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April 2006 April 2006

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									April 2006                                                                                                   April 2006
                                                                                                             12 at the Apollon Filmcenter Cinemax. The three-day festival will also include a seminar with
                                                                                 Monday 3 rd                 the participation of local and foreign artists who will collaborate with the Greek Scriptwriters’
                                                                                                             Association on the topic of scripts in short animated films. The festival is being organized by the
Energy Meeting                                                                                               European Animation Center in conjunction with the General Secretariat for Youth, with additional
                                                                                                             support from various other agencies, including the Greek Film Center, Media Desk Hellas, and the
Investments in the energy sector, expected to exceed 21 billion euros, are envisaged in the coming
                                                                                                             Panhellenic Film Critics’ Association.
years for southeastern Europe, Development Minister Dimitris Sioufas said in Thessaloniki on
Saturday, speaking at a meeting of energy ministers from the South Eastern Europe Cooperation Process
(SEECP) member states. A joint communiqué released at the conclusion of the meeting noted that
the representatives of the SEECP countries agreed to intensify cooperation so as to improve energy
                                                                                                               Must See In Greece
effectiveness and proceed with implementing the Treaty of the Energy Community, aimed at achieving             The island of Santorini is located in the Aegean Sea, about 200 km south-east from Greece’s
specific results to the benefit of the peoples of the region.                                                  mainland. The island was the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions about 3,500 years
                                                                                                               ago. The eruption left a large caldera surrounded by volcanic ash deposits hundreds of feet deep,
Cross Investing Conference Concludes in NY                                                                     and its effects may have indirectly led to the collapse of the Minoan civilization on the island
Economic cooperation between the US, Greece and Turkey can be a bridge between peoples and                     of Crete, 70 miles to the south. Due to its imposing landscape and amazing views, the stunning
cultures in southeastern Europe and the Middle East, opening up new prospects in the investment                sunsets, the caldera with its impressionistic contrast of colours, its terrifying birth related to the
and development sectors. Furthermore, Greece’s economic presence in the Balkans offers a unique                myth of Atlantis, and its special indigenous architecture, Santorini is considered an unmatched
opportunity for American investors. These were the main conclusions drawn from a conference titled             tourist experience.
“Greek-Turkish-US Cross Investing Partnership Opportunities” in New York on Friday, organized by
the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of NY, the International Chamber of Commerce-Hellas,
and Turkey’s Foreign Economic Relations Board.                                                                                                                                                 Tuesday 4 th
In a related matter, the Washington Times newspaper in its Saturday edition published extracts from a
speech which Deputy Economy and Finance Minister Christos Folias gave at Washington’s Woodrow                President in Egypt
Wilson Foundation. The speech focused on the need for serious reforms in Europe so that the European         President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias met on Monday in Cairo with his Egyptian counterpart
economy could become more competitive internationally, and on motives to attract foreign investors           Hosni Mubarak, during a two-day visit to Egypt. The two men confirmed the excellent level of
to Greece.                                                                                                   relations between Greece and Egypt, while Mubarak referred at length to the contribution of Egypt’s
                                                                                                             Greek communities in Cairo and Alexandria to building bilateral ties. Regarding the Middle East
Immigrant Education In Greece                                                                                issue, Papoulias and Mubarak agreed that it was urgent to give new impetus to the peace process and
Visiting National Education and Religious Affairs Minister Marietta Yiannakou in Washington on               for all the parties involved to show self-restraint and avoid acts of violence. They also discussed the
Saturday referred to the steps being taken to integrate immigrants in Greece. She also stressed that         situation in Iraq and Iran. After the meeting, Papoulias met with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew,
Greece cared about the education of the Muslim minority of Thrace. Yiannakou further described               who visited Egypt for the dedication of a new Cathedral, as well as Patriarch of Alexandria and All
the policy for the support of Greeks’ education abroad and the promotion of the Greek language               Africa Theodoros.
                                                                                                             FM Embarks on Visit to Cyprus
Gene Transfer Technology for Olive Crops                                                                     Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis begins a three-day visit to the Republic of Cyprus, with the purpose
Scientists on the island of Crete have generated the first transgenic olive fly by integrating a gene from   of carrying out an overall assessment of the Cyprus issue and analyzing future prospects. During her
a jellyfish into the fly’s chromosomes. This breakthrough, which appeared in the electronic edition of       visit, Bakoyannis will be meeting Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos, as well as her counterpart
Insect Molecular Biology (February 2006), could be used to develop methods for biological control            George Iakovou, Parliament Speaker Demetris Christofias and party leaders.
of the olive fly, the most destructive pest of olives, leading to drastic reductions of insecticide use in
olive-producing countries. Two groups collaborated closely on this project: the University of Crete’s        Status Of Kosovo
Department of Biology (Laboratory of Applied Entomology) and the Faculty of Medicine (IMBB-                  An international meeting to discuss the future status of Kosovo will be held in Athens next Wednesday,
FORTH, Laboratory of Insect Molecular Biology).                                                              following an initiative undertaken by Greece, which currently holds the chairmanship of the South
                                                                                                             East European Cooperation Process (SEECP). Foreign ministry spokesman George Koumoutsakos on
European Animation Festival 2006                                                                             Monday told reporters the meeting would be held between senior officials and diplomats, to be sent by
The European Animation Festival, or AnimFest ’06, will be staged in Athens between April 10 and              the Contact Group for Kosovo (Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and the United States), the

                                                 108                                                                                                          109
April 2006                                                                                                     April 2006
countries in the SEECP, and international organizations such as the United Nations, NATO, the EU               addressing the Economist’s 10th Roundtable with the Greek Government, on Tuesday in Athens.
and the OSCE. Koumoutsakos stressed Greece’s active interest in developments in Kosovo and said                “The common goal, as set out by the Lisbon Strategy, is to create in Europe the most dynamic and
the meeting will be an opportunity for SEECP countries to exchange views on the situation and present          competitive economy,” Karamanlis noted during the conference, titled “Unveiling New Priorities
their ideas for a viable solution, as well as ways in which the countries in the region might contribute to    in a Changing World.” The EU member states’ joint commitment is to implement policies regarding
finding such a solution.                                                                                       regional and social convergence, job creation, improving the standard of living, and protecting the
                                                                                                               environment, he noted.
New Legislation for Foreign Banks in Greece                                                                    In summing up, Karamanlis said: “In a world of radical and structural change, foresight, inspiration,
                                                                                                               planning and vision are necessary more than ever. We must see every change as a challenge; every
The Parliament passed a legislation that allows foreign banking groups to operate in Greece. These
                                                                                                               challenge as an opportunity; every opportunity as a possibility to change our country.”
groups will be subjected to the regulatory framework of their country of origin without any prior license by
the Greek state. The new law is expected to change the whole outlook of the banking sector. Within this
structure, the Bank of Greece will have to cooperate with the regulatory authorities of the foreign bank’s
                                                                                                               Cyprus: Annan Plan Past History
country of origin when the bank has financial problems. This new law allows for an intense competition         Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis arrived in Nicosia yesterday on a three-day visit to Cyprus.
in the banking sector, as the foreign bank will be able to offer products and services.                        She was welcomed at Larnaca airport by her Cypriot counterpart George Iacovou, who spoke of the
                                                                                                               “constant and unremitting” cooperation of Greece and Cyprus. Noting the warm, “brotherly” relations
A Major Investment in Turkey                                                                                   between the governments of Greece and Cyprus, Iacovou also referred to the new momentum given
                                                                                                               to the Cyprus issue following the meeting between Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos and United
The National Bank of Greece (NBG) yesterday announced the acquisition of a major stake in a Turkish
                                                                                                               Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan.
mid-sized bank in the biggest-ever Greek investment abroad. The NBG said it will buy a 46% stake in
                                                                                                               Bakoyannis reiterated Athens’ position for a “final, viable and just solution” to the Cyprus problem
Turkey’s Finansbank for 2.3 billion euros. The deal is seen as opening a new chapter in the two countries’
                                                                                                               that was based on international law, the European ‘acquis’ and the decisions of the UN Security
economic and political relations and is expected to have a wider economic and political impact in the
                                                                                                               Council for the benefit of the entire Cypriot people. She stressed that solving the political problem
                                                                                                               on Cyprus was a top priority for the government, while emphasizing that the Annan plan “in the form
Photo Exhibit “Emigrants”                                                                                      that it was presented to the Cypriot people, has been rejected and is now history.” She also underlined
                                                                                                               the significance of the Annan-Papadopoulos meeting, while stressing the need to make use of the new
A photography exhibition titled “Emigrants” begins today and runs until April 14, organized by the             impetus that emerged from this meeting.
Embassy of Sweden in Athens, in cooperation with the foreign ministry and the Athens municipality’s
Cultural Organization. The Emigrants project is the first of its kind, as it documents the years of Greek      Natural Gas Forum in Athens
emigration to Sweden, a destination for both labour immigrants and political refugees.
                                                                                                               The Institute of Energy for South East Europe (IENE) is hosting a forum on “The Liberalization
                                                                                                               of the Natural Gas Market, Prospects and Challenges – The New Institutional Framework” today,
  Must See In Greece                                                                                           following a law passed by Parliament in November 2005 regarding the liberalization of the domestic
                                                                                                               market for natural gas, and the reorganization of the Public Gas Corporation (DEPA). The forum will
  Epidaurus was a small, ancient Greek city (polis) on an inlet of the Saronic Gulf, northeast                 focus on the supply of natural gas, the transmission and distribution network, the new institutional
  Peloponnese. Reputed to be the birthplace of Apollo’s son, Asklepios, the Greek God of Medicine,             framework, independent suppliers of natural gas, and eligible customers. Speakers include government
  Epidaurus was known for its sanctuary, as well as its theater. The Asclepieion at Epidaurus was the          officials and energy sector representatives from both Greece and abroad.
  most celebrated healing center of the Classical world, the place where ill people went in the hope
  of being cured. The prosperity brought by the Asklepieion enabled Epidaurus to construct civic               Co-Production of Euripides’ ‘Suppliants’
  monuments such as the huge theater, renowned for its symmetry and beauty, which is used once
                                                                                                               The premiere of a Greek-Dutch joint production of the classical Euripides play “Suppliants” will
  again for hosting dramatic performances.
                                                                                                               take place on April 21 in Leiden, beginning a month-long tour in the Netherlands. The production
                                                                                                               will then also appear for two nights in Greece at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus on July 7-8, during
                                                                                                               the Epidaurus Festival 2006.
                                                                           Wednesday 5 th
Lisbon Strategy                                                                                                  Must See In Greece
                                                                                                                 Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece Picturesque and culturally fascinating, the
A Europe that is more political, more democratic and more social is obviously necessary in a world where         mountainous areas offer a wealth of exceptional trekking amongst impressive peaks. Mount
security, development and prosperity are the primary demands, Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis said

