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         Thomas HAYDEN and Matilda Ada
1. Thomas1 HAYDEN, born 1826 in Ireland; died 1908 july 22 in Port Hope, Northumberland
County, Ontario, Canada. He married (1) on 27 Mar 1857 in Port Hope, Northumberland county,
Ontario, Canada, Matilda Ada WALLACE, born 1835? (81 years old ); died 1 Nov 1918,
daughter of Clark WALLACE.

Notes for Thomas HAYDEN

Thomas Hayden came to Northumberland County, Ontario in 1853 says the Historical atlas of
Northumberland and Durham Counties. Specifically, it says "Thomas Hayden, Post Office Port
Hope, occupation foundry, a native of Canada, settled 1853!" It does not say where he was from
in Canada.

Our Haydens came from Wicklow County Ireland from the Fitzwilliam Estates,and came to
Canada on May 19 1848 on the ship Jessie and settled in Kingston Ontario. John Hayden,a
brother of Thomas later went to Alexandria,Glengarry county. He fought in the American civil
war.He is buried in St. Finians.

Thomas was on the Port Hope town council. -A new foundry was built on Cavan Street in
1871where the "Hayden Plough" was made and sold to farmers in the area. The home was on
Cavan St. as well. He had a schooner the albatross, which in 1881 which most likely suffered in
a storm in may of that year! The family were Wesylan Methodist!

It seems there were 2 Thomas Haydens!

The 1857 assessment roll for Port Hope says a Thomas Hayden had a residence on Elgin St.-The
name is spelled Haddon, and it says he was a laborour. Also the assessment roll of the same year
says a Thomas Haddon had property on concession one, lot 15, with 50 acres.

The 1857 city directory of Port Hope mentions Thomas Hayden, moulder, business on Cavan St!

In the old Methodist cemetery was buried a Thomas Hayden according to an 1877 newspaper
article in the Port Hope Guide, October 18..-The cemetery was vandalized in 1877, and later was
a playground. -In the 1930's a number of remains of this old cemetery were placed in a memorial
spot in the union cemetery .So, who is this Thomas Hayden? -(See above for other info)

In 1881, January, the old home on Cavan St suffered a fire at the hands of an 18 month old baby
who was barely saved from the blaze! -Thankfully, the house was not burned completely. I
wonder who the baby was?. -To thank the fire company, Thomas Hayden donated money for a
fireman's supper held in the old queen's hotel in march of that year!
The 1861 Port Hope census gives the age of Tomas as 26, so he may have been born in the

Thomas married Matilda Ada Wallace on March 27, 1857. -The WALLACE family were
blacksmith's too!

John Hayden son of Thomas had property in the Snowden Settlement in Manitoba says an article
in the Port Hope Guide, November 18,1881.

There was a Hayden printing company in Alberta .

I have been told we had a UEL connection somewhere, but I have found nothing so far.

There were other Haydens living in the area , but none are related. There was another Hayden
family who settled in Cobourg , Hamilton Township, in 1835. They were from Yorkshire,
England and are mentioned in the book" Early Cobourg" by Percy Climo! William Hayden and
his large family, who was a Congregationalist Minister, settled there. -Ten years later they
moved to Cold Springs. -William, Jane, and children John, Margaret, Joseph, Mary Ellen,
Isobel? were the family members.

Also according to some census returns there were Haydens in Murray Township. -The 1851
census mentions some Haydens from Ireland. Roman Catholic, and some English Church
(Methodist). Martin Hayden blacksmith, age 23 is mentioned, along with Ann Hayden age 50 -
Lydia Ann Hayden age 52. A.W. Hayden, age 16, maybe around our Thomas's age! Also
Edward Hayden, age 56 born Ireland, on concession B lot 13.

The 1851 Brighton census mentions Ellen Hayden age 42 living with Patrick Egan, mason, age
40, mason.


