NAWICs Core Purpose To enhance the success of women in the by lifemate


									                            Greater Rochester, New York Chapter #314
                                 National Association of Women In Construction

                                                             NAWIC’s Core Purpose:
                                           To enhance the success of women in the construction industry.
                                                         January 2009
Chapter Board of Directors Meeting
NEXT Board meeting to held in February
2009 at                                                      Patti Wirth, our Chapter Treasurer, has been
       Fund raising for next year                           named to the Construction Financial Managers
       New IRS rules for NAWIC                              Association (CMFA) Board of Directors –
       Speaker Calendar 2008-2009                           congratulations, Patti!
       Membership
       Chapter incorporation
       Marketing & Advertising
       Forum 2010 hosting

Upcoming Calendar - 2008:

Local - Upcoming Chapter Meetings
February 4 – Dale Chanaiwa – ―Facing The Future
With Boldness‖ - will be held at the Radisson Hotel,
Jefferson Road
March 4 – Paulette Birch, Monroe County –
Rochester Procurement Technical Assistance
Center – ―Doing Business With the Government‖ -
will be held at the Radisson Hotel, Jefferson Road

April 1 – Nannette Nocan, Financial Consultant               Check Out Our Upcoming Speakers!
speaking on Women’s Financial topics - will be held          February 4 - Dr. Dale Chanaiwa, Chanaiwa
at the Radisson Hotel, Jefferson Road                        Enterprises of Rochester, NY. Dr. Chanaiwa is
                                                             known as an ―Encourager‖ and ―Facilitator‖.
May 6 – Women’s Wellness & Self-Care Vendor                  She is a dynamic motivational speaker,
Faire - will be held at the Radisson Hotel, Jefferson        consultant, mentor, published author and
                                                             entrepreneur. She has a doctorate degree in
June 3 – Chapter Scholarship awards and Chapter              law and more than 30 years of knowledge and
elections – Speaker: Carol Henry, CCA, Region 14             expertise in the healthcare and business
Director, NAWIC – ―NAWIC 101” - will be held at the          development industries. She has created a
Radisson Hotel, Jefferson Road                               number of unique programs designed to
                                                             empower women to identify, develop and
                                                             enhance their ―added-value‖.
NAWIC Trivia
                                                             March 4 – Paulette Birch, Monroe County,
Answer the question with your dinner                         Rochester Procurement Technical Assistance
reservation for March 2009 to win a                          Center – ―Doing Business With the
fabulous prize – look at the end of this                     Government‖ – get those answers to questions
newsletter for the question!                                 about minority and women owned business
Check Out Our Upcoming Speakers!                     Chapter Scholarship Applications
(continued)                                          Applications are now available for the
                                                     Chapter Scholarship. Deadline to apply is:
April 1 – Nannette Nocon, CFP, ChFC, CIMA,           March 31, 2009. Contact: Katie Goettel or
Senior Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial       Cari Durbin.
Services, Rochester, NY. She will speak about
women’s financial issues – ―Dream-Plan-Track‖.
Tailoring a plan to your needs and taking            Did You Renew Your Membership Dues?
control of your financial future.                    Deadline for renewal of membership dues
                                                     without a late few was October 1. BUT! It’s not
May 6 – Women’s Wellness & Self-Care                 too late to still renew. If you have any
Vendor Faire – 2nd Annual event focusing on          questions, feel free to call Pat Hynes, Chapter
the needs of women – featuring various               Membership Chairman, or any Board Member.
vendors to visit and discuss self-care needs.        You may also contact the NAWIC National
                                                     Membership Director, Sandy Fite at:
June 3 – Chapter Scholarship awards – meet 
the 2009 scholarship winner. Special guest
Speaker: Carol Henry, CCA, Region 14                 May 2009 Vendor Faire
Director, NAWIC – ―NAWIC 101” – learn what           More vendors needed – do you know someone
makes NAWIC the association that is the best         who would like to participate as a vendor?
kept secret in the construction industry!            Contact Barb Smith at 585-293-2327

                                                     Region 14 Annual Forum 2010
News To Share                                        Canandaigua here we come! Canandaigua Inn
                                                     On The Lake is the location – April 9 & 10, 2010
                                                     are the dates. The Rochester Chapter will be
Visions of Excellence and Crystal Vision             hosting this Region 14 conference for NAWIC.
Applications - 2009                                  Committees are forming now – don’t miss out
Both award applications are now available            on the fun! Be watching for more details!
online at:
                                                     Plan on attending Forum in Worcester
Region 14 Outstanding Member of the                  May 1 & 2, 2009 – Region 14 Annual Forum,
Year 2009 – applications are available from          Crowne Plaza, Worcester, Massachusetts –
                                                     combined event with NAWIC Region 1 (rooms will
Judi Baxter (                   be $109 single/double) – watch for registration
                                                     information coming soon!
The New York State Department of                     What is a Forum and Annual Planning Conference
Transportation is accepting applications for         (APC)?
                                                         Each Region in NAWIC (there are 14 of
Transportation Construction Inspectors                      them) holds at least two conferences per
(TCI’s) to inspect highway and bridge                       year in their area - one in the Spring and
contract work during the construction                       one in the Fall. In our Region 14, these
season. Applications are being accepted                     events can be held in New York (upstate),
statewide. Deadline to apply is: March                      New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, or
                                                            Rhode Island – chapters take turns hosting
20, 2009                                                    with the Regional Director.

