CONVEYANCE OF EASEMENT

                                                   KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE

PRESENTS THAT the undersigned, _________________________________________

                                 (Grantor’s name and complete address)

              (Hereinafter referred to as “Grantor”), has hereby relinquish to

                            THE CITY OF PORT ARANSAS
                               710 WEST AVENUE A
                            PORT ARANSAS, TEXAS 78373
(Hereinafter referred to as “Grantee”), of which is hereby acknowledged, has granted,
given, dedicated, and conveyed and by these presents does grant, give, dedicate and
convey unto Grantee, its successor, assigns and legal representatives, the permanent,
unlimited, free and uninterrupted use, liberty, privilege, right-of-way and utility easement
for the purpose of laying, constructing, repairing, inspecting, maintaining, altering,
operating, replacing, relocating, and removing one or more pipelines, with necessary
fittings and subsurface appurtenances incidental thereto, for the transportation of Natural
Gas, for municipal, domestic, agricultural, industrial or any other useful purposes, which
permanent right-of-way and easement shall be of a width of __TEN_______feet (__10’)
in, on, upon, over, along, across, under, above and though a certain tract of land situated
in Nueces County, Texas, and being described and shown on Exhibit “A” attached hereto
and made a part hereof as if set out in full. Grantee shall have all other rights and benefits
necessary or convenient for the full enjoyment or use of the rights herein granted,
including, but without limiting the same to, the free and full right of ingress or egress on,
over, and across said right-of-way and easement and the right from time to time without
liability for damages to remove from said ___TEN____feet (__10’) permanent easement
all obstructions that may injure, endanger or interfere with the maintaining, servicing,
repairing, constructing, removing, and inspecting of any pipeline or lines, including the
right to cut through or remove such portion of any paving, planted area or other surface
improvement within the easement area as in the sole discretion of Grantee is necessary to
exercise all or any of the rights hereby granted to Grantee.

Grantee accepts this grant, conveyance and dedication with the understanding that
Grantor, its legal representatives, successors and assigns, shall not be restricted (except as
herein provided) with respect to the use of the surface of the described property,
provided, however, that no building or permanent structure (which term shall not include,
road surfacing, culverts, gutters, parking lots and sidewalks and landscaping installed
with materials other than concrete) may be constructed thereon by Grantor, its legal
representatives, successors and assigns, and further provided that Grantor covenants that
it will not convey any other right-of-way, easement or conflicting rights within the area

                     CONVEYANCE OF EASEMENT

covered by this grant and conveyance (without first obtaining the written consent of the
Grantee), except such right-of-way and easements for the sole purpose of providing
ingress and egress to and from the Grantor’s adjacent property, if any. Notwithstanding
anything contained herein to the contrary, all road surfacing, culverts, gutters, parking
lots, sidewalks and other improvements permitted to be placed on the surface as herein
provided and all grants and conveyances of any rights-of-way and easements by the
Grantor shall conform to all applicable federal, state, municipal and governmental laws
and regulations.

Grantor and Grantee agree that this grant and conveyance contains the entire agreement
between the parties and that no representation or statements, verbal or written, have been
made modifying, adding to or changing the terms of this Easement.

To have and to hold said permanent right-of-way and utility easement, unto the said
Grantee, its successors, assigns and legal representatives, so long as the rights, privileges
and easements herein granted and conveyed or any of them shall be used by or be useful
to the Grantee, its successors, assigns and legal representatives, for the purpose herein

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this Conveyance of Easement is executed on

this _____day of ______________________________________200___.


                                         By: ____________________________________

the undersigned authority, appeared ________________________________________
known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the foregoing instrument,
and acknowledged to me that he/she executed the same for the purposes and
consideration therein expressed.

under my hand and seal of office this _____day of ______________________ 200___.

                                          Notary Public for the State of Texas


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