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									                                          Unite d Nations Env ironme nt Programme                                                    2003

                                                    Publications on
                                                    Sustainabl e Touri sm
This brochure presents the main publications related to sustainable tourism by the United Nations Environment
Programme, Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (UNEP DTIE). These publications highlight key
environmental issues and provide information on solutions to assist environmentally sound decision making and

Publications can be purchased online at UNEP's website or by sending an order to EarthPrint Ltd.
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                                         TOURISM INDUSTRY PUBLICATIONS

    Switched On: Renewable                        A Manual for Water and Waste                    Tourism and Biodiversity:
   Energy Opportunities in the                   Management: What the Tourism                     Mapping Tourism’s Global
       Tourism Industry                          Industry Can Do to Improve Its                          Footprint

 Year: 2003                                     Year: 2003
 Language: English                              Pages: 68                                      Year: 2003
                                                Language: English                              Pages: 70
 Pages: 56
 ISBN: 92-807-2330-8                            ISBN: 92-807-2343-X                            Language: English
 Price: US$ 15.00                               Price: US$ 15.00

 The handbook explores how clean and            The manual looks at solid waste and            The publication, jointly developed with
 renewable     forms     of  energy    can      water    management        and    provides     Conservation International, illustrates the
 sustainably power the tourism industry. It     guidelines and examples of how tourism         overlap between tourism development
 provides the latest information on solar,      operations can achieve positive results        (present and forecasted) and biodiversity
 wind, hydro, geothermal and biomass            and minimize harm to a community’s             hotspots, highlighting tourism related
 resources. Written in simple non-technical     ecological and physical systems. Specific      threats and opportunities for biodiversity
 language with specific tourism case            case studies highlight larger hotel chains,    conservation and improved human
 studies, it can help small and medium-         which    have     already     implemented      welfare. To explore the relationship
 sized tourism businesses assess which          environmental management systems but           between         tourism     development,
 technologies and systems are most cost-        the main focus is on SMEs in developing        biodiversity conservation and poverty
 effective.                                     countries, Small Island Developing States      reduction at the global level, a series of
                                                and developing tourism destinations.           maps were produced that plot tourism and
                                                                                               socio-economic data against priority
                                                                                               biodiversity areas.

         tourism/library/energy.htm                      library/waste_manual.htm                       library/mapping_tourism.htm

                                                UNEP Tourism Programme
 UNEP Tourism Programme works to ensure that sustainable management of the environment is an integral part of all tourism
 development. We work with governments, intergovernmental organizations and the private sector to provide technical assistance in
 environmentally sound technology, and to support policy tools that increase contribution from tourism to conservation and
 sustainable use of natural resources, and reduce the environmental impacts of tourism development.

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                                        TOURISM INDUSTRY PUBLICATIONS

 Sowing the Seeds of Change: Environmental                        How the Hotel and Tourism Industry can Protect the
  Teaching Pack for the Hospitality Industry                                         Ozone Layer
                 (ring binder)

Year: 2001                                                        Year: 1998
Pages: 216                                                        Pages: 54
Language: English                                                 Language: English
ISBN 1853838454                                                   ISBN 9280716689
Stock no: 2991                                                    Stock no: T8
Price: US$125                                                     Spanish edition
                                                                  ISBN: 9284400270
                                                                  Stock no: T8S
                                                                  Price: US$ 45.00

The Teaching Pack enables education professionals to              The guide helps the hotel and tourism industry understand the
develop tailor-made environmental curriculum to suit the          damage being done to the stratospheric ozone layer by Ozone
needs and objectives of each school and education system          Depleting Substances (ODS) and why they should be concerned. It
(covering a minimum of 45 teaching time), while for students      outlines the steps to be taken by hotel managers to establish their
of hospitality management, it will serve as an environmental      own ODs management programme to properly manage the
information and resource handbook.                                transition away from these chemicals.

