Rotary District 7040 by lifemate


									                                    Rotary District 7040
                                  District Council Meeting

                                   September 16, 2006
                     Quality Inn, 10 West Orvis Street, Massena, NY


Present (voting members): DG Linda Bradley, DGE Edmond Lanthier, PDG Greg Campbell,
PDG Bob French, PDG Carter Montross, AG Peter Neville, AG Neil LaBrake.

Regrets: PDG Bill Hodges, AG Mary Ellen Morris.
  Present (non voting members): DGN Peter Bashaw, Treasurer Ariane Carriere, Secretary Fran
Hepworth, PDG Bette Miller, PDG Clive Talbot, AG Jonathan Allen, AG Fred Richmond, AG
Bill Robinson, Katie Burke, Pat Brown, Susan Diening, Kevin Laplante,
Regrets: AG John Hutton, AG Bob Hanna, AG Arnold Lawrence, AG Michel Wong Kee Song,
Bernie Allard, AG Bahjat Ashkar, AG Peter Neville, Eva Hammond, Bruce O‟Callaghan, Dean

Meeting called to order: The meeting was called to order by District Governor, Linda Bradley
at 9:03 AM followed by a round the table introduction of those present.

Agenda: Modified to eliminate “Ethics”

Adoption of the Minutes of the Council Meeting of May 20, 2006:

Moved by: Greg Campbell and Seconded by: Bob French. Accepted

Business arising from the Minutes:
Data Base – Rob Scaife: See attached Report.
Kevin Laplante pointed out that Youth Exchange is now on the web site.
Virtual Office – Linda Bradley: Qualifications have been written. See attached. Discussions
ensued of the necessity for the candidate to be bilingual and of the expenses for the candidate to
travel with the DG.
Greg suggested that Conference Committee members travel to the District Conference with DG
as opposed to the Virtual Office candidate. It was approved to hire the Virtual Office person but
not to include travel mileage expenses.
Ariane suggested that the person should have access to translation services and should be hired as
a consultant and not as an employee.
Bilingualism is desirable for the V.O. person but not essential.
The V.O. person should start on Jan. 1, 2007 and would be remunerated $7,500 per year. He/She
would be asked to work with Edmond and assist on his biggest project, the District Directory.
Bob suggested that the District Chairs and Club Presidents be asked to help in verifying the

Page 2 – Minutes Sept. 16, 2006 (cont’d)
Youth Exchange – Kevin Laplante See attached report
Incorporation: Not incorporated yet. Will incorporate in NY and register in Ontario and
Sexual Abuse Policy: Not yet approved by RI because the termination of a person accused of
sexual abuse is not included in policy. RI already has the policy in place and our District must
follow suit. YE can have a different sexual abuse policy than the District. The sexual abuse
procedure for the YE is more stringent than the District.

Moved by: Greg Campbell and Seconded by: Peter Neville
That the procedure rewritten by the YE Committee be sent to the District Legislative Committee
for consideration to be added to the District Procedures.

YE must be certified by July 1, 2007. All clubs must be certified by Jan. 1, 2007 or the club will
not be allowed to participate in YE next year.
Carter suggested that we wait until approval of RI for the rewritten YE Procedures to be added to
the District Procedures.

Greg called for the question. The motion moved by Greg and seconded by Peter was approved

Montreal 2010 – Greg Campbell See attached Report
Conference to be held in Montreal with help from Winnipeg. RI has informed Committee that
there is a requirement to raise $ 500,000 and RI will contribute $ 100,000 of the required amount.
RI is to be the first recipient in total of any profits generated by the HOC before anyone else is re-
imbursed. Greg will personally go to the Northeast US and Eastern Canadian Districts for help
both personal and financial. John Eberhard has indicated he will be willing to help Greg. Greg
will also seek help from the Committee members, as well, he will approach the clubs at PETS for
financial help.
Financial Report – Ariane Carriere See attached written report (dated currently )
Insurance: Premiums have gone down because of negotiations with the insurance company.
Outstanding Dues:
Some clubs owe RI but Ariane does not know the amounts owing.
Ottawa Bytown has been terminated. Chateauguay was terminated and reinstated
Ariane recommended that the importance of paying club dues be stressed at PETS

Moved by: Greg Campbell and Seconded by: Peter Neville
That the $ 5,500.00AG travel budget be disbursed in accordance to the actual mileage reported by
the individual AG.Approved unanimously.

