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									            Council for Educational Travel, USA

Seasonal Employees
 3-10 months No Fees
Reaching out to encourage a
lifelong journey of global peace
and understanding...
                                     Non-profit Council for Educational Travel, U.S.A.
                               (CETUSA) is a member of the CET Management Group.
                 Since 1995 we have helped tens of thousands of students, families,
young professionals and employers benefit from the integration of different cultures.
CETUSA partners with companies and academic institutions in more than 50 countries.
These programs improve mutual understanding and communication between people in
the United States and other nations.

The J-1 Work & Travel Program provides international university students with many
opportunities for personal and professional development. Students gain insight and a greater
understanding of American society and culture.

CETUSA has a vast network of Program Managers
One of the keys to our success is an international alliance between our global network of partners
and our experienced regional managers across the US who serve and support the employers as
well as the J1 students before their travels to the US and during their work experience.

CETUSA Regional Managers’ locations in the USA

                                 Montana                                          Maine
 Nevada                                                                 Indiana

California                                                                            Maryland



CETUSA is a non-profit organization that provides all services to you free of charge. We believe
that the following CETUSA WAT Program resources are unmatched by other organizations.

Online employment system:
• Lists your current employment opportunities throughout CETUSA’s vast global network
• Allows 24/7 online access to track your recruitment progress
• Enables students’ profile access

Start-to-finish program administration:
• CETUSA assists students with all necessary documentation to work legally in the U.S. during
  their 3 - 4 month stay. As an employer, you simply need to provide a completed job offer form
  and then honor those terms during the course of the participant’s program. CETUSA takes
  care of all the rest
• CETUSA assists all participants in securing housing, transportation and more

Job Fairs
• For qualified employers, CETUSA sponsors Job Fairs in different countries throughout the
  year where you may meet and personally interview job applicants before the hire is final

Employer Advantages:
• No cost to U.S. employers
• Payroll tax savings for U.S. employers
• Reduced hiring responsibility for U.S. employers
• J-1 Visa processing for your program employees
• Local area managers who provide program support
• Pre-arrangement of participant housing
• Comprehensive, government-compliant Accident and Sickness Insurance for WAT participants
• 24/7 support hotline
• Arrival orientation support in high-density employment areas
• Social Security guidance

                               EMPLOYER TESTIMONIAL:
                               “CETUSA has been a great resource for supplying quality, young,
                               bright workers. At first I was skeptical of the program, but the
                               addition of the students to our regular workforce has really
                               boosted moral and been cost effective. They also take back with
                               them a positive view of our salmon products, Alaska, and the USA;
                               this spreads throughout the world at no cost to us! Unlike other
                               sponsors, they seem to really care about the kids, their well-being,
                               and the employer relationship. I would recommend CETUSA and
                               the J1 visa program to any employer.”
                               Tom, Personnel Director of a processing plant in Alaska
                               (90 WAT employees)
How are CETUSA Work and Travel (WAT) program
participants selected?
Eligible program participants must be full-time university
students in their home countries. Program applicants
must also demonstrate sufficient English proficiency to
function in an English-speaking community.
When may students participate in the WAT program?
Participants who are full-time university students in their
home countries may participate in the WAT program
during their summer vacation. Their program may not
extend into their regular university schedule.
What are my obligations as an employer for CETUSA
program participants?
Employers must keep the terms of each job offered. We also ask that employers notify CETUSA
immediately if changes to the job offer must be made, or if job offers must be rescinded. No
special obligations apply to program participants that do not apply to regular employees. Em-
ployers are not required to continue to employ a program participant who under-performs or
does not comply with company policies.
Must the employer provide accident and health insurance for participants?
No. CETUSA provides Accident and Sickness Insurance for all program participants.
Does CETUSA provide orientations for program participants?
Yes. Regional managers located in high-density employment regions are available for orienta-
tion support that helps participants understand local laws, customs, and culture.
Are there restrictions on the kind of employment a program participant may hold?
Yes. Participants may not be employed as domestic employees in U.S. households, in posi-
tions that require them to invest their own monies to provide themselves with inventory for the
purpose of door-to-door sales or in employment involving any type of patient care.
How are participants paid?
WAT participants receive the same pay and benefits as U.S. citizens in the same or similar
Must participants pay taxes?
WAT participants are tax-exempt from Social Security, Medicare and Federal Unemployment
taxes. This results in a payroll savings for employers. Participants are non-exempt from with-
holdings from federal, state and local income taxes.
Do participants apply for Social Security cards?
Yes. Each participant needs to apply upon arrival for the Social Security number at the local
Social Security office, unless he/she is a returning participant and already has the number.
How do we start?
Contact CETUSA today!

International students are eager to gain work experience and share their cultures during
holiday breaks. They are willing and available to fill your short-term and seasonal staffing
needs. International students are dedicated to the opportunities you offer, recognizing that
these opportunities may not be available in their homeland.

CETUSA’s international Work and Travel (WAT) Program participants:
• Possess intense motivation
• Flourish in a diverse, multi-cultural environment
• Are bilingual and often multilingual
• Work for the same pay as U.S. citizens in similar positions
• Pay federal and state taxes but are exempt from paying Social Security, Medicare and
  Federal Unemployment Taxes
• Have their own medical coverage provided by CETUSA
• Can work up to 4 months

When may students participate in Work and Travel (WAT) Program?

                              South & Central America, Asia, South Africa
Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean
                                               Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia
JAN     FEB     MAR     APR      MAY     JUN      JUL     AUG     SEP     OCT        NOV   DEC

Types of Work and Travel (WAT) Program Employment
Most participants work in seasonal spring, summer and winter resort positions, amusement and
theme parks, hotels, restaurants, seafood processing, hospitality, landscaping, national parks
and campgrounds, life guarding, and factory/production work. Participants are excited to learn
about all job options available.

How CETUSA’s WAT Program Operates
1. We advertise your jobs to thousands of overseas students looking for work
2. In conjunction with our overseas partners, CETUSA professionals recruit and screen the most
   appropriate candidates.
3. Students attend a meeting at the U.S. consulate in their home country to obtain a visa with
   work authorization
4. Our overseas partners conduct a thorough, pre-departure orientation
5. Our regional managers provide support that helps participants understand program and
   employer policies, helps to enforce policies, and monitors participant progress
6. Students arrive at the job site ready and legal for work
7. We offer start-to-finish program administration and support

                                      Council for Educational Travel, USA
Council for Educational Travel, USA

                                      100 South Rock Street
                                      Centralia, WA 98531

                                                                            For more information on our current
                                                                            Work and Travel Program applicants,
                                                                                     contact CETUSA.

                                                                               Toll free   +1.888.423-8872

                                                                               Phone:      +1.360.736-6472
                                                                               Fax:        +1.360.736-6525

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