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					                                  AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF
                                   PROFESSIONAL LANDMEN

                         Introduction to Field Land Practices

              Registered Professional Landman Review & Exam
                                                     July 12-13, 2007
                                           University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
The American Association of Professional                                         Seminar Schedule
Landmen invites you to attend its Introduction                     Day 1
to Field Land Practices Seminar and RPL
Review & Exam to be held at the University of                      7:45am: Registration & Continental Breakfast
Oklahoma, Meacham Auditorium, Oklahoma                             8:15am-4:45pm: Seminar
Memorial Union, 900 Asp Avenue, Norman,                               Real Property Law & Land Descriptions
Oklahoma 73019. This two day seminar will be                          Contract Law
presented on Thursday and Friday, July 12-13,                         Conveyancing
2007 from 8:15 AM to 4:30 PM.                                         Oil & Gas lease
                                                                      Interest Calculations
The AAPL Introduction to Field Land Practices                         Ethics
seminar is a two-day program designed for the                      Noon – 1:00pm: Lunch on your own
six-month to five year landman and is well suited                  4:45pm-6:00pm: AAPL hosted reception
for both the field landman and the in-house
landman wanting to learn more about field land                     Day 2
practices. It can serve as a primer for those
starting out in field landwork, as a refresher and                 7:45am: Continental Breakfast
general review for the more experienced                            8:30am – 10:30 am – RPL Exam
landman, or as an opportunity for the company                      8:15am-4:30pm: Seminar
landman to learn more about field landwork.                           Running Title, Title Opinions & Curative
The material presented will build on the                              Document Preparation
foundation acquired on-the-job and will solidify
                                                                      Negotiating the lease
skills recently acquired. It is also suitable for
                                                                      Internet Resources
those interested in learning some of the basics
of Landwork and what a landman does. This is a                        Ethics
basic but fast-paced, interactive course,                             Landman and the Industry
designed to equip the beginner landman and                         Noon – 1:00pm: Lunch on your own
others with the knowledge necessary for
success. The course is NOT intended to qualify                     Welcoming Reception
attendees to be a landman but will introduce                       AAPL and the OU Energy Management
them to the basic principals and practices of the                  Students invite you to attend a welcoming
profession.                                                        reception following the first day of the seminar.
                                                                   This event will be held in the Baird Lounge, 2
The first day covers details about the very                        floor in Oklahoma Memorial Union.
basics of land work – real property and contract
law, land descriptions, conveyancing, the oil and                  A bound book of class materials will be provided
gas lease, basic interest calculations, and                        to all participants. The registration fee for AAPL
ethics. This day also covers the review                            members is $300, for non-members $400. There
material included on the RPL Exam. That                            is no extra fee for those taking the exam. The
exam will be offered the next morning at the                       registration fee for the Day 1 Review and RPL
hotel. The second day consists of discussion                       Exam ONLY is $175. Each registrant should
and examples of conducting courthouse record                       bring a basic hand-held calculator.
checks, preparing oil and gas documents (lease,
draft, purchase report), conducting a title exams,                 Accreditation: This program is accredited by
submitting a lease package to a client, on-line                    AAPL for thirteen CPL, RPL, or RL continuing
resources for landmen, professional decorum,                       education credits, including one ethics credit.
and ethical situations.

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Instructors                                         Course Outline

Curtis D. Horne, CPL                                Real Property Law
Curtis D. Horne began his career as an              The course starts with a thorough discussion of
independent landman in Oklahoma in 1981, and        the types of property, various methods of
has experience in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas         acquiring title, the types of deeds and the
and Montana. His firm, Curtis D. Horne &            attributes of warranty and special warranty
Associates, LLC, has offices in Houston and         deeds, the types of ownership and important
Fort Worth, providing clients throughout Texas      differences,    including   life  estates    and
with a full range of field land services. He is a   remaindermen. This section also includes a
member of the American Association of               review of the requirements to record documents
Professional Landmen, the Houston Association       and the various recording statutes. The section
of Professional Landmen, the Ark-La-Tex             concludes with a brief discussion of the primary
Association of Professional Landmen and the         real property law differences between Louisiana
Montana Association of Professional Landmen.        and other states.

