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Association of Cooperative Educators
                                                                                                SPRING UPDATE

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Québec’s Social Economy is Fertile Ground
for Cooperative Educators
                                                                          Interested in More Information about
Québec’s robust and innovative cooperative organizations and its
commitment to preserving and enhancing civil society make it              Québec Cooperatives?
the ideal location for the 2004 ACE Institute. The Institute’s
theme, Cooperative Education: Enhancing Your Business,                    Canadian Co-operatives in the Year 2000: Memory,
Strengthening Your Community, is exemplified in the province’s            Mutual Aid, and the Millennium published by the
rich social economy. From August 4 to 7, cooperative educators            Centre for the Study of Co-operatives, University of
from Canada, the US, and Puerto Rico will meet at the Delta               Saskatchewan contains several interesting articles
Montréal to learn, network, exchange ideas and see first hand             about Québec cooperatives.
the province’s cooperative sector.                                           Co-op Activities in the Health and Social Care
Québec has a long tradition of cooperative innovation and                    Sector in Québec, by Jean-Pierre Girard,
education. It was in Québec that Alphonse Desjardins began a                 p. 155-166, looks at the use of social cooperatives
movement that now bears his name by advocating the formation                 to provide health services.
of credit and savings cooperatives, also known as caisses
populaires or credit unions. Today the Desjardins caisses                    Raiffeisen and Desjardins: Co-operative
                                                                             Leadership, Identity and Memory, by Brett
populaires movement is Québec’s largest financial institution,
                                                                             Fairbairn, p. 13-26, explores the nature of future
with assets of $76 billion (CND) and more than 5 million
                                                                             cooperative leadership through the examination
members. The success of the caisses populaires laid the ground
                                                                             of the ideas and historical significance of two
work for the province’s culture of collective action.
                                                                             cooperative leaders.
From agriculture, consumer goods and housing to food and
worker cooperatives, Québec’s cooperative sector is diverse and              The Origins of Savings and Credit Co-operatives
growing. The key to the robust cooperative sector in Quebec has              in North America: The Work of Alphonse and
been support from established cooperatives and the federations               Doriméne Desjardins, by Pierre Poulin, p. 28-38,
they have created, along with the support and partnership of the             looks at the contributions of Alphonse and
Quebec government.                                                           Doriméne Desjardins to savings and credit
                                                                             cooperatives. For more information about this
In 1997, the province’s legislature adopted legislation to allow
                                                                             book, go to http://www.coop-
the formation of cooperatives de solidarité or social
cooperatives. Based on the experience of Spain and Italy, the
social cooperatives provide services to benefit local communities         Development of Cooperatives and Employee
that would otherwise be provided by the government or for-                Ownership, Quebec, by Luc Labelle published in the
profit companies. With membership including users, workers,               Kent State University’s Ohio Employee Ownership
and individuals or organizations sharing a common interest, the           Center’s Owners at Work newsletter provides an
                                             (continued on page 2)        overview of Quebec cooperatives, in particular worker
                                                                          cooperatives. The article is available on the web at
              Thanks to a grant from the
                                                                          For more information about social cooperatives,
       George and Gladys Dunlap Cooperative                               Italian Social Cooperatives, by Wilda M. Vanek, is
        Leadership Program of the Nationwide                              instructive. The article can be found at
       Foundation, the 2004 ACE Institute will                            http://www.geonewsletter.org/vanek.htm.
      provide simultaneous translation in French,
                  Spanish & English.
 2                                                                                                            ACE NEWS

(Québec continued from page 1)
                                                                  Institute participants will consider the manner in which
leadership of a social cooperative puts control of the
                                                                  cooperatives formulate
organization in the hands of the people providing and using
                                                                  management strategies;
the services in the local community.
                                                                  how the theory of
Québec recognizes that education is vital to cooperative          cooperative challenges           Lafleur’s presentation
business success and community. Its commitment to                 can be integrated into          offers a new prospective
cooperation and collective action is evident in its educational   strategic management,                 on cooperative
system. The University of Montréal’s Desjardins Center is         and how it can be used
dedicated to the study of financial cooperatives; the             to increase profitability       identity that will benefit
University of Québec has a professorial chair for                 and development. Case           educators working with
cooperatives; The University of Sherbrooke houses the             studies of cooperatives in       cooperative boards, in
I'nstitut de recherché et d'enseignement pour les                 Canada, Mexico and
coopératives de l'Université of Sherbrooke and the                                                   strategic planning,
                                                                  Costa Rica will illustrate
University of Laval has strong cooperative programs.              the model.                    cooperative development or
Recently, the legislature committed money to hire 11                                           promoting the cooperative
                                                                  Lafleur’s presentation
agents to promote cooperative education and collective
                                                                  offers a new prospective             business form.
                                                                  on cooperative identity
                                                                  that will benefit
                                                                  educators working with
Using Cooperative                                                 cooperative boards, in strategic planning, cooperative
                                                                  development or promoting the cooperative business form.
Identity in Strategic
Planning is Focus of                                                                                (Lafleur continued on page 4)