The pack can also be used by hospitality professionals to         This guide is part of the information exchange services provided by
support awareness raising programmes and the development          UNEP to developing countries to help them meet their obligations
and implementation of Environmental Management Systems.           under the Montreal Protocol.

The Teaching pack has been produced in partnership with the
International Hotel and Restaurant Association and EUHOFA. tourism/library/training-hotel.htm

      Case Studies on Environmental Good                                The Environmental Action Pack for Hotels
              Practices in Hotels                                                 (Technical Report Series No.31)

Year: 1996                                                        Year:1995
Pages: 52                                                         Pages:64
Language: English                                                 Language: English
ISBN 9280716239                                                   ISBN:189915010
Stock no: T7                                                      Stock no: T5
Price: US$ 50.00                                                  Price: US$ 40.00

Environmental Good Practice in Hotels, published by UNEP          The Environmental Action Pack for Hotels is a response to Agenda
DTIE and the International Hotel & Restaurant Association         21 recommendation that business and industry shall be encouraged
(IH&RA), presents 15 case studies selected from the IH&RA         to "recognize environmental management as among the highest
annual Environmental Award.                                       corporate priorities and as a key determinant to sustainable
The case studies document environmental programmes
initiated by independent hotels and international chains          The Environmental Action Pack for Hotels is an essential first step
across the globe - in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and North   guide for hoteliers around the world. It is also of interest to industry
America. Action areas include environmental policy, design        associations, teaching institutions and governments directly involved
and construction, water, energy, waste, emissions,                in promoting and supporting the tourism industry in its environmental
purchasing, staff training, and guest communication.              management activities.
                                                       ON ECOTOURISM

             Ecotourism and Sustainability                                   Ecotourism: Principles, Practices and
                                                                                  Policies for Sustainability

Year : 2001 (Double issue)                                           Year: 2002
Volume 24 No. 3-4                                                    Pages: 64
July – December 2001                                                 Language: English
Pages: 91                                                            ISBN 9280720643
Stock no: RW 24/3-4                                                  Stock no: 2998
Price: US$ 30.00                                                     Price: US$ 15.00

Industry and Environment is a publication of UNEP DTIE.              Produced in collaboration with The International Ecotourism
Volume 24 No.3-4 is specifically devoted to ecotourism and           Society (TIES), the publication reviews the current status and
sustainability covering the following aspects:                       trends in ecotourism globally, the challenges ahead and the
•   Tourism and development                                          lessons learned in over 15 years of ecotourism development
•   Alternatives for local communities                               involving a broad range of stakeholders.
•   Certification programmes                                         Written by Megan Wood, former director of The International
                                                                     Ecotourism Society, it incorporates comments and suggestions
•   Protection of biodiversity
                                                                     from recognized academics, NGO representatives and inter-
An English language publication, it also includes articles in
                                                                     governmental agencies such as WTO, IUCN and UNEP.
French and Spanish. All contributed articles are preceded by
                                                                     (Only available in electronic version)
summaries in English, French and Spanish.


  Final Report of the World Ecotourism Summit                               UNEP Principles for Implementation of
                                                                                    Sustainable Tourism

Year: 2002                                                           UNEP has surveyed all main guidelines on tourism developed by
Pages: 140                                                           a variety of groups and organizations and has consolidated and
                                                                     summarised these into a single set of proposed Principles for
                                                                     Implementation of Sustainable Tourism.
         English, Spanish, French
                                                                     (Only available in electronic version)