Curt is an instructor for the AAPL Certified        Land Descriptions
Professional Landman Exam Review, the AAPL          This section discusses the three primary types
Introduction to Field Land Practices, and the       of US land descriptions: Rectangular Survey
AAPL Basic Land Seminar. He currently serves        (Township-Range), Metes and Bounds (and how
as Chairman of the AAPL Certification               to plat), and the various Texas land descriptions.
Committee, is a member of the AAPL Education
Committee, and is very active in AAPL and local     Contract Law
associations. Curt was the recipient of the 2002    The discussion on Contract Law will cover the
Field/Independent Landman Award from the            basic elements of a contract, the types of
AAPL.                                               contracts, requirements of a valid contact and
                                                    the penalty for breach, offers and termination of
                                                    offers, the legal capacity to enter into a contract,
S. Craig Young, CPL                                 and the impact of fraud and misrepresentation in
Craig Young is a graduate of Texas Tech             negotiating a contract (oil and gas lease).
University, and has been operating as an
independent landman out of Abilene, Texas, for      Conveyancing
more than 25 years. Craig formed a partnership      How do we know who has the authority to lease
with W. Glen Shedd, CPL, in 1991 and has been       and who has the right to receive royalties from
operating as Young & Shedd since. Prior to this,    production? This section will cover the basics of
he was a landman for Pennzoil Producing             determining mineral and royalty ownership and
Company in Shreveport, Louisiana, covering          includes a discussion of the “Duhig Rule” used
parts of Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas and all      in interpreting conveyances. A number of hands-
of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. He then        on problems help solidify the material presented.
covered the Gulf Coast area of Texas. Craig
also formed his own corporation in 1980 to          Oil & Gas Lease
handle exploration and petroleum land               Starting with a review of the history of the oil and
management.                                         gas lease and the implied covenants of under
                                                    the lease, this section continues to a complete
Craig is a former AAPL president (2003-04 term)     review of each major clause of a typical oil and
and has served AAPL in several other                gas lease. The section is concluded with a
capacitates, including first vice president,        series of questions that address most lease
regional director, chairman and assistant           maintenance questions. A fully “marked-up”
chairman for the AAPL certification committee       lease is included for easy reading and
He is a member of the Abilene and Permian           interpretation.
Basin Landmen’s associations, having served as
both a director and president of the Abilene APL.   Interest Calculations
                                                    How do you calculate gross and net acres,
He also served on the board of directors of the     bonus payments, rental payments? How do you
West Central Texas Oil and Gas Association          calculate a mineral interest? Net revenue
and on the advisory board for the Petroleum         interest? Working interest in a lease or well?
Land Management Program at Texas Tech               This section will cover these definitions and,
University.                                         through a series of simple to complex problems,
                                                    show how to make the various calculations.

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Running Title – Courthouse & Abstract Plant          Internet Tools
The previous sections laid the foundation for all    This section will introduce participants to some
facets of landwork. The next sections will cover     of the useful tools available on-line. Many links
the basics for working in the “field”.               are found on the AAPL website and many more
                                                     are discovered everyday. Some sources are
In this section, we cover the elements of            available at no charge and others require a fee
determining ownership by use of courthouse and       before use.
abstract plant records – “checking records”.
While this can in no way replace actual “hands-      Ethics
on” work in the courthouse, we will review the       This section covers the AAPL Code of Ethics
terms and practices necessary to begin a title       and Standards of Practice which are the basis of
search. The basic definitions of a lease check,      conduct, business principles, and ideals for all
mineral take-off, and title check are discussed,     AAPL members. Since there are no licensing
along with the various sources of information.       requirements    for    landmen     and    since
There is discussion of the distinction between a     membership in AAPL is voluntary, these ethical
tract index and a grantor-grantee index. We also     standards are a key element of AAPL
present a discussion on the basics of Runsheet       membership and being a professional landman.
                                                     The Landman & The Industry
Title Opinions                                       What does the industry expect of the landman?
This section introduces the participant to the use   What do landowners expect? What is proper
and generation of title opinions and the role of     etiquette for working in the “field”, the
the landman in obtaining necessary title curative    courthouse, abstract plant, visiting a landowner,
documents. Two articles present information          and more?
relative to Texas and Oklahoma laws, even
though there are many similarities between the       Glossary
two, and to most other jurisdictions.                The workbook includes an extensive glossary of
                                                     many terms the field landman must know to
Document Preparation                                 conduct daily business.
After gaining an understanding of the various
clauses of the oil and gas lease, this section       Bibliography
covers the basics of how to prepare the lease for    The workbook lists a number of publications that
execution by the mineral owner. Included are         should be a part of every land professional’s
examples of how to style the named lessors, the      resource library. Many are out of print but used
lessee, the consideration, the description, the      copies are often available on-line and from other
estimate of acreage, the rental information (if      sources.
applicable), and the signature block. There is
also an extensive overview of the various            RPL Examination
addendum clauses that may be required to             The RPL Examination will cover the course
complete the lease agreement. These are              material in Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 14.
presented with a strong caveat that all are
dependent upon the lease form used and must          RPL Examination Results
be approved by the lessee or client.                 Results of the exam will not be disclosed
                                                     until the RPL application is completed and
Lease Negotiations                                   approved by AAPL.
This section covers the basics of negotiations
with the landowner and suggestions for
contacting the owner and making a deal.

