Carbon Thin Film Deposition Procedure by aqu16527


									                         Carbon Thin Film Deposition Procedure

Before beginning operation, make sure the SPI Carbon Coater Module power cord is
connected to the rear of the SPI Vacuum Control Unit Module. Connect the two high
current power cables to the connection terminals located atop the carbon coater head.

1) Load Sample
   a) Place samples onto the sample mount stage base. Sample size should be no
      greater than 5mm in diameter.
   b) Make sure the position of the stage and sample is approximately 50 mm from the
      bottom of the coater head.
   c) Check that both the gas leak valve on the Vacuum Control Module and the vent
      valve on the carbon coater head fully closed.

2) Pumpdown
   a) Power on Vacuum Control Module. Pump down chamber to 400-600 mTorr.
   b) Ensure that the Voltage control is set to 0 and the rocker switch is in the center
      Off position.
   c) Once chamber pressure has reached 400-600 mTorr, turn Power on Carbon
      Coater Module.

3) Outgassing
   a) Once the specimen chamber pressure has reached approximately 60 mTorr,
      select the Cont position on the rocker switch and gradually increase the voltage
      control until the carbon fiber is glowing bright red.
   b) Decrease the voltage control and select the Pulse position on the rocker switch.

4) Carbon Evaporation
   a) Turn the voltage knob to 7.5-8 and depress and hold the pulse button until the
      carbon evaporation is complete. This is indicated by the severing of the fiber
      filament and sudden current drop.
   b) Turn the voltage knob back to 0 and set rocker switch to center Off position.

5) Shutdown
   a) Switch off power to the Carbon Coater Module first, then switch off power to
      the Vacuum Control Unit.
   b) Use the vent valve on top of sputter head to vent sample chamber.
   c) Remove sample and clean the sample chamber using Isopropanol.
   d) Sign out in logbook.

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