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					MASTER OF                                       up in 1988 by the Public Management section of
                                                the Political Science Department. Later on, the

EUROPEAN                                        Institute for International and European Policy
                                                and the Public Management Institute took over
                                                the full responsibility of the MEPP programme.
POLITICS AND                                    The MEPP programme is part of a wider network,

                                                comprising several European universities.
                                                Building on the respective strengths and
                                                potentials of the institutions, these universities
                                                have developed a framework for outstanding
                                                research and well-structured and closely
                                                supervised student exchanges.
            structure                           For a list of institutions of the European Master
                                                of Public Administration Network (EMPA)
                                                please consult table 1.

                                                MEPP students are offered the possibility
Mission statement                               to continue the second semester of their
                                                study programme at one of the EMPA partner
The Master of European Politics and Policies’   institutions, receiving a travel reimbursement and
(MEPP) mission is to combine academic           exempted from paying any additional registration
excellence in the comparative study of          fees. Successful students will be awarded an
public sector structures, policy-making           EMPA certificate, signed by both the home
and administration within Europe, with                 university and the partner institution.
a continuing concern for the practical
challenges professionals in policy,
administrative   and  consultative
functions face at the sub-state,                                 Courses
state and EU level.
                                                                     The MEPP programme
MEPP has an explicit European                                         consists of three modules.
and comparative orientation,                                           (Total: 60 ECTS)
which includes the study of
institutions, decision-making                                           (1) During the first
and policies of the European                                            semester all students
Union on the one hand, and                                              attend   courses   at
the analysis of convergence                                             K.U.Leuven
and divergence of public
sector problems and solu–                                              (2) During the second
tions in European countries on                                        semester students can
the other hand.                                                      attend courses either at one
                                                                   of the participating institutions
In    promoting        comparative                                of the EMPA network or stay at
approaches MEPP not only seeks                                   K.U.Leuven (see table 1)
to strengthen cognitive capacities
and analytical skills, but also to foster                     (3) In addition to the course work of
an open-minded attitude to diversity.                       the first and second semester, students
                                                       are expected to produce a dissertation
                                                  (of about 10.000 words) that consists of
                                                work of potentially publishable quality which
Pan-European network                            makes a contribution to theory and practice of
                                                public administration, public policy making in
The MEPP programme finds its roots in the       the European context and of other European
European Masters of Public Administration       political issues.
(EMPA) programme. This programme was set

                                                                Master of European Politics and Policies   1
      • Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration (Hungary)
      • Deutsche Hochschule für Verwaltungswissenschaften at Speyer (Germany)
      • Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (France)
      • University of Tartu (Estonia)
      • University of Vaasa (Finland)
      • University of Liverpool (United Kingdom)
      • Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
      • Rijksuniversiteit Leiden (The Netherlands)
      • SDA Bocconi, Milano (Italy)

                            TABLE 1: list of full partners of the MEPP programme (EMPA network)

    The MEPP curriculum is characterized by a                   Academic calendar
    strong core of compulsory courses, providing all
    students, on the one hand with a solid introduction         The academic year consists of 2 semesters, each
    to the comparative study of public policies,                having 13 weeks of lectures. The first semester
    public administration and public management                 starts late September and lasts until the end of
    in the different national traditions, and with the          the third week of January, with a two weeks’ break
    dynamics of European integration on the other.              for the Christmas and New Year holidays (classes
                                                                end by Christmas). The second semester starts
    So, as both dimensions of the programme are                 the first week of February and lasts until the end
    present in the common trunk, no subgroups are               of June, with a two week Easter break (classes
    foreseen. However, thanks to the rich variety of            end by mid-May). By and large the evaluation of
    elective courses (preferential list + free electives),      the course is organised by an exam held at the
    a choice can be made, either towards specific               end of each semester.
    policy issues (political economy, foreign policy,
    international security, social policy), or to a more
    historical, political, economic or legal approach.
    Students will have, of course, the opportunity of           Extra
    combining their particular interests.
                                                                In addition to attending the lectures, students of
    For an overview of the courses please consult               the MEPP programme are invited to pay visits
    table 2.                                                    to a number of European and international
                                                                institutions. Each year the programme organises
                                                                study trips to the European Commission, the
                                                                European Parliament, the Committee of the
    Research Seminar and                                        Regions of the European Union and to some
    Master’s Dissertation                                       representation offices of the European regions in
                                                                Brussels. Thanks to these study trips, students
                                                                have a unique opportunity for observing the
    The research dimension is particularly stressed             functioning of the main European institutions
    via a single, compulsory research seminar,                  from the inside and to meeting various European
    where students are introduced in the methods                officials.
    and tools of comparative research on decision-
    making, policies, and administration in Europe.             Apart from that, the students of the MEPP-
                                                                programme are entitled and welcomed to attend
    Together with the Master’s Dissertation, the                symposia, workshops, conferences and guest
    research seminar is awarded 20 ECTS.                        lectures on different European issues, organised

at the K.U.Leuven with the participation of            administration, after an initial diploma in
ambassadors, high-ranking European officials,          engineering, in positive sciences or in philology.
MEPs and scholars.
                                                       In order to properly assess the academic
MEPP students are particularly welcome to              results, all candidates should enclose an official
attend the guest lectures organised in the             explanation of the grading system used in the
framework of ‘Special Topics in Contemporary           academic institution(s) where they pursued their
European Policies’ even if they are not formally       graduate studies.
enrolled for this course.

