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Dear colleagues and friends,
2005 is an important year for the
FDI in many ways. Above all,
whether it is symbolic or real, it is a
                                                                                              Friends of the FDI ........................2
year that enables us to recognise our
achievements of the past and move
                                                                                              Tobacco or Oral Health ................2
forward at a steady pace.
Throughout the FDI’s 105 year                                                                 Meeting with
history the organisation has made                                                             Director-General Dr Lee ..............2
many outstanding achievements that
all who have been involved can be                                                             Continuing Education
rightly proud of. Some of those are                                                           programme 2006 ........................2
mentioned further along in this issue
of the Communiqué in the                                                                      10th Anniversary of WHO
recollections of Past President Dr                                                            Collaborating Centre ....................3
Ruperto Gonzalez-Giralda, Spain.               confident that with her commitment,
Should someone ask what we have done           resolve and passion she will raise the FDI     FDI Mission Statements and the
for the FDI and the advancement of Global      to the next level of growth.                   role played by the Canadian
Oral Health, I believe we can confidently      This is my last President’s message since I    Dental Association ........................3
say that among other things we have            will leave as President in Montréal.
worked together, as a team, to plan for the                                                   Montreal Congress........................4
future and lay the foundations that we         I want to thank my fellow councillors and
believe will further develop the role and      especially the President Elect for having      Obituary ......................................4
status of the FDI and as an extension to       supported me during the two years of my
the advancement of Global Oral Health.         Presidential term and also to re-affirm that
                                               we have been able to move forward with
We have during the last couple of years        our collective wisdom and a common goal
focused our activities and efforts on global   - as a team - in the best interest of the
oral health development projects through       FDI. Furthermore I would like to thank the
the World Dental Development & Public          Executive Director JT Barnard, the
Health Committee and through continuing        managers and all the staff at the Head
education. We are constantly improving         Office in Ferney-Voltaire for all their hard
the Scientific Programme at the Annual         work and commitment to the FDI. Their
World Dental Congresses and expanding          help has been invaluable to me.
the Continuing Education Programme.
                                               Sincerely yours,
Furthermore we have increased our
collaboration with the WHO and our aim
is to support governments in the
development and implementation of                                                       
policies that address oral health and
highlight the link between oral and general
As I pass on the baton of the FDI                       Dr. Heung-Ryul Yoon
                                                              President                                        Sponsored by
Presidency to my successor, colleague and
friend Dr Michèle Aerden, I am absolutely            FDI World Dental Federation
                                                                                                          4/2005                             Page 2

FRIENDS OF THE FDI                                Congress so, please, check for more             During the past two years Dr Lee
                                                  information on the web site within              has shown his commitment to oral
                                                  approximately six weeks and also in             health matters and his support to the
                                                  Montréal of course!                             FDI in a very tangible manner - by
                                                                                                  giving up his most valuable time to
                                                  TOBACCO OR ORAL HEALTH                          meet with FDI representatives.

Many individuals have indicated their
desire to belong to the FDI and be
involved in its activities in a closer
way than is presently possible. A
further purpose of the Friends of the
FDI is to provide interested
individuals from the dental
community a means by which they
can contribute to the development                                                                 WHO Director General JW Lee, FDI President Dr H-L Yoon,
                                                                                                  Dr Brian Mouatt, chairman of the WDD & PH Committee,
of dentistry and oral health – and be                                                                 members of the committee and Head Office staff.
kept informed of how their                        This advocacy guide for oral health
donations are being utilised.                     professionals has been developed                On open letter was officially handed over
So who can join? Friends of the FDI is            jointly by the FDI and the WHO and              to Dr Lee and in this letter the FDI
open to dentists, dental auxiliaries,             it was launched on World No                     welcomes the newly established WHO
stakeholders from the dental trade and            Tobacco Day 31 May.                             Commission on Social Determinants of
industry as well as to anybody else                                                               Health and expresses its hope for
interested in being a part of the activities of   The guide provides tobacco facts, highlights    recognition and consideration of oral health.
the FDI.                                          the involvement of the FDI and the WHO
                                                  in tobacco control initiatives, discusses the   In his address to the Committee Dr Lee
When you become a member of the                   role of dentists and other oral health          recognised the important link between oral
Friends of the FDI you will be able to            professionals in tobacco control, examines      and general health and expresses his
contribute to FDI’s oral health                   the role of advocacy, and provides a            distress about the lack of affordable and
development projects in developing                number of wide ranging recommendations          appropriate oral health services in many
countries and underserved populations             to move the tobacco control agenda              countries and deprived communities.
while receiving a series of benefits and          forward. One copy of the guide was sent a       "WHO can count on the expanded
opportunities for involvement in FDI              month ago to all regular members.               workforce of 3 million oral health
activities. It is guaranteed that 40 % of each                                                    professionals, led by a million dentists, to
membership will be donated to the World           The guide is also available for downloading     address the growing disparities in health and
Development Fund. Everyone will have the          (English only) from the web site:               oral health status" said Dr Brian Mouatt,
opportunity to make further donations to                   Chairman of the WDDHPC on the
the Fund.                                         public_health/assets/Tobacco/                   occasion.
As a member you will receive the                                                                  We are grateful for the wonderful
International Dental Journal (6 issues per        MEETING WITH WHO DIRECTOR-                      opportunities that we have had since
year), Developing Dentistry (2 issues per         GENERAL DR LEE                                  Dr Lee’s appointment to meet with him
year) and the Ferney Communiqué                                                                   and to share matters relating to oral health
Newsletter (6 e-issues per year) and 10 %         During May this year the World                  with him. Credit for this should go to
off all items sold at the FDI Pavilion during     Dental Development and Health                   FDI President Dr Yoon, for coordinating
the Annual World Dental Congress.                 Promotion Committee had the                     these meetings.
                                                  privilege of enjoying breakfast with
Friends of the FDI will be launched in late       WHO Director General, Dr JW Lee.
August around the time of the Montréal
                                                                                                    4/2005                      Page 3