                                                  110                                                                                                         111
April 2006                                                                                                 April 2006
  Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, at 2919 meters high, located 100 km southwest of the          the Economist’s 10th Roundtable with the Greek Government, titled “Unveiling New Priorities in a
  city of Thessaloniki in northern Greece. In Greek mythology, Mt Olympus was the abode of the             Changing World.” Petralia announced that the ministry is preparing the creation of a new department
  Twelve Olympians. From its steep rocky summit, the site of his throne, Zeus supposedly hurled his        which will function as a “One Stop Shop” for the coordination of major private investment projects,
  thunderbolts against humankind. Greece’s oldest and most carefully protected national park, Mt           giving a further impetus to the tourist sector. She reiterated that the government has proceeded with
  Olympus also boasts the greatest concentration of flora and fauna, huge expanses of forest, and the      the ratification of a law on joint ventures in the public and private sectors, which provides new and
  crystal clear waters of the Enippeas river. The Pindos Mountains, situated in the northwest corner       unprecedented prospects for Greece in the field of investment in tourism and culture.
  of Greece, are a rugged and remote region of peaks, high limestone cliffs, spectacular gorges, and       On his part, Energy Minister George Sioufas said that growth is based on three main axes:
  rushing rivers. Visit Zagorochoria, a world of walled villages perched atop and within the thousand-     competitiveness, quality and productivity. The minister referred to the Greek-Turkish natural gas pipe,
  foot gorge of the Vikos River, the deepest gorge in the world after the Grand Canyon in Arizona.         the agreement of the Greco-Italian underwater natural gas pipeline, and the Burgas-Alexandroupoli
                                                                                                           pipeline, illustrating the country’s important position as an energy path from Middle East and Asia
                                                                                                           towards Europe.
                                                                              Thursday 6 th                Media Ethics
Greece: Candidate for UN Human Right Council                                                               The 21st Annual Congress of the Forum for European Journalism Students (FEJS) will be held
                                                                                                           in Athens between April 14 and 19, 2006. This year’s topic is “Media Ethics: Ethos, Pathos, Logos”.
Greece announced on Wednesday its candidature for the new 47-member United Nations (UN)                    The conference includes seminars, lectures, debates and workshops on journalistic ethics, with the
Human Rights Council, set to replace the Human Rights Commission. The UN General Assembly will             guidance of professional media representatives and academicians. More than 120 journalism students
hold its first elections for the new body on May 9.                                                        from approximately 30 European countries will attend this congress, work together and share the
A founding member of the UN, Greece is party to a wide range of human rights instruments, both at          experience.
the international as well as the regional level. According to a statement issued by the Greek permanent
representation at the UN, “Greece is determined to make every possible effort in order to meet the high
expectations that are associated with participation on the Human Rights Council.”                            Access To Greece
Greece’s Aid Policy                                                                                          The Harvard Summer Program in Olympia, taking take place from July 2 to August 5, 2006
                                                                                                             at Olympia - the birthplace of the Olympic Games- focuses on the possibilities of cross-cultural
Greece has been praised by the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the Organization
                                                                                                             contact between East and West from ancient times to the present. Its aim is to expose students
for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for its development policy in the Balkans, its
                                                                                                             to historical, philosophical, literary, and political models for studying this interaction through a
immediate aid to those affected by the tsunami in southeast Asia on December 26, 2004, its support
                                                                                                             series of interrelated weeklong seminars.
to poor countries that took part in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, and the sensitivity of the Greek
citizens, who, through the mass media, campaigned for awareness to the problems of world poverty.
DAC Chairman Richard Manning revealed on Wednesday to Deputy Foreign Minister Evripidis
Stylianidis - who is representing Greece at the sessions of DAC’s Ministerial Conference in Paris - that                                                                                       Friday 7 th
the assessment report on Greece’s development policy will include positive comments. The final check
on Greece will be made in autumn by two DAC member-countries, Luxembourg and New Zealand, on               Government to Create Free Zones
the evaluation of the effectiveness of development policy.                                                 The creation of four or five new Free Zones in the country, as part of a strategic plan to establish
                                                                                                           Greece as a gateway to the Balkans, Southeastern Europe, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean region
Joint Greek-Bulgarian Programme                                                                            was recommended by Development Minister Dimitris Sioufas on Thursday. The zones are expected to
Twenty students from Bulgaria and an equal number of Greek students will attend courses in Komotini        drastically boost the export activity of Greek enterprises in the manufacturing, commerce and services
this summer within the framework of the EU Interreg programme. This programme, to be completed in          sectors. The minister stressed that these regions would be equipped with financial and investment
2007, is jointly organized by the Law School of Democritus University of Thrace and the Blagoevgrad        incentives and the necessary infrastructure to be able to host financial, business and international
University Law School in Bulgaria. Interreg is an EU initiative which aims at stimulating interregional    activities. Such zones are currently in operation at the ports of Piraeus, Thessaloniki and Heraklion,
cooperation in the EU. Participating students will attend courses in English by Bulgarian and Greek        Crete.
                                                                                                           When Greeks meet Turks
Ministers Address the Economist Conference                                                                 Development Minister Dimitris Sioufas met yesterday with visiting Turkey’s Minister of State Kursad
On Wednesday, Tourism Minister Fani Palli-Petralia outlined the government’s tourist policy addressing     Tuzmen and discussed bilateral relations in trade and energy. The two ministers examined business

                                                 112                                                                                                       113
April 2006                                                                                                      April 2006
activities developing between the two countries and agreed there were great prospects for further                 towers to use as refuges. In the Diros caves, once inhabited by Neolithic people, visitors are
development. Sioufas underlined the close cooperation he has developed with his Turkish counterpart,              taken on a boat trip along the subterranean river through narrow tunnels and immense caverns
Energy Minister Hilmi Guler, and analyzed the sectors in which Greece could help Turkey on its EU                 filled with clusters of stalactites and stalagmites.
accession course. He wished that Turkey would soon enter the SE Europe Energy Community signed
in October 2005 in Athens.

