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                               MARKETING MANAGEMENT
                                   130:263 - Section 1
                                  Module II 2007 - 2008

Prerequisites: Consent of MBA Director.                         Professor: K.N.Rajendran
Classroom: 131 CBB.                                             Office: 342 CBB
Time/Days: 5:30-9:00 PM (M)                                     Phone: 273-6011
Office Hours: 1:00 – 3:00 PM (MW), and by appointment.

       Integrated approach to marketing from managerial viewpoint using economic,
       quantitative, and behavioral concepts in analyzing and developing framework for
       decision making and implementing a marketing program.

       Our focus will be on what marketing really does from the organizational perspective in
       order to fully appreciate the key role marketing plays in the organization. The emphasis
       will be on customer value and profitability throughout. You will have an opportunity to
       develop marketing planning, analysis, and problem-solving skills through class
       discussions, assigned and in-class exercises, and the marketing plan group assignment.

II.    TEXTBOOK: "Market-Based Management: Strategies for Growing Customer Value and
       Profitability", 4th Edition, Roger J. Best, Prentice Hall, 2005 bundled with Marketing
       Plan Pro software and handbook, and Market Thinker software. A web site
       (www.prenhallcom/best) supports the textbook. Students will have online access (with a
       password that will be provided in class or by e-mail) to the PowerPoint slides
       accompanying the text through the CBA website ( The
       textbook package is available from University Book and Supply. Author developed
       online exercises, which serve to illustrate concepts and as templates, are available at but may be accessed through the textbook website also.

       READINGS: Supplemental readings that complement the textual coverage will be
       required. I will endeavor to ensure that these will be accessible through the online
       databases at the Rod library – Business Source Elite (EBSCO) in particular. In addition,
       some simple notes on key concepts are optionally available from Copy Works. Further
       details will be furnished in class, and reminders sent by e-mail, at the appropriate times.


       A.     The text and the readings will be the basic tools to impart necessary
              understanding of terms, concepts and processes. Lectures will be designed to
              supplement the text, providing clarification or elaboration when necessary, and to
              stimulate discussions.

      B. Your active participation in class discussions, exercises and the group project will be
         the main tools in developing process application skills. It is essential that all students
         come to class prepared. Assignments should be read before class since discussion
         cannot be productive if familiarity with the material is lacking

      Attendance is required:

      We will be covering additional material in class that is not included in the textbook.
      Therefore, to gain an understanding of that material, you must attend class sessions.

      If a class absence is necessary, let your professor know in advance -- where possible --
      with a written request that the absence be excused. In general, there will be no make-ups
      without an excused absence.

      Excused absences:

             •   University/Employer sponsored activities: have request for excused absence
                 from faculty member or employer in advance.

             •   Illness: have request for excused absence from health center or family doctor
                 and present to professor upon return.

             •   Death in family: have request for excused absence from parent or family


      A.     Examinations: There will be three non-cumulative examinations given during
             the semester, over the material indicated in the tentative schedule attached. Each
             exam will comprise several multiple-choice and short-answer questions, and is
             designed to be completed without use of the text or notes in about an hour. The
             questions will be drawn from the text, class discussions, group assignment and
             readings. As a general rule, students may expect about 50% of the points to come
             from multiple-choice questions based on the text, and about 50% from short-
             answer/essay questions based on lectures, class discussions, and readings. At the
             earliest opportunity exams will be reviewed in class. Students are strongly
             encouraged to meet with me outside of class (say, during my office hours) and go
             over the exam thoroughly if the general exam review is inadequate. Each exam
             carries 60 points.

      B.     Group Assignment: A group assignment in three parts is planned. This
             assignment requires student groups to develop a marketing plan for a real or an
             imaginary product for a real company. Usually, students develop marketing
             plans for products that their companies are planning to introduce to market.

       The first part of this assignment requires groups to turn in the Situation Analysis
       (including SWOT analysis). This is due Dec 1 and is worth 20 points. The
       suggested length of report is 4-6 pages exclusive of cover page, references, and

       The second part requires groups to furnish description of Target Markets and
       Objectives (including segmentation and targeting particulars). This is due Jan 14
       and is worth 30 points. The groups should turn in the first part (revised) along
       with the second part of the assignment. The suggested length of the report for
       both parts together is 7-10 pages exclusive of cover page, table of contents,
       references, and appendices.

       The final submission for this assignment is due on Feb. 4 and covers the entire
       marketing plan including Executive Summary. Groups should turn in revised (if
       necessary) versions of parts one and two along with Strategy (Overall Positioning
       and broad guidelines for the Marketing Mix), Action Programs (for each element
       of the Marketing Mix), Anticipated Results, and Contingency Plans. The final
       part is worth 50 points. The suggested length for the final submission is 10-14
       pages excluding cover page, table of contents, executive summary, references and
       appendices. The executive summary should not exceed two pages in length.

       To help you stay on task and get feedback, I will have each group submit/present
       three mini-reports related to the marketing plan being developed. In addition,
       each group will make an oral presentation of their final marketing plan to the rest
       of the class. This presentation is scheduled for Feb. 11 after the final exam. The
       presentation should be handled in a professional manner with suitable business
       attire and visual aids. Using PowerPoint is strongly recommended. The duration
       of each presentation should be about 20 minutes and the presentation is worth 30
       points. I may invite other faculty to attend and help evaluate the presentations.