Keynote Address and
Understanding the importance of        Michel Lafleur
integrating cooperative identity into                               Michel Lafleur is a founder of UniRcoop, a network of
a cooperative’s strategic management plan is the focus of           professors and researchers specializing in cooperatives
the 2004 ACE Institute keynote presentation. Michel                 from 21 universities of 15 countries of the Americas.
Lafleur, a professor of management at the University of             The organization’s annual publication, the UniRcoop
Sherbrooke, will speak and conduct a workshop titled
                                                                    Review, contains articles relating to cooperation among
“Cooperative Identity: The Center of Business and
Developmental Success” at the ACE Institute on                      cooperatives. The 2003 Review is Diagnosis of the
Wednesday, August 4, from 1:00 - 4:00 pm in the Delta               Cooperative Movement in the Americas. The
Montréal Hotel.                                                     organization also holds an annual seminar. This year’s
According to Lafleur, current management models were not            seminar, The Cooperative Identity, at the Very Heart of
designed with cooperatives in mind. As a result, when               its Success: Presentation of Management Tools, will
these models are adapted to a cooperative business they fail
                                                                    meet at the University of Sherbrooke from October
to analyze the strategic benefits of the cooperative identity.
Recent research by Lafleur and others at the Institut de            4 - 8. For more information about UniRcoop, go to
recherche et d'enseignement pour les coopératives de                www.unircoop.org.
l'Université of Sherbrooke (IRECUS) proposes a new
strategic management model, the theory of cooperative
challenges. The theory allows co-operators, researchers and
teachers to better understand the contribution of the
cooperative identity in the commercial and developmental
success of a cooperative.
 3                                                                                              ACE INSTITUTE

2004 ACE Institute Agenda                                  Connecting With Youth
                                                           Wrap Up
AUGUST 4-7, 2004                                           7:00 pm
DELTA MONTRÉAL                                             Post Institute Tour to Québec City
MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC                                           Depart for Québec City
COOPERATIVE EDUCATION: ENHANCING YOUR                      See article on page 5
BUSINESS, STRENGTHENING YOUR COMMUNITY                     Saturday, August 7
Wednesday, August 4                                        Morning/Afternoon
9:00 am – 12:00 Noon                                       Tour Québec City
Pre-Institute Workshop: Education’s Role in Positioning    7:30 pm
Cooperatives for the Future                                Return to Montréal
1:00 – 4:00 pm
Keynote Speaker and Workshop: Cooperative Identity:
The Center of Business and Developmental Success
See article on page 2
4:00 – 5:00 pm
ACE Annual Meeting
See articles on page 3 and 6

5:30 – 7:30 pm
Québec Cooperative Community Reception
Sponsored by Desjardins
Thursday, August 5
8:30 – 9:30 am
The Social Economy of Québec
9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Cooperative Study Tours
See article on page 6
6:00 – 9:30 pm                                            Attention ACE Members
ACE Reception, Awards, Banquet and Auction                The 2004 ACE Annual Meeting will be held on
                                                          Wednesday, August 4 at 4:00 pm at the Delta Montréal
Friday, August 6                                          in Montréal, Canada. All ACE members are welcome and
                                                          encouraged to attend this meeting. The meeting will
8:00 – 12:00 Noon                                         include voting on two proposed bylaw changes (see
Making Research Relevant                                  related article on page 6), announcement of the results
                                                          of the election for directors, and an update on the
1:00 to 3:00 pm                                           organization’s plans for the future. For further details
Attracting and Developing Women Leaders                   about the annual meeting, contact Leslie Mead at
in Cooperatives                                           703/578-1820 or leslie.mead@verizon.net.
 4                                                                                               ACE INSTITUTE
(Lafleur continued from page 2)