RESIDENTS. A MEMBER OF THE I.O.O.F. The oldest active businessman of Port hope died
last night at the family residence, Cavan Street, in the person of Mr. Thomas Hayden. Of the
family there remain, his wife and five sons, John C of the Standard Ideal Company of this town;
William W. druggist of Buffalo; Reginald and Sherwood who have been associated with their
father in business here, and Charles A. of the Montreal Herald.

Mr. Hayden had been in ill health for over a year, but had only been confined to bed at intervals
and recently had improved so much that he was able to attend to business with all the acumen
which distinguished him in his career in this town. He was about as usual on Saturday, and to
those whom, he met seemed physically stronger than in months. On Sunday, however, he
complained that he felt unwell, but rallied and Monday morning was able to leave his bed and
read the newspapers. Towards evening he was stricken down and never rallied, becoming
unconscious - Tuesday morning, when the attending physician, Dr. Aldrich, informed the
members of the family that the end was only a matter of a short time and accordingly the sons in
Buffalo and Montreal were summoned by telegraph and arrived yesterday. In the afternoon he
partially regained consciousness and was able to recognize his wife and sons, but soon lapsed
into an unconscious state and passed peacefully away about 8 o'clock.

The deceased was born in Kingston, Ontario, and had reached the ripe age of 82 years and two
months. Fifty-one years ago lst March he was married to Matilda Wallace, who survives him.
She was the daughter of the late Clarke Wallace. Besides the widow and sons and nearly a score
of grand children, a brother, Mr. John Hayden of Alexandria, Ont., and a sister, Mrs. Hugh
Doyle, of Kingston, Ont., mourn the death of the subject of this notice.

Deceased, as has been stated, was the oldest active business man in Port Hope, having located
here in 1851, coming from Belleville. He made the castings for the Midland Railway, which was
then in the course of construction, for the late Archibald Porter, doing the work in the old
foundry at the rear of the Curtis block. He started in business for himself in 1855, in a wooden
shop on their site of the present foundry, and he was one of the promoters and largest
shareholders of the "car shops" on Ontario Street. About that time he was actively interested in
municipal affairs and was a member of the Council and of the Harbor Board.

He was engaged in the coal business some ten or fifteen years prior to 1882, and also in the lake
carrying trade, owning the ill-fated Albatross, which was totally wrecked on the Wellington
Sounds near Pickton.

After disposing of the coal business in 1882 he again entered the foundry business and started
manufacturing plows and other agricultural implements, and in 1903 he again established a coal
business in connection with the foundry. Mr. Hayden was of an inventive turn of mind, and had
patented the box bearings for twin plow axles, now in general use, and a steel plow point which
has not yet been placed on the market.

The late Mr. Hayden was also one of the oldest members of the Independent Order of
Oddfellows in Canada, having joined in on March 11, 1873. A few years ago the Order presented
him with a beautiful veteran's Jewel for twenty-five years continuous membership. The funeral
will take place under the auspices of the Order and will be held on Friday afternoon at three
o'clock. AYDENS

 Three generations are buried in the Union Cemetery of Port Hope. The family had a foundry on
Cavan Street in Port Hope where the "Hayden Plough" was made and sold to farmers in the area.
Thomas HAYDEN (1826-1908), the senior member of the family, married Matilda WALLACE
(d. 1918) and gave issue to three children: Reginald (1875-195x), Charles (b. 1877) and John.
John married and had a son, Sherwood, and a daughter, Marion. Reginald married Linda Mary
SHORTT (1876-1948) at Hastings on 1 January 1900. This union resulted in five children:
Carrie (b. 1900), Robert (b. 1907) who had a son and two daughters, Isobel (b. 1912), Josephine
who was a nurse and died young, and Charles Edwin "Pat". In 1924 "Pat" married Jeane Anne
Winnifred McINTOSH and gave issue to 12 children.

from Bill Barone:
Winnie Hayden and Edith Hayden (Bills mother) went to visit Thomas in Port Hope and while at
the blacksmith shop they played in a sand box. The sand box was where Thomas had set up his
sand molds to be poured the next day. After that Winnie and Edith could not visit Thomas
together, they had to one at time.

