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Did you know that… nightlife in Mont-Tremblant isn’t just for the racoons.

At the end of an intense day of activities, it is time to savour some of our fabulous dishes at one of
our many restaurants and bistros. Whether in a casual or elegant ambiance, the quality of our dining
establishments and service is indisputable. Evenings, the region of Mont-Tremblant transforms itself
into a nocturnal activity zone. Sip a glass of Porto while swaying to the music of a jazz trio. Or still, if
you are a rock and roll fan, the nightclubs in the pedestrian village of Tremblant and in the Saint-
Jovite sector will keep you dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

Restaurants in the Saint-Jovite sector

855, rue de St-Jovite
 (819) 425-7580
Pizzas cooked in wood-burning brick oven, pasta and veal.

Bagatelle Saloon
852, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 425-5323
Steaks and seafood

Bistro Brunch Café
814-1, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 425-8233
Breakfast menu until 4 p.m. and bistro menu in the evening

Café Ouimet
1006, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 429-6813
Soups, sandwiches, salads and specialty coffees

Casse-croûte Saint-Jovite
995, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 425-2466
Burgers and fries

Cheval de Jade (Le)                                                            
688, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 425-5233
French fine cuisine : flambé, fish, seafood, bouillabaisse, foie gras

Chez Roger Restaurateur
444, rue St-Georges
(819) 429-6991

Coq Chantant (Le)
1191, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 425-9953
A choice of 75 breakfasts and a lunch menu available until 2 p.m.

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Dauphinoise (La)                                                
511, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 425-5594
French cuisine, wild meat (caribou, deer, pheasant...) and seafood

Escalope (L’)
597, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 425-3354
Great salad bar, table d’hôte menu with continental cuisine

Eggspress Matins
409, rue de S-Jovite
Breakfast, lunch

Microbrasserie St-Arnould                                                  
435, rue des Pionniers
(819) 425-1262

385, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 425-3706
Pizza and subs

Moe’s Deli Bar                                                                    
340, route 117
(819) 425-9821
Sandwiches, burgers, pizza, salads, chicken and ribs

Repaire (Le)
804, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 425-3141
Belgian specialties, 25 mussel dishes from which to choose.

Ripaille (La)
839, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 425-5785
Ostrich, duck cutlet and other specialties

Rôtisserie St-Hubert
330, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 425-2721
Chicken and ribs

Roulotte (La)
789, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 429-6226
« The best french fries and poutine in the Laurentians ».

Sentier du Village (Le)
999, rue Labelle
(819) 425-8005

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1055, rue de St-Jovite
Sandwiches and salads

Trattoria Di Lago
45, Tour du Lac, Lac Maskinongé
(819) 425-5557
Fine Italian cuisine

Verre Bouteille (Le)
888, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 425-8776
French cuisine

Vieux Four (Le)
973, rue de St-Jovite
(819) 425-5992
Italian restaurant, pizza cooked in a wood-burning brick oven.

Restaurants at the Tremblant resort

Artistes (Les)
Tremblant resort -- Le Deslauriers
(819) 681-4606
Casual and gourmet cooking, with French specialties, « table d’hôte and kid’s menu.

Aux Truffes                                                                         
Tremblant resort -- Le Saint-Bernard
(819) 681-4544
Creative French cuisine

Brûlerie Saint-Denis
Tremblant resort – La Tour des Voyageurs
(819) 681-2233
Specialty coffees, sandwiches, salads and desserts

Tremblant resort -- Marriott Residence Inn
(819) 681-4601
Fajitas, back ribs, fresh «AAA» steak and salads.

Chalet du Smoked Meat
Tremblant resort
(819) 681-4664
Smoked meat sandwich

Coco Pazzo
Tremblant resort -- Le Deslauriers
(819) 681-4774
Fine Italian dining

Crêperie Catherine
Tremblant resort -- Vieux Tremblant
(819) 681-4888
Crêpes anytime of the day

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Forge (La)
Tremblant resort – Plaza Saint-Bernard
(819) 681-4900
Bar & Grill

Mexicali Rosa's
Tremblant resort -- Place Saint-Bernard
(819) 681-2439
Spicy Mexican cuisine

Micobrasserie La Diable
Vieux Tremblant
(819) 681-4546
European sausages, salads, sandwiches and craft beers.

Pizzatéria resto-bar
Tremblant resort – in the Johannsen complexe
(819) 681-4522
Italian dishes and pizza

Poulet Grillé                                                                  
Tremblant resort – Congrès Centre building
(819) 681-4444
Chicken and salad

(La) Savoie
Tremblant resort -- Vieux Tremblant
(819) 681-4573
Fondues, raclettes and pierrades.

Shack, Resto Bar (Le)                                                            
Tremblant resort; -- Plaza Saint-Bernard
(819) 681-4700
Sports bar and restaurant

Yahoo! Pizza Bar
Tremblant resort – the old Tremblant
(819) 681-4522

Restaurants in the Mont-Tremblant village sector

Auberge La Porte Rouge                                            
1874, chemin du Village
1 800 665-3505/ (819) 425-3505
French cuisine

Douceur (La)
220, chemin Wheeler
(819) 429-5700
International cuisine

Fourchette Folle (La)                                                    
2713, chemin du Village
(819) 425-7666
Fresh market food
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Hôtel Club Tremblant                                                        
121, rue Cuttle
1 800 567-8341/ (819) 425-8781
Regional and international cuisine

Hôtel Mont-Tremblant                                                  
1900, chemin du Village
1 888 887-1111/ (819) 425-3232
Bistro-style menu

Restaurant Lorraine
2000, chemin du Village
(819) 425-5566

Restaurant Tremblant
1963, chemin du Village
(819) 425-7576
Pizza and pasta

Saucière (La)
1991, chemin du Village
(819) 425-7575
French cuisine

Table Enchantée (La)                                                  
600, autoroute 117 (just north of montée Ryan)
(819) 425-7113
Typical Quebec cuisine

Restaurants in the region of Mont-Tremblant

Restaurant Alfred Beefeater
115, route Morrison, Arundel
(819) 687-2552

Restaurant Zinnia Auberge Caribou
141, chemin du Tour du lac, Lac Supérieur
(819) 688-2225
Specialties : foie gras and wild meat

                                                 Restaurants                                                            5

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