Lafleur holds a doctorate in business administration       ACE Awards Redesigned
(DBA) and a master in cooperative management and
development from the University of Sherbrooke. His         Thanks to Cooperativa Seguros Múltiples de Puerto Rico
research and teaching concentrates on management and       (Múltiples), an original art piece has been designed to
sustainable development, with a particular emphasis on     replace the small engraved plaques past award recipients
cooperative management strategies. He is director of the   received. The new award features a stained glass design
IRECUS and responsible for a new master’s program in       on a wooden base. The award recipient’s name will be
management and sustainable development.                    engraved on a gold plate at the base of the plaque.
                                                           Múltiples has graciously volunteered to donate the
He is involved in the Québec cooperative movement
                                                           awards to ACE each year.
and is currently president of the Coopérative
d'alimentation naturelle La Grande Ruche in                The vision and mission of the ACE Institute is expressed
Sherbrooke. He was president of the Coopérative            in the new design. The award is a sphere divided into
de l'Université de Sherbrooke.                             multi-colored sections which point toward the sphere's
                                                           center. The design represents the dynamic presence and
Lafleur has participated in several international
                                                           diversity of ACE, the development of educational
cooperation projects, notably in Mali and several Latin
                                                           initiatives, and the pursuit of professional excellence.
America countries.
                                                           Múltiples is a cooperatively owned property and casualty
Bastien Dion, graduate student and research assistant at
                                                           insurance company. The donation of the artist designed
IRECUS, also participated in research related to the
                                                           awards combines the organization’s strong commitment
theory of cooperative challenges.
                                                           to the arts with its commitment to cooperative education.

ACE Awards                                                 Institute Scholarship Support
Don’t forget to nominate your favorite cooperative         Scholarship and travel stipends for the ACE Institute are
educator, program or organization for an ACE Award.        available for a limited number of eligible applicants
The annual ACE Awards recognize outstanding                through a grant from the Nationwide Foundation and
leadership and achievement in cooperative education,       ACE. For more information, look at the Scholarship
training and professional development. Awards will         Guidelines and Application on the ACE website at
be presented at the ACE banquet on Thursday,               http://www.wisc.edu/uwcc/ace/ace.html.
August 5 for –
                                                           Scholarships may also be available through the Ralph K.
          Outstanding contribution to cooperative          Morris Foundation. Deadline for the Morris Foundation
          education and training                           is May 15. For more information and an application, go
          Professional contributions by an ACE member      to http://www.ralphkmorrisfoundation.org.
          The William Hlushko Award for young
          cooperative educators
          The Reginald J. Cressman ACE Award
                                                           A New Look for ACE
          recognizing commitment to staff development      This ACE Update marks the unveiling of the new ACE
          ACE education program award, and                 logo. The logo was redesigned to better represent the
                                                           organization’s multi-national membership. The new logo
          Outstanding contribution to ACE by               will be introduced in other ACE publications this year.
          an organization

                                                             A E
More details about the awards and the nomination
process are available on the ACE website at
The deadline for nominations is July 1.
                                                             Association of Cooperative Educators
 5                                                                                                     ACE INSTITUTE

Registration and Hotel Information                             Post Institute Tour: Old Québec City
Registration Fees                                              The Post Institute Tour is to the cradle of French
The Institute registration                                     civilization in North America, Old Québec City. Its
fee is $360US/$477CA.                                          architecture and streetscapes show evidence of the role
Included in this price are                                     Québec City played as a
the Institute program and                                      capitol under French,
speakers, reception (Aug.                                      British and Canadian rule.
4), continental breakfasts                                     The capitol of Québec
(Aug. 5-6), lunches (Aug 5-                                    province, the nearly 400-
6), cooperative study tour                                     year-old city was added to
(Aug. 5) and banquet (Aug                                      the United Nations
5).                                                            Educational, Scientific and
                                                               Cultural Organization
Pre-Institute Workshop fee                                     World Heritage List in
is $30US/$40CA.                                                1985. Built on the banks
                                   Delta Montréal Hotel
Payment can be made in US                                      of the St. Lawrence River,
or Canadian dollars.                                           it is the one of a few remaining walled cities in North
Registration fees increase after July 5. The Institute         America. Old Québec City offers countless historic and
registration form is available on the ACE website at           cultural attractions within walking distance of the hotel.
http://www.wisc.edu/uwcc/ace/ace.html.                         For more information about Old Québec and walking
                                                               tours, go to the following sites:
Hotel                                                          http://www.quebecheritage.com/;
The Delta Montréal is located at 475, avenue du                http://www.ville.quebec.qc.ca/en/exploration/circuits.shtml.
Président-Kennedy, Montréal, Québec H3A 1J7. Make              The tour will depart by bus from the Delta Montréal on
reservations directly with the hotel by calling                                             Friday, August 6, at 7:00 pm
1/877/286-1986. Indicate you are with the Association                                        and arrive in Québec City
of Cooperative Educators to get the Institute rate of                                        around 10:30 pm. On
$159CA single/double. Make reservations by July 5.                                           Saturday, August 7,
                                                                                             participants will be able to
If you have registered for the post institute tour, you will
                                                                                             stroll the historic sites of
not need a room at the Delta Montréal for the night of
                                                                                             Old Québec City. The bus
Friday, August 6. The post institute tour price includes
                                                                                             will depart from the Hôtel
accommodations at the Hôtel Manoir Lafayette in
                                                                                             Manoir Lafayette at 7:30
Québec City for Friday, August 6. However, you will
                                                                                             pm for the return trip to
probably need to reserve a room at the Delta Montréal
                                                                                             the Delta Montréal.
for Saturday, August 7 as the post-Institute tour bus will
not arrive in Montréal until after 10 pm.                      The cost of the tour is $200US/$265CA single
                                                               occupancy and $120US/$160CA double occupancy.
Need More Information?                                         The tour includes one night lodging at the Hôtel Manoir
A program with more details about this year’s Institute        Lafayette and round trip bus transportation between
and registration information will be mailed shortly to all     Montréal and Québec City. ACE will make room
ACE members. Watch the ACE website for Institute               reservations directly with the hotel based on Post
updates http://www.wisc.edu/uwcc/ace/ace.html or               Institute Tour registration.
contact Leslie Mead at 703/578-1820 or
 6                                                                                                      ACE NEWS