A final budget from last year will be presented at the District Conference, as well as an interim
budget for this year.
Membership - Greg Campbell See attached report
A presentation outline will be presented to clubs by members of the Committee after the District
Conference. A member from the Kingston area has just been added to the Committee to cover all
areas of the District. The Committee will present a list of at least 20 suggestions to the clubs to
improve membership Linda announced that French speaking clubs will be targeted to try to
improve the membership in Quebec. Edmond Lanthier will head this Committee.

Page 3 – Minutes Sept.16, 2006 (cont’d)
District Rotary Foundation – Clive Talbot No written report
Succession giving was outstanding - $153 K received representing 66% of all Rotarians only.
Linda received a request from Polio Plus for $2,000 from DDF. She explained that it was not a
good idea to reduce the money from DDF. It would be better to assess each member $1,00 more
in order to fill this request.

Moved by: Greg Campbell and Seconded by: Edmond Lanthier
That Linda find the $2,000 from other areas of the budget and not from the DDF.
Approved unanimously.

District Simplified Grants - 2004 - 2005: the report has not been fully reported
                                2005 – 2006: the report has been partially reported.
Bill Hodges has offered to complete the reports.
A Foundation Seminar will be held in Ottawa on November 11, 2006 in the morning followed by
an alumni lunch.
Peter Neville has brought to our attention the fact that it is difficult to convince new clubs who
have just started to contribute to the Foundation to continue to contribute because when they
apply for grants, the DDF does not have the money

Strategic Planning: Bill Robinson See attached report

Legislation – Bette Miller No written report
RLI: The cost is high for some clubs and participation is down. The question arises whether we
should be looking at other ways of presenting education to the clubs. Presentations to clubs
directly have been done and are well received. The cost is $30 and lunch is included.
Bo French has announced that a new way of preparing Rotarians is about to come into being
called RKIS (Rotary Knowledge Information Session). It is much less intimidating than RLI.

Moved by: Edmond Lanthier and Seconded by Peter Neville:
That we terminate immediately our association with RLI and replace it with RKIS at a much
lower cost and local in distribution.
Accepted by majority vote.

Linda suggested that the committee publish a pamphlet on RKIS to distribute to the clubs at the
District Conference.
District Training – Bob French See attached report
The Committee will convene at the District Conference to discuss further the invoicing to clubs
for PETS and the District Assembly.
WCS – Bette Miller See attached report
The committee will use the District web site to post notices of meetings and minutes of
Committee meetings.
CRCID will be discussed at the October 21, 2006 meeting.
Youth Exchange – Kevin Laplante See attached reports
Ariane has announced that she and Fred have terminated the Cross Country Tour due to problems
this year with liquor and a very unkind government audit. Personal liability is also one of the
major factors leading to their decision.
Interact – Dean Stanley See attached report read by Katie Burke
March 7-19, 2006 – Interact Mission to El Salvador. Application deadline Sept.30 and first
meeting Oct.28. Twelve students will be attending District Conference with 4 chaperones.
Page 4 – Minutes Sept. 16, 2006 (cont’d)
Rotaract – Pat Brown See attached report.
GSE – Katie Burke See attached report
Katie announced that her Committee will be looking for GSE team members to travel to Paraguay
and Argentina in May 2007. She is also looking for past GSE reports to put together in a “Hot
Pink Tub” to give to the next GSE team as a good reference for future exchanges.
Ambassadorial – Joan Heyland See attached report
Literacy – Susan Diening No written report
Susan‟s committee is working with 30 students in the District.
Rotary Friendship Exchange –Doug Bickerton See attached report
District Governor – Linda Bradley See attached report
District Governor Elect – Edmond Lanthier No written report.
Edmond attended the Zone training in Niagara Falls. He is planning to approach soon all of the
District Committees. The District Conference will be held at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel on
October 13, 14, and 15, 2007. He will be sending us soon a new e-mail address.
District Governor Elect – Peter Bashaw See attached report

