HEC MONTRÉAL
                                  INFORMATION SHEET 2010-2011

  International Student Affairs
  Bureau des activités étudiantes internationales (BAEI)
  3000, chemin de la Cote Ste-Catherine
  Montréal, Québec, Canada, H3T 2A7
  Website: http://www.hec.ca/en/international_student/index.html
  Email: baei@hec.ca
  Fax : 514-340-7100


  Jacqueline LEMAY
  Program Manager – Student Exchange
  (New partnerships, balances, management of existing agreements and initiatives)
  Phone: 514-340-6840

  Geneviève BENOIT
  Coordinator – Exchange Program and Outgoing Student Advisor
  (Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary,
  Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States).
  Phone: 514-340-6327

  Carmen BRODEUR
  Outgoing Student Advisor - Exchange Program
  (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Korea, France, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Singapore, Spain,
  Thailand, Uruguay).
  Phone: 514-340-7138

  Maud-Andrée LEMIEUX
  Incoming Student Advisor - Exchange Program
  Phone : 514-340-6049

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   External Recognition

> Top 10, Forbes
> Top 20, AmericaEconomia                      HEC Montréal is recognized with AACSB international
      25, Financial Times
> TopMontréal Boasts 10th Place in BusinessWeek’s 2006 International Ranking and from AMBA,
HEC                                            accreditation, EQUIS accreditation
                                                 making our institution the only business school in North
Academic calendar in a nutshell                  America to boast this triple quality benchmark.

   HEC Calendar in a nutshell

  Fal l 20 10                                                                            Dates
  Nomination deadline (partners)                                                         May 1
  Application deadline (nominated students)                                              June 1
  Language course registration deadline                                                  June 1
  Accommodation deadline                                                                June 15
  Course registration                                                                 June 3 - 16

  Orientation programme                                                            August 20 - 28
  French language course (intensive)                                              August 23-24-25
  Classes begin                                                                      August 30
  Thanksgiving                                                                      October 11
  BBA mid-term break                                                          October 27 – November 2
  Final exams*                                                                    December 8 - 21
  * no resitting possible

  Wi n t er 201 1
  Nomination deadline (partners)                                                     October 1
  Application deadline (nominated students)                                         November 1
  Language course registration deadline                                             November 1
  Accommodation deadline                                                           November 15
  Course registration                                                         October 28 – November 8

  Orientation programme                                                             January 3 - 7
  Classes begin                                                                       January 5
  BBA mid-term break                                                              March 2 – March 8
  Easter break                                                                        April 2 - 5
  Final exams *                                                                      April 13 - 30
  * no resitting possible

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   Exchange related information
HEC Montréal Boasts 10th Place in BusinessWeek’s 2006 International Ranking

Nominations     calendar in a nutshell
         *Nomination period:          Term 1 (Fall): March 1 – May 1 , 2010
                                      Term 2 (Winter): March 1 - October 1, 2010

         * Should you have difficulties respecting our deadline, please advise us as soon as possible.

         Online nominations: All nominations must be submitted electronically.

         Partner user ID and password (previously sent to contact by email)

         Exchange period: nominations may be for one semester or one full year.
         Students and partner institutions will receive a confirmation by HEC of student nomination.
         Partner institutions will receive the letters of acceptance for their students in the month following the nomination
         deadline for each semester.

         ** Please be advised, no extensions will be possible after one semester.

Exchange Student Applications

         Application deadline:        Term 1 (Fall): June 1st , 2010
                                      Term 2 (Winter): November 1st , 2010

         Students are required to fill in the On-line Exchange Student Application (user ID and password will be provided).
         Supporting application procedure:

   Health and medical insurance

Under Quebec law, international students must hold medical insurance valid in

Citizens of one of the following countries: Denmark, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Sweden who are
covered by the social security plan in their country are covered free of charge by the Régie de l’assurance-maladie du Québec
(dental care, eye care (glasses) and drugs (except for French citizens) are not covered) under bilateral social security
agreements. Students need to contact social security to obtain the required form and have it signed by their home
university before departure.

For all other students:

Students are required to purchase their health insurance from HEC Montréal.
The cost is $578 CAN for two semesters or $338 CAN per semester. This compulsory medical insurance plan covers medical
and hospital expenses and prescription drugs for the student alone. You will be informed of the various procedures to follow
to obtain this insurance upon your arrival.

Health insurance purchased elsewhere will not be recognized by HEC Montréal.
For additional information: http://www.hec.ca/en/international_student/international_exchange/pre-

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   Immigration requirements

         Please note that procedures vary according to the duration of stay and your country of residence:

   Course registration and academic information

Semester Dates:            Term 1 (Fall): August 30 – December 21
                           Term 2 (Winter): January 5 – April 30

Study Program: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (3 years)

Business Administration including specialisations in Professional Accounting, Applied Economics, Finance, Production and
Operations Management, Human resources Management, International Management, Managerial Information Systems,
Management, Marketing, Quantitative Methods.