Donate Early and Often to the ACE Auction                     Board Approves Increase in ACE Dues;
Money raised by the ACE auction keeps dues and                Bylaw Changes
Institute registration fees low, and is used to offer
Institute scholarships to students and new members            The ACE Board of Directors approved an increase in
from small organizations. For those attending the             ACE membership dues from $40 to $50 for individual
Institute, be sure to bring the auction merchandise to        members and from $100 to $150 for institutional
Montréal. For those unable to attend but interested in        members. Under the bylaws, a dues increase must be
contributing items, contact Ken Astrup at 701/252-2340        approved by members. Members will vote on the
or kastrup@NDFU.org to make arrangements. The                 increase at the annual meeting on Wednesday, August 4,
auction will be Thursday, August 5. Don’t forget to pack      at the Delta Montréal. ACE dues have not been
your checkbook.                                               increased for more than seven years. The money raised
                                                              by the increase in dues will be used to build the
                                                              organization’s reserves to a level recommended by
Cooperative Study Tours                                       ACE’s auditor.
Year in and year out, one of the highlights of the ACE        The Board also approved the following changes to the
Institute is the cooperative study tours. This year will be   ACE bylaws to improve the board nominating process:
no exception. The Montréal area offers many cooperatives
                                                              • Reduce from 90 to 45 the number of days prior to the
and cooperative organizations to visit. Once again,
                                                                annual meeting that the nominating committee makes
participants may choose between rural and urban tours.
                                                                its recommendations;
The cooperative tours will include visits to the following
locations:                                                    • Reduce from 75 to 30 the number of days prior to the
Urban Tour                                                      annual meeting ballots are sent to the membership;
Coopsco                                                       • Reduce from 15 to 7 the number of days prior to the
a student cooperative at the University of Montréal;            annual meeting ballots must be received by the
Ecoles des Hautes Études Commerciales                           Executive Administrator;
Business school at the University of Montréal and site        • Make bylaw amendments effective immediately after
of the Desjardin Center for the study of financial              adoption by the membership (Under the current
cooperatives;                                                   bylaws, amendments are effective 60 days after their
Mountain Equipment Cooperative                                  approval by the membership.); and
a cooperatively owned sporting goods store;                   • Clarified that electronic voting for directors is allowed.
Coop La Maison Verte                                          The proposed bylaw amendment will also be voted on by
a cooperative store, involved in social and environmental     the ACE membership at the August 4 Annual Meeting.
causes, recently honored as the region’s best new

Rural Tour
Longueuil funeral cooperative;
Ferme TechnoChamp –Coopérative fédéréé de Québec
research farm;
Other tour arrangements are pending, including a visit to a
coopérative de solidarité, (social cooperative.)
7                                                                                                         MEMBER NEWS

MEMBER NEWS                                                     Mark Johnson retired from Centralia College.
                                                                He remains involved in the North West Cooperative
                                                                Development Center, and cooperative development and
Cynthia Martin, Education Officer at the Ontario Co-op          education. He can be contacted at 360/754-9622 or
Association in Guelph, ON is now Cynthia Lushman.               360/259-4543 (cell phone).
E. Kim Coontz is the new executive director of the Yolo         Remi Lafond, resigned his position as cooperative
Mutual Housing Association in Davis. She is also working        advisor for Agropur Coopérative.
to establish a private non-profit organization to provide
services similar to those of the former Center for              Rene Campos Carbonell, president of Coopertiva
Cooperatives at the University of California at Davis.          Seguros Múltiples de Puerto Rico, was recently elected
Coontz was academic coordinator at the Center. She              to the board of The International Cooperative Mutual
continues to do cooperative consulting work. Her new e-         Insurance Federation (ICMIF).
mail and phone number are ekcoontz@sbcglobal.net;

