1.     In order to initiate a purchase over $1,000, a Purchase Request form (available
         on-line in the Finance Office web page) must be completed:
         a. The Purchase Request must be typed (or legibly handwritten) as it may
              become part of a Purchase Order.
         b. The vendor name and complete mailing address must be typed in the box so
              labeled. If it is appropriate that the order be sent to a particular individual,
              include that person’s name in the address using an attention line.
         c. In the “DELIVERY/BILLING” box, type where you want the order to be
              delivered. Be specific in identifying person and place. Example:
                            Capital University
                            Attention: Susan Tate, VP Business & Finance
                            Yochum Hall, Room 136
                            1 College and Main
                            Columbus, OH 43209-2394
                            Phone: (614)236-6813
               In most cases, we expect the delivery and billing address to be the same.
               However, if you want the invoice to be sent to a different address, cross
               out “BILLING’ on the top and type “BILL TO:” followed by your desired
               billing address near the bottom of the “DESCRIPTION” area.
         d. The phone number to be typed in the “DELIVERY/BILLING’ box should
              be the number of the person to call in case there is any problem in filling or
              delivering the order. Be sure to include area code.
         e. An account number is also requested and should be inserted at the end of
              the “DESCRIPTION” area.
  2.     The person requesting the purchase should sign the Purchase Request, retain a
         copy of the Purchase Request for his/her records, and forward the original to
         the appropriate Budget Manager, Assistant Dean if applicable and appropriate
         Vice President for approval. Please see “Contracting Policy” on the Human
         Resources policy web page, if you need clarification.
  3.     If the Purchase Request is approved and a Purchase Order is needed, the
         Purchase Request form should then be forwarded to the Business & Finance
         Office. The purchase request will then be entered into Datatel and an electronic
         Purchase Order will be generated.
         a. Purchase Orders are required by Capital University for purchases over
              $5,000 when there will not be a contract or letter of agreement
              initiated. There may also be occasions when the vendor requests a
              Purchase Order.
                   i. When ordering chemicals please include the following statement on
                      your Purchase Request form, “Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
                      must be included in shipment of chemicals.”
  4.     The original of the Purchase Order and Purchase Request will be mailed to the
         vendor, and a copy of both forms will be returned to the requester.
  5.     Purchase Request forms are available on the Finance Office web page under
         “General Accounting”. A flowchart is also available on same web page.
         Questions should be directed to the Business & Finance Office at 6813.

Revised 7/1/09

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