Applications       are     available       online:   What is the benefit of attending these events?        Every member of the Region is invited to attend
                                                     – that provides an opportunity for members to
Applicants may contact:                              network, interact, and get to know other NAWIC
                                                     members – other women in construction. The goal
NYSDOT, Rochester, NY                                of the association and the Region is to enhance the
Tina Pratt at 585-272-3340 or                        success of women in the construction industry, so a                               wide variety of educational opportunities are
                                                     provided during the conferences. Members are
                                                     encouraged to share the information about these
                                                     educational opportunities with their employers.
                                                    THIS SPACE CAN BE YOURS !
                                                    Newsletter Advertising NOW

                                                    It’s easy – supply electronic logos/graphics and
                           Designs that feel good   wording for ad to: Cari Durbin – please email with
                             Carla A. Melville
                                                    any questions.
Full Web Site Design and Implementation
Graphics Design & Logos
Brochures, Power Point Programs
Meeting Facilitation
Project Management
                                                    Bethany House – constant needs list
                                                    Our friends at Bethany House are always
                                                    looking for the following items: Cremora,
                                                    envelopes (business size), women’s
                                                    underpants (size 6, 7, 8), socks, toothpaste,
                                                    diapers (any size) and prayers.

        Associated Builders and
           Contractors Inc.
ABC Rochester Chapter 2008 Upcoming Events
   Laborer 1 – Spring 2009 training
   Masonry 3 – Spring 2009 training

Need more information on any events?
Contact Marci Miller at

                                                            Our Chapter Website is:
       Better Contractor’s Bureau                          Check it out:

              2008 Home Fair Expo
            Feb. 27, 28 & March 1, 2009             Members – don’t forget – your company’s
                                                    website can be added as a link! Contact: Cari
            Dome Center & Minette Hall              Durbin
                   Henrietta, NY

              Check their website for more
                                                    Be sure your address, telephone numbers, and
                                                    email address are correct at the National NAWIC
Upcoming Calendar:

NAWIC Region 14
May 1 & 2, 2009 - Annual Forum, Crowne Plaza,         CHAPTER OFFICERS AND BOARD
Worcester, Massachusetts – combined event with        OF DIRECTORS 2008-2009
NAWIC Region 1 (rooms will be $109 single/double)
October 24, 2009 – Annual Planning Conference,        Mary Ellen Belding
Saratoga Springs, NY hosted by Capital District       585-352-9889 (office)
Chapter #261
                                                      Vice President
April 9 & 10, 2010 – Annual Forum, Greater            Cari Durbin
Rochester, NY Chapter #314                            585-226-2997 (office)
                                                      585-698-0130 (cell)
2010 – Annual Planning Conference, hosted by
Buffalo, NY Chapter                                   Treasurer
                                                      Patti Wirth
NAWIC National                                        585-482-0200 (office)
Annual Convention 2009: Aug. 26-29 - Phoenix, AZ -
JW Desert Ridge Phoenix Resort                        Recording Secretary
                                                      Janice Durand
Annual Convention 2010: Louisville, KY - Galt         315-986-2514 (office)
House Hotel & Suites
                                                      Board of Directors
Annual Convention 2011: St. Louis, MO -               Chris Carter
Renaissance St. Louis Grand & Suites Hotel            315-253-8383 (office)

Thank you      to   our   Chapter   Members     and   Leta Brayboy
Supporters:                                           585-241-3071 (office)
        American Gutter Supply Inc.
                                                      Katie Goettel
              B&L Wholesale                           585-546-6616 (office)
         Brown & Brown Insurance
   Crane-Hogan Structural Systems, Inc.               Carol Houle
           Crosby-Brownlie Inc.                       585-303-0201 (office)
       Environmental Services, Inc.
                                                      Barb Smith
    Fixie Chix Home & Yard Handbook                   585-293-2327 (home)
       GJV Enterprises of Rochester
           Gallina Development                        CHAPTER COMMITTEES CHAIRMAN
          Gloria Winston Al-Sarag                     Dinner – Jessica Stundtner
                                                      Bethany House – Michelle & Jessica Stundtner
           GMR Associates Inc.
                                                      Membership – Pat Hynes
               Heininger Inc.                         Scholarship – Katie Goettel
      Hynes Concrete Contractor Inc.                  Marketing – Carol Houle
       LMRP/ Marshall Sterling Inc.                   Ways & Means – Train Trip – Chris Carter
       Monroe Piping & Sheet Metal                    Website & Newsletter – Cari Durbin
        NYS Dept. of Transportation
                                                      Feel free to contact any of these members if you are
            Parsons Brinkerhoff                       interested in helping on these committees.
            Power Constructors
        R2M Building Products Inc.
    Rochester Colonial Manufacturing
                 Signs Now                            NAWIC Trivia
      State of NY—Alfred University                   Answer the question with your dinner reservation
          Tracey Door Company                         to win a fabulous prize – the first correct answer
            Turner Construction                       wins!
          Vargas Associates, Inc.
                                                      QUESTION: How old is our Rochester
        Weckesser Brick Company
                                                      Chapter – what year was it chartered?

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