Notes for Matilda Ada WALLACE

The Wallace family were Blacksmiths.

Children of Thomas HAYDEN and Matilda Ada WALLACE were as follows:

2 i Thomas F.2 HAYDEN, born 1858; died 6 Mar 1885. He married Matilda FERGUSON,and
she died 15 Apr 1883, daughter of William FERGUSON. Thomas died of TB 2 years after

+ 3 ii John Chancery2 HAYDEN, born 1860. He married Mary? And Mary Trick

4 iii Winnifred C.2 HAYDEN, born 1862; died 27 Feb 1886. unmarried

5 iv Caroline2 HAYDEN, born 1864; died 27 Feb 1892. unmarried

6 v Carrie2 HAYDEN, born 1864?; died FEB 27 1892 - See burial record.

+ 7 vi William Wallace2 HAYDEN born 3 Jun 1867 in Port Hope, Northumberland, Ontario,
Canada. He married Harriet Maud SAINSBURY.

8 vii Albert Ernest2 HAYDEN, born 1871; died 7 Aug 1871 in Port Hope, Northumberland
County, Ontario, Canada.

9 viii Mary Elizabeth2 HAYDEN, born (2) 27 Jan 1873 in Port Hope, Northumberland County,
Ontario, Canada; died 23 Jun 1952.

+ 10 ix Reginald Ulyses2 HAYDEN, born Mar 1875. He married Linda SHORTT.

+ 11 x Charles Albert2 HAYDEN, born 8 Jun 1877. He married (1) Elizabeth Agnes
CAMPION. They had 2 sons Sherwood and Reginald.He married (2) Winnifred Ellen
HARPER They had 2 daughters Ivy and Mary

+ 12 xi Sherwood Arthur2 HAYDEN, born 1881. He married Kate Maud (---).

                                       Generation 2
3. John Chancery2 HAYDEN (Thomas1), born 1860; died 14 Dec 1952.

Notes for John Chancery HAYDEN

Children of John Chancery HAYDEN were as follows:

13 i Sherwood3 HAYDEN

14 ii Marion3 HAYDEN

7. William Wallace2 HAYDEN (Thomas1), born 3 Jun 1867 in Port Hope, Northumberland,
Ontario, Canada; died 5 Sep 1962 in Oakland, Alameda, CA, USA. He married Harriet Maud
SAINSBURY, born 12 May 1868 in Canada; died 16 Nov 1923, daughter of Grandpa

Notes for William Wallace HAYDEN)

William Wallace Hayden 3304 Farnum Ave, Oakland, CA

Moved to Buffalo Had a drug store in Buffalo, NY, HAYDENS Drug Store.

Moved to California in September 1924. He had a drug store in Uplands, CA

Moved to Oakland, CA in . Worked for Guys Drug Store as a Pharmacist. Retired there in .

above from Harry Hall

Children of William Wallace HAYDEN (PaPa) and Harriet Maud SAINSBURY were as

15 i Wininfred Catherine3 HAYDEN, born 15 May 1888.

16 ii Charity Maud3 HAYDEN, born 13 Nov 1889; died 23 May 1974 in Oakland, , CA, USA.
from Harry Hall: Aunt Cherrie made vinegar tarts and prune coffee cake every Christmas. It
depended on who got there first, my brother Bill or me how many tarts where left for the other.

+ 17 iii Edith Garder (Marie)3 HAYDEN, born 21 Jun 1894. She married Peter BARONE.
18 iv William Wallace3 HAYDEN (Jr.), born 29 May 1897.

+ 19 v Thomas Aubrey3 HAYDEN, born 4 Jun 1902. He married Ethel (---).

