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									                                               Driving Directions
From Ottawa Airport                                                From Dorval Airport in Montreal (about 1.5 hours)
1. From the airport take the Airport Parkway into Ottawa            1. Take Hwy. 20 East (Montreal downtown) for about 5
    (becomes Bronson Avenue).                                           km.
2. Stay on Bronson Avenue until almost the end.                     2. Take Hwy 13 North to St-Jerome.
3. Turn right on Slater Street                                      3. From there, take Hwy 640 East toward St-Jerome.
4. Turn left (next street) on Bay Street                            4. Then take Hwy 15 North for about one hour.
5. Stay on Bay street until the end.                                5. Hwy 15 will change into Hwy 117 at Ste-Agathe.
6. Turn left on Wellington Street.                                  6. Continue on Hwy 117 North until St-Jovite.
7. Turn right onto the Portage Bridtge, then immediately            7. Continue on Hwy 117 and take the exit on your right for
    go onto de Maisonneuve Boulevard.                                   Tremblant.
8. Continue straight until the exit for Route 50, which is 5        8. Turn on your right hand side on Montee Ryan.
    lights up, proceed to Montebello.                               9. Follow Montee Ryan until the end to Lake Tremblant.
9. This is a devided Highway until Masson, where it ends            10. At Lake Tremblant, turn on your right hand side on
    and becomes Route 148                                               Chemin de la Chappell and continue until you reach the
10. In Montebello, turn left on Hwy. 323 to St. Jovite,                 hotel.
    immediately after Fairmont Chateau Montebello.
11. In St. Jovite, turn left on Hwy. 117.
12. Take the exit on your right for Tremblant and then turn
    right onto Montee Ryan.
13. Drive to the end of the road at Lac Tremblant and turn
    right on Chemin de la Chapelle.
14. The hotel is located at the end of Chemin de la

               Shuttle Services                                For more information and for reservations please
                                                               call or visit their website:
                                                               (514) 631-1155 or 1 (800)471-1155 (8 am – 8 pm)
    Skyport Mont-Tremblant Express
                                                               or by e-mail:
       December 14, 2007 – March 30, 2008                           $58.00 cdn one way - $98.00 cdn round trip
                                                                    Children 5-11 yrs. & under $35.00 one way or
            Monday – Sunday **                                       $70.00 round trip
                                                                    Applicable taxes included
 Dorval Airport             Mont-Tremblant                          Reservations are recommended a minimum of
  Departures                 Departures                              72 hours in advance
       12:30                        09:30                           Cancellation with 24 hours full charge
       15:30                        13:00                           Driving time – 2 hours
       17:30                        15:00                           On Reservation service is available outside
       19:30                        17:30                             the scheduled departures

                                               Limousine Service
         Please contact the concierge at the Fairmont Tremblant: Telephone #: 819-681-7689
                              or by e-mail: cmt.concierge@fairmont.ca
                                    From Dorval Airport (Taxes        To Dorval Airpor (Taxes
                                              Included)                       included)
Sedan                                                    $353.81                                     $314.50
Limo Stretch (6 passengers)                              $438.99                                     $399.68

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