GUIDELINES for Blanket Purchase Orders

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					                 GUIDELINES for Blanket Purchase Orders for
 Cell Phones, Copiers, Courier Services, Postage Meters, Pagers, Blackberries and
                    Other Recurring Services through MFMP

The following guidelines are provided to assist staff in generating blanket purchase
orders in MFMP.


   For all blanket purchase order requests for the new fiscal year 2006/2007:

   •   Blanket purchase orders requiring a begin date of July 1, 2006 must be prepared
       early and processed through MFMP by indicating a “hold until” date of July 1,
       2006 on the requisition. This hold date is critical in assuring that SFY 06-07
       purchases are processed against SFY 06-07 operating funds in MFMP. The
       remaining requisition fields should be completed as appropriate by the requester
       and transmitted for review and approval through the approval chain established in
       the system. On July 1, the system will release the requisition to continue through
       FLAIR integration and send the purchase order to the vendor. Keep in mind that
       if the funding specified on the requisition fails FLAIR integration, the
       purchase requisition will be denied and returned to the requester, which will
       delay the issuance of a MFMP purchase order.
   •   The requisition must establish a begin date and end date for the blanket purchase
       order coverage period. Make sure that the requisition is created and transmitted
       for review/approval well in advance of the begin date entered to allow adequate
       time for processing through the MFMP system.

   For blanket orders covering multiple years:

   •   Each blanket order should have a beginning and ending date;
       Example – beginning date July 1, 2006; ending date June 30, 2007
   •   Only encumber funds for one fiscal year at a time.
   •   In the description field of the requisition outline the funds to be encumbered per
       fiscal year. Example – 2006-2007 - $600 (12 months x $50.00 = $600), 2007-
       2008 - $600 (12 months x $50.00 = $600)

SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS and screen shots have been included to demonstrate
sample requisitions for copiers, courier services, cell phones and postage meters.
Review each section for detailed instructions.

       Blankets with varying monthly charges should use the courier services example.
       The quantity should reflect the total dollar value, the price field should be “1.00”
       and the unit of measure should be “dollar”. Reference the screen shots for courier
       services to view this requisition method.
       Blankets with set monthly charges should use the copier example. The quantity
       should be the number of months of service, the price should be the monthly rate
       and the unit of measure should be “month”. A second line item should be added
       for copy overages. Reference the screen shots for copiers to view this requisition

       Blankets for cell phones and beepers/pagers must include a justification in the
       description field that identifies the position (number and title) and the duties and
       responsibilities of the position that require the individual holding the position to
       be readily accessible. (Required by Directive DEP 820) If the phone number for
       the service is known at the time of requisition, include the area code and number
       with the justification.

       Blankets for blackberries: Currently there is not a state term contract for
       blackberries. You can purchase Nextel blackberries using an alternate contract
       source and using the Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA) agreement.
       Procurement has the blanket approval for the alternate contract source and will
       attach that to the requisition for you.

       Verizon and Cingular blackberries will be purchased off the data contract
       through Enterprise Information Technology Systems (EITS), formerly State
       Technology Office (STO) using a completed Communication Service Agreement
       (CSA) attached to the purchase requisition. This process is still being finalized.

If you have any questions regarding the above instructions, please call the Procurement
Section at 850/245-2361 or SunCom 205-2361 for assistance.