The following Assistant Governor reports were received and are attached:
Quebec       Peter Neville
Ontario      Arnold Lawrence
             Mary Ellen Morris
             Fred Richmond
             Bill Robinson
New York Jonathan Allen
             Neil Labrake

Date of the next meeting: November 4, 2006

A motion to adjourn the meeting was presented by Edmond Lanthier.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:45P.M.
Ottawa Valley Rotary Clubs

Report by ADG Arnold Lawrence

         Last year all clubs were visited at least 4 times. In June, I spoke to the clubs on
the Top 10 Signs of an Effective Rotary Club. Each club member completed an
evaluation of how they viewed their club in relation to the indicator. The President-elects
collected the sheets to gather any relevant data/comments to help them in their planning
for this year. The activity seemed to be reasonably well received as I have been invited
back this year.
         The new North Renfrew Club is progressing well. Past District Governor Bob
French has worked diligently with club members to put together an effective leadership
team and budget. I look forward to working with them as they move forward into their
first full year of Rotary service to their community.
         I have visited 5 of the 7 clubs with Governor Linda Bradley and have been
impressed with the level of planning put into place to ensure an effective year. I believe
all clubs have strong or stronger leadership and will work effectively to strengthen
membership and help to “Lead the Way” in their perspective communities.
         Planning is underway to have a meeting of the local Presidents‟ Council the last
week in September to discuss items of mutual concern. Several of the clubs have
expressed a desire to create a closer bond between the different clubs by having joint
meetings, promoting each other‟s events and combined meetings.
         Family commitments prevent my attendance at this Council Meeting.
                                Assistant Governor Report
                                       Bill Robinson
                                    September 16, 2006

Club Classification System
• 48 clubs (75%) submitted both attendance data (YTD April 2006) and membership
   data (April 2006)
• The Median Club in our district has 30 members and 70% attendance
• We can classify clubs according to whether they are above or below the (30,70) levels

■       Relatively Strong Clubs: Membership>30, Attendance>70%

■       Relatively Weak Clubs: Membership<30, Attendance<70%

■       In-between Clubs: Missing in one of two measures

Club Status

 Club      Membership   Attendance   Rating   Comments

Bytown         16          68.4       ■       Not yet visited. DG visit scheduled for
                                              September 19.
                                              Challenge is to combat isolation. Invite to all
 Hull          39          65.2       ■       presidents council meetings. Help with next
                                              years conference?
                                              New meeting place, strong signature event,
               20           ?         ■       serious membership decline, attendance
Ottawa         76          66.9       ■       Missed DG visit

               29          66.0       ■       Exceptional fundraising

               18          59.0       ■       Energetic, strong signature event, great
                                              potential, attendance improving
               96          82.4       ■       A strong club

General Comments
 A strong group of presidents
 Presidents Council meetings are well attended
 Stronger clubs starting to help weaker clubs:
         o Ottawa Rotary Information Network in place (see next page)
         o Speakers Bureau starting up (Graeme Fraser – West Ottawa)
                           Ottawa Rotary Information Network
                Contact: Bill Robinson, 613-591-9366,

 Speaker                     Topic                   Phone                    E-mail
Clive Talbot    Foundation, Group Study           613-843-8201
                Exchange, matching grants,
Russ Hicks      Community service, Rotary         613-224-3440
                Community Corps, Increasing
Rob Scaife      Web site and e-mail network       613-823-4611