Greece, Albania to Free Overland Travel                                                                                                                                                        Monday 10 th
Greece and Albania reached an agreement on the liberalization of overland travel for cargo and passenger
traffic between the two neighboring countries. In a meeting held in Tirana yesterday, Transport Minister        FinMin at EU-Asia Vienna Meeting
Michalis Liapis and his Albanian counterpart Lulzim Basha said that bilateral transit permits would be          Following a week-long session of the European Union’s economy and finance ministers with their
issued for cargo transportation between the two countries with a two-year duration and for unlimited            counterparts of the Asian countries in Vienna, National Economy and Finance Minister George
trips. The number of issued permits would meet the needs of both countries. On the subject of air               Alogoskoufis said on Sunday that Greece was successfully applying its own programme of structural
transportation, they agreed to promote cooperation in certain sectors such as air traffic management,           reforms and fiscal adaptation, which he said yielded positive results, as the growth rate was substantially
training on air transport issues, flight safety, and airport security. They also signed a bilateral agreement   higher than the eurozone average, unemployment was declining, and exports had risen considerably.
on postal service and electronic communications.                                                                He further noted that the key to the development of the global economy was confrontation of the
                                                                                                                fiscal imbalances and the advancement of structural reforms. He said that better coordination of
The Economist Conference                                                                                        macroeconomic policies was necessary, stressing the importance of the cooperation between Europe
Addressing the Economist’s 10th “Roundtable with the Government of Greece” yesterday, Economy                   and Asia in this area.
and Finance Minister Giorgos Alogoskoufis emphasized that the government’s high-profile strategy of
public sector reforms and fiscal discipline is non-negotiable. He pointed out that measures taken so far        Greece – China Cooperation
have produced results because “their rate of implementation was compatible with what bureaucracy,               Greece and China signed a three-year protocol agreement last Friday to encourage closer development
the economy and society in general could stand.” On the closely watched fiscal front, he reiterated             of education and research activities between the two countries. The agreement, to run from 2007-
a projection of a 2.6% budget deficit for 2006, and therefore below the EMU-mandated limit of 3%.               2010, will provide scholarships for Greek university students to study in China and vice versa.
Finally, the Minister pointed to a series of indicators vindicating the government’s “mild economic             Additionally, the Greek and Chinese languages will be taught in each other’s country in government-
adjustment” policy, namely, an increase in real incomes, rising exports, both in terms of volume and            certified courses, while universities from both countries will work together on research projects.
as a percentage of GDP, official joblessness under 10 percent for the first time in years, a hefty rise in      In another development, a direct shipping route linking Greece with China was inaugurated on
corporate profits, and convergence in per capita GDP with the EU average.                                       Saturday as part of an agreement aimed at boosting commercial ties between the two nations. The
                                                                                                                new route is the result of Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis’ January trip to China. Greece wishes to
Greece – China Education Cooperation                                                                            integrate its ports into the path of Chinese goods making their way to southeastern Europe and the
Minister of National Education and Religious Affairs Marietta Yiannakou arrived in China on                     Balkans.
Thursday for an official visit that began at the Greek Studies Centre at the Beijing Foreign Studies
University. Yiannakou, who is in Beijing at the invitation of her Chinese counterpart Zhou Ji, will sign        Tourism Minister in Washington
a memorandum for bilateral cooperation in education between Greece and China today. Yiannakou                   Tourism Minister Fani Palli-Petralia arrived in Washington D.C. on Sunday, where she will attend
stressed that the center’s existence met Greece’s efforts to propagate both the modern and ancient Greek        the three-day Global Travel and Tourism Summit that opens today, hosted by the World Travel
languages. Yesterday, Yiannakou met with the authorities of the university, who expressed interest in           & Tourism Council. The minister will also meet with US government officials as well as officials
Greece’s Olympic Education programme.                                                                           of the US travel and tourism sector. On Tuesday, the minister will address an event at Georgetown
                                                                                                                University talking about “Challenges and Opportunities for Tourism in post-Olympics Greece.”
  Must See In Greece                                                                                            Greece on the Cutting Edge
  The Mani region of the Peloponnese is characterized by grey rocky mountains, mottled with                     A team from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki creates Sign2Talk, a program that translates
  defiant clumps of green scrub. The people of Mani claim to be direct descendants of the                       sign language into speech and vice versa, helping people with hearing disabilities communicate with
  Spartans, the fierce warriors who chose to withdraw to the mountains rather than serve under                  others. The team offered a detailed technical and business presentation of its idea at a two-week
  foreign masters. With fertile land scarce, blood-feuds were a way of life, so families constructed            Innovation Accelerator seminar held at the Microsoft Technology Center in Reading, organized
                                                                                                                jointly by Microsoft, British Telecom and Ubiquity Software. The seminar brought together six of the

                                                   114                                                                                                           115
April 2006                                                                                                  April 2006
leading software design teams from last year’s Imagine Cup in Japan (an international competition for       the corresponding period in 2005, the National Statistics Service (NSS) said on Monday.
students designed by Microsoft), in order to give their creativity a fresh boost. Among the participants    The NSS, in its monthly report on the country’s merchandise trade, said the value of import-arrivals
was the Greek team, who had won second place. At the seminar, the team had a chance to concentrate          totalled 3.689 billion euros in February, from 3.283 billion euros in February 2005, while the value
on its business plan, while meeting people who could help with the commercial promotion of its award-       of export-deliveries amounted to 1.218 billion euros from 1.076 billion euros over the same period,
winning programme. A senior official from the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (United Kingdom)        respectively.
stated he was particularly impressed with their work.
                                                                                                            Iowa University’s Int’l Symposium on Paros
National Bank’s Vision                                                                                      The International Writing Program (IWP) at the University of Iowa has organized “The New
National Bank of Greece (NBG) president and CEO Takis Arapoglou, escorted by senior bank officials,         Symposium,” which will convene writers, artists, and thinkers from America, Greece, and around the
was in London on Sunday to present the prospects of the NBG to institutional investors, following its       world to focus on “The Commons—what we hold in common.” The group will gather from May 17
acquisition of a 46 percent controlling stake in Turkey’s FinansBank. The team was due to leave             to 23, 2006, on the island of Paros. The symposium, funded through a grant from the US Department
for New York on Monday, and from there for Frankfurt, for similar presentations. They explained that        of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, is co-sponsored by the Fulbright Foundation in
the NBG planned to further strengthen its presence in Romania and Serbia, and also expand into new          Greece, the European Translation Center-Literature & Human Sciences (EKEMEL) and the Office
markets such as Russia and Ukraine.                                                                         of the Mayor of Paros.

                                                                                                            Campaign for 2nd Modern Greek Chair at University of Michigan
  Must See In Greece
                                                                                                            In celebration of its 10-year anniversary, the Foundation for Modern Greek Studies (FMGS) officially
  Zakynthos (also known as Zante), the third largest of the Ionian Islands, boasts emerald beaches,         launched its campaign to endow a new chair in Modern Greek History and Culture at the University
  mountains full of pine trees, caves, traditional architecture, and inhabitants with a particularly        of Michigan on April 1, 2006 in Dearborn, Michigan.
  hospitable spirit. The area of Laganas Bay is renowned for its small sandy beaches, considered to         In 1990, the University of Michigan received a sum from the FMGS that allowed the establishment
  be the most important nesting sites for the Mediterranean green loggerhead turtle - Caretta caretta       C.P. Cavafy Chair in Modern Greek Studies. Since the endowment of the Cavafy Chair, the Modern
  - both in Greece and perhaps the entire Mediterranean region. The Zakynthos National Marine               Greek Program offers major and minor degrees in Modern Greek Studies, and has grown to integrate
  Park, the first of its kind in Greece, encompasses Laganas Bay and the islets of Marathonissi and         student scholarships, annual lectures, conferences, projects, study abroad opportunities, and global
  Pelouzo.                                                                                                  collaboration. This significant development, along with unyielding student and community interest,
                                                                                                            is what inspired the FMGS to move forward in raising money to endow a second Chair, this time in
                                                                                                            Modern Greek History and Culture.
                                                                              Tuesday 11 th
Meeting Old Friends                                                                                           Must See In Greece
                                                                                                              The island of Samothraki in the North Aegean lies some 29 nautical miles southwest of the
Tourism Minister Fani Palli-Petralia met with U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Nicholas     Thracian city of Alexandroupolis. Far from being a typical Greek island, it is more like a
Burns at the State Department on Monday and discussed the possibility of an increase in tourism from          mountain surrounded by sea. Its highest peak, Mount Fengari, rises to almost 1700 m. Samothraki
the United States to Greece, as well as the broader framework of bilateral relations.                         is one of the truly virgin islands, where you can bath under the shade of sycamore trees. Its
Palli-Petralia, who is in Washington to take part in the Global Travel and Tourism Summit, described          singular mountain terrain, its abundance of crystal clear water, its archaeological finds along
the discussion as excellent, noting that Burns “is a good friend of Greece and knows Greek reality.”          with an intangible mysticism that hovers in the air, offer the visitor an exotic holiday. To the
She called for cooperation aimed at attracting American tourists to Greece, pointing out that the             north of the Hora is Paleopolis, the archaic and Hellenistic center of the island, where there are
government’s priority was to attract American tourists, as the benefit from high level tourism would be       still ruins of the Ancient City and the Sanctuary of the Great Gods. This is where the Cabeiri
important.                                                                                                    Rites took place, mystical ceremonies of equal importance to the Eleusinian, probably aiming to
Burns agreed with the minister that following the successful hosting of the Olympic Games in 2004,            secure life after death. The island’s most famous artistic treasure is the 2.5-metre marble statue
Greece constituted an important and safe tourist destination, while it also possesses ultra-modern            of Nike, now known as the Winged Victory of Samothrace, dating from about 190 BC. It was
infrastructures.                                                                                              discovered in pieces on the island in 1863 and is now displayed in the Louvre museum in Paris

Greek Exports Continue to Rise
Greek imports rose 12.4% in February, while exports were up 13.2% in the same month, compared with

