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									                                   Zeta Omicron
                                   Alumnae News
                                April 2003 Issue – Happy Easter!!!

                                              DG in TO
             By: Mary Kalanda, AG-Toronto, on behalf of the Toronto alumnae association

Delta Gamma’s first Canadian chapter, Alpha Gamma, was installed at the University of Toronto in 1913.
Although Alpha Gamma chapter no longer exists, DGs in the Toronto area have continued to meet in the name
of Delta Gamma. In honour of the Toronto alumnae association’s 90th Founder’s Day, a special luncheon is
being held at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club and we are inviting all Delta Gammas in southern Ontario to join
us. Many DGs already participate in the alumnae association, but a few women have lost touched with us. Some
DGs have also recently moved to the Toronto area and have not yet had the opportunity to get to know us.
                   According to the master directory from Executive Offices, the Toronto alumnae association
                     has women who were initiated in 1925, 1929, 1932 and nearly every year thereafter right
                      through to 2000. Members come from approximately twenty-five different Delta
                       Gamma chapters throughout North America.
                        Please join us for this year’s Founders Day Lunch at the Royal Canadian Yacht
                        Club on Saturday, May 24, 2003 at 12:00 p.m. for the 1:00 p.m. luncheon. Kim
                       Papa, the President of the New York City alumnae association will be the guest
                      speaker. Please see the Founder’s Day invitation or contact Jane Humphrey at (416) 413-
                    4999 for further details.
Join us to renew old friendships and meet new members. Updates will be given about the Delta Gamma Gallery
at the University of Toronto Art Centre, the Delta Gamma sponsored computer lab at CNIB, the two guide dogs
sponsored through Canine Vision and the High Park Forest School for visually impaired children. Also, you
will have the opportunity to meet the collegians of Zeta Omicron-Wilfrid Laurier and perhaps you may like to
become involved with their chapter as an adviser. We hope to see you for Founder’s Day!

                Sisters touch your heart in ways no other could.
    Sisters share... their hopes, their fears, their love, everything they have.
                Real friendship springs from their special bonds.
                                            ~ Carrie Bagwell ~

    Do you have any questions, concerns or comments? Contact Kristi Edwards, director of alumnae
                 relations at or at (519) 884-0710 ext. 3434.
                                         A Night at the Oscars
                                 By: Chrystal Erwin, director of social events

                                                On Saturday, March 22, 2003 the sisters of Zeta Omicron-
                                                Wilfrid Laurier were at the 2003 Oscars. There were some lovely
                                                ladies in beautiful dresses parading down the red carpet that
                                                evening, the best I have seen in years! The theme for the evening
                                                was the Oscars and the Walper Terrace Hotel was transformed
                                                into our own Hollywood. There was a specific actor and movie
                                                assigned to each table, such as James Dean and “A Rebel
                                                Without a Cause.” We had our very own “Walk of Fame” with
                                                stars featuring the handprints and signatures of all ZO’s senior
                                                members. There was a red carpet at the entrance to the Dining
                                                Room and director’s chairs for taking pictures.

     Kate Walsh and Erin Harris in the       The night started off with a wonderful speech from Mary-Beth
      director’s chairs at the Formal        Fraser, president. She talked about the success of the chapter
                                             over the past term and paid tribute to ZO’s wonderful members.
The dinner was scrumptious; there was a Boston bibb salad, roasted chicken in white wine, followed by sorbet
and fresh fruit.

The highlight of the evening was the awards, which all of the sisters accepted gracefully. The following is a list
of award winners:
Amber Foucault – Most Dedicated Sister
Courtney Hayward – Most Outstanding CMT Member
Catherine Jutzi’02 – Golden Anchor Award for most active alumna
Lindsay Markle – Most Outstanding Senior
Christine Cameron – Do Good Award, for service and foundation involvement
Jen Sloane – Highest GPA
Kerrie Skillen’01 accepted a new award, called the Tau Delta Eta Award, given to the most dedicated advisor.

The New Member awards went to:
Amber Foucault and Shannon Moyer – Big Sister/Little Sister
Meaghan Macdonell – Highest Academic Standing
Lyndsey Jones – Sisterhood
Maria Arbelo – Most Dedicated Sister

The new Anchorman for the upcoming year is Michael Boshart, who was in the bathroom just before he was
about to be announced. One must remember this is live television and we cannot always have things work our
way, so Mike had to go to the bathroom after accepting his new position. The seniors also presented a beautiful
slide show; a shout out to all of the graduating seniors - You will be missed, but not forgotten because all of you
are in our hearts forever.

The night really got started when Sweet Caroline came on and all the sisters danced like there was no tomorrow.
The dancing continued late into the night and everyone had a great time. All in all, the night was a huge success.

