&C
who are homeless     people, focusing on:                                                         families and    Review target   CCHA
or at risk of         all lone mothers under 18 in temporary accommodation                       single people   Year 2
homelessness          vulnerable people in all forms of temporary accommodation
                      people needing short-term help to maintain existing private tenancies
Provide               Provide resettlement support for 100 homeless people a year with           People with     Year 1          Housing S&C
resettlement and        mental health problems moving into council tenancies                      mental health                   Supporting
other support for                                                                                 problems                        People, CCHA
people with mental      Hold monthly liaison meetings between Croydon District Housing                           Years 1-5       Housing
health problems          Offices and Integrated Adult Mental Health Teams to resolve housing                                      Management,
                         management issues for tenants with mental health problems                                                SLaM
                        Develop liaison arrangements to support tenants with mental health                       Year 1          Procurement,
                         problems in non-council temporary accommodation                                                          SLaM
Plan discharges         Create a formal link between the care management team at Mayday          Vulnerable      Year 1          HPS
from hospital            Hospital and the Housing Assessment Section to ensure housing needs      people                          Social Services
                         are met as part of planned discharges
Support people in       Hold monthly outreach surgeries in 10 B&B hotels, offer support to all   All             Year 1          HPS
B&B and other            residents within 1 month of placement and link to other support
temporary                providers
accommodation           Extend help to vulnerable households moving into other forms of                          Year 2
                         temporary accommodation
Arrange support         Evaluate viability of private sector placements for people leaving       substance       Year 1          Procurement
for people with          inpatient detox services and residential rehabilitation                  misuse                          Mainliners
substance misuse        Support homeless people with substance misuse issues in temporary                        Year 1          Mainliners
problems                 accommodation to help them maintain the tenancy
Identify housing        Fund homelessness resettlement worker to locate move-on                  Rough           Year 1          Housing S&C
options for rough        accommodation for 60 rough sleepers a year and provide support           sleepers                        CCHA
sleepers                Consider need for further provision for asylum seekers and rough         Asylum          Year 1          Housing S&C
                         sleepers                                                                 seekers

Identify and         Prioritise the following:                                                  Vulnerable       Year 1      Supporting
prioritise support    Young people                                                             people and                   People
needs of homeless     People with mental health problems rehoused in private or housing        families                     Housing S&C
people in               association accommodation
Supporting People     Vulnerable families
Strategy              People experiencing domestic violence
                      Tenancy sustainment, including for former rough sleepers
                      Crisis intervention support in all tenures
                      Existing tenants with mental health problems and those placed in non-                     Years 1-2
                        council tenancies
3.2 Provide a range of housing schemes with on-site support
Increase supply of   Fund 8 bed spaces for people with learning disabilities                    Learning         Year 1      Housing
supported housing    Fund 5 one person supported flats for young care leavers                   disability and               Development
                                                                                                care leavers                 Supporting
Identify and            second stage housing for young people and care leavers                 Vulnerable       Year 1      Housing S&C,
prioritise future       a high support scheme for ex-offenders                                 people                       Supporting
needs for               cluster flats with attached support for people with mental health                                   People
supported housing        problems
schemes within the      second stage scheme for substance misusers leaving rehabilitation
Housing Strategy         projects
and Supporting          emergency, short-term, cluster accommodation for women fleeing         Victims of       Years 1-2
People Strategies        domestic violence, pending the outcome of court hearings and their     domestic
                         safe return to their homes                                             violence
Assess                  Contribute to Supporting People scheme reviews (esp for floating and   Single           Years 1-2   Housing S&C
performance of           resettlement support services)                                         homeless                     Supporting
current provision                                                                               Young people                 People
                                                                                                Mental health

