Footsteps of St Paul through Greece and Turkey by lifemate


									                          Footsteps of
                        St Paul through
                       Greece and Turkey
                       November 2 - 13, 2010

The Anglican Diocese
     of Montreal
   Pilgrimage with
 Bishop Barry Clarke
ITINERARY                                                             the Baptistery of Lydia, where the first
                                                                      Baptism on European soil took place.
Leave November 2 for Paris and then on to Athens
where we will see the most significant sights of this November 8      In the morning arrive in Istanbul, one
glorious city including the temple of the Olympic Zeus,               of the world’s greatest historic cities.
Hadrian’s Arch, the Parliament and the Constitution                   Formerly Byzantium, the centre of
Square. See the tomb of the unknown soldier, the                      the Eastern Roman Empire, this city is
Presidential Palace, the Academy, the University                      built on seven green hills and situated
and National Library. We will visit the magnificent                   astride two continents. East meets West
Parthenon and Mars Hill from where we have a nice                     in every way. Visit the Topkapi Palace
view of the Agora (ancient market place and centre of                 with its harem and fabulous treasure
Athenian public life) where Paul spoke to the Athenians.              chambers., the Blue Mosque with its
                                                                      six minarets and St Sofia, converted to
Tour of Ancient Corinth — a most important city in the                a mosque from a Christian basilica after
days of Paul. The vigorous and mostly Gentile Church                  the fall of Constantinople in 1453.
he founded here in 50 AD caused him much grief
and prompted him to write at least several letters to November 9      A tour of Dikili (our port) is to
them. Visit the ruins of the ancient city where Paul                  Pergamon, the great city of Bergama
worked with Aquila and Priscilla. See the remains of                  and a city of the Book of Revelation.
first century shops, the Agora where Paul’s trial by                  It is one of the best preserved ancient
Gallio took place, the Fountain of Peirene, the Temple                sites in Turkey. We continue by

of Apollo and the Bema.                                               visiting Sardis, the most picturesque
                                                                      of the Seven Churches.
Full day tour of Delphi — Delphi in ancient times was
considered the centre of the known world, the place   November 10 Arrive in Kusadasi. Visit Ephesus,
where heaven and earth met.                                       the most impressive archaeological
                                                                  site in Turkey, including the Great
cRuIsE dETAIls                                                    Amphitheatre where Paul spoke to
                                                                  the Ephesians. An afternoon tour
November 5      Embarkation                                       to Miletus where Paul delivered his
November 6      Visit Thessaloniki and the walls. The             touching farewell address the elders
                House of Jason where Paul lived                   of Ephesus and predicted his death,
                and the Agora where he preached.                  for those wishing to visit the place.
                Continue to Veria — ancient Beroea to November 11 Patmos, the “Holy Island” for the
                the memorial commemorating Paul’s                 Christian faith. This is the place where
                preaching to the local Jews in 54 AD.             the apocalyptic Revelation of John
November 7      Kavala (ancient Neapolis), the site                   was written during his exile from the
                where Paul, Timothy and Silas                         Roman Empire. We visit the cave and
                landed on the coast of Thrace. From                   monastery of St John.
                there, visit Philipi where Paul lived, November 12    Disembark the cruise ship.
                preached and was imprisoned and
INcludEd                                                  NoT INcludEd
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