+ 20 vi Mildred Adelaide3 HAYDEN, born 18 Sep 1905 in Procter, Niagara, NY, USA. She
married Harry Ferguson (Tad) HALL (Sr.).

10. Reginald Ulyses2 HAYDEN (Thomas1), born Mar 1875; died 23 Apr 1952. He married on 1
Jan 1900 in Hastings, Linda SHORTT, born 2 Jul 1876; died 27 Aug 1948.

Notes for Reginald Ulyses HAYDEN

In October of 1898, Reginald was badly injured after being thrown from an early motorcycle, or
bike, of that time, while speeding fast on his way to Orillia, on his father's business. -He was
knocked unconscious by the all, and lay for a week in that condition. -As it turns out, he was
lucky since he hit his side and not his head, or he might have had a more serious injury. -He was
paralyzed on his left side partially, but recovered later on. A farmer, Mr. Kendall ,seeing him
injured took Reginald to his home, looking after him the whole week, and telegraphed the family
in Port Hope as well . -Reg's brother, Charles went to pick him up later.

Children of Reginald Ulyses HAYDEN and Linda SHORTT were as follows:

21 i Carrie3 HAYDEN, born 16 Dec 1900.

+ 22 ii Charles Edwin3 HAYDEN (Pat), born 25 Jan 1904. He married (1) Jean Anne
Winnifred Mcintosh.

+ 23 iii Robert3 HAYDEN, born Jan 1907. He married unknown.

24 iv Isobel3 HAYDEN, born 2 Apr 1912. Isobel was one of the first women to work on the
Toronto stock exchange many years ago

25 v Josephine3 HAYDEN Josephine was a nurse. She died young.

11. Charles Albert2 HAYDEN (Thomas1), born 8 Jun 1877; died 27 Mar 1957. He married (1)
Elizabeth Agnes CAMPION, born in Marmora, Hasting County, Ontario; died 1932 in Calgary,
Alberta. He married (2) on 7 Aug 1909 in Calgary Alberta, Winnifred Ellen SELF.

Notes for Charles Albert HAYDEN

Bessie, his first wife was born in Mamaora, Hastings County.
He lived in Vernon B.C where he married his second wife. Charles had a second wife named
Ellen (Self)!-They had 2 daughters, Ivy and Mary.

Charles Albert was the news editor of the Calgary News Telegram 1918, and later he was
Managing editor of the Calgary Herald.

Children of Charles Albert HAYDEN and Elizabeth Agnes CAMPION were as follows:

26 i Reginald3 HAYDEN

27 ii Sherwood3 HAYDEN

Children of Charles Albert HAYDEN and Winnifred Ellen SELF were as follows:

28 i Ivy3 HAYDEN

29 ii Mary3 HAYDEN

12. Sherwood Arthur2 HAYDEN (Thomas1), born 1881; died 28 Aug 1951. He married Kate
Maud (---), died 28 Sep 1984.

Notes for Kate Maud (---)

 Obit : HAYDEN, KATE MAUD - At Alax Hospital, on Friday September 28, 1984. Kate, aged
104 years. Beloved wife of the late Sherwood Hayden (Babe). Loving mother of Winnifred and
her husband George and the late Thomas. Grandmother of Mary Jo Pettigrew, the Rev. Cannon
Dennis Hayden, Sharon (Mrs. J. Wilson), Great Grandmother of Douglas and Mary Lou
Pettigrew, (Mrs. J Bird) Sylvia, Richard, Warren and Tanya Hayden, Carey and Trevor Wilson.
Friends may call from 7-9 p.m. Sunday at the R.S. Kane Funeral Home, (4812 Yonge St. at
Sheppard Subway Station). Service in the Chapel monday 11 a.m.. Interment Port Hope Union
Cemetery upon arrival of motors approximately 2 p.m.

Children of Sherwood Arthur HAYDEN and Kate Maud (---) were as follows:

30 i Winnifred3 HAYDEN

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