Glenn Flaten    WCS, matching grants, Rotary      613-237-3730

Jack            Membership Development,           613-722-5037
Troughton       Awards, Interact, Training, RLI

John Hutton     Club Leadership Plan              613-567-6002

Bill Robinson   Strategic planning, community     613-591-9366
                service, Interact, Role of
                Assistant Governors
Sue Kolar       Youth Exchange                    613-253-0672
Miriam                                            613-724-4773
Joan Heyland    Ambassadorial and World Peace     613-821-2505

Sue Fisher      Rotaract                          613-820-3723

Eva             Public Relations                  613-826-2743
                               Assistant District Governor Report
                                    District Council Meeting
                                       September 16, 2006

Let me begin, that due to a couple of family medical matters and my responsibility with them and
the nature of my professional work since the start of my ADG duties on July 1, 2006, my report is
going to be brief.

I kept DG Linda Bradley informed of my schedule and visits to the six clubs that I am responsible
for. I assisted where I was able with DG Linda‟s official visit to each club.

I have visited each of the six clubs, Alexandria Bay; Clayton; Gouverneur; Theresa; Watertown
Noon; Watertown Sunrise at least a couple of times but was only able to attend the DG visit to
Clayton; Alexandria Bay; Watertown Sunrise.

I have developed a very good rapport with the Presidents and some of the board members and
some of the other members in each of the six clubs.
Each club is different and I sense that each club has fun, have good plans for the year and so far
have been successful.

The one common comment is the cost of PETS; DISTRICT CONFERENCE
Not every club is able or may not be able to participate in all that Rotary offers in the Rotary year.
These clubs do a great job within their community tho and strive to participate more in the larger

These clubs feel that a larger membership along with being able to increase revenue perhaps
would enable the increase in participation.

The other clubs seem to be on target.

I am available anytime if further information is required. I will have a more detailed report for the
next District Council meeting.

Yours in Rotary,

                                      Jonathan C. Allen, ADG
                                   Report to District Council
                                     September 16, 2006

From Mary Ellen Morris
ADG for the Rotary Clubs of:

Cornwall Sunrise
1000 Islands (Brockville)

I have attended with Governor Linda the four clubs that she has visited so far. I will be attending
with her the Chesterville and Cornwall clubs next Monday. Other than the two Brockville clubs, I
have not attended any other meetings of my clubs yet.

On September 12th I held a meeting of my 6 clubs. 4 of the 6 were represented. 1000 Islands
sent 4 people, Chesterville 3, and the Presidents of the two Cornwall clubs attended. Brockville
(my home club and the sister club of the 1000 Islands club), was not able to be represented and
Prescott did not attend.
We had a very interactive 2 hr meeting. The main agenda items were Club Fundraising and Club
Projects. We also covered many issues which have been in emails that I have received as ADG.
(Copy of Agenda appended at end of this report).
I believe that I have 6 very active and very generous clubs. Possible interclub activities were
discussed briefly – following up of Governor Linda‟s “support each other” theme. Several
fundraising projects are similar and experiences of various clubs were shared with the group. Just
being aware of what the other regional clubs are doing, I think helps build a stronger District.
There was a great deal of discussion about youth at the District conference, and all Presidents are
waiting for more information and clarification of the invitation to be issued to Interact Club
There was also a rather unhappy discussion concerning the new charge to present a display at the
District Conference. Two of my clubs had planned to present displays, but will not be doing so
due to the $100 charge. They feel that the conference is expensive enough without hitting the
clubs with an additional cost. It was the opinion of the group that the displays were to broaden
the knowledge and experience of Rotary, not to benefit the clubs and thus each club that
presented a display was contributing to the conference and should not be assed a fee to do so.