James Montalvo has a new email address:
jmontalvo@segurosmultiples.com.                                   Frank Blackburn, cooperative ambassador and
                                                                  jack of all trades for ACE, The Cooperative
                                                                  Foundation, and the CHS Foundation, recently
Leesa Witt has resigned as Education Director of the              returned from a five-week cooperative
National Farmers Union.                                           development assignment in Serbia. While there,
                                                                  the Cooperative Union of Serbia celebrated its
Tammy Meyer has returned to the National FFA                      110th anniversary. Blackburn reports Serbia was
Foundation as manager of individual giving. Her new               one of the 12 nations represented at the first ICA
address is 6060 FFA Drive, P.O. Box 68960, Indianapolis,          Congress in 1895 and was one of the signers of
IN 46268-0960, phone: 317/802-4416,                               the Rochdale Principles declaration at the ICA
Fax: 317/802-5416. She was recently elected to the                Congress in 1896. The Serbian Cooperative Union
Ralph K. Morris Foundation Board of Trustees.                     has nearly 600 members and a staff of seven.

    Phil Dodge, an organizing member of ACE and former
    ACE administrator, died December 5, 2003. Dodge,
    born in 1913, spent his life in the cooperative
    movement. He worked in the Rural Electrification
    Administration prior to joining the Cooperative League
    of the United States of America (CLUSA). During his
    decades long tenure with the organization, he was a
    prolific writer and editor for many CLUSA publications
    and actively involved in organizing housing
    cooperatives. After retiring from CLUSA, he worked to          This picture was taken at the anniversary celebration. In the
    develop inner city and suburban cooperatives as                 front row from left to right in the picture above are Djorje
    director of the Co-op Center in Chicago.                       Bugarin, President of the Cooperative Union of Vojovodina;
                                                                      Ivano Barberini, the International Cooperative Alliance
    Phil and his wife of 53 years, Noni, often traveled to         President; Blackburn; and Dobrica Eric, the poet lauterate of
    other countries to enhance their world perspective on           Serbia. In the second row, the tall man is Branko Kurilic'
    cooperation. They were both active participants in            from America's Development Foundation, and the man to the
                                                                   left of Blackburn is Dragoljub Govedarovic, President of the
    their credit unions and other co-op ventures in Illinois.
                                                                                   Cooperative Union of Serbia.
    Noni died in the fall of 2003.
8                                                                                                 MEMBER NEWS
Cooperative Cares, a worker cooperative of group and         To order contact:
personal care providers in rural Wisconsin, is one of 15     Centre for the Study of Co-operatives
finalists in the Innovations in American Government          101 Diefenbaker Place
Awards. Margaret Bau, a Cooperative Development              University of Saskatchewan
Specialist for USDA Rural Development, provided              Saskatoon, SK, Canada, S7N 5B8
education and technical assistance in the formation of       Phone: 306/966-8509 / Fax: 306/966-8517
Cooperative Cares. The award honors the most creative,       E-mail: coop.studies@usask.ca
forward thinking, results-driven government programs at      Website: http://www.usaskstudies.coop
the state, local, tribal and federal levels in the U.S.      .
Often referred to as the Oscars among good-government
prizes, the awards are a program of the Ash Institute for
                                                             New Members
Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard              Aubrey Crawford
University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.           Yvette Philander
Each semifinalist is eligible to win one of five grants of   Myrtle Richards
$100,000. For more information about Cooperative             Kuru Kuru Co-operative College
Cares, go to www.co-opcare.com.                              Georgetown, Republic of Guyana
Additional information about the Innovations in              Louis Grenier
American Government Awards is available at                   Co-options Consulting,
http://www.ashinstitute.harvard.edu/content.cfm?activ        Calgary, AB CA
esection=8.                                                  Lorraine Bedard
                                                             Agropur Co-operative
A new book by Brett Fairbairn, director of the               Granby, QC CA
University of                                                Caroline Morin
Saskatchewan Centre for                                      Co-op Fédérée de Québec,
the Study of                                                 Montréal, QC CA
Co-operatives, has been
                                                             Janice Thompson
published. Living the                                        Gay Lea Foods Co-op
Dream: Membership and                                        Guelph, ON CA
Marketing in the Co-
                                                             Carlos Jayne
operative Retailing System
                                                             Iowa Farmers Union
was written for the 75th
                                                             Ames, IA USA
anniversary of Federated
Co-operatives Ltd. (FCL),                                    Steve Kelly
The book chronicles FCL’s
                                                             Ann Arbor, MI USA
climb from the crisis of
the early eighties to its                                    Elizabeth Bailey
current position as Saskatchewan’s most successful           Cooperative Development Foundation
                                                             Washington, DC USA
business. Based on in-depth interviews with directors,
managers, employees and co-op members, it is an              Amber Dumont
inspiring story of an extraordinary, community-based         Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers
enterprise.                                                  Reston, VA USA

