Summer Institute for K-12 Professionals

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					               Summer Institute for K-12 Professionals
                                                             Québec Dimensions:
                                    Geographic, Historical and Cultural Explorations
                                              Begin and end in Montréal with travel to Québec City
                                                                          June 27-July 2, 2010
            Montreal                K-12 Professionals are invited to spend a week in the province of
                                    Québec, Canada for this professional development opportunity.

                                    Organized by the Northeast National Resource Center on Canada
                                    This summer institute for teachers of social studies, geography, history and French
                                    will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the six elements of
                                    geography, historical foundations, and contemporary cultural insights through first-
                                    hand experience in the province of Québec. Participants will:
           Quebec City
                                            Gain current curriculum materials and resources to aid in teaching
                                            Receive briefings by specialists in Québec geography, history, and culture
                                            Visit key sites relevant to Québec geography, history and culture:
                                                 o walking tours and museums in Québec and Montréal
                                                 o Ile d’Orléans, Montmorency Falls, & Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré
                                            Apply knowledge gained to a collaborative unit which meets state and
                                            national geography and social studies standards.

                                    Québec is Canada’s largest province - the only province whose sole official
                                    language is French. It is a province with three climate regions, two of Canada’s
This      Canadian        Studies
Professional         Development    biggest cities, and one of the largest rivers in the world – the St. Lawrence –
Summer Institute is produced by     linking the Atlantic Ocean with the Great Lakes.
the Northeast National Resource
Center on Canada, funded in part
by Department of Foreign Affairs     Itinerary: June 27-28: Montréal; June 29-30: Québec City; July 1-2: Montréal
and International Trade Canada,
and the U.S. Department of           Registration Fee: $649
Education Title VI grant.       .    Fee covers transportation during the Institute, lecturer fees, admission to
                                     educational sites, curriculum materials, double-occupancy at hotels, and some
The Northeast National Resource      meals. Participants provide transportation to and from Montreal, lunches daily, and
Center on Canada is the
                                     most dinners.
Canadian-American        Center,
University of Maine, and the         Register: by May 5, 2010. Printable form at link below.
Center for the Study of Canada,
State University of New York         Credit: PDP/Clock Hour Certificate for 45 contact hours. For an additional cost
College at Plattsburgh.              and a final project, the Institute may be taken for graduate credit.