3.3 Address the wider support and health needs of homeless people
Ensure support           Monitor support needs of vulnerable people and families and identify      Vulnerable       Year 1     HPS
needs of homeless         unmet needs and priorities for future provision                           people and                  CCHA
people are               Ensure that the support and resettlement needs of all homeless            families         Year 1-2   HPS
assessed and links        applicants are assessed as a matter of course and arrangements are        People with
made to other             made for appropriate support                                              mental health
providers                Housing, PCT and Social Services to review protocol on the information    problems         Year 2     Croydon PCT
                          required to assess an applicant’s vulnerability and support needs         People with                 Social Services
                         Establish a specialist team to assess needs of people with a dual         multiple needs   Year 1     Housing
                          diagnosis                                                                 Older people                Social Services
                         Incorporate housing and support needs into the Single Assessment          Physical         Year 1     SLaM
                          Process for older people and people with physical disabilities            disabilities                Social Services
                         Provide specialist service to assess vulnerability and housing needs of   Young people     Year 1     Social Services
                          care leavers with mental health problems, and ensure appropriate          with mental                 CAMHS
                          support is provided and establish a protocol between Housing and          health problem
                          CAMHS for prioritising the assessment of homeless young people
                         Establish a pilot corporate vulnerable persons’ response service, based   People with      Year 2     Social Services
                          in Social Services, to assess the needs of vulnerable people and co-      multiple needs              Housing CAYSH
                          ordinate the responses of all agencies to ensure multiple needs are met                               Croydon PCT
                          in a planned way
Share information        Implement the new Notify project to inform Croydon PCT, Education         Pregnant         Year 1     HPS
about the support         and Social Services, with permission of applicant, of placements into     women                       Croydon PCT
needs of                  any form of temporary accommodation, to ensure the needs of specific      Families with               Education Dept
individuals with          client groups are identified and met                                      children                    Social Services,
other professionals      Develop information sharing protocol to enable sharing of key             Vulnerable       Year 1     RSLs
                          information with other social landlords and providers of support          people
Encourage and            Encourage residents associations to organise activities (e.g. play        Young families   Year 1     Tenant
develop sources of        groups) for young families to know each other and create a sense of                                   Participation
support in the            community
community                Prepare written information for new tenants on how to budget to meet      All new          Year 1     Housing
                          the costs of setting up and running a new home                            tenants                     Management,
                                                                                                                                Project Manager
Address                  Review process for assessing housing and support needs of homeless        People with      Year 1     Supporting
accommodation             people with mental health problems as part of the Supporting People       mental health               People, HPS,
and support needs         review of schemes to ensure that assessment is efficient and effective,   problems                    IAMHS, SLaM,

of people with            the assessment and support needs of those in B&B are considered and                            Croydon PCT
mental health             if possible addressed, people are re-housed promptly to appropriate
problems                  accommodation and information on support needs is provided to social
                          landlords, allowing them to make appropriate support and management
                         Set up core group to review the process of access to supported                   Years 1-2
                          housing and other accommodation and support options and to consider
                          how service provision can best meet the housing and support needs of
                          people with mental health problems.
Increase access to       Enable all households in temporary accommodation to register with a        All   Year 1        HPS
health services           GP within 2 weeks of requesting help                                                           Croydon PCT
                         Review roles of Temporary Accommodation Resettlement Officers and                Year 1        Croydon YMCA
                          Health Visitors in delivering support for homeless people living in B&Bs
                         Establish referral arrangements with healthy living centres to enable            Year 1
                          homeless households in temporary accommodation to benefit from
                          outreach services
                         Issue Guide to Health and Community Services to all homeless people              Year 1
                          placed in temporary accommodation
                         Ensure that rough sleepers receive information to enable them to                 Year 1
                          access health services including the NHS Walk-in Centre
                         Ensure that the needs of homeless people are considered in future                Years 1 - 5   Health
                          initiatives to tackle health inequalities                                                      Inequalities PG
Improve access to        Make holiday play schemes available for young children in bed and          All   Year 1        HPS
play facilities           breakfast                                                                                      Social Services
                         Provide information and advice to families in bed and breakfast on play          Year 1
                          provision at monthly surgeries in 10 bed and breakfast hotels
Improve access to        Offer help to all households in temporary accommodation to access          All   Year 2        HPS
education, training       education, training and employment opportunities
and employment           Provide information on education, training and employment                        Year 2        Options
                          opportunities in the Options Shop

Ensure the          Appoint a Project Manager to:                                              All              Year 1      Housing
strategy and new     co-ordinate implementation of homelessness strategy initiatives
initiatives are      maximise funding from Homelessness Directorate and other sources
delivered            work with operational staff and managers to ensure homelessness
                      prevention and support are integrated into working practices
                     make links with other agencies, establish joint protocols and
                      procedures, develop information, joint training

                    Maintain and develop a structure of joint working at a strategic level:
                      Hold 4-monthly meetings of the Homelessness Strategy Development        All              Year 1      Housing, Social
                       Group and maintain links to other forums and agencies through group                                  Services, PCT,
                       members                                                                                              Police, voluntary
                      Establish a cross-agency group at a senior level to address strategy    Asylum           Year 1      agencies
                       and policy issues for asylum seekers                                    seekers
                      restructure Croydon Rough Sleeping Consortium into separate             Rough            Year 1
                       strategic and operational groups                                        sleepers

                    Deliver training for housing staff on needs of:                            Domestic and     Year 2      Training Section
                       people experiencing violence, including homophobic and domestic        other violence
                       violence                                                                Mental health
                       people with mental health problems

Improve customer    Assess satisfaction and consult on services through:                                                    Homeless
care and              an evaluation questionnaire for applicants when they leave B&B                           Years 1-5   Persons Unit
satisfaction with     an evaluation questionnaire for homeless applicants after a decision                     Years 1-5   Housing Advice
services and           has been made on their application                                                                   Section
accommodation         a survey of homeless people with applications under investigation and                    Years 1-5   Strategy &
                       investigated                                                                                         Communication
                      a survey of Housing Advice Section clients                                               Year 2      Section
                      evaluation of the new Choice project to assess satisfaction with the                     Year 1      Project Manager
                       rehousing process and options and advice service
                      Investigate 80% of homelessness applications within 33 working days                      Year 1
                      Update homeless applicants on the progress of their homelessness                         Year 1
                       application every 3 months