                                             TOUR OPERATORS’ INITIATIVE
                                                                     Tour Operator’s Supplement to the GRI
The Tour Operators' Initiative for Sustainable Tourism               Sustainability Reporting Guidelines
Development is a network of tour operators committed to              The Tour Operator’s sector supplement to the Global Reporting
improve their contribution to sustainable development. The           Initiative Sustainability Reporting Guidelines offers performance
initiative is supported by UNEP, UNESCO and WTO/OMT. The             indicators specific to the sector, developed in a multi stakeholder
Initiative's website, aimed at members and the general public,       fashion. The indicators can support tour operators in producing
provides information on:                                             detailed report on their sustainability performance, for public
      -    Members’ sustainable programmes and activities            disclosure as well as to monitor internally their performance and
      -    Case studies highlighting in details what current         benchmark progress.
           members are doing for sustainability.
      -    Upcoming workshops and activities.                    
      -    Supply chain and destination management strategies
           and activities
                                                                     A practical guide to good practice: managing
Case Studies of Good Practice                                        environmental and social issues in the
The case studies in this collection are examples of some of the      accommodation sector.
actions adopted by members of the Tour Operators’ Initiative to      Produced in co-operation with Conservation International/ Center
put sustainable development into practice. Many of these case        for Environmental Leadership in Business, the guide is designed
studies are 'work in progress', but they provide good examples       to provide practical information on how to address the key areas
of the types of practice that all tour operators can adopt to help   of sustainability in a hotel.
tackle sustainable development in their activities.
Tourism and Local Agenda 21:                 Sustainable Tourism in Protected                   Ecolabels in the Tourism
 The Role of Local Authorities              Areas: Guidelines for Planning and                         Industry
   in Sustainable Tourism                             Management

Year: 2003                                  Year: 2002                                        Year: 1996
Pages: 60                                   Pages: 175                                        Pages: 52
Language: English                           Language: English                                 ISBN 9280716239
ISBN: 9380722670                            ISBN 2831706483                                   Language: English
Stock number: 3207                          Stock no: 3084                                    Stock no: T7
Price: US$ 12.00                            Price: US$ 26.25                                  Price: US$ 50.00

As local authorities face the impacts of    A landmark publication, jointly with IUCN and     The publication examines the role of
tourism development, the Agenda 21          WTO/OMT, aims to assist protected area            ecolabels within the context of
planning framework is useful to define      mangers and other stakeholders in the planning    voluntary self-regulation in the
strategic goals for all stakeholders, and   and management of protected areas, visitors’      tourism industry. It aims to help
to effectively use tourism to achieve a     recreation and the tourism industry, so that      those applying for ecolabels to
community's main goals.                     tourism can develop in a sustainable fashion,     understand better the nature of
The publication is based on a study of      while    respecting    local  conditions   and    ecolabel schemes, and to provide a
the hands-on experience gained by five      communities. The handbook provides also           guide for all those involved in
European local communities involved to      guidance on definition, management and use of     designing and operating ecolabel
varying degrees in tourist activity, and    park tourism data, outlines ways of enhancing     schemes- the tourism industry, local
having adopted a local Agenda 21            the quality of tourism experience and provides    and national government, local
approach.                                   examples of how tourism can contribute to         communities       and     non      -
                                            biodiversity conservation and development of      governmental organizations.
                                            local communities.

         library/local-agenda21.htm                 sust_prot_areas.htm

                Tourism Focus Newsletter
                                                                              Coral Reef Communication Tools
    Published twice a year as part of the Industry and
                  Environment Review

•   N.13 – Soft Mobility: Making Tourism in Europe More              Five communication tools are available for printing (in
    Sustainable, I&E, Vol.24, N.1-2, January – June 2001             QuarkXpress for Mac) to support communication campaigns
                                                                     targeting tourists. A passport, a poster, a quiz, a calendar and
•   N.12 – Roteiros de Charme Associaçao de Hotéis                   a chart for boaters provide information on coral reefs and tips
    (Brazil): Combining Hospitality and Environmental                on responsible behavior. The five tools are available in five
    Consciousness, I&E, Vol.23, N.1-2, January-June 2000             languages.

                       About UNEP’s Division of Technology, Industry and Economics
The mission of UNEP DTIE is to help decision-makers in              Ø    Are cleaner and safer;
government, local authorities, and industry develop and adopt       Ø    Make efficient use of natural resources;
policies and practices that:                                        Ø    Incorporate environmental costs; and
                                                                    Ø    Reduce pollution and risks for humans and the

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