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Microsoft® Office Live Meeting 2007


									                             Microsoft® Office Live Meeting 2007
                             Standard vs. Professional Comparison Guide

                                                                                        Live Meeting                 Live Meeting
                                                                                        2007 Standard                2007 Professional
                             CONNECTED ORGANIZATIONS
                             Host collaborative meetings quickly and cost-effectively
                             Streamlined user experience                                            X                               X
1800 468 225
+61 2 8295 9000              Consistent user experience for Live Meeting Web
                                                                                                    X                               X
                             Access users
10800 650 0155               Single meeting client for on-premise and hosted
                                                                                                    X                               X
+852 3073 0418               conferencing

                             Interactive whiteboard and annotation tools                            X                               X
Hong Kong
800 901 603
                             Shared notes pane                                                      X                               X
+852 3073 0418
                             Trained distributed employees and partners and conduct events that scale to support
India                        large audiences
000 800 650 1158
+61 2 8295 9000              Per Meeting Capacity                                                   15                            1250

                             Conferencing Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook                       X                               X
0120 941 635                 Event and class registration*                                                                          X
+81 3 3589 1381
                             Pre-meeting handouts*                                                                                  X
Malaysia                     Public events page*                                                                                    X
1800 801 191
+65 6415 3698                Advanced testing and grading*                                                                          X

                             High fidelity recordings                                               X                               X
New Zealand
                             Shared recordings                                                                                      X
0800 443 589
+61 2 8295 9000              Personal recordings                                                    X                               X

                             Microsoft Event services                                               X                               X
1800 468 2255                Meeting reports                                                        X                               X
+65 6415 3698
                             Meeting content storage and management tools                           X                               X
                             Live Meeting APIs                                                      X                               X

                             ENGAGED ATTENDEES

                             Keep attendees engaged with an integrated rich media and conferencing experience

                             Rich media presentations                                               X                               X

                             Microsoft and the Microsoft Office Logo are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in
                             the United States and/or other countries.
                                                     Live Meeting     Live Meeting
                                                     2007 Standard    2007 Professional
Live webcam video                                          X                      X

Integrated media experience                                X                      X

Integrated PowerPoint viewer                               X                      X

Drag and drop upload to view a wide range of
                                                           X                      X
document file types

Make meetings more interactive with two-way multi-party video and audio experience

Panoramic video by Microsoft Office RoundTable             X                      X

Multi-party two-way VoIP audio*                            X                      X

PSTN and VoIP audio integration*                           X                      X

Audio conference call controls                             X                      X

Speaker indicator                                          X                      X

Handout distribution                                       X                      X

Virtual Breakout Rooms*                                                           X

Redeploy IT resources on other business-critical projects

First-class end-user support included with service         X                      X

Automatic client installation and upgrade                  X                      X

Intranet Portal to simplify rollout*                       X                      X

Depend on a reliable service with a proven track-record

Certified data centers                                     X                      X

Security Enhanced communication                            X                      X

Virus Scanning by Microsoft Forefront
                                                           X                      X

*Option available only on branded customer sites. VoIP functionality only available in
Japan and India

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