CONTINUING EDUCATION                            10th ANNIVERSARY OF WHO                      FDI’S MISSION STATEMENT AND
PROGRAMME 2006                                  COLLABORATING CENTRE                         THE ROLE PLAYED BY THE
                                                The WHO Collaborating Centre for             CANADIAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION
                                                Oral Health Care Planning and                The Head Office has received a
                                                Future Scenarios, which is part of           letter from Past President Dr
                                                the College of Dental Science in             Ruperto Gonzalez-Giralda - Spain,
                                                Nijmegen, the Netherlands, will              on the significant role played by the
                                                celebrate its 10th Anniversary on 23         Canadian Dental Association in the
                                                September. A seminar Inequalities in         initial stages of the elaboration of the
                                                Oral Health: Tools that make a               Mission Statement which was
                                                Difference will be organised in              approved in 1991. The following is a
                                                conjunction with the celebrations. It        shortened version of Dr Gonzalez-
                                                will bring together key players in           Giralda’s recollections.
                                                global oral health policy, research
                                                and practice. Among the speakers             A Task Force that, under Dr J. Bomba,
                                                are: Dr Habib Benzian, FDI                   USA, had analysed the structure and
                                                Development & Public Health                  function of the FDI presented its report to
                                                                                             the General Assembly in Buenos Aires in
                                                Manager and Prof Wim van
                                                                                             1987 and it was well received. So well that
The 2006 Continuing Education                   Palenstein Helderman, member of
                                                                                             the President, Dr Carlton Williams, USA,
Programme is now printed and will               the FDI World Dental Development             and Treasurer, Dr William Thompson,
be included in the congress bags in             & Health Promotion Committee.                Canada felt that the time had come to take
Montréal, the majority of the                                                                another leap forward. It was decided to
programmes are in English If you are                                                         move forward with a position document
not attending the congress, please,                                                          and the development of a Corporate
contact the Head Office,                                                                     Strategy for the FDI. Work on this project and we will                                                           was carried out by a small group in 1988
send you a copy. The information                                                             and 1989 and thanks to the hospitality of
                                                                                             the Canadian Dental Association, its
on each programme can also be
                                                                                             President Dr J.W. Niedermayer, its
found on the website.                                                                        Executive Director Mr Jardine Neilson and
The provision of continuing dental                                                           the generous sponsorship of Elida
education is an activity through which the                                                   Gibbs/Unilever UK a three day meeting
FDI promotes oral health worldwide and                                                       could be held at the CDA Head Office in
supports our members and dentists all over                                                   Ottawa. A draft document "Mission
the world. This is done through the                                                          Statement" was developed and presented
Scientific Programme at the Annual World                                                     at the General Assembly in 1989.
Dental Congresses and also through the                                                       And in 1990 the final version was presented
CE-Programmes. The 2006 programme                                                            to the General Assembly by President Dr C
includes programmes in Africa for the first                                                  Ross and Executive Director PÅ Zillen. It
time; both in French and English.                                                            was unanimously approved by a special
The FDI is rightfully proud of the continuing                                                session of the General Assembly. After this,
education programmes. In 2006 the FDI                                                        the Executive Committee was empowered
will be involved in a CE programme                                                           to develop an "Action Plan" which would
                                                The provision of continuing dental           provide activity to what, up to that moment
somewhere in the world on average every         education is an activity through which the
16th day of the year. The calendar for the                                                   had only been a semantic discussion. After a
                                                FDI promotes oral health worldwide and       lot of work by all involved the Action Plan
programmes can be found on:                     supports our members and dentists all over                                                   was presented and approved in Milan in
                                                the world. This is done through the          1991.
0calendar.html                                  Scientific Programme at the Annual World
                                                Dental Congresses and also through the       The overall transition that took place within
                                                CE-Programmes. The 2006 programme            the FDI in approximately two years made it
                                                                                             a modern, international organisation better
                                                                                                                       4/2005                    Page 4