I have been monitoring attendance in my clubs and have succeeded in getting them all to produce
information for Pat English for his monthly reports.
Statistics to end of August are:
Brockville – 43 mbrs – 91%
Chesterville – 44 mbrs – 81.75%
Cornwall – 44 mbrs – 85.70%
Cornwall Sunrise – 30mbrs – 66.40%
Prescott – 26mbrs – 73.75%
1000 Islands (Brockville) – 27 mbrs – 65%
1000 Islands being a new club does not have very many members who qualify for attendance
exclusion due to age & service. This may contribute to their lower attendance %. They are
definitely a vibrant and active group.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ellen Morris, ADG

SEPTEMBER 12, 2006

Eganville 60th coming up – watch for more info
District Conference
District Directories
Foundation Auction at District Conference
Grants for Youth for Conference
Transporting youth to District Conference
GSE team visit
Monette – Webster Award
Club projects
Club fundraisers
Other Business
                                Assistant District Governor Report
                                         For Neil Labrake
                                     District Council Meeting
                                        September 16, 2006


My report concerning my six clubs.
Canton, Chateaugay, Malone, Massena,
Ogdensburg, and Potsdam.

All are doing well. The one common
problem is membership recruitment and
retention. It seems to be difficult to recruit.
Society today does not commit to the ideals
of Rotary. The out of pocket cost to be a
Rotarian is not something they like to do.

                                                  AG Neil
                            ROTARY DISTRICT 7040
                        Ambassadorial Scholarship Committee

              Report to District Council Meeting of September 16, 2006

The prime task of the Ambassadorial Scholarship Committee during the months of June
and July was to find host counselors for the incoming scholars to our District. The
process was initiated early by chair Joan Heyland and vice-chair Bahjat Ashkar. All 6
incoming scholars will be studying in Montreal. There are 4 from France and 2 from the
USA. The scholar from Japan who was slated to study in Ottawa has transferred to the
University of Toronto. Much of the success in finding these host counselors was the
work of the Rotary Foundation chair Bill Hodges who assisted us when both Joan and
Bahjat had to be absent for periods in July. Thank you to those who agreed to be host
       Bill Hodges             Montreal- Lakeshore
       Bahjat Ashkar Laval
       Jean-Pierre Samson Montreal Ville-Marie
       James Johnstone         Montreal-Westward
       Coos De Vries Montreal-Lakeshore
       Ravi Devalia            Old Montreal
One other scholar is on her second year of study in Montreal and her host counselor is
A.K Velan of the Montreal Club.

All outbound scholars are required by the Rotary Foundation to attend an orientation
session in the Fall after their scholarship is awarded. As our district does not have its
own orientation session we link up with one organized for Zone 31 clubs in the
northeastern US known as NORTHEAST LINK.. Our Ambassadorial Scholar James
Taylor, sponsored by the Montreal Lakeshore club, will be attending this orientation
session September 22 and 23. His sponsor counselor Bill Hodges will be out of the
country at the time but a member of the Ambassadorial Scholarship Committee, Ted
Jones of Alexandria Bay will attend. All inbound scholars to the District are also invited
to attend. Their attendance, however, is dependent on their host counselor and host club
assisting them to cover costs.

Host counselors and host clubs in Montreal have been requested to facilitate the
attendance of their inbound scholar at the District Conference in Mont Tremblant.. It
would be a great opportunity to learn more about these six scholars and their studies and
to welcome them to our District.

The deadlines for both the Ambassadorial Scholarship and the Rotary World Peace
Fellowship have been established and appear in the District Directory. There is
information on the District website about the Ambassadorial Scholarships and
information on the World Peace Fellowship will be there shortly. The District deadline
for applications for either of these is March 31. 2007. Interviews for the World Peace
Fellowship will be on April 21, 2007 and for the Ambassadorial Scholarship, on April 28,
A letter will be sent to clubs in October to encourage them to promote these scholarship
opportunities through their members and in their communities. There definitely needs to
be more promotion. The committee chair or a committee member would gladly come to
a club meeting to speak about the scholarships.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Heyland
Phone (613) 821-2505
                             DG Report to District Council

                                   September 16, 2006

                  LEAD THE WAY                   OUVRONS LA VOIE

Lead the Way is the theme for 2006-2007 and has been strongly promoted through PETS,
and again in my club visits.

