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Useful Information Eucharistic Congress


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									             Useful Information – Eucharistic Congress
                  • Register online at cei2008.ca or by filling out/asking for a registration form at the
                    Diocesan Office for the Eucharistic Congress.
                  • Must be at least 18 years old to register.
                  • All participants must register under Diocese of Montreal so that their payment may be
                    validated by the Diocesan Delegate.
                  • In order to facilitate the registration and payment process, you may also register as a group
                    by adding one or more participants on the same registration form. Your participation
                    status for the Congress will although remain individual.
                  •   $230 ($200 before January 1st) for the duration of the Congress (8 days).
                  •   Lunch included from Monday to Saturday only.
                  •   A weekend package for families and youth (under 18) will be available in January.
                  •   Checks Only. Payable to : “CACRM – Eucharistic Congress”
                  •   Remit payment to the Diocesan office for the Eucharistic Congress.
Youth Ministry:
                  • Registration forms available at the diocesan Youth Ministry Office (see contacts).
                  • A young adult package with accommodation at Laval University is available
                      (Limited space available).

                  • From Montreal to Quebec City is not included.
                  • Shuttle pick-up from the bus station, the train station, and the airport will be available.
                  • Your Congress Pass will give you access to local transportation: shuttle buses, wheelchair
                    accessible transportation, and local bus service.

Hotels, hostels and residences:
                  • Pilgrims: those who wish to be accommodated in a hotel or hostel may contact
                    Micheline Fiset at Hospitalité Québec 1-800-618-8182 # 24.
                  • Priests and pastoral personnel (at their own expense) : Hotel Plaza Contact the Diocesan
                    Office for the Congress.
                  • Young Adults (18-35) registered with the Youth Ministry Office can either stay at the
                    Laval University residence or apply to be in a host family.

Host Families:
                  • For all ages: Great Availability and Free!
                    Fill out the online registration form on www.cei2008.ca or ask for a form at the Diocesan
                    Office for the Congress. You may specify on this form, health issues or other needs that
                    you may have.

                             Archdiocese of Montreal / Diocesan Office for the IEC
              cei-iec2008mtl@diocesemontreal.org / tel : (514) 925-4300 poste 262 / fax : (514) 931-3432

Diocesan Office for the IEC
 Archdiocese of Montreal
 2000 Sherbrooke West
 Montreal H3H 1G4
 Email : cei-iec2008mtl@diocesemontreal.org
 Tel : (514) 925-4300 poste 262
 Diocesan website for the IEC : www.diocesemontreal.org/cei2008/portail.htm

 Louis Vigneault and Christopher Borelli
 Assistants to the Diocesan Delegate
 Tel : (514) 925-4300 ext. 262
 Email : lvigneault@diocesemontreal.org

 Father Peter Sabbath
 Diocesan Delegate for the IEC
 Tel : (514) 925-4309
 Email : psabbath@diocesemontreal.org
 Dominique Tétreault
 Coordinator for Pilgrim-Delegates
 Tel : (514) 848-9044
 Email : dominique_tetreault@yahoo.ca

 Youth Ministry Office
 Isabel Correa
 Youth Ministry
 Tel : (514) 925-4300 poste 273
 Email : icorrea@diocesemontreal.org

General Information for the IEC in Quebec City
 Tel : 1-800-436-2008
 Official IEC website : http://www.cei2008.ca
 Email : info@cei2008.ca

                              Archdiocese of Montreal / Diocesan Office for the IEC
               cei-iec2008mtl@diocesemontreal.org / tel : (514) 925-4300 poste 262 / fax : (514) 931-3432

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