                                                 116                                                                                                       117
April 2006                                                                                                 April 2006
                                                                                                           Romania and Turkey) held at the initiative of the State Theatre of Northern Greece (STNG). As
                                                                      Wednesday 12 th                      STNG director Nikitas Tsakiroglou pointed out, this is a great opportunity for cultural cooperation
                                                                                                           with these countries, and exchanges of views.
UN: GDP Growth at 3.1% for 2006
Greece’s economic growth will reach 3.1% this year, the fourth largest performance in the eurozone,        Greek Gourmet Traveler
according to a UN report released yesterday on the global economic outlook in 2006. The report,            Greek gastronomy reflects a way of life that’s joyful, direct, human, and spontaneous, and innovation
presented in Athens during an event organized by the UN Regional Information Centre for Western            is an important word in the culinary world. The spring issue of the “GreekGourmetraveler”
Europe, envisages strong growth rates in Southeastern Europe, a region with a strong Greek business        magazine sees new things happening in Greek restaurants abroad but also in Greece, especially under
presence, at 5.9% this year from 6.0% in 2005. The European economy will grow by 2.1% (1.5% in             the “Kerasma” campaign ( the nation’s top culinary talent has been tapped to
2005), while the eurozone economy will grow by 1.9% (1.3% in 2005).                                        create and share new food ideas.
Addressing the event, Minister of Economy and Finance George Alogoskoufis said economic reforms
are focused on reducing corporate taxes immediately as in Ireland and private taxes in 2007. Regarding
the global economy, the minister said several of its problems could be resolved through a better             Exploring Greece
coordination of economic policies.
                                                                                                             “Around Greece in 80 Stays, Hotels and guesthouses of character”: A writer’s journey around
UN Report (February) - World Economic Situation and Prospects 2006 (PDF)                                     Greece, which helps discerning travelers discover unique places at the most exceptional sites
Ministry of Economy and Finance (March) - Fact Sheet on the Prospects of the Greek Economy                   the country has to offer to. Jacoline Vinke and Andre Bakker discover 80 small hotels and
(PDF)                                                                                                        guesthouses in Greece and reveal their uniqueness through text and images. “Around Greece
                                                                                                             in 80 Stays” will appeal equally to those interested in discovering the best of Greece, away from
Advanced Energy Technologies                                                                                 mass tourism, as well as to those with an eye for aesthetics and beauty.
Scientists in Greece are part of the quest for advanced technologies that will lessen dependence on          Great Small Hotels Network:
petroleum and will usher in a new era of pollution-free energy. Advanced Energy Technologies S.A.
develops new materials and systems, such as fuel cells and photovoltaic systems, for renewable energy
sources. The company, founded by researchers from the Institute of Chemical Engineering and High
Temperature Chemical Processes and the University of Patras, is a spin-off operation from these two                                                                                   Thursday 13 th
academic institutions and is funded by the Ministry of Development and private industrial partners
(Germanos S.A., Velti S.A., ELPRA S.A.).                                                                   GDP Up by 3.7% in 4th Quarter 2005
                                                                                                           Greece’s Gross Domestic Product grew by 3.7% in the fourth quarter of 2005, compared with the same
Security & Strategy in East Mediterranean                                                                  period in 2004, Eurostat said on Wednesday. The EU statistics agency, in a report (“Second estimate
The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy ( presents a new policy             for the fourth quarter of 2005”), said Eurozone’s economy grew by 1.8% while the EU-25 economy
paper by Dr. Ian Lesser titled “Security and Strategy in the East Mediterranean” which explores the        grew by 2.0% over the same period.
changing geopolitical scene in Greece’s neighborhood, as well as trends in the Euro-Atlantic area, the
broader Middle East and elsewhere, and their implications for Greek strategy and policy.                   Participation in Peacekeeping Missions
Security & Strategy in the East Mediterranean (PDF)                                                        Over the past years Greece has undertaken an active role in international efforts for the provision of
                                                                                                           humanitarian aid, the promotion of peace, the countering of terrorism, and the consolidation of peace
Chinese Students Learning Greek                                                                            in countries blighted by war. With its participation in multinational peacekeeping forces, mainly in
In wake of the three-year education and research agreement signed between Greece and China last            the Balkans, Greece furthers its stabilizing role in the area. Its peace-keeping units have proved their
week, Greece pledged yesterday to send educational material and teaching staff to China to help the        high professionalism and equal treatment of all ethnic groups. Greece participates in peacekeeping
growing number of local students who are learning Greek. The decision aims to address the shortage of      missions of the UN as well as other international operations.
educational material at the Greek Studies Department of the University of Shanghai.                        Ministry of Foreign Affairs Report (April 2006) - Greek participation in Peacekeeping Missions
                                                                                                           Ministry of Defence - Peace-Keeping Operations
Balkan Theatre Festival in Thessaloniki
A Balkan theatre festival, focusing on ancient drama, will take place in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece
                                                                                                           Call for US-Greece “Special Relationship”
and other Balkan cities, as of 2007, on a regular basis. The decision to establish the event was made in   American Hellenic Institute (AHI) President Gene Rossides announced that the major Greek
Thessaloniki during a meeting of national theatre representatives (Albania, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia,      American organizations endorse the 2006 policy statement: The U.S. Should Establish a “Special

                                                 118                                                                                                       119
April 2006                                                                                                    April 2006
Relationship” with Greece. Prepared by the AHI, it is part of the “2006 Greek American Policy                    Robert Bittlestone, enthusiastic Homerist, geologist John Underhill, and classics scholar James
Statements”.                                                                                                    Diggle believe the island of Kefalonia is indeed the answer, or rather, its westernmost peninsula
                                                                                                                Paliki. In the “Odysseus Unbound” website ( you can read more
“Odysseas” Travels East                                                                                         about their project.
The Hellenic Studies Departement at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Vancouver, Canada, is
attracting students to its interdisciplinary programme with its “Odysseas Online Greek Language
Tutor.” Funded by the Niarchos Foundation, Odysseas is an online interactive language project
designed to work just as a non-virtual student-tutor relationship would. The success of the project has
                                                                                                                                                                                              Friday 14 th
caught the attention of Chinese universities. The first to enter a partnership with Odysseas is the Beijing
Language and Culture University. SFU and Zhejiang University are also collaborating to develop a
                                                                                                              Prime Minister Visits Bulgaria
degree program for 50 students, half of whom will be from China and half from Vancouver.                      Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis arrived in Sofia on Thursday afternoon for a two-day official visit
                                                                                                              and was welcomed by his Bulgarian counterpart Sergei Stanishev.
                                                                                                              Accompanied by Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis, the premier is expected to meet with senior
  Forthcoming Conferences In Greece                                                                           officials to discuss boosting ties between the two countries, especially on the subject of allowing the
                                                                                                              entry of more Bulgarians into northern Greece for seasonal work. Sources said that Bulgarian officials
  “The Impact of Internet on the Mass Media in Europe”, 26-28 April,                                          are also interested in providing Greeks with easier access to their country for shopping. An agreement
   European Cultural Center at Delphi.                                                                        is expected to be signed today, as well as a joint friendship and cooperation declaration.
  “1st World Sommelier Congress”, 4-7 May, European Cultural Center at Delphi.
   “7th International Venture Capital Forum”, 28-29 June, Hotel Grande Bretagne, in Athens.
                                                                                                              Greece Backs Ban Ki-Moon’s UN Candidacy
                                                                                                              The government on Thursday said it would support the candidacy of South Korean Foreign Minister
                                                                                                              Ban Ki-Moon for the post of United Nations Secretary- General, after he met with Prime Minister
                                                                                                              Kostas Karamanlis in Athens, accompanied by Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis. The time has come
Paths of Greek Tradition                                                                                      for Asia to have a secretary-general at the United Nations, Bakoyannis told reporters, saying Ban had
A craft that is now fading but has been one of the richest aspects of Greek tradition is the subject of the   a high chance of getting the position. Ban thanked Greece and also expressed satisfaction at the level
exhibition “Greek Embroidery, 17th-19th Century,” which opened yesterday at the Benaki Museum,                of bilateral relations and their prospects in the economic, trade, tourism and cultural sectors.
and runs until May 28. It is thanks to ethnographer Angeliki Hatzimichali that the history of Greek           Greece is currently a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council (
traditional applied arts has been documented. In order to honor the work Hatzimichali, the exhibition
tracks her pilgrimage through the paths of Greek tradition and illustrates her progress in the study of the   Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Statements of Minister Dora Bakoyannis and her counterpart from
embroiderer’s art. This exhibit is a joint collaboration between the Angeliki Hatzimichali Foundation,        Korea, Ban Ki-Moon, following their meeting.
the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Benaki Museum.
                                                                                                              National Collective Labour Agreement Signed
Cinema Studies in Athens                                                                                      The National General Collective Labor Agreement for 2006-2007 recently agreed between employers
The Academy of Cinema is an international film and video organization based at Karamanos Studio,              and the largest trade unions was officially signed on Wednesday, after the end of negotiations aiming
located in Athens. The studio is the largest film and video production facility in the Balkans. Study         to add finishing touches to employment law institutions. Under the two-year agreement, the basic
programmes (college credit in conjunction with the University of Indianapolis) include several options        wage will be increased by 2.9% on January 1, 2006, a further 2.9% on September 1, 2006, followed by
combining production courses with a variety of graduate mentoring, independent study, and intensive,          a further increase of 5.1% on May 1, 2007.
hands-on production opportunities.