The goal for the district this year is to STRENGTHEN CLUBS and the six initiatives to
make this happen are:
   1. Have fun
   2. Improve Communications
   3. Increase Rotary knowledge
   4. Increase public relations
   5. Increase membership
   6. Adopt the Foundation

This emphasis will continue at the District conference October 13-15 at Mont-Tremblant
using the theme „Making a Small World Smaller‟ as we promote youth in the Rotary

The conference planning is well underway and the marketing and promotional phase
started in earnest this week with emails going out through Pat English. Different
registration forms and promotional material have been added to the website.

The RI Rep is PDG Charles Clemmons from Seabrook, TX.

2009-2010 DG nomination requests have been mailed to all Ontario club presidents.

I attended Zone 22 Institute at Niagara Falls in September. During this Institute DGE
Edmund Lanthier and I attended a follow-up Quebec (French) membership strategy
meeting that had been initiated by RIPE Wilf Wilkinson in May 2006 in Quebec City.
Another meeting has been scheduled for October 21 and Edmund Lanthier was selected
to represent our district for future meetings. These meetings will be conducted entirely in
French, and is to involve representation from the four districts currently located in
Quebec. The purpose of the meetings is to develop a strategy to expand membership
among the Francophone community.

As there were funds set aside for the Foundation chair (Clive Talbot) to attend the Zone
Institute and in consult with Clive, it was decided to use these funds to send Manon
Lennon, the co-trainer for D7040 for training instead of Clive attending the Institute.

I have been asked by the President of the Rotary Club of Iqaluit if they can present their
club at the District Conference. District 7790 has approved their request to transfer to
7040 at their district conference held in the spring of 2006 and they are hoping to receive
approval from D7040 to come into D7040.

Below is the procedure per the Code of Policies

17.10.4     Districting Procedures

10. The President shall be authorized to act on behalf of the Board to approve a minor
district boundary modification, affecting the transfer of a single club, or an area
containing no Rotary club, from one district to a neighboring district, provided that the
districts involved are in the same zone. In districts with 30 or more clubs and 1,000 or
more Rotarians, such action shall be taken if the majority of the clubs do not file
objections. The notification timetable of such action shall follow the procedures outlined
in points 7 and 8, and shall become effective 1 July following the decision.

I have been given the wording for the request for the change of boundaries and the
change is considered to be a minor change. The letter is to be signed by the DG‟s of both
districts affected.

In my club visits and I have visited 50, I have told every club that the RC of Iqaluit has
requested to transfer into District 7040 and will be making a presentation at the district
Conference. All 50 clubs so far have shown great enthusiasm for this initiative and are
looking forward to having Iqaluit in D7040.

As of July 1, 2006, two clubs in D7040 had been terminated by RI for non-payment of
dues, Chateaugay, and Ottawa-Bytown. Consequently, their members are not showing
on the July 19 printout of membership which shows to be 2223. Chateaugay has since
been re-instated and their membership as of April 30, 2006 was 14. Ottawa-Bytown‟s
membership as of April 30, 2006 was 16. Bill Robinson has been in constant
communication with Ottawa-Bytown and they promise to rectify the situation. I will be
doing my club visit with them on Tuesday and will also try to clear it up at that time.

I have received notification that there will be no Stoiber scholarship available for D7040
to be given out this year as there are insufficient funds available.
                                   DGN REPORT
                                SEPTEMBER 16, 2006

The Nominating Committee of President of Rotary International in 2008-2009, has
selected Dong Kurn Lee, Rotary Foundation trustee and member of the Rotary Club of
Seoul Hangang. He will become president-nominee on December 1 st providing there are
no challenging candidates.

