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					Charles Lindbergh
► Today, hundreds of people fly across the
 Atlantic Ocean every day. But this was not
 always the case. Over eighty years ago, the
 only way to travel between the United
 States and Europe was by boat. It took
 airplane designers and a brave pilot to
 change the way people traveled across the
 ocean. The pilot’s name was Charles
                  The Pilot
► Charles Augustus
  Lindbergh was born
  February 4, 1902.

► He was known as
  "Lucky Lindy" and "The
  Lone Eagle."
                The Prize
► In 1919, a hotel owner named Raymond
  Ortig offered $25,000 to the first person
  who could fly nonstop from New York to
► Several pilots had tried and failed
  throughout the years.
► In 1927, Charles Lindbergh was convinced
  he was going to be the one to complete this
  difficult flight and collect the prize.
The Plane: The Spirit of St. Louis
► Lindbergh   convinced nine businessmen from
  St. Louis to help him buy a special plane for
  the flight.
► To thank them for their support, he named
  the plane The Spirit of St. Louis.
        The Spirit of St. Louis
► The Spirit of St. Louis was constructed in
  only two months.
► The plane was little more than a flying fuel
  tank, containing 450 gallons of fuel.
                The Flight
► On  May 20, 1927, Lindbergh took off from
  Roosevelt Field near New York City and
  headed for Paris.
► The entire trip took Lindbergh just under
  thirty-three hours. In fact, when Lindberg
  reached Paris he had not slept in 55 hours!!
► The distance was 3,600 miles.
                The Trip
             The End of the Trip
►   Lindbergh became the first
    pilot in history to
    successfully complete a solo,
    nonstop flight across the
    Atlantic Ocean.
►   In front of thousands of
    cheering fans, he proudly
    collected his prize. The story
    made the front page of
    newspapers all around the
    world, and “Lucky Lindy”
    became an instant hero.
  How did Charles Lindbergh’s flight
     impact the United States?
► Charles  Lindbergh’s flight impacted the people of
  the United States because it caused a large
  interest in flying and airplanes.
► Airplanes and flying itself was a huge success after
  Lindbergh’s flight.
► “…suddenly everyone wanted to fly, and there
  weren't enough planes to carry them.”
      Elinor Smith Sullivan winner of the 1930 Best Woman Aviator of the Year
►Iwas astonished at the effect my
 successful landing in France had on the
 nations of the world. To me, it was like a
 match lighting a bonfire.
 – Charles A. Lindbergh