Lease Package
After completing the title search, determining
mineral ownership, preparing the lease, and
obtaining a signed document the lease and
associated materials must be transmitted to the
client or company land department for further
processing. Most companies have very specific
guidelines for the lease package and expect all
documents to be included, in prescribed order.
This section will discuss the general items
normally included in the transmittal package.
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General Information                                    Hotels: Area hotels include:
                                                       Residence Inn by Marriott Norman
Accreditation: This program is accredited by                    2681 Jefferson St. (405) 366-0900
AAPL for thirteen CPL, RPL, or RL continuing           Holiday Inn Norman
education credits, including one ethics credit.                 1000 N Interstate Dr. (405) 364-2882
                                                       Hampton Inn Norman
Transfer Registrations: All requests to transfer                309 Norman Center Ct. (405) 366-2100
registrations and all refund requests will be          Fairfield Inn
assessed      a     $25   administrative      fee.              301 Norman Center Ct. (405) 447-1661
Cancellations and transfer requests must be            Days Inn
submitted in writing. AAPL retains cancellation                 609 N. Interstate Dr. (405) 360-4380
rights. In the unlikely event of cancellation,         Sooner Hotel & Suites
AAPL will attempt to notify all pre-registrants.                300 Kellogg Dr. (405) 329-2270
AAPL is proud to offer high-quality educational        Sooner Legends Inn and Suites
opportunities such as this at significantly lower               1200 24 Ave. SW (405) 701-8100
costs to its members. For membership                            (corner of I-35 & Lindsey)
information,    please   contact     the    AAPL      
headquarters at the number provided below.
                                                       Please make your own reservations.
Late Registrations: After June 28, 2007, the
registration fees are $350 for AAPL members            Seminar Location
and $450 for non-members.                              University of Oklahoma, Meacham Auditorium,
                                                       Oklahoma Memorial Union
Registration Cancellations: Refunds, less a            900 Asp Avenue
$25 administration fee, will be given for              Norman, OK 73019-4052
cancellations received by 3:00 PM on Thursday,
June 28, 2007. No refunds will be given
thereafter, although substitution of attendees
may be made by contacting AAPL. A written
request must follow a telephone cancellation.
Registrants not entitled to a refund will receive a
copy of the written materials.

Cell Phones: As a courtesy to others, please
turn cell phones off or place them in “manner”

Register Early: This class will sell out quickly so
prompt registration is essential. Once the
maximum is reached we will place you on a
wait-list in the event of cancellations.

Calculator: Each registrant should bring a basic
hand-held calculator.

                                                       Course hours:
                                                       Registration 7:45 – 8:15 AM
                                                       Lectures: 8:15 AM -4:30 PM

                                                       AAPL Contacts
                                                       Mariah Martin – 817-847-7700

                                                       Richard Rosprim – 817-491-2878

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                 Registration Form – AAPL Introduction to Field Land Practices Seminar

  To register for the Introduction to Field Land Practices Seminar complete this registration form (a form is
  also on the AAPL website - and return it with your payment to:
                    AAPL, 4100 Fossil Creek Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76137,
                    Fax a completed form with credit card information to 817-847-7704.

  Seating is limited to the first 200 paid participants - confirmations upon payment only.
  The registration fee for AAPL members is $300 (includes the optional RPL Exam) and $400 for non-
  members. Please indicate if registering for the RPL Exam.
  Registration for the RPL Review and Exam ONLY – Day 1 Review – is $175

  Contact AAPL at 817-847-7700 if you have any questions.

                  Field Land Practices Seminar
                Thursday & Friday July 12-13, 2007                                 Registration Fees
                         Course # 357FL
                                                                         AAPL Member ($300)                  $ ________
Full Name: ________________________________________________              (Includes optional RPL Exam)

Company: _________________________________________________               Non-Member ($400)                   $ ________

Address: __________________________________________________
                                                                         Add $50 late fee                    $ ________
City, State, Zip Code: ________________________________________          (After 06/28/2007)

Telephone: _____________________ Fax: ______________________
                                                                         Student AAPL Member ($0)            $ ________
E-mail: ___________________________________________________

Method of Payment: Check: ____ MCard: _____ Visa: ____ AX: ______        Total Payment Enclosed              $ ________

Card No.: ___________________________ Exp. Date: _____________           Register for RPL Exam      Yes ___     No ___

                                                                         RPL Review & Exam Day 1 ONLY
Is this a change of address? ___________                                 AAPL Member ($175)                  $ ________

Request for special needs _____________________________________          Add $50 late fee                    $ ________
                                                                         (After 06/28/2007)
                                                                         Total Payment Enclosed              $ ________

                                                                                CANCELLATIONS MUST BE
                                                                             SUBMITTED IN WRITING AND WILL
             AAPL Members: $300 • Non-member: $400 prepaid                    BE SUBJECT TO A $25 CHARGE.
                    RPL Review & Exam ONLY: $175                             NO REFUNDS WILL BE ALLOWED
               Add $50.00 if registering after June 28, 2007                             AFTER
                                                                                     June 28, 2007.

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