Thank you to all of the alumnae who attended the event. It was a pleasure to have you share this special
celebration with us. Thank you to all of the people who helped to make the night possible; I do not know what I
would have done without you.
                                       Zeta Omicron in Brief

ZO Fundraiser
Marcy Drohan, vp: Foundation organized a chocolate bar fundraiser for ZO. Marcy was able to get the
chocolate bars at cost through her job at Shopper’s Drug Mart. Several favourites, like Kit Kat, Glosette
Raisins, Hershey bars, Caramilk, Mr. Big, Snicker and Mars were sold over a two-week period. ZO raised
approximately $300.00!
DGs Attain Numerous Leadership Positions
The WLU Students’ Union will have several DGs in leadership roles next year. Lyndsey Jones will be Vice
Chair of the Board of Directors and will sit on the student executive. Jennifer Coulter is the Charity Ball
executive responsible for Corporate Sponsorship. Meaghan MacDonnell will be the Laurier Students For
Literacy (LSFL) Coordinator and Chrystal Erwin will be the LSFL executive responsible for Saturday circles.
Courtney Hayward is the External Liaison executive position for the Hiring Committee. Katie O’Hara is
Recruitment Committee Coordinator and Amber Foucault is the Recruitment Committee executive in charge
of Marketing & Promotions. Jennifer Sloane is the Shinerama Public Relations Executive
DGs Going on Exchange
Jennifer Sloane and Kristi Edwards were accepted into exchange programs
offered through Laurier International. Jen will be studying at the University of
Canberra in Australia during the 2004 winter term and Kristi will be studying in
Japan at Kansai Gaidai University. Both are very excited about their upcoming
Getting Married!
Houri Tatarian recently got engaged to her boyfriend Chris Guldjian. The wedding will be on September 21,
2003 in California. Houri will be completing her degree at a university in California.

                                  What ZO Alumnae are up to?

Wedding Bells
   Alison Groves’01 and Matt Pearson are getting married on June
     21, 2003. Matt is a former Anchorman and has been dating Alison
     for several years. Alison is currently completing her Master's in
     Community Psychology at WLU and is hoping to be finished in
     May. The wedding will be in Matt and Alison’s hometown of
     Peterborough. Their honeymoon will be in Montreal and the
Wet Diapers
   Teena Cherian John’03 is expecting her first child in August.             Alison Groves and Matt Pearson
      Teena is planning to live in Canada for a few months after the
      baby is born and then she will be moving to the United States where her husband, Abie is completing his
      medical degree.

Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
    Ellen Flood Heiman’92 is the founder and owner of “The Ontario Nail Institute.” After graduation
      Ellen worked for awhile and then decided to open her own business. TONI distributes nail products and
      trains individuals in nail aesthetics and also offers a wide variety of nail services.

Is there anything new going on in your life? Please let me know ( so I can
include you in the “What ZO Alumnae are up to” section of the newsletter.
                                The Future Plans of ZO Seniors
Zeta Omicron has eighteen seniors graduating this year.
Each of them has been actively involved in the chapter and
ZO greatly appreciates their time and dedication. We wish
each of you the best as you move into a new stage in your
life; you will be greatly missed. The following describes
what a few of the seniors will be doing over the next year.

In September, Christine Cameron will be attending
Centennial College for a postgraduate program in
Corporate Communications. She still plans to work in New
York after completing college. This summer she will be
relaxing in Peterborough with her family.

After finishing up her final year, Julie Colter will be working at the Collingwood YMCA. She will begin the
summer camp program at the end of June with children ages 3-5 years. Julie will be living in Wasaga Beach
with her parents. In September, she plans to move in with friends and pursue several educational opportunities.

Right now, Julie Donaldson has no specific plans for the year to come. Her two possibilities are entering the
working force or continuing further studies and she has yet to decide which she will pursue.

Lindsay Markle will be working in the Human Resources department at Laurier over the summer. In
September, she will be moving to Ireland to work and travel with her boyfriend, Ben Durrer.

Kerri O’Neill and Hilda Shirdel will be off to Europe for the month of May celebrating Kerri’s 23rd birthday
in Paris. Together they will visit France, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Germany and Spain, returning for Convocation
in June. Kerri will start a new job working for the Provincial government doing consulting for the Workplace
Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). Hilda will be attending Teachers College at Queen’s University for the
primary/junior level.

In the summer, Alisha Powell will be returning to her job at the golf course to make money and hang out with
friends. In September, she will be attending Teachers College at Western, her #1 choice. Alisha was accepted
into the intermediate/senior biology program with biology as her first teachable and chemistry as her second.

Carly Scarfone has no definite plans for next year. So far, she has her job at Zellers and was asked to return to
the City of Hamilton. She is also looking at a Marketing co-op program at Mohawk for the winter. She is going
home to Hamilton to live with her parents, but is looking forward to some quiet time as both her brother and
sister are going away to school in the fall.

Hera Shafer is very excited to be attending Teachers College at Brock University. She will be living in K-W
and will commute to the Hamilton campus. If all goes well she will be able to do her third placement in K-W.
This summer she will be working two jobs to pay for school. She also has the responsibility of tending to the
needs of Robert (her boyfriend). Even as an adult he still needs someone to take care of him!

Jenna Smith, Kim Keleher and Midnight (kitty cat) are moving to downtown Kitchener in the fall, so that
they can get out of student housing! Jenna has applied to the Master of Social Work Program at
Laurier, however, she does not find out if she was accepted until May. She hopes to get accepted
and start the two-year program, but if for some reason she does not, she plans to work for a
year and reapply. Social work what she wants to do, so she will keep applying until they accept
her! Kim will be attending Conestoga College next year, where she will be taking a post-
graduate diploma in environmental engineering.

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