The book, published by the Centre for the Study of Co-       Thomas Decker
                                                             CUNA & Affiliates,
operatives at the University of Saskatchewan, contains
                                                             Madison, WI USA
288 pages and black and white photographs. It costs
$20CA plus shipping and handling.                            Art Jaeger
                                                             Jeannine Kenney
                                                             National Cooperative Business Association
                                                             Washington, DC USA
 9                                                                                                   WORTH NOTING

A new social audit manual developed by the Canadian          Montana Farmers Union President Brooks Dailey, Montana
Co-operative Association (CCA) and NATTCO Network –          Co-op Development Center Director Ty Duncan, Montana
Visayas (VICTO), a regional co-operative development         State University Agricultural Professor Dr. Marty Frick and
center in the Philippines, is now available. The 131-page    USDA Rural Development Co-op Specialist Bill Barr. The
Social Audit Manual is a step-by-step tool for evaluating    group toured the Bozeman Food Co-op and the BigTimber
the broader impact of business decisions on people and       Works, builder workers and forest products cooperative,
communities. For a free download, go to                      as well as enjoyed one full day skiing at Bridger Bowl and
www.CoopsCanada.coop/coopdevelopment/international           developing their own sets of cooperative lesson plans.
dev/news/.                                                   Coordinators for the event were Amber Hill, North Dakota
                                                             Farmers Union state education director, and Diana
A new peer reviewed co-operative journal entitled The        Adamson, Montana Farmers Union vice president and
International Journal of Co-operative Management is          former state education director.
getting ready to publish its second issue. The publication
comes from the University of Leicester’s Unit for
Membership Based Organizations in Great Britain. The
                                                             Ag Co-op Council of Oregon sponsors
first issue, published last July, focused on the theme of    cross-sector tours
strategic problems facing co-operatives. For more
information, go to www.le.ac.uk/ulmc/umbo/.
                                                             By John McCulley
                                                             "I didn't realize that," was the reaction of an employee of
The International Organisation of Industrial, Artisanal      an agricultural cooperative seeing first hand the operation
and Service Producers´ Co-operatives (CICOPA) has            of a cooperative bicycle company. He was participating in
issued a new Declaration on co-operative worker              the annual tour of non-farm cooperatives designed to help
ownership. CICOPA is a sectoral organization of the          agricultural co-op employees appreciate the diversity of
International Co-operative Alliance. The declaration arose   businesses that are cooperatives while building an
out of the World Conference of Worker Co-ops, held last      understanding of the commonality cooperatives share.
September, as an endeavor to establish criteria for worker                                      (Oregon continued on page 10)
co-ops as distinct from conventional wage-based and self-
employed work. For more information, go to

The National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives
has released its staff and closed its national office in
Springfield, VA. A multi-management company,
Advanced Management Concepts (AMC) will take over
the day-to-day operations of the organization.

The Montana Farmers Union hosted 28 Farmers Union
                                                                    Doreen Ferguson (l) describes the operations of
young adults from Colorado, Montana and North Dakota
                                                                    Burley Design Cooperative to (from l to r) Jean
at a collegiate conference on cooperatives, February 13-
                                                                    Garboden, Wilco Farmers; Jon Sperl, Pendleton
16 in Bozeman, MT. Among the guest presenters at the
                                                                    Grain Growers (PGG); Jake Wilson, Wilco; Doug
educational event titled "Cooperating For Success" were
                                                                  Case, PGG; and Larry Burt, Oregon State University.
National Farmers Union Government Relations
                                                                   Burley Design is a worker owned cooperative that
Representative Katy Ziegler, NFU Director of Economic &            manufactures bicycle trailers, bicycles and bicycle
Co-op Development Jeff Moser, Dakota Pride                                   clothing in Eugene, Oregon.
Cooperatives Marketing Director Sarah Thorstad,
10                                                                                                WORTH NOTING

(Oregon continued from page 9)

