RFID LiB library system

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					RFID LiB library system

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             System presentation

 Quality                 Added
guarantee                 value

                                      • Who is the RFID LiB
       Satisfaction of                  system for?
                                      • Which are the
         and users
                                        advantages of the
                                      • What are the
        High service                    characteristics of the
                                        RFID system?

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        System characteristics

• Implementation of the SIP2 protocol
• Complete implementation of the danish
  RFID data model for libraries
• System modularity
• Adaptability to users

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             Libraries in Slovenia

• Market potential
  – 354 libraries in the COBISS system (national lib.,
    university lib., general lib., specialized lib., school
  – Bibliographical database has 3.200.000 entries
• RFID competitors
  – Bibliotheca
  – 3M
  – Codeco

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           Libraries in Polland

• Market potential
  – Since 1996 the library system is INNOPAC
    (integrated library system of Innovative
  – The national bibliographical database has about
    1.200.000 entries
• RFID in Polish libraries is not yet in use!
                An opportunity for DATASCAN!

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          Cooperation model

• Datascan provides
  – High service response
  – Installation of quality components
  – Mechanical equipment maintenance
• LiB provides
  – compatibility with other library systems
  – adaptability to users
  – Software maintenance

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      Agency opportunity for LiB

• DataScan
  – Profit from the sale of mechanical equipment
  – Profit from the sale of LiB sfotware
• Expenses
  – LiB software License(LiB-Station, LiB-
    Circulation, LiB-Security)

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Thank you for your attention!

            Jožica Heric
         Datascan Maribor

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