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					                 This Is Where It’s At!
 Avalon Gateway Tourism Association                                                              Summer Issue

President’s Message
                                                                                         In This Issue
The tourist industry looks like it may be ready to go to a new level in our
region. Tourism is now seen as more important than ever in rural areas and
the planning we are doing now may help us rise to that challenge. There               President’s Message
is need for new ideas, new ways of working together, new development of
our tourism product and greater promotion of our region. Some things                  Tourism Conference
reported on in this newsletter will indicate that may be coming.                           Board Staff
Probably the most important element to help us grow is teamwork.                         Tourism AGM
Operators must work together and offer packages to the tourists;
communities and regions must work together to support the tourist                      Festival of the Sea
industry; and regions must work together to offer new possibilities for              Sponsors and Support
tourists and to develop a greater tourism package. Remember we are not
competing with each other but with the world and we need to work together     Come Home Year, Regatta, Concert
to do that.
                                                                                        Summer Theatre
Thomas V. O’Keefe, President                                                         Marketing the Region
Tourism Conference                                                                       Backland Trail
A highlight for AGTA in this period was the holding of a Tourism
Conference in the Star Hall, Placentia, on June 7. It was an outstanding             Salmonier Nature Park
success. Facilitated by Calvin Manning and with speakers including
                                                                                    Town Ads Heritage Staff
Mayor William Hogan (Town of Placentia), Mike Buist (Destination St.
John’s), Pat Curran (Irish Loop Development Board), Tom O’Keefe                          Shipping News
(AGTA), Lorna English (Branch Come Home Year), Margie Hatfield
(Town of Placentia). The luncheon speaker was the Hon. Tom Hedderson                   “Argentia at War”
(Minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation) who was introduced by
                                                                                         Living Heritage
MHA Felix Collins. The conference was opened with a slide show of
regional tourist attractions. The show was designed by staff members                    Upcoming Events
Sheena Linehan and Nicole Kelly and shown by Jason Whelan with
commentary by Calvin Manning. An hour long discussion in the afternoon
gave everyone a chance to share ideas and information.                                Avalon Gateway
                                                                                     Tourism Association
Thanks to all who assisted in any way: funders, display booth owners,                Represents Zone 18
presenters, attendees and Star of the Sea Ladies who provided a great meal.

Board Staff
Sheena Linehan and Nicole Kelly have worked for the board for 7 months
under a JCP Project were due to leave on June 16 because of completion
of the program. They played a valuable role in helping the work of AGTA
and we express sincere thanks and good wishes to them. This project has
been funded by Government of Canada, under the EI account in partnership
with Newfoundland and Labrador through the LMDA Agreement.

Tourism AGM
Avalon Gateway Tourism Association held its Annual General Meeting at
Lavrock in March and elected the following: President Tom O’Keefe (RED
Board), Vice-president Richard Careen (Atlantica Inn & Restaurant),
Secretary Linda Grimm (Rosedale Manor), Treasurer Margie Hatfield
(Town of Placentia) and board members: Margie Greene (PADA), Calvin
Manning (Bird Island Resort), Marjorie Gibbons (St. Mary’s Bay North
Development Association), Lizeta Billard (Castle Landing B&B), Martin
Foley (Gannet’s Nest & RV Park) and Barb Keating (Behind the Maples
B&B). Since that time Jane Hynes (Greystone Business Services & Suites)
has been added to the board. Mike Buist of Destination St. John’s and
MHA Felix Collins were guests at the meeting and spoke to the group.
                                                                              Contact Us:
Festival of the Sea                                                           Avalon Gateway Tourism Association
Plans are well underway for the Ireland/Newfoundland Festival of the Sea      P.O. Box 389
on September 15 to 23. Events will be held in our region in St. Mary’s Bay    Dunville, NL A0B 1S0
North, Placentia and the Cape Shore. The committee will be seeking billets
to put visitors up and volunteers to assist the various events. Any one       Tel: (709) 227-5456
willing to assist with a street dance please contact Margie Hatfield or       Fax: (709) 227-5469
Debbie Gear at the Placentia town office. For other information contact the   Website:
RED Board office, 227-5456.
Sponsors and Support                                             In September, Salmonier will be a partner in the first major
Groups like the Town of Placentia, and Avalon Gateway            mushroom foray to be held in eastern Newfoundland.
RED Board give the Tourism Association ongoing support           Modeled on the Foray held every fall in western
but we would also like to highlight and thank sponsors who       Newfoundland which attracts over 200 participants; small
gave financial assistance for this year’s program: Voisey’s      teams of experts and amateur naturalists collect and record
Bay Nickel Company, Argentia Management Authority and            the species they find over a three day period. The park is
Marine Atlantic. We also thank the Department of                 also involved in planning a leading international lichen
Innovation, Trade and Rural Development for help with the        symposium for the fall of 2007.
Tourism Conference.
                                                                 Town Adds Heritage Staff
Come Home Year, Regatta, Concert                                 Ms. Agnes Walsh, well known advocate of the arts and
Bond’s Path-Southeast will be a busy spot with its Come          native of the town has joined the staff of the Town of
Home Year celebrations on July 16 to 23, the Annual Regatta      Placentia. She will be tasked with preserving the rich history
on July 22 and a big concert by                                  that is linked to the area’s multi-cultural ties as well as
Kevin Collins in the Placentia                                   capturing and documenting the community’s unique
Arena on July 23. There is also                                  Placentia Bay character.
a pre-regatta event with free soft                               The Town of Placentia has retained Mr. Steve Mills to
drinks, hot dogs, live music and                                 spearhead its Archaeology Project for the 2006 season. Mr.
fireworks from 8-10 pm Friday,                                   Mills’ national and provincial recognition as an
July 21.                                                         Archaeologist will bode well in the Town’s efforts to uncover
The group has produced a book                                    artifacts that reiterate Placentia’s rich history and open doors
of memories priced at $15.00.                                    for increased tourism to the area.