Sponsored by the Agricultural Cooperative Council of             $5,000 MATCHING GRANT AWARDED BY
Oregon, the two-day event in mid-February featured First
                                                                 THE COOPERATIVE FOUNDATION TO THE
Alternative Natural Foods Cooperative (Corvallis), Burley
Design Cooperative (Eugene), Cooperative Managers                COOPERATIVE COMMUNITY FUND PROGRAM
Association (Corvallis), Consumers Power (Philomath)             The Cooperative Foundation (TCF) has awarded a
and Marion and Polk Schools Credit Union (Salem).                $5,000 matching grant to the Cooperative
Questions went back and forth at each stop on issues             Community Fund (CCF) Program of the Twin
like board selection, qualifications to serve on the board,      Pines Cooperative Foundation (TPCF). The
getting new members, serving members, accounting                 $5,000 will be donated as a match to a food
systems, point of sale inventory control, improving              cooperative from the Upper Midwest to start a
attendance at annual meetings, management structure,             Cooperative Community Fund in 2004. TCF,
patronage refund plans and a myriad of other hot topics.         based in St. Paul, MN, is the first regional
Gracious hosts described their businesses emphasizing            supporter of the Cooperative Community Fund
their successes and describing their challenges.                 program. They join three national supporters:
                                                                 Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation, Davis, CA;
Participants gave the tour high marks and returned to            National Cooperative Bank/NCBDC, Washington,
their co-ops encouraging fellow employees to take                DC; and the MSI Fund, Arden Hills, MN.
advantage of this educational opportunity in the future.
John McCulley is executive secretary of the Agricultural         In June, TPCF applications to join the CCF
Cooperative Council of Oregon.                                   program will be available for additional food co-
                                                                 ops. Through the generosity of TCF, at least one
                                                                 $5,000 match will be made available to a food co-
                                                                 op in the Upper Midwest. TPCF will make one
                                                                 additional $5,000 match available to a non-
                                                                 California Cooperative and one match available to
                                                                 a California cooperative.
The Cooperative Foundation awarded Grants to the
                                                                 The Cooperative Community Fund operates like
                                                                 an endowment. The annual earnings are donated
     Northcountry Cooperative Foundation for support             by the local CCF participants to non-profit and
     of the 2004 Common Communities conference                   cooperative groups.
     Cooperative Development Foundation for
     sponsorship of a table at the 2004 Cooperative Hall
     of Fame Banquet for participants of the NCBA
     Cooperative Leadership Development Program
                                                              CHS, Inc has redesigned and
     Cooperative Community Fund matching grant
                                                              re-organized its website.
     (See box.)
                                                              Check it out at www.chsinc.com.
     North American Students of Cooperation to provide
     scholarship funds for low-income students and
     speaker expenses for the 2004 NASCO Institute
                                                              Co-operative Trust Company of Canada, Coast Capital
     U.S. Conference for Workplace Democracy for              Savings and Credit Union and Mega Group have been
     assistance with the 2004 conference to be held           named to Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies
     in the Twin Cities                                       Program for 2003.
11                                                                                              WORTH NOTING

A marketing campaign geared towards the lesbian             Publications
and gay population has earned VanCity Credit Union
the Innovation Award from Credit Union Central of           Cooperative Housing Toolbox: A Practical Guide for
British Columbia (CUCBC). The campaign included ads         Cooperative Success, by Northcountry Cooperative
in mainstream newspapers and was meant to build             Foundation in partnership with Northcountry
affinity with the lesbian and gay population, while         Cooperative Development Fund, 2003,
publicly acknowledging the diversity of the credit          http://www.ncdf.coop/pdfs/Housing_Toolbox_.pdf
union’s membership and community. The campaign was
recognized as innovative because of the extensive           Rediscovering the Cooperative Advantage: Poverty
consultation with the community and employees and           reduction through self-help, by Johnston Birchall,
because it was the first time a financial institution had   International Labour Organization, 2003,
come out in mainstream media.                               http://www.wisc.edu/uwcc/info/cd/jb1.pdf

                                                            What motivates members to participate in the
                                                            governance of consumer co-operatives? A study of the
The British Columbia Cooperative Association (BCCA)         Cooperative Group, by Johnston Birchall and Richard
has moved. The new address is 1737 West 3rd Avenue,         Simmons, University of Sterling, Research Report No. 2,
Suite 230, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1K7                           January 2004,
BCCA has hired Jan Taylor to design and deliver
Advisory Services for the                                   A Brief Reflection of Forestry Cooperatives in the US,
Co-op Development                                           UWCC Bulletin March 2004, by Emily Sturgess,
Initiative in BC, and provide                               Kimberly Zeuli and Mark Rickenbach,
technical support for the                                   http://www.wisc.edu/uwcc/info/uwcc_bulletins/bulleti
development of new co-                                      n_03_04.pdf
operatives in strategic
sectors of British
                                                            Success Factors for Value Added New Generation
Columbia's commercial and social economy. Taylor has
                                                            Cooperatives, by Jared G. Carlberg, Rodney B. Holcomb
experience in the field of community development and
                                                            and Clement E. Ward, Selected Paper, Southern
an understanding of the development needs of
                                                            Agricultural Economics Association,
organizations in both the co-op and non-profit sectors.