                                                                                                                Eurovision 2006
  Exploring Greece                                                                                              Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
  Where is Ithaca described in detail in Homer’s Odyssey? The island of Ithaki, most have assumed.              launched the Eurovision Song Contest 2006 accreditation programme. Accreditation
  But Homer says that Ithaca is “furthest towards the dark”, i.e. the west, a group of islands.In their         application guidelines are available online at:
  fascinating albeit controversial book titled “Odysseus Unbound: The Search for Homer’s Ithaca”,

                                                  120                                                                                                        121
April 2006                                                                                                   April 2006
Mount Athos Exhibition in Finland                                                                            Greek- Bulgarian Cooperation
The Helsinki Art Museum Tennis Palace is organizing an exhibition of the Treasures of Mount Athos            Visiting Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis and his Bulgarian counterpart, Sergei Stanishev, signed a
that will take place in August 2006, which will run until January 2007. The exhibit, based on the original   declaration of friendship and cooperation on Friday. In a joint press conference, the premier stressed
idea prepared for the Thessaloniki Museum of Byzantine Culture, will include internationally appraised       that the agreement which included the establishment of a common mechanism for dealing with
works and icons from Mount Athos monasteries, representing the most significant exhibition of Byzantine      natural disasters, outlined the new context of Greek-Bulgarian relations. He also added that the
art ever to be held in Finland. On August 18, a seminar entitled Pilgrimage as Dialogue will take place.     two sides agreed to support the European course of the West Balkans, while exchanging views over
                                                                                                             the Kosovo regime. On the other hand, Sergei Stanishev thanked the Greek chairmanship for its
Yannis Gaitis Exhibit                                                                                        initiatives regarding Bulgaria’s European progress, noting the continuously developing collaboration
                                                                                                             between the two countries is on all levels.
An exhibition focusing on artist Yannis Gaitis, his life and work opened yesterday at the Athens’
Benaki Museum and runs until June 24, 2006. Gaitis belongs to a generation of artists that is considered
to have pioneered post-war modernism in Greece. The exhibition includes paintings, constructions of
                                                                                                             Summer Opening Hours for Museums and Sites
wood, plaster, metal, drawings, and various small objects dating from 1944 to 1984.                          The extended summer opening hours for archaeological sites and museums will commence earlier
                                                                                                             this year. The measure has been implemented as of April 12, and will last until October 31. The
                                                                                                             most popular archaeological sites and museums will open at 8am and close at 7:30pm. This includes
  Exploring Greece                                                                                           sites such as the Acropolis, Ancient Agora, Stoa of Attalos, Theater of Dionysos and Roman Forum
                                                                                                             in Athens, and Sounion, Eleusis, Aegina Aphaia, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Lindos, Knossos, Phaestos,
  “Mani: Travels in the Southern Peloponesse” by Patrick Leigh Fermor is part travelogue, part
                                                                                                             Mystras, Pella and Delphi, among others.
  evocation of the past and a glorious fusion of imagination and history by one of the greatest
  of Greece’s philhellene writers. Fermor’s account of his journey through Mani peninsula, an
  inspiring and untouched region of the Peloponnese, unlocks the secrets of the local people
                                                                                                             A Museum with a Difference
  and culture whose roots stretch back to Byzantium.                                                         Travellers passing through Laconia should not miss a visit to the Museum of the Olive and Greek
  Sir Patrick Michael Leigh Fermor, is a British author, scholar and soldier, who played a prominent         Olive Oil, on the outskirts of Sparta and one of a number of projects carried out by the Piraeus Bank
  role behind the lines in the Battle of Crete during World War II. He is considered as one of the           Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP). The exhibits take visitors on a journey through the ages as they
  world’s great travel writers.                                                                              stroll through the museum. There are displays on the use of olive oil in nutritional, cosmetic and
  The Mani Peninsula attracts visitors for its magnificent castles, stunning scenery, and superb             pharmaceutical applications, and its symbolic importance in religion, mythology, and customs. There
  beaches. Mani is also known for unique culinary products and what is probably the world’s best             are also sections on the natural environment of the olive tree, its taxonomy, morphology, on making
  extra-virgin olive oil.                                                                                    soap from olive oil, as well as the development of olive oil production technology from antiquity until
                                                                                                             the early industrial era.
                                                                                                             5th Historic Acropolis Rally
                                                                                                             Motor-racing and classic car enthusiasts will have the chance to see the 5th Historic Acropolis Rally
                                                                               Monday 17 th                  between May 3 and 7, a contest organized by the Automobile and Touring Club of Greece (ELPA)
                                                                                                             and held und er the auspices of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). Rare, well-
Culture Ministers Forum in Thessaloniki                                                                      maintained classic models from within Greece and abroad will be featured in the rally. The race kicks
Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis, addressing the SEECP Culture Ministers in Thessaloniki on                  off on May 3, with a ceremonial start below the Acropolis, and ends on May 6. Participants will follow
Sunday, reiterated Athens’ standing policy of supporting Southeastern European countries’ European           a special route of both asphalted and dirt roads through Central Greece and the Peloponnese. The
orientation, while stressing that accession would necessitate absolute respect for European principles and   event is hosting a greater number of participants this year with some 180 entries submitted so far.
values along with implementation of all necessary conditions set out by the Union.
The culture ministers had earlier met within the framework of Greece’s SEECP Chairmanship in the
western port city of Patras, currently the Cultural Capital of Europe, at the invitation by Minister of        Must See In Greece
Culture Giorgos Voulgarakis. The subject of the Ministerial Meeting was “Prospects for Modern Cultural         Boasting dramatic natural beauty and a great deal of history, the well-watered Pelion peninsula rises
Creation in SE Europe.” Voulgarakis said important steps had been taken since 2004, citing the progress        in lush magnificence to the northeast of Volos, a bustling city positioned on the northern shores of
recorded in programmes aimed at presenting and developing joint cultural heritage, as well as the work         the Pagasitic gulf, in Thessaly. The area is dominated by a mountain range, inhabited in mythology
of modern creators in the region.                                                                              by Centaurs, reprobate creatures who were part human and part horse, who took delight in eating

                                                 122                                                                                                         123
April 2006                                                                                                 April 2006
  raw flesh, trampling crops and deflowering virgins. During the Ottoman occupation, the western           weeks and show more films,” said the educational attaché at the Greek embassy.
  coastal towns were abandoned in favor of mountain villages. Skiing, trekking down wooded slopes
  or verdant ravines, bird - watching, swimming at splendid beaches, are all on offer in the area,         Caravaggio at Cycladic Art Museum
  which has an enduring tradition of regional cooking. The local specialties include fasolada (bean        Michelangelo Merisi, or Amerighi, widely known as Caravaggio, is the highlight of the Museum of
  soup), kouneli stifado (rabbit stew), spetsofai and tyropsomo (cheese bread).                            Cycladic Art’s upcoming exhibition, yet another celebratory event on the occasion of the museum’s
                                                                                                           anniversary. Organized in collaboration with the Italian embassy in Athens, the exhibition will be
                                                                                                           inaugurated by President Karolos Papoulias on April 27 and will be open to the public from April 28
                                                                                                           to June 30.
                                                                             Tuesday 18 th
                                                                                                           The Chernobyl Legacy
Promotion of Olive Oil
                                                                                                           The 1st International Anti-Nuclear Festival will take place on the island of Rhodes from May 8-14,
The government is launching a 5-million-euro action programme to promote Greece’s olive oil - one of       twenty years after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in Ukraine, with the aim of increasing
the country’s best-known products - as 2006 has been declared the “Year of Olive Oil.” The programme,      public awareness on the issue of nuclear reactors, and the setting up of a “worldwide” anti-nuclear
unveiled by Economy and Finance Minister Giorgos Alogoskoufis yesterday, involves coordinated action       movement. It is an initiative of the Mediterranean Anti-Nuclear Observatory, which was founded
by six ministries (Economy, Development, Agricultural Development and Food, Tourism, Culture, and          a year ago and headquartered on Rhodes, the Central Union of Municipalities and Communities of
Foreign Affairs) and aims at strengthening the quality, standardization and certification of olive oil.    Greece (KEDKE), and the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE).
Alogoskoufis said that Greece was the third-largest producer of olive oil in the world, after Spain and
Italy, with an annual production of 400,000 tons. He added that he hopes olive oil will lead the way for
the penetration of other Greek products in foreign markets. Other ministers noted that the climate in        Exploring Greece
international markets is favorable as olive oil has been identified with the healthy Mediterranean diet
and consumption is increasing, but, at the same time, production is also increasing in countries outside     In 587 A.D., a Byzantine monk named John Moschos set off from Mount Athos in Greece,
the Mediterranean, such as Australia, the US and China.                                                      traveling around the eastern Mediterranean. William Dalrymple’s, “From the Holy Mountain”
                                                                                                             is a memorable historical journey through the twilight of Eastern Christianity, heartfelt and
Finnish-ing Touches                                                                                          beautifully told. Dalrymple is preserving the stories of the last generation of Orthodox Christians
                                                                                                             in the Middle East.
Deputy Foreign Minister Yiannis Valinakis and his Finnish counterpart Antti Peltomaki discussed
Finland’s upcoming assumption of the rotating EU presidency during their meeting in Athens on
Monday. The two officials also discussed EU enlargement, particularly the course of Turkey’s EU
accession talks, as well as the latest developments in the western Balkans, with particular emphasis on                                                                          Wednesday 19 th
Kosovo. Valinakis told Peltomaki - who is responsible for European Affairs - that Greece backs Turkey’s
and western Balkan countries’ accession based on EU criteria and principles.                               Greece’s Position on the Middle East
                                                                                                           Addressing a Security Council meeting on the Middle East, permanent UN representative Ambassador
Cosmetics Market Shows Rise                                                                                Adamantios Vassilakis said on Tuesday that Greece adhered to the need for overall, just and viable
The domestic cosmetics market showed an upward trend in 1995-2004 with an average annual rate of           peace being achieved in the Middle East in accordance with all relevant Security Council resolutions
growth of 11%, according to the Panhellenic Association of Perfume and Cosmetics Representatives           and the principle of land for peace. He further said that Greece adhered to the implementation of a
and Industries. In 2005, revenue in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sector totalled 4.8 billion euros,   two state solution, while stressing that it unequivocally condemns every form of terrorism, including
up 12%; and earnings before tax were 218 million euros, posting a 17% increase from a year earlier, the    missile attacks against Israel from Gaza, as well as futile suicide bomb attacks, such as the one in Tel
association reported on Monday.                                                                            Aviv on Monday. The latter was also condemned yesterday by Foreign Ministry spokesman George
                                                                                                           Koumoutsakos, who called it a terrorist act of blind violence.
A Tribute to Greek Cinema in China
                                                                                                           Cabinet Discusses Foreign Policy
A two-week tribute to Modern Greek cinema is being held in China: the first part was held in Beijing
last week and the second is currently under way in Shanghai. The bulk of the programme is based            A meeting of the inner cabinet on Tuesday, chaired by Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis, was
on six films by award-winning director Pantelis Voulgaris. Other films being screened are by Penny         devoted to foreign policy issues. The cabinet reaffirmed Greece’s support for Turkey’s European
Panayiotopoulou and Tasso Boulmetis.                                                                       prospects provided that Turkey keep its commitments to the European Union. Talking after the
“The success of these two events compels us to increase the duration of the festival in 2007 to three      meeting, Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis noted that she had briefed the cabinet on European issues