Mr. Lee is chair of the Bubang Co. Ltd and Bubang Techron Co. Ltd. Manufacturing
companies. He has served RI as a director, treasurer, district governor, training leader,
regional Rotary Foundation coordinator, and membership task force coordinator in Asia.
Mr. Lee is married with four children, two sons and two daughters.

I am preparing to attend the Zone 31 & 32 Institute in Hershey, PA, with DGN training to
start on Wednesday September 27 th.

First on my agenda is to build a conference team and start the search for a conference
location. Watch words for this year will be listening and learning.

Peter Bashaw
               MEETING OF SEPTEMBER 16, 2006
                           SUBMITTED BY
                            PAT ENGLISH
                   D7040 E-COMM CO-ORDINATOR


There are almost 500 Rotarians subscribed to the various Lists
                               Rotary District 7040
                             District Council Meeting
                                 September 16, 2006
                            Interact District Chair Report

Interact is a school based program; therefore, our new year is just kicking off, with the
majority of clubs having had their initial meeting within the last week.. This report will
focus on the annual Interact Committee and Advisors, strategic planning session held on
August 29, at St. Lawrence Intermediate School in Cornwall.

District Conference:

The District Conference is being held the weekend of October 13 to 15 at Mont
Interactors have been invited to attend the conference for the weekend, which is the first
        time that this invitation has been extended to our youth. The format would see
        Interactor, Youth Exchange and Rotaract being billeted at Ski La Gap, with
        shuttle arrangements to the conference.

During the Aug 29 meeting there were a number of concerns raised which included the

       $      Interactors attending the conference would be from a number of schools
       and may or may not have a Rotary or School Advisor present at the conference,
       meaning they would be relatively unknown to the committee members and
       chaperons. Who would be responsible for them in the event of an emergency or if
       they engage in unacceptable behaviour?
       $      Would our grade 7 and 8 Interactors be able to attend and would special
       arrangements be required for them to do so?
$      Will we have sufficient number of chaperons? (7/1 or 5/1 ratio)

Outcome of discussion:

a.     Limit the number of Interactors to 12 from the district with 4 alternates.
       Interactors would be required to submit their names to the District Committee
       with a recommendation from their School advisor, brief description of their
       involvement with Interact and what they hope to contribute to their club.
       Interactors attending the conference will be responsible for helping to organize a
       District Interact Assembly to be held in Cornwall in November.
b.     We would require four chaperons for the conference.
c.     We would hope that the student would contribute $50.00 toward the cost of
       registration and that the Interact Club and sponsoring Rotary Club cover the
       remaining portion.
d.     The sponsoring Rotary Club to be responsible for transporting youth to and from

2.     Annual Project:

       In previous years Interactors have taken on a District project in addition to their
       local projects and have always exceeded their own expectations. Last year is no
       exception with the Brick By Brick campaign. The District goals last year was to
       raise $6,000 to build a school. Our last review indicates that Interactors in our
       District help to raise approximately $22,250.00

       This year we would like the representatives at the conference to review a number
       of potential projects and present their ideas at the Interact District Assembly in
       November and then let them choose a project for the 2006 / 07 year.

3.     Interact District Assembly:

       This assembly would be held November 4, 2006 in Cornwall as we felt that
       having an assembly in Cornwall would allow more Interactors and advisors to
       attend. We will be looking at a guest speaker to be determined by the Interactors
       at the conference.