Course Registration:       Term 1 (Fall): June 3 – June 16
                           Term 2 (Winter): October 28 – November 8

List of courses: Available as of May 15th, 2010, (Term 1 and 2).


Course Description: http://zonecours.hec.ca/accueil.txp?lang=en&t=programme&v=BAA

Full time workload: B.B.A.

To be considered a full time student and to comply with Canadian Immigration regulations, a minimum of 12 credits
(4 courses) is required for the B.B.A program. The workload requirement for HEC students in a regular program is 15 credits
(5 courses) per term for the B.B.A. program.

A semester in the BBA program, consists of 15 weeks. A 3 credit course is 45 contact hours (15 X 3). For each credit,
students need to contribute (30 hours) of additional personal work. Therefore the required workload for each course is 45
contact hours + 90 hours of personal work = 135 hours per course.

Please note that courses given in French may sometimes require the use of English text books.

Exams:            Possible to write exam in English
                  No resitting possible

Transcripts: Sent to partner institution approximately 6 weeks after end of term

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  Grading system


Distribution of program level

                                      B.B.A                                         M.Sc.
                     4.3     A+       4-7%             Exceptional     4.3   A+     4-7%
                     4.0     A
                                      20-30%           Excellent       4.0   A      10-20%
                     3.7     A-
                     3.3     B+
                     3.0     B        30-40%           Very good       3.7   A-     15-30%
                     2.7     B-

                     2.3     C+
                                      20-30%           Good                         40-50%
                     2.0     C                                         3.3   B+
                                                                       3.0   B
                                                                       2.7   B-
                     1.7     C-
                                                                       2.3   C+
                     1.3     D+       4-10%            Fair                         10-20%
                                                                       2.0   C
                     1.0     D
                     0       E        4-8%             Fail            0     E      0-5%

                  Additional information
                  French: http://www.hec.ca/programmes_formations/documents/pdf/endos_bulletin.pdf
                   English: http://www.hec.ca/en/programs_training/files/pdf/guidelines_and_regulations.pdf

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  Language requirements /Language courses

Language of instruction at HEC Montreal: French, English and Spanish

Language requirements:

**The following scores are desirable and are given as an indication only. They are not conditional on passing a
language proficiency test.

- English Business courses: TOEFL: minimum score of 550 (paper version)
                                  213 (computer version)
                                  76 (Internet version – iBT)

- French Business courses: TFI: minimum score of 750 **

Language courses:

         Registration deadline:       Term 1 (Fall): June 1st 2010
                                      Term 2 (Winter): October 1st 2010

         Business communication courses (Fall / Winter): English and Spanish (3 credits)

         French or English as a second language (Fall / Winter): (3 credits)

         Orientation Programme (French language course)*
         A 15 hour French language offered during the Orientation Programme (Not credited)
         (Fall term only : August 23-24-25, 2010)
         *Tuition fee: $100.00 CAD
              Three levels are offered:
                   Level 1 beginner: French Break the Ice!
                   Level 2 intermediate, Level 3 advance: Course intended to consolidate knowledge of the French language
                   and to help students that are not speakers of French thrive in the French-language university context in


         Temporary housing
         Students participating in the orientation programme offered by the HEChange Committee can be lodged temporarily
         in a hotel for one or two nights according the package they choose.

          Permanent accommodation through GIA Gestion: HEC Montreal has chosen to support exchange students in
          their search for housing, by appealing to the services of GIA-Gestion Inc. Students are offered furnished rooms in
          shared apartments near the university campus or close to bus/or metro service

         Application deadline:        June 15, 2010 (for Fall 2010)
                                      November 15, 2010 (For Winter 2011)

         *Please take note that places are limited.

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   Arrival / Orientation programme

         HEC Montréal Orientation Day (Compulsory)           Term 1 (Fall): August 20
                                                             Term 2 (Winter): January 3rd

         Airport pickup and activities organized by student association: hechange@hec.ca

         August 19-20 (Fall 2010)
         January 2 (Winter 2011)

         An orientation programme takes place at the beginning of each semester and is organized in cooperation with the
         International Student Association (HECHANGE). Students are highly recommended to attend.

         August 19 - 30 (Fall 2010)
         January 2 – 10 (Winter 2011)

   Estimated cost of living

         Estimated expenses per semester/term: $6,000CDN – $7,000CDN / term
         Accommodation: $2800 / term (approximately)
         Food/meals: $2,000 / term (5 months)
         Local transportation: $180/ term
         Personal expenses: $1,000 / term
         Insurance: See insurance section for costs


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