                                                 124                                                                                                       125
April 2006                                                                                                April 2006
regarding Greece, the situation in the western Balkans, relations with the United States, the Cyprus
issue, as well as relations with Turkey and Turkey’s progress toward Europe.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Thursday 20 th
Expanding to Latin America                                                                                Economy: How do you Feel?
A round table debate, organized by the Federation of Greek Industries (SEV) and the Greek-Latin           Greece’s economic sentiment index rose in March to 98.5 points from 94.5 in February, the Foundation
America Business Council, was held yesterday in Athens, focusing on the promotion and expansion           for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE) said on Wednesday. IOBE, in its monthly report, attributed
of business cooperation between Greece and Latin American countries. Addressing the forum, SEV            the rise in the index to an improvement of business forecasts, although the same data showed that, by
Chairman Odysseas Kyriakopoulos stressed the need for Greek firms to increase investments in Latin        contrast, consumer sentiment keeps declining because consumers foresee a downturn in their finances.
America and forge alliances in sectors such as telecoms, construction, minerals, pharmaceuticals,         Improved sentiment was noted in the retail sector, construction and manufacturing, with the service
cosmetics, farm products, the defence industry, shipping and tourism. The foreign ministry’s Secretary    sector reporting slightly slower improvement. The business sentiment index in the manufacturing
General for International Economic Relations, Theodoros Skylakakis, stated that the foreign ministry      sector rose in the first quarter of 2006, compared with the corresponding period last year, with March
intended to strengthen the legal framework for cooperation with Latin American countries and help         recording a new advance. In the construction sector, the index jumped to its highest level since mid-
Greek companies to expand there.                                                                          2004, reflecting optimistic forecasts for employment in the sector.

Mount Athos Decents to Town                                                                               Government Prepares for EU Funds
Religious artefacts of immense value will be sent from the monastic community of Mount Athos to           Greece will be able to draw on the next batch of European Union funding in January 2007, according
Thessaloniki, to be put on display in an exhibition at the House of Agion Oros (Agioritiki Estia) that    to Economy and Finance Minister Giorgos Alogoskoufis, with areas outside of Athens headed for a
will be inaugurated on May 28 by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. A similar exhibition had been          16-billion-euro boost over a seven-year period. The minister said yesterday that advance payments
held in the city in 1997 at the Museum of Byzantine Culture marking a huge success.                       on the Fourth Community Support Framework (4th CSF) package can be drawn at the start of next
                                                                                                          year, with the total package amounting to 20 billion euros for the 2007-2013 period. The payments
Nikos Kazantzakis Events in Ten Countries                                                                 will start on the condition that there will be no setbacks and that the European Commission will not
                                                                                                          delay in approving the general guidelines in July.
Events in more than ten countries of Europe, America and Asia are being planned for the next three
                                                                                                          The funds will focus on six fields that include upgrading labor skills and improving information technology
months by the International Society of Friends of Nikos Kazantzakis, with the aim of further promoting
                                                                                                          – changes capable of having a positive impact on competitiveness, productivity and job creation.
the works of renowned author Nikos Kazantzakis. An event will be held in Barcelona on April 18 and
another one in Berlin on April 20. Tours will follow in May to Israel, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan,
Canada, Belgium and Luxembourg, while in June, events will be held in Croatia and Greece.
                                                                                                          Record Participation in Trade Fair
                                                                                                          Twenty five Greek companies - a record number - will take part in a key construction trade fair in
Greek Designer Makes her Mark in London                                                                   Romania, Construct Expo-Ambient 2006, which will take place in Bucharest, from May 17 to 21,
Sophia Kokosalaki, a talented, young Greek designer has been running a successful fashion business in     said the economic counselor on Wednesday at the embassy in the Romanian capital. “We have never
London for quite some time now. The designer was thrilled to go back home to Greece in mid-March to       before had such large participation. Greek businesses will have two stands at the fair,” he added.
attend a star studded gala, where she received an award from the Hellenic Fashion Designers Association
during Athens Fashion Week. Sophia Kokosalaki had devoted an entire year to designing the costumes
                                                                                                          Cow Parade in Athens
for 7,000 people who took part in the Athens Olympics opening and closing ceremonies.                     The CowParade ( is coming to Athens. Its official opening is set for May
                                                                                                          8, and will continue until August 2006. CowParade is an international public art exhibit that has
                                                                                                          been featured in major cities all over the world. Fiberglass sculptures of cows are decorated by local
  Must See In Greece                                                                                      artists, and distributed over the city centre, in public places such as train stations, important avenues,
  Located on the eastern borderline of the Aegean Sea, the island of Patmos is the northernmost           and parks. After each exhibition, the cows are auctioned off and the proceeds donated to charity.
  island of the Dodecanese island group. It is a place of pilgrimage for both Orthodox and Western        The event will be held under the auspices of the Athens Municipality. Apart from Athens, in 2006
  Christians, for it was here that St John wrote his divinely inspired Revelation (the Apokalypse).       CowParade shows will be held in Edinburgh, Lisbon, Wisconsin, Denver, Buenos Aires and Boston.
  The Monastery of St. Johns towers above the capital, Chora. Once a favorite venue for those
  wishing to experience its spiritual atmosphere, Patmos is now as popular with sun and sea
  worshippers. Quite windy, the island is good for windsurfing. There are also day trips to the small,      Orthodox Easter
  neighboring islands Marathi, Arki and Lipsi.                                                              Considered the most important holiday on the Greek calendar, the traditional services and
                                                                                                            customs of Orthodox Easter (pascha) are inevitably linked with both fasting and festive foods.