Summer Theatre                                                   Shipping News
It looks like this will be an active theatre season! Placentia   In June two cruise ships visited St. Bride’s. Because of the
Area Theatre d’Heritage Committee has a full schedule of         bad weather one had to leave and go to Argentia from which
summer activities planned throughout the Town. In addition       the visitors were bused to the Cape St. Mary’s Ecological
to Castle Hill’s Faces of Fort Royal, they will have plays       Reserve. In September another cruise ship is due at Argentia.
around the community including the popular Ghost Walk.
They are also thanking Hon. Tom Hedderson, Minister of           Earlier in the year, eleven local people attended a Port
Tourism, Culture and Recreation and MHA Felix Collins for        Readiness Workshop arranged by the AMA. This was
a grant to help with the summer program.                         another step in setting up a host committee to welcome cruise
Tramore Productions in Cuslett will have a Syngefest in July
with plays by J.M. Synge and Cape Shore heritage plays in        “Argentia at War”
August.                                                          As a forerunner to the development of an International Peace
                                                                 Museum at Argentia there is an “Argentia At War” Exhibit
Marketing the Region                                             at the Visitor Information
Depending on funds, the association plans to do some             Centre in Argentia. It offers
marketing of the region. Space is being rented on the            many memories of the
Argentia Ferry for a poster promoting the area and this may      approximate fifty years of a
be shared with the Irish Loop region. The placemat with a        U.S. Military Base at Argentia.
map of the region will also be available for passengers to       It is well worth a visit.
pick-up. There are also plans for some radio ads and maybe
print ads. The placemat is also being reprinted and has          Living Heritage
received good support from our members.                          The Cape Shore played host to
                                                                 participants of the Intangible Heritage Conference from St.
Backland Trail                                                   John’s on June 10. This included a stop for tea in Branch, a
The Argentia Management Authority Inc. (AMA) has                 visit to Point Lance, a refreshment stop at the Gannets Nest
developed the “Backlands” as a first class tourism product in    and RV Park, supper of traditional Newfoundland foods at
Argentia. It contains 10 miles of walking trails and 30 miles    the Atlantica Inn and Restaurant in St. Bride’s and a night of
of road systems. The AMA is encouraging users to get             entertainment in Cuslett.
involved with its development.
                                                                 At Cuslett, the Tramore Theatre Troupe entertained the
A “Friends of the Backlands Advisory Committee” has been
                                                                 visitors with a slide show by Christopher Newhook,
established with the following executive: Chairperson Gerald
                                                                 followed by ballads, music, story telling and step dancing.
O’Reilly, Vice-chairperson Philip Meade,
                                                                 After that there was a community dance and kitchen party
Publicity/Promotions Christopher Newhook,
                                                                 with music by Pat Morrissey and Jimmy Lake. The group
Secretary/Treasurer Linda Grimm and AMA Liaison John
                                                                 boarded the bus at l1:15 pm for a late return to the city.
Seay. Others are welcome. Contact Mrs. Carm Hickey at
                                                                 The evening had been organized by Agnes Walsh and
AMA offices, 709-227-5502 or email:
                                                                 Arlene Morrissey with performances by: Kay Coffey, AMA web site:
                                                                 Simone Savard-Walsh, Wanda Coffey and her 12 year old
                                                                 son Freddy, Mildred Dohey, Chris Young, Alice Lannon
Salmonier Nature Park                                            and Brendan Daley. Special guests included MP Fabian
In 2005, Salmonier Nature Park had over 30,000 visitors.         Manning and MHA Felix Collins.
The Salmonier Nature Park will open a new public display of
                                                                 Upcoming Events
the Newfoundland Marten this summer. Funded by the Park,
the Friends of Salmonier Nature Park and the Fairmont            g Targa races start in Zone 18 Sept. 11, 2006

                           Newfoundland Green                    g Check for summer events at
                           Committee, the new enclosure                     --------------------------------------------------------------------------
                           will give people a chance to see
                           one of the rarest animals in the
                           world.     Genetically distinct
                           from the American or Pine
                           Marten, only about 300
                           Newfoundland Marten remain
on the island.

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