Monitor the              carry out an annual review of the strategy                              All             All years   Housing Dept
strategy, evaluate       review operation and produce regular monitoring reports about key
initiatives and          initiatives and critical indicators
review actions           carry out equalities monitoring of outcomes and service take-up
                         hold regular meetings of the Homelessness Strategy Group, including
                         the Bed and Breakfast Unit, to monitor budgets and progress
                         benchmark services by working with other boroughs, including a
                         seminar with other south-west London boroughs, and comparison with
                         good practice guidance such as the forthcoming pan-London housing
                         advice strategy
                         undertake full evaluation of the Choice project after 6 months of
                          operation, including outcomes by need group and ethnic origin
                         measure performance in reducing homelessness against main causes
Develop the             Conduct a single homelessness survey in February 2004 and 2005,          Single          Years 1-2   Project Manager
strategy through         and review research requirements in 2005/6                               homeless        Year 3      Strategy &
further research                                                                                                              Communication
and consultation        Complete research on reasons for repeat homelessness and produce         All             Year 1      Housing Dept
                        Research reasons for homelessness amongst people with mental             People with     Year 2      Croydon PCT
                         health problems                                                          mental health               SLaM Housing
                        Clarify the extent to which hospital discharge is delayed due to         problems        Year 2      Croydon PCT
                         assessment, accommodation or support issues
                        Monitor success of Options Advisers in preventing homelessness           All             Years 1-5   Housing
                        Monitor homelessness amongst people leaving inpatient detox services     Substance       Year 1      Drug Action
                         and residential rehabilitation and the level of support required         misuse                      Team
                        Develop closer liaison with the National Asylum Seekers Service on the   Asylum-         Year 1      Corporate
                         numbers of asylum seekers accommodated in Croydon                        seekers                     Asylum Seekers
                        Research services for asylum seekers, take-up of services and share                      Year 1      Section
                         information among agencies                                                                           Social Services
                                                                                                                              Croydon PCT
                        Survey Housing Advice clients to assess client satisfaction and          All             Year 1      Housing Advice
                         research access issues including the need for more outreach surgeries
                        Monitor level of need and particular requirements of lesbian, gay,       LGBT            Year 1      One Stop
                         bisexual and transgender (LBGT) households applying as homeless                                      Partnership
                         due to domestic violence or homophobic crime
                        Improve monitoring systems including Housing Advice Section case                                     Housing Advice

                       monitoring system to measure prevention of homelessness measures                                        and Strategy &


Allocations        Allocations Section, Croydon Housing Dept                Housing S&C        Housing Strategy & Communication Section,
BABIE              Bed and Breakfast Information Exchange                                      Croydon Council
BME                Black and minority ethnic                                HPS                Homeless Persons Section, Croydon Council
CAYSH              Croydon Association for the Young Single Homeless        IAMHS              Integrated Adult Mental Health Service
CAMHS              Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service               Liberata           Liberata plc, the Housing Benefit contractor
CCHA               Croydon Churches Housing Association                     Mainliners
CHAS               Croydon Housing Aid Society                              One Stop           One Stop Partnership for domestic violence and
CLSP               Croydon Legal Services Partnership                       Partnership        hate crimes
Corporate          Corporate Asylum Seekers Service, Croydon                Options            Housing Options Section, Croydon Council
Asylum Seekers     Council                                                  Procurement        Procurement Section, Croydon Housing Dept
Service                                                                     Project Manager    Homelessness Strategy Project Manager,
CRIAS              Croydon Rent in Advance Scheme, CCHA                                        Croydon Council
Croydon PCT        Croydon Primary Care Trust                               Resources          Resources Section, Croydon Housing Dept
Environmental      Environmental Services, Croydon Council                  RSLs               Registered social landlords
Services                                                                    SLaM               South London and Maudsley NHS Trust
Executive Office   Executive Office, Croydon Council                        SSD                Social Services Department, Croydon Council
HALS partners      Housing Association Leasing Scheme partners:             Stock Investment   Stock Investment Section, Croydon Housing
                   South London Family HA, Hyde HA and Thames HA                               Dept
Health             Health Inequalities Partnership Group                    Supporting         Supporting People Team, Croydon Council
Inequalities PG                                                             People
HMP Highdown       Highdown Prison                                          Tenant             Performance & Participation Section, Croydon
Housing Advice     Housing Advice Section, Croydon Council                  Participation      Housing Dept
Housing            Development Section, Croydon Housing Dept                Training Section   Training Section, Croydon Housing Dept
Development                                                                 Vol Orgs           Voluntary Organisations
Housing            Housing Management Services, Croydon Council             YMCA               Croydon YMCA
Management                                                                  YOT                Youth Offending Team