                                                 126                                                                                                       127
April 2006                                                                                                    April 2006
  The Christian symbolism of Easter was first underlined by the Apostle Paul. When the Christians             Evgenidis Planetarium: 50 years of Education
  began to celebrate Easter, they retained some of the features of the Jewish Passover, such as eating        Two years after its refurbishment and now celebrating half a century in operation, the Evgenidis
  lamb. In Byzantine times, it was the custom to bake ring-bread with a dyed red egg in the middle.           Foundation keeps moving ahead. New technologies have been the key to its progress. Its new digital
  The egg is a symbol of life, while red is the color of life.                                                planetarium is the best-equipped in the world, with space simulators, laser lighting and facilities
  The uniqueness in celebrating Easter the traditional Greek way lies more in the week leading                for showing films on huge Imax and Omnimax screens. A new permanent exhibition set up in
  up the event rather than the actual religious holiday. On Thursday, there is a re-enactment of              collaboration with the French “Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie” will be open in November.
  the crucifixion. Good Friday is a day of mourning. The drama of the death of Christ is followed
  with great devoutness. Sweet things are not eaten - for the love of Christ, who was given vinegar
  to drink. Soup made with sesame-paste, lettuce or lentils with vinegar is the food eaten on this              Forthcoming Events In Greece
  day. On Holy Saturday evening, the Resurrection mass takes place. At midnight the ceremony of
  lighting of candles is the most significant moment of the year. People, carefully, take home their            1st World Sommelier Congress, 4-7 May, European Cultural Center, Delphi.
  lighted candles with the holly light of the Resurrection. Before entering their houses they make              Eurovision Song Contest, 18-20 May, Olympic Indoor Hall, Athens.
  a cross with the smoke of the candle on top of the door, they light the oil candle before their
                                                                                                                Thessaloniki Book Fair, 25-28 May, HELEXPO complex, Thessaloniki.
  icon-stand, and try to keep this light burning throughout the year. The Lenten fast ends on Easter
  Sunday with the cracking of red eggs and an outdoor feast of roast lamb followed by dancing.                  2nd Ampelos Viticulture International Conference, 1-3 June, Petros Nomikos Center,
                                                                                                                Posidonia Events, 5-9 June, Hellenikon Exhibition Center, Athens.
                                                                              Tuesday 25                 th
                                                                                                                22nd IAF World Apparel Convention, 18-20 June, Makedonia Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki.
                                                                                                                7th International Venture Capital Forum, 28-29 June, Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens.
US Secretary of State in Athens
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is paying a working visit to Athens today, before departing to
Ankara and Sofia, where she will take part in a NATO foreign ministers meeting on April 24-28. In
Athens, Rice is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis and Foreign Minister Dora
                                                                                                                Exploring Greece
Bakoyannis. Talks are expected to cover Iran’s nuclear program, on the agenda for discussion on April           Vamos S.A. ( is a cooperative set up by a group of friends dedicated to bringing
28 by the UN Security Council, where Greece is a non-permanent member ( Other                 new life to Vamos village in the Apokoronas region of west Crete, through quality tourism.
items on the agenda include the future of Kosovo, Turkey’s EU accession course, the Cyprus issue,               Vamos is a place you feel lucky to find. The view is magnificent - tiled rooftops below, the snow-
Greece’s role in the rapprochement effort with Muslim countries, and Greece as energy hub in South              capped “White Mountains” towering overhead. The village snuggled beneath the mountains
East Europe.                                                                                                    in one of the greenest regions of Crete, was once the place where the Ottoman administration
                                                                                                                stationed over a century ago.
Fiscal Deficit Down Sharply                                                                                     Near to Vamos, are the historic cities of Chania and Rethymnon, the picturesque Kournas
                                                                                                                lake, and the famous Samaria National Park. An hour’s drive can take you to the south coast
Economic data released by Eurostat confirms that Greece’s fiscal deficit fell sharply to 4.5% of GDP
                                                                                                                fascinating scenery and superb beaches (Loutro, Sougia, Paleochora, Elafonissi) where you can
in 2005 from 6.9% in 2004, the Ministry of Economy and Finance said on Monday. “Reduction of the
                                                                                                                also enjoy a whale and dolphin - watching cruise.
deficit to below 3.0% of GDP in 2006 is feasible, without requiring new measures,” a statement said.
                                                                                                                In Vamos, visitors not only discover, but can also actively participate in the preparation of many
Amelia Torres, spokesperson for the EU Commissioner for Economic & Monetary Affairs, welcomed
                                                                                                                local products that make the traditional Cretan diet the healthiest in the world. Local women
major progress that Greece has made in the credibility of its fiscal data.
                                                                                                                will teach you how to cook oil-based Cretan specialties like rabbit stew, lamb pilaf, “dakos”
Greece and the Balkans... in Oxford                                                                             snack, or sweet ricotta pies. The “Greek Academy of Taste” suggests a number of certified
                                                                                                                restaurants throughout Crete, at which you can experience high quality dishes based on
A conference titled “Greece and the Balkans: 200 Years of Coexistence, Interaction and Mutual                   authentic Cretan recipes and creative gourmet variations.
Influence” is organized by the Oxford University Greek Society in cooperation with the South
East European Studies Programme at Oxford University, UK, and the Onassis Foundation. The                       West Crete webguide:
conference, to be held on April 29-30, at St Antony’s College, Oxford is an investigation into political,
economic and cultural ties between Greece and the Balkan States.

                                                 128                                                                                                         129
April 2006                                                                                                    April 2006
                                                                                    Friday 26 th              April 14 there was an all-day conference “In Memory of Manolis Anagnostakis (1925-2005): New
                                                                                                              York City, Days of 2006 A.D.”
                                                                                                              The “Greek American Accents” lecture, tapped a topic of increasing interest among scholars, Greek
Greece - USA Talks                                                                                            cultural manifestations in the Greek American sphere, for example, Greek musical inflections and
Iran’s nuclear programme was one of the issues that dominated talks held in Athens on Tuesday by US           language idioms. Lambropoulos, discussed the term “syncretism”, the blending of disparate elements,
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.                                                                          in Greek American culture, with a rich catalogue of poets, singers/composers, comedians, and the
During a meeting with Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis, Rice said that all options regarding Iran             birth of Gringlish.
remained on the table but stressed that Washington’s priority at this time was to intensify diplomatic        The conference on Manolis Anagnostakis included a screening of Lakis Papastathis’s film “Manolis
efforts. On her part, Bakoyannis said that Greece remains firm in its stance supporting EU coordination       Anagnostakis”, and many interesting lectures.
and that decisions be made within the framework of the UN Security Council. The two officials also            The three pillars of Anagnostakis’s work are politics as public engagement and solidarity, reading as
discussed the situation in the Balkans, noting that a solution to the Kosovo issue should safeguard the       a process of discovery and foundation of writing, and their various interconnections in the context of
region’s stability. They also touched on the Middle East developments, the war against international          Thessaloniki, said poet Yiorgos Chouliaras, Director of the Greek Press and Communication Office,
terrorism and the safety of energy sources, the Cyprus issue, and the Greek-Turkish relations.                Boston. “If, borrowing a page from the Greek War of Independence, we speak of ‘three parties’ in
During a meeting with Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis, the premier, referring to Turkey’s EU bid,            modern Greek poetry - an initially preponderant “French” - with Odysseus Elytis and the surrealists,
underlined that Turkey has to live up to its obligations, while with regard to Iran, he favoured a solution   a “Russian” - with Kostas Varnalis and Yiannis Ritsos, and an eventually dominant Anglo-American
via diplomacy.                                                                                                one - with Giorgos Seferis, Anagnostakis as a “politically erotic” poet imploded these divisions and
                                                                                                              helped delineate alternative traditions.
Budget Revenue Soars                                                                                          Source: “Greek News” - Ten Scholars Talk about Gringlish and Anagnostakis at Columbia
Ordinary budget revenue leapt 18,6% in the first quarter, above a targeted 10,3%, boding well for             University
the government’s deficit-cutting efforts this year, Ministry of Economy and Finance data showed
yesterday. The ministry said the implementation of budget targets in the first quarter showed a marked                                                                                    Thursday 27 th
improvement compared with a year earlier. The European Commission’s forecast for Greece’s budget
deficit for this year is expected on May 8.
Fact Sheet: Prospects of the Greek Economy
                                                                                                              Deputy FM at BSEC Meeting
                                                                                                              The 14th ministerial meeting of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) Council took place in
Wonderful Greece at BITE 2006                                                                                 Bucharest yesterday, chaired by Deputy Foreign Minister Evripidis Stylianidis.
                                                                                                              The election of diplomat Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos as the 12-member organization’s new Secretary-
Wonderful Greece, the country’s masterbrand for the worldwide Greece awareness advertising campaign,
                                                                                                              General and the promotion of the Greek initiative for the institutionalized approach between BSEC
is set to hit the headlines at BITE, the Beijing International Tourism Expo 2006 at the Beijing Exhibition
                                                                                                              and the European Union (Black Sea Dimension) were the subjects of interest at the meeting. Closing
Centre from 22 to 24 June 2006. The Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) joins BITE 2006
                                                                                                              the meeting, Stylianidis said that such a dimension of cooperation of the EU in a region which
as the official “Partner Country”. Setting its sights on China’s expanding tourism market, strategic media
                                                                                                              constitutes an energy crossroads, would give the possibility for the use of new funding tools, with
vehicles such as outdoor advertising, press advertisements and television spots are utilised for Greece’s
                                                                                                              beneficial economic and political results for both sides. Greek diplomacy seeks the inclusion of a special
tourism promotion in the various Chinese cities such as Beijing, Kunming and Shanghai.
                                                                                                              reference to the development of EU cooperation with the Black Sea countries in the conclusions of the
Eco Festival 2006                                                                                             summit meeting, and has received the first positive messages from Brussels. Furthermore, following a
                                                                                                              Greek proposal, a decision was reached to set up a Working Group for cultural cooperation.
“Nature inspires Art and Art discovers Nature’s hidden beauty.” This phrase of Cicero was the one that
motivated the environmental group “Clean Up Greece” to organize its ecology festival in Athens, the           Rice Visit “Extremely Useful”
already famous EcoFestival, which runs for one month (May 5 to June 5, 2006). The EcoFestival is a
cultural event, which brings together environment, art, music and people. In its 8th edition the festival     The meeting in Athens between Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis and US Secretary of State
includes a series of interesting exhibitions and happenings.                                                  Condoleezza Rice was “extremely useful” and had given the Greek side an opportunity to present its
                                                                                                              positions to Washington in depth, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday.
Scholary Views on Greek Poets                                                                                 Foreign Ministry Spokesman Giorgos Koumoutsakos was questioned extensively on Greece’s stance
                                                                                                              regarding Iran’s nuclear programme, where he again expressed opposition to the proliferation of
Scholars from various universities shared their views and research with the public in two separate events     nuclear weapons, while stressing that Iran’s nuclear program was a major issue of international security.
at Columbia University, US last week. On April 13, Vassilis Lambropoulos, C.P. Cavafy Professor of            He underlined that Athens wanted the UN Security Council to have a central role in handling the
Modern Greek at the University of Michigan delivered a lecture, “Greek American Accents”, and on              crisis and stressed the need to respect international law and the decisions of the UN Security Council,