C.     Class Discussion/Activities: This course is primarily a discussion-based and
       project-based course. Liberal discussion of exercises, readings, assignments and
       the group project are integral to the course and are key to crystallizing our
       understanding of the material. Adequate and early preparation is required and
       analytical comments encouraged. Please express your point of view as all of us
       have something to gain. As a further incentive, 100 points are earmarked for class
       participation based on a variety of group activities and quizzes. As a general rule,
       when a chapter is assigned, students should come to class prepared for discussion
       questions, application problems, and quizzes related to the chapter.

. General Comment: All written reports must be submitted on time. They should be
neatly word-processed, double-spaced, with a cover page, provide citations or references
as needed, be free of grammatical errors, and must not exceed the upper limit for report
length suggested. Please use a 12-point font for uniformity. Non-compliance with the
rules will be treated as non-submission of the report.

       The final grades will be based on a curve of the total points for the course. The details of
       the grading policy will be provided in class. In general, a student will need to perform
       substantially better (e.g., more than a standard deviation better) than the mean for the
       class to get an A. Similarly, if a student performs substantially worse than the mean for
       the class, he/she will likely earn a C+ grade.


       It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of the points they have earned in class.
       From time to time, there will be a comprehensive reporting of all previous work
       completed. If you have any questions, you should contact me. Discrepancies should be
       brought to my attention as soon as possible.

                                                                                    Total Points
                                              Date/Coverage                         possible

       EXAM #1                                Dec 3/Chapters 1-4, 14,                 60
                                              Notes/Discussions, Readings

       EXAM #2                                Jan 22/Chapters 5-9,                    60
                                              Notes/ Discussions, Readings

       EXAM #3                                Feb 11/Chapters 10-13, 15-16            60
                                              Notes/Discussions, Readings

       Group Assignment Report                Due: Dec 1/Jan 14/Feb 4                100
       Group Asst. Presentation               Feb 11                                  30
       Mini-Reports (Related to GA)                                                   30
       Exercises (Market Thinker)                                                     60
       In-Class Exercises/Quizzes                                                    100

                                              TOTAL                                  500

Slightly less than half of the points for the course are individual-based while the remaining is
based on group work. In order that individuals are rewarded fairly for the group work, I may use
confidential peer evaluation forms to adjust the points earned on group work if felt necessary.
Further details will be provided in class.

                               TENTATIVE SCHEDULE

Nov      5      Introduction; Forming Groups; Distributing Syllabus; Explaining Course
             Customer Focus and Managing Customer Loyalty (Chapter 1)
             Introduction to Marketing Planning (Handbook Chapter 1)
             Class Discussions/Exercises

        12      Project related discussions
             Building a Marketing Plan (Chapter 14)
             Analyzing the Current Situation (Handbook Chapter 2)
             Class Discussions/Exercises

        26      Marketing Performance and Marketing Profitability (Chapter 2)
             Market Potential, Market Demand, and Market Share (Chapter 3)
             Class Discussions/Exercises/Mini-Report 1

Dec     1*      Customer Analysis and Value Creation (Chapter 4)
             Due: Group Assignment Part 1
             Class Discussions/Exercises
             Project related discussions

         3      Exam 1 [Chapters 1-4, 14 + Notes + Readings]
             Market Segmentation and Customer Relationship Marketing (Chapter 5)
             Class Discussions/Exercises

        10      Competitor Analysis and Sources of Advantage (Chapter 6)
             Product Positioning, Branding, and Product-Line Strategies (Chapter 7)
             Class Discussions/Exercises/Mini-Report 2

                                  SEMESTER BREAK

Note:   * This class meets on Saturday, December 1 between 1:00 – 4:30 p.m.

Jan     14       Market-Based Pricing and Pricing Strategies (Chapter 8)
              Marketing Channels and E-Marketing (Chapter 9)
              Due: Group Assignment Part 2
              Class Discussions/Exercises

        22+      Exam 2 [Chapters 5-9, + Notes + Readings]
              Marketing Communications and Customer Response (Chapter 10)
              Class Discussions/Exercises

        26*      Strategic Market Planning (Chapter 11)
              Class Discussions/Exercises/Mini-Report 3

        28       Offensive Marketing Strategies (Chapter 12)
              Defensive Marketing Strategies (Chapter 13)
              Class Discussions/Exercises

Feb     4        Performance Metrics and Strategy Implementation (Chapter 15)
              Market-Based Management and Financial Performance (Chapter 16)
              Due: Group Assignment Part 3
              Class Discussions/Exercises

        11      Exam 3 [Chapters 10-13, 15-16, + Notes + Readings]
              Marketing Plan Presentations

Note:   + This class meets on Tuesday, January 22 between 5:30 – 9 p.m.

        * This class meets on Saturday, January 26 between 1:00 – 4:30 p.m.

                                    "Marketing Management"
                                      Module II 2007-2008

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___ Yes           ___ No

Brief Product Description (if ‘Yes’):

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if you give your permission to do so below.

   I authorize the posting/e-mailing of my grades by my UNI Student I.D. number.

    I DO NOT wish my grades to be posted/e-mailed by my UNI Student I.D. number. I prefer
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