4.     Other Business: Promotion of Rotary program to our Interact Club members

       Adventure in the Environment : September 17 to 21, for further information
       contact Susan Lopez at

       El Salvador Mission for Interact will be March 7 to 19, 2007. The first meeting is
       October 28, 2006. For further information please contact Bette Miller at

       Remember to share information regarding Rotary Youth programs such as the
       various adventure programs, RYLA, Youth Exchange (long and short versions)
       with our Interact Clubs

       Next annual Interact Committee/Advisor Planning Session to be held August 21,

Report Submitted by:

Dean Stanley
Interact Chair District 7040
                            Membership Committee Report
                               PDG Greg Campbell

We will be conducting our membership information seminars differently this year. We
have a committee that will begin visiting clubs individually soon after the District
Conference. We have had one committee meeting at the end of August.
 Due to the busy schedules of the committee members we have decided to have our next
meeting where we flesh out these ideas, a lunch meeting on the Friday of the District
Conference. I have asked all members to come prepared to contribute to the development
of an interactive program that can be presented to the clubs that will inspire them to
actively pursue recruiting new members and put in place the techniques to retain
members once recruited. We may wish to focus on “leading” questions that can be used
during this club presentation. We will develop a computer presentation designed to
complement this new approach.
We have made a request from all committee members that they provide two or three
recruiting techniques that you are aware of that have been shown to be effective in the
recent past that can be added to the suggestion list to be left with clubs. Such as:
a) Have a wine and cheese party where each club Rotarian is individually contacted by
the club president regarding bringing a guest.
b) Give a small prize to the club Rotarian that sponsors the most new members over a 4
month period.
                         REPORT TO DISTRICT 7040 COUNCIL
                          MEETING OF SEPTEMBER 20, 2006
                                  SUBMITTED BY
                                   PAT ENGLISH
                          D7040 ATTENDANCE SECRETARY


July 1, 2005 2256
July 31, 2005 2238
June 30, 2006 2264
265 new members reported by the clubs


The Rotary Club of Chesterville had the highest reported attendance 89.05%

2006 -07

Too many missing reports to be able to provide meaningful figures.
          Have not heard from Smiths Falls since March nor Pembroke since May
                           Rotary International - District 7040
                                District Council Meeting
                                 September 16th, 2006

                                 District Webmaster’s Report

A number of new features have been implemented on the district website since my last report.
I will report these in point form;

!   District Map
    "   A new District Map has been created using Google Map technology. This page, linked
        from the home page, draws the location of the meeting venue, along with other
        information, from the District database. As with other Google maps, the viewer can
        zoom in on the map, drag it from left to right in the window, and switch between map
        and satellite photo views. Clicking on the marker will give club, meeting, venue and
        website information. Markers are colour coded by province/state. It’s quite
        interesting to see the geographical distribution of the clubs through the map.
!   Calendars
    "   New calendars have been added, again using Google technology embedded in the
        District site. Presently there are calendars for District events and the District
        Governors schedule. Editor access to the District events calendar has been given to the
        District Governor, Webmaster, Secretary, Email Co-ordinator and WCS chair in order to
        de-centralize management of this information.
!   Photo Gallery
    "   We now have a photo gallery, though precious little is in it. There are some practical
        space limitations for the time being on how much we can put in it, but we should be
        able to purchase additional space at a very reasonable cost, about $25/year. Perhaps
        after the District Conference we’ll have some more photos to add. This is available
        through the menu on the home page.
!   Newsletters
    "   Two new electronic newsletters, Youth Exchange and Webmaster, are available
        through the home page of the District website. The editors of these newsletters have
        direct access to edit the newsletters without having to go through the webmaster. I
        hope to expand this to other programs.
!   Clubsites
    "   The server logs show considerable traffic on the Clubsites for a number of clubs. All
        clubs are now ‘findable’ on Google through their clubsite or their own website.
    "   Clubs who establish a Google Calendar can now have that calendar embedded in their
        clubsite. Clubs wishing to take advantage of this should contact me for further

As you meet I will be in the air on my way to Guadalajara for 10 days, I will have a fuller report
when next we meet.
Best Regards,

Rob Scaife, District Webmaster

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