                                                  130                                                                                                          131
April 2006                                                                                                   April 2006
particularly emphasizing the importance of exhausting diplomatic means and coordinating Greece’s             Hoop Scheffer, and issues will include the situation in the Balkans, particularly the Vienna talks on
policy with that of other EU states. He further noted that Athens had outlined its views regarding the       determining the final status in Kosovo, and progress achieved by countries in the region that wish to
Kosovo status talks and its opposition to “rushing” things through.                                          join the NATO alliance. Talks between NATO member-state ministers and their counterparts from
                                                                                                             Russia and Ukraine will also be held as part of the meeting.
Greece Is Claiming “Tsipouro”
The alcoholic drink “tsipouro” may soon follow in the steps of feta cheese and become a Protected            Electricity Plant to Go Private
Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) product after New Democracy Member of European Parliament Yiannis             The government is to tender its first private electricity output plant, which should begin operations in
Glavakis submitted a request recently calling for the drink to be produced exclusively in Greece.            2009, Development Minister Dimitris Sioufas said on Thursday. In addition, another two private plants
“Tsipouro” is a strongly distilled colorless spirit that contains about 45% alcohol and is produced from     will be tendered - at the end of 2006 and in April 2007. “This is a major development for the economy,
the must-residue of wine-press. The same spirit - but with a stronger aroma - is called “tsikoudia” in       for growth and energy,” he said. “The conditions have been established through rules of transparency
Crete.                                                                                                       for large-scale investment that in coming years will exceed four billion euros in the energy sector,” he
                                                                                                             added. The ministry’s Secretary General Nikos Stephanou noted that total investment in the three
New Power Investment Program                                                                                 natural-gas fired plants is estimated at 750 million euros.
The Ministry of Development announced that it has approved an investment program of over 1 billion
euros in power units for the period between 2006 and 2010. The budget was based upon a long term             Realty Developers Preparing Sofia Projects
study conducted by the Hellenic Transmission System Operator and will be implemented mostly by               Greek business groups are planning big investments in real estate development and management in
energy company Public Power Corporation. The projects include building a transmission line to link           Bulgaria. These include Sofia West Center, a 50-million-euro mall and office complex on Sofia’s
Cycladic islands with the mainland electricity transmission grid, the building of a high-voltage unit in     Evropa Avenue, three kilometers from the city center. Christos Mouroutis, owner of Eurocapital
Aliveri, the development of a new high voltage centre in Shimatari, and the development of a 400 kV          Finance AD which is planning the investment, said the project will begin this year and be completed
generation system in the Peloponnese.                                                                        in 2008. Finance has already been secured from Greek banks active in Bulgaria. “In order to attract
                                                                                                             Greek businessmen, we shall offer 30 percent discounts on rent packages for the first two years,”
Greece, Bulgaria Partners in Int’l Fair                                                                      Mouroutis said.
For the first time in its history the spring Plovdiv International Fair in Bulgaria will also be sponsored
by a partner country, Greece. The event will last from May 8 to May 13, and will concentrate on              Athens Named Best Cargo Airport
consumer goods presentations. This year’s focus will be business development and the relationship            The Athens International Airport was named Best Cargo Airport 2006 in the Cargo Airline of the
between Bulgaria and Greece. The fair’s program consists of over 50 meetings, seminars, conferences,         Year award ceremony, industry distinctions organized annually by Air Cargo News Magazine and
presentations and exhibitions. Greece is participating with two pavilions.                                   Airports Council International. The Athens award was in the category 100 - 500,000 metric tons
                                                                                                             annually, in recognition of its successful programmes and contribution to cargo development since
European Social Forum in Athens                                                                              the opening of the airport, management said in a statement. Industry experts awarded Athens for its
The 4th European Social Forum will be taking place in Athens on May 4-7, 2006. The European Social           achievements over the last 5 years, including the unique idea of hosting all local cargo operators under
Forum is an annual conference held by members of the “alter-globalization” movement. It aims to allow        one roof at international fairs, the development of transit flows, and future plans to set up an opposite
social movements, trade unions, NGOs, refugees, peace groups, anti-racist movements, environmental           air-sea link and create a cargo village. The positive trend for the airport’s cargo development is also
movements from Europe and the world to come together and discuss themes linked to major European             reflected in 2006 first quarter cargo traffic statistics, posting a 7.9% increase on a year-to-year basis,
and global issues. It emerged from the World Social Forum.                                                   the statement added.

                                                                                                             Art - Medicine Link to Be Explored
                                                                                  Friday 28 th
                                                                                                             A two-day conference that will explore the intersection of art and medicine begins today at the Athens
                                                                                                             School of Fine Arts and runs through tomorrow evening. “Origin of the World” – the conference’s
FM in Sofia for NATO Meeting                                                                                 title, inspired by the title of a famous nude painting by Manet – began as a workshop for interested
Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis is participating in an informal two-day meeting of NATO member-             students attending the School of Fine Arts and was held in collaboration with the Gynecology
state foreign ministers in Sofia, Bulgaria, which began on Thursday afternoon. The meeting will focus        Clinic of the National Kapodistiran University at the Aretaion Hospital. Gathered from different
on the political agenda for the November summit in Riga, Latvia, while the issue of Iran’s nuclear           disciplines, the participants will explore the ways that medicine, human anatomy and physiology,
programme is also expected to be raised.                                                                     fertility and reproduction have become interesting subject matter for art.
The foreign ministers will be meeting under the chairmanship of NATO Secretary General Jaap de

                                                 132                                                                                                          133
April 2006                                                                                               May 2006
Caravaggio at Cycladic Art Museum                                                                                                                                                        Tuesday 2 nd
President Karolos Papoulias inaugurated a painting exhibition titled “Caravaggio and the 17th century”
at the Museum of Cycladic Art on Thursday on the occasion of the Museum’s 20th anniversary.              South East Europe Summit in Thessaloniki
Organized in collaboration with the Italian embassy in Athens, the exhibition will run until June 30.    The South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) Summit meeting is taking take place in
                                                                                                         Thessaloniki on May 3 and 4.
                                                                                                         Greece assumed its year-long Chairmanship-in-Office of the SEECP in May 2005. SEECP constitutes
  Happening In Greece                                                                                    the only indigenous cooperation forum that stems from the countries of South East Europe. The
  A joint show on the works of naif painters Evgenios Spatharis, renowned puppeteer of the               SEECP convened in 1996, pursuant to a Bulgarian and Greek initiative (ministers of foreign affairs
  Karaghiozis theater, and French artist Robert Combas is on display until May 6 at the Fine Arts        meeting in Sofia, 6-7.7.1996), which led to the historic Crete Summit, (3-4.11.1997). The SEECP
  Kapopoulos gallery.                                                                                    Charter provides for procedures and follow-up mechanisms (Summits and meetings of foreign affairs
                                                                                                         ministers, and a troika mechanism).

                                                                                                           Greece In South East Europe
                                                                                                           Hellenic Chairmanship - Black Sea Economic Cooperation (November 2004 - April 2005):
                                                                                                           Hellenic Plan for the Economic Reconstruction of the Balkans::
                                                                                                           Eunomia - Ombudsmen in South East Europe:
                                                                                                           Macedonian Heritage:

                                                                                                         Thessaloniki Book Fair 2006
                                                                                                         “Wine and other delights” and their relationship with books is the theme of the Thessaloniki
                                                                                                         International Book Fair that inaugurates its 3rd edition on May 25. The event, running through May
                                                                                                         28, expands in an area of 5,000 square meters of exhibition space on the seafront.
                                                                                                         The fair is the outcome of collaboration between the National Book Centre of Greece, Greek
                                                                                                         publishers, the City of Thessaloniki, and HELEXPO, the organization responsible for major
                                                                                                         international fairs that take place in Greece. A rich programme of cultural activities will be held in
                                                                                                         the framework of the fair, including meetings and presentations of authors, seminars for publishers and
                                                                                                         literary agents, meetings of translation centers, and European professional associations. A special stand
                                                                                                         will provide information on relevant EU projects. Musical, theatrical, visual arts and cinema events will
                                                                                                         also be held. Complementing the central theme of the fair are screenings of films and documentaries on
                                                                                                         culinary delights, as well as a programme on organized tours of wineries around northern Greece.

                                                                                                         The President’s Arab Tour
                                                                                                         President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias, on a tour of the Arabian Peninsula since Saturday,
                                                                                                         concluded an official visit to Saudi Arabia on Sunday and arrived in Qatar the same day. His tour
                                                                                                         will include a stop in Bahrain before his return to Athens on May 3. Papoulias is being accompanied
                                                                                                         by Minister of Development Dimitris Sioufas, Minister of Merchant Marine Manolis Kefaloyiannis,
                                                                                                         and several other government officials.

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