able to serve its members and with far               issue. The associated problems of                        Thursday 25th August from 08.30-10.30 in
better relations with the dental industry and        international licensure, immigration issues,             room 525 A. This meeting is open to
other stakeholders.                                  and the present shortage of dental                       invited representatives only.
                                                     manpower will be discussed.
All of this was possible thanks to the                                                                        Public Health Section: Saturday 27th August
generosity and hospitality of among others           Each presentation takes 35 minutes with                  from 10.00-12.00 in room 521 A
the Canadian Dental Association which                10 minutes discussion.
offered the FDI resources that it did not                                                                     OBITUARY
have on its own at the time.                         Erratum – Business meetings

MONTREAL CONGRESS                                    Please note that there have been slight
                                                     changes with regard to the following
Hotels                                               meetings; meetings in bold are open to all
                                                     interested. The erratum will be included in
If you have not already booked your
                                                     the Parliament booklets as well:
accommodation we urge you to do it as
soon as possible. A couple of the hotels are         Page 9:
already sold out but please contact                  The Education Committee 3 will be held
Tourisme Montréal directly for up to date            on Friday 26th August from 09.00 to 12.00
information: reservation@tourisme-                   in Room 521 A. or fax: +1 514 844-6771
or book on line: www.tourisme-                       Page 10-11:                         Science Committee Workshops
                                                                                                              Dr Richard Mascola, member of the
Dental Educators Session,                            Oral Health and General Health will take                 FDI Council and the FDI Finance
24 August                                            place on Saturday 27th August from                       Committee passed away 28 May, at
                                                     09.00-12.00 in room 525 A                                the age of 68, six-months after being
Dental Education: Future Challenges -                                                                         diagnosed with cancer.
Present Solutions                                    Page 16:
                                                     PAHO/CDO (Pan American Health                            Dr Mascola was a past ADA President and
1. Local and Global Dental Education –               Organisation/Chief Dental Officers)                      fought for the rights of dentists in the USA
   Johann DeVries, Canada                            meeting will be held from 08.30 to 12.45                 to practice without third-party intrusion and
                                                     and from 14.15 to 17.15 in Room 519 A.                   he was also a strong advocate for the
This introductory session will discuss the
Canadian experience in dental education.                                                                      private practice of dentistry.
                                                     Page 22:
It will be reviewed in the context of the            IDM (International Dental Manufacturers)                 After earning a bachelor’s degree in 1958
recent advances which have occurred in               Board Meeting will be held on Thursday                   Dr Mascola served as a U.S. navy pilot until
dental education globally. Future challenges         25th August from 14.15-to 17.15 in Room                  1963. He received his dental degree in
in dental education will also be addressed.          525 A.                                                   1968 from New York University’s College
2. Harmonisation in Dental Education -                                                                        of Dentistry, where he went on to
                                                     Page 22:
   John Clarkson, Ireland                                                                                     complete graduate studies in
                                                     IDM General Assembly will be held on
                                                                                                              prosthodontics. Dr Mascola got involved in
                                                     Friday 26th August from 08.00 to 12.00 in
This presentation will focus on the                                                                           organised dentistry early in his career
                                                     Room 525 A.
challenge of obtaining harmonisation in the                                                                   holding a number of posts with the
training of dental practitioners within              Page 23:                                                 Queens County Dental Society and the
European countries. It will describe the             Women Dentists Worldwide                                 New York State Dental Association before
recent experiences in Europe resulting from                                                                   serving as ADA President in 1999 – 2000.
the DentEd Thematic Network Project and              Monique Michaud will be replaced by
the progress made.                                   Marcia Boyd, Canada. Her title is                        Dr Mascola was a highly respected
                                                     "Dentistry? A Fabulous Career!"                          member of the FDI Council and the
3. Accreditation Update – Raman Bedi, UK                                                                      Finance Committee who spoke well and
                                                     Newly announced meetings:                                was always clear – and sometimes tough –
This final presentation aims to examine the                                                                   when taking a standpoint. He will be
process of accreditation in dental education         International Federation of Dental Education             greatly missed by all of us who were
and seeks to find solutions to this complex          Associations: Special Session will be held on            fortunate enough to know him.

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