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                     Diagnostic Radiology Program                                                                                    20.25
                                                                                                                                    HRS OF
                                                                                                                                   CME /MEP
    FRIDAy, MARCH 26, 2010 (8 HRS OF CME)
      7:00 am        Continental Breakfast
      7:50 am        Welcome & Demo of Audience Response System                                       R. Strax, MD & M. Montgomery, MD
      Session I      Multispecialty Approach to Diagnosis & Treatment of Lung Cancer (Joint)          Moderator: Darlene Metter, MD
      8:00 am        Update of PET/CT for Lung Cancer                                                 Kevin Banks, MD

      8:30 am        Thoracic Surgery Update for Lung CA                                              Roy Smythe, MD
      9:00 am        Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Early Stage Lung Cancer 1 SAM CREDIT               Robert Timmerman, MD
      9:45 am        IR Treatments for Lung Cancer                                                    Mark Montgomery, MD
      10:30 am       Coffee Break

      Session II     Topic: Breast/Mammo                                                              Moderator: Phan Huynh, MD
      10:45 am       Mammo Lingo: How To Share the Good & Bad News with Patients 1 SAM                Diane Icenogle, MD
      11:15 am       Imaging of the Male Breast                                             CREDIT    Diane Icenogle, MD
      11:45 am       Breast Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI) - What is it?                               Ward Parsons, MD
      Session III    Luncheon: (Joint session)                           TICKET REqUIRED              Moderator: Ray Kirk, MD
      12:15 pm       Impact of Health Care Reform on Radiology                                        Michael Tanner
      Session IV     Case Presentations & Lectures                                                    Moderator: Mark Montgomery, MD
      1:45 pm
      2:30 pm
                     Pediatric Radiology: Head to Hips and Everything in Between
                     Interesting Pediatric Cases                                 }     1 SAM CREDIT
                                                                                                      Gael Lonergan, MD
                                                                                                      Gael Lonergan, MD & Matt Crisp, MD
      3:30 pm        Coffee Break
      3:45 pm        Interesting Cardiovascular Cases                                                 Chen Wei Lee, MD
      4:30 pm        Interesting Neuroradiology Cases                                                 Troy Coleman, MD
      5:00 pm        Adjourn & TRS Business Meeting
      6:30-9:30 pm   Awards Reception & Banquet                TICKET REqUIRED

      SATURDAy, MARCH 27, 2010 (8 HRS OF CME)
      7:00 am      Continental Breakfast
      Session V    Abdominal Imaging                                                                  Moderator: Pam Otto, MD
      8:00 am      Lymph Node Imaging                                                                 Krishna Shanbhogue, MD
      8:45 am      Update on Non-Vascular Interventional Procedures for 2010                          Peter Mueller, MD
      9:30 am      CT Colonography                                                                    David Vining, MD
      10:15 am     Coffee Break
      Session VI   ABR Update & Moreton Lecture                                                       Moderator: Richard Strax, MD
      10:30 am     ABR Update                                                                         Mickey Guiberteau, MD
      11:00 am     Moreton Lecture: A Short History of Non –Vascular Interventional Radiology         Peter Mueller, MD
                   Including the Texas Influence
      Session VII Luncheon: (Joint session)          TICKET REqUIRED                                  Moderator: Sid Roberts, MD
      12:00 pm     ACR Service: How YOU Can Affect the Future of Radiology                            Carol Rumack, MD
      Session VIII Business & Politics                                                                Moderator: Richard Strax, MD
      1:30 pm      AMA Update on Health System Reform                                                 Jim Rohack, MD
      2:15 pm      Radiation Protection in Medicine                                                   Fred Mettler, MD
      3:00 pm      Coffee Break
      3:15 pm      Update from Intersociety Conference, TRS Fellowship & TRS Legislative Session      Stephanie Burns, MD,
                                                                                                      Jason Sharp, MD, & Val Perkins
      4:00 pm      CT Scanning: The Risk-Benefit Controversy      ETHICS CREDIT                       Fred Mettler, MD
      5:00 pm      Adjourn
      6:00-9:00 pm Informal Dinner at Américas Restaurant               TICKET REqUIRED

      SUnDAy, MARCH 28, 2010 (4.25 HRS OF CME)
      7:00 am        Continental Breakfast
      Session IX     Trauma                                                                           Moderator: Emma Ferguson, MD
      8:00 am        Cervical Spine Imaging in the Multiple Trauma Victim                             O. Clark West, MD
      8:45 am        Neuro Trauma Imaging: Brain and Coverings                                        Arthur Cortez, MD
      9:30 am        Stroke Imaging & Intervention                                                    Rajesh Rangaswamy, MD
      10:15 am       Coffee Break
      10:25 am       Discussion of Unknown Cases                                                      Dave Schlesinger, MD
      Session X      Radiation Protection and nuclear Terrorism                                       Moderator: Diane Twickler, MD
      10:45 am       Ethical Economic Imaging                                                         Jim Thrall, MD
      11:30 am       Nuclear Terrorism: Current Issues and Planning                                   Fred Mettler, MD
      12:15 pm       Q&A
      12:30 pm       Adjourn


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