                                                            Measuring the Impact of Cooperatives in Minnesota,
                                                            by Joe Folsom, United States Department of Agriculture,
 Charlie Lucht, a cooperative pioneer involved in the       Rural Business - Cooperative Service, RBS Research
 development of many cooperatives in the Northwest,         Report 200, December 2003,
 died of a heart attack while speaking to an                http://www.wisc.edu/uwcc/info/usdarbs/rbs200.pdf
 agricultural cooperatives class at Oregon State
 University. Condolences can be sent to Dorothy             Social Co-op and Social Care: An Emerging Role for
 Lucht at 32372 Dryland Road, Molalla, OR 97038;            Civil Society by John Restake,
 phone 503/651-2055.                                        http://www.ccabc.bc.ca/home.html
12                                                                                                 WORTH NOTING

May 6 – 7                                                    June 26 – July 24
2004 Co-operative Corporate Governance Conference for        Bologna Summer Program for Co-operative Studies 2004,
Corporate Secretaries, Toronto, ON,                          Economics and Management of Co-operative Enterprises,
http://www.coopcca.com/meetings/otherccameetings/            University of Bologna,
May 14 – 18
Building Cooperative Futures Conference,                     July 25 – 28
Calgary, AB CA                                               Cooperative Opportunity on Leadership (COOL) Youth Tour,
http://bcics.uvic.ca/youthzone/youthconf-calgary04.htm       Columbus OH,
May 24 – 26
US Conference of Democratic Workplaces, Minneapolis, MN,     August 18 – 21
http://www.usworker.coop/                                    National Association of Housing Cooperatives, Annual
                                                             Conference, Boston, MA,
June 3 – 5                                                   http://www.coophousing.org/2004AC.shtml
Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation, Annual
Meeting, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB                September 3 – 7
                                                             Vertical Markets & Cooperative Hierarchies: The Role of
June 10 – 12                                                 Cooperatives in the International Agri-Food Industry,
Consumer Cooperative Management Association (CCMA)           Chania, Greece
Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN,                          http://www.esf.org/euresco/04/sc04171
                                                             September 7 – 9
June 12 – 15                                                 International Cooperatives Forum 2004, Muenster, Germany
Cooperative Communicators Association, Annual Institute,     http://www.icf2004.org
Louisville, KY,
http://www.communicators.coop/default.cfm?page_id=264        November 1 – 2
                                                             Annual Farmer Cooperatives Conference, Kansas City, MO,
June 23 – 25                                                 http://www.wisc.edu/uwcc/farmercoops04/index.html
Summer Director Leadership Workshop, Wisconsin Rapids, WI,
http://www.wisc.edu/uwcc/events/calendar.html#sdl            November 3
                                                             NCR-194, “Research on Cooperatives” Annual Meeting,
                                                             Kansas City, MO,

                                The 2004 ACE Institute
                                Delta Montréal
                                Montréal, Québec
                                August 4-7, 2004
                                       2003-2004 ACE Board of Directors

Anne Reynolds (2004)                     William J. Nelson (2005)                  Dr. Carmen Lopez (2005)
President                                651/355-5481                              787/763-8611
608/263-4775                             651/355-5073 - fax                        787/763-8643 - fax
608/262-3251 - fax                       william.nelson@chsinc.com                 celopez@rcm.upr.edu
                                         Ken Astrup    (2004)                      Darcy Mykytyshyn (2004)
Colette Lebel (2006)
                                         701/252-2340                              403/342-8425
Vice President
                                         701/252-6584 - fax                        403/347-6686 - fax
                                         kastrup@ndfu.org                          dmykytyshyn@communitysavings.ca
514/850-2578 - fax
lebelc@coopfed.qc.ca                     Louis Doering    (2006)
                                                                                   James Montalvo Laracuente (2006)
Bob Cohen    (2005)                                                                787/758-8585 ext. 2400
                                         651/215-3576 - fax
Secretary                                                                          787/758-3216 - fax
419/755-4269                                                                       jmontalvo@segurosmultiples.com
419/755-4367 - fax

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