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									                                                                                         Janesville Kiwanis Club
                                                                                                                            July 13, 2006, Vol. XXIV, No.41

                                                 Andy Reports on International Convention
‘05-‘06 BOARD
President              GUESTS - None.                                                      Andy attended several educational sections
Dr. Kevin O’Leary                                                                          on such topics as explaining death to a child
                       ANNOUNCEMENTS - Prez. Dr. Kevin –                                   and illuminating on the Kiwanis International
President Elect        Tallman Arts Festival – Sunday August 6th                           liability insurance coverage for the
David Wimann
                       !0:00 AM – 5:00 PM. We need more members                            organization and its individual clubs. We are
                       to sign up.                                                         very fortunate to have such comprehensive
Past President                                                                             and all-inclusive coverage, thereby avoiding
Tom Waller
                       Fall Golf Outing September 9th at Glen Erin –                       each club having to buy its own.
                       fun for the whole family. The outing is open to
Secretary              the public, and is a 4 person scramble                              And then there was Andy‟s version of Chevy
Ed Pulliam
752-8322               including men‟s divisions and mixed divisons.                       Chase‟s “European Vacation”, but in Canada!
                                                                                           Besides missing their out-bound flight, Andy
Treasurer              DRAWING - Ben Coopman won for the                                   and his significant other Michele had to stay
Eric Scherdell
752-5835               second week in a row. His luck ended there,                         overnight in Chicago. No hotels could be
                       with the winning card being the Ace of                              found, so they trekked back from downtown to
Directors                                                                                  the airport and found airport benches till
Laura Feit „06
                       CLUBS. Double close!!
Andy Frelich „06                                                                           morning.
Ryan VanRoo „06
David O‟Leary „07
Jim Holmstrom „07      HAPPY DOLLARS - President Kevin was                                 The TSA folks at the airport didn‟t take kindly
Linda Benberg „08      happy because there would be no Ed Pulliam                          to a guy who was carrying $2,700 in cash (all
Don Chapin „08         at the meeting!?!?                                                  twenties too) all rolled up in his pants pocket,
Eric Garvin „08
                                                                                           so the next saga began. After a thorough
COMMITTEE CHAIRS       David O‟ Leary was happy to read in the                             search and sniff and pat-down, the two were
Bingo                                                                                      on their way. Can you say VISA or
Jim Holmstrom
                       Kiwanews about the three generations of
George Smith           Damrow‟s working on our Pancake Day.                                MASTERCARD?
Christina Isackson     Editor‟s note: Dr. Jack asked that we mention                       The Montreal hotel proved to be farther from
                       that while he was happy for the photo, but                          the airport than envisioned by our travelers
Breakfast with Santa   they got quite a bit wrong with the caption.                        (30 instead of one mile). Then they picked a
Dave Calverly
                       The good doctor reports that while he did                           hotel with two franchises within a few miles
Christmas Tour of      work the first Pancake Day, he was a new                            with very similar names. Must be the French
Bob Elliot
                       member then, and was not the organizer of                           Canadian‟s? Nothing a cab ride couldn‟t fix!
                       the event.
Fest-of-Ale                                                                                Forget the evening‟s social activities that were
Linda Benberg
                       Dr. Jack also didn‟t want to be credited as the                     prepaid and bought by our conventioneers!
Interclubs             member who has attended the most                                    Yep, they couldn‟t pick up their tickets „cause
Brian Connors          meetings. I assured him that I believed that of                     the registration booth was closed for the day
Dr. Jack Damrow
                       our present members, I thought he had that                          by the time they unscrambled the hotel mess.
Sponsored Youth        honor.                                                              Even after breaking into registration, no
Key Clubs                                                                                  tickets were to be had. Roll out the Canadian
Dave Wimann
Kevin Apfel            PROGRAM                                                             beer!
Jim Leeser
Dave Wimann            Andy Frelich, our club delegate to the Kiwanis                      Enter a minor medical emergency for Michele.
                       International convention in Montreal, Canada                        Ever try to find a doctor in Canada, home of
Mother’s Day           reported on the conference and his travel                           socialized medicine in North America, if you‟re
Zach Goswick           adventures.                                                         an American??? What‟s Blue Cross, Blue
                                                                                           Shield there? Andy turns out to be a heck of a
Meals on Wheels                                                                            barterer and gets the doctor to settle for
Dave Calverly
                        There were some 1,948 clubs represented by
                       3,628 registered delegates from across the                          American cash and at far less than the
Membership             globe. Nelson Tucker of California was                              published exchange rates. Can you say, no
Kevin Apfel
                       selected to be the new international                                income taxes on this one?
Pancake Day            President. He will be followed by newly
Jim Stoa               elected President-elect, Dave Curry of                              Scenery and architecture in the city were
Public Relations       Montana. President Tucker set a goal to grow                        wonderful, but there is no place like home! Oh
Lon Haenel             Kiwanis membership world-wide to ONE                                yea, illicit drugs are plentiful and heap there
                       MILLION by the Kiwanis‟ centennial                                  too! D.A. O‟Leary is cautiously optimistic
Bob Elliot             anniversary in 2015. There‟s a whole lotta                          about knowing this data.
                       growin‟ that‟s got to go on before then!
Social Events
Irene Stewart
                                                                                           Welcome back Andy and Michele!

Spiritual Aims
Dale Halverson

Terrific Kids                   Thanks to Ben Coopman for taking the notes. Members having information for future newsletters can email
Nancy Verhoven                                                 
                            Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to changing the world, one child and one community at a time.
House                                                        Janesville Kiwanis
Don Chapin
Dr. Jack Damrow                                    P.O. Box 51 – Janesville, WI 53547-0051

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