                                                       Language requirements
     MEPP admission
      requirements                                     All applicants whose native language is not
                                                       English are required to provide evidence of
                                                       proficiency in the English language, by submitting
As a prerequisite students should have a               the results of an internationally recognized
solid background regarding the institutional           language proficiency test, indicating a C-2 level
developments and the political processes in            on the Common Framework of Reference level
their home country and on the international level.     of the Council of Europe.
Moreover, they should show a genuine interest
in comparative analysis and in the European
integration process. Openness of mind towards
the diversity in the European context and
excellent communicative skills in view of group
work are prerequisites as well.

The postgraduate nature of the programme
implies that students are expected to have a
basic understanding of public administration,
international organizations and politics. This
means that the programme is primarily directed
towards graduate students of Humanities and
Social Sciences and applicants who already
have had a training or professional experience
in public management, public policy and public

                                                       The MEPP programme only accepts three
                                                       tests as valid:
Academic requirements                                     1. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign
                                                             Language), for which the minimum score
More specifically a university degree after at least         required is 600 (for paper based test), 250
4 years of study (Master’s degree or equivalent)             (for the computer-based test) or 100 (on
in the fields of Political Science, Sociology,               the new TOEFL Internet-based Test).
Law, Economics or Contemporary European
History. This diploma should be obtained ‘cum             2. The IELTS administered test (International
laude’ (‘honours’/ ‘with distinction’) from an               English Language Testing System), for
internationally recognized university.                       which the minimum score required is band
The Steering Committee can consider the case
of candidates with a degree in other fields               3. Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)
than the ones mentioned above either on the                  (University of Cambridge examinations):
ground of professional experience in policy                  Grade C
analysis or policy implementation or based on
a complementary study in a relevant field e.g.         Since only students with a good command of the
a certificate of European Studies, Business            English language will be able to aptly follow the

                                                                       Master of European Politics and Policies   3
                  Compulsory Courses                      programme, MEPP actively cooperates with the
                                                          Institute of Modern Languages of K.U.Leuven
     Political Analysis of the Process of
     European Integration
                                                4 ECTS    (ILT), who organizes two different “English Crash
                                                          Courses”: ‘General English’ and ‘Academic
     European Policy- and Decision-making 4 ECTS          English’.
     Comparative Public Administration in
                                                4 ECTS    All non-native English MEPP speakers will be
                                                          required to take part in the placement test for
     Comparative Regionalism and                          the course ‘Academic English for Master’s
                                                4 ECTS
     Federalism                                           Students’ in the beginning of the academic year.
     Comparative Public Policy in Europe        4 ECTS    Depending on the test result, the student will be
                                                          a) exempted from taking the course b) advised
     Comparative Public Management in                     to take the course c) obliged to register for the
                                                4 ECTS
     Europe                                               course.
     Research Seminar                           5 ECTS

     Master’s Thesis                            15 ECTS
         Preferential List of Elective Courses                       procedure
                 (minimum 12 ECTS)

     International Political Economy            4 ECTS

     European Foreign Policy                    4 ECTS    International students
     History of European Integration            4 ECTS
                                                          All applicants to the MEPP programme should
     International Environmental Politics and
                                                4 ECTS    fulfil the general application requirements of the
     Sustainable Development
                                                          university in addition to the specific application
     Special Topics in Contemporary                       requirements set by the MEPP programme.
                                                4 ECTS
     European Policies
     Strategy: European Security and
                                                4 ECTS
     Conflict Prevention
     Comparative and International Socio-
                                                          General application
     Economic Policy
                                                3 ECTS
     Pressure Groups in the European Union 6 ECTS
     Current Issues in Eastern European                   Applicants to the MEPP programme should fill out
                                                4 ECTS    the online application form, accessible from the
     Policy and Russian Studies
                                                          website of the ‘Unit for International Admissions,
                                                          Exchange and Scholarships’ (UIAES):
                 Free Elective Courses
     Economics of European Integration          5 ECTS

     Constitutional Law of the European
                                                6 ECTS    In addition to the electronic submission of this
                                                          application form, applicants are required to send
     Economic Aspects of European                         the following materials by express, registered
                                                3 ECTS
     Integration                                          or regular mail to the Unit for International
                                                          Admissions, Exchange and Scholarships:
     European and International Social
                                                4 ECTS
     Security Law
     Managerial Aspects of European                       International Admissions, Exchange and
                                                5 ECTS
     Integration                                          Scholarships (UIAES)
     Political Problem Solving in Culturally              Atrecht College, Naamsestraat 63
                                                4 ECTS    3000 Leuven
     Divided Societies
                                                          Tel : +32 16 32 40 20
                    Table 2: list of courses
                                                          Fax : +32 16 32 37 73

   1. A passport photograph.
                                                        Belgian students
   2. Two copies of your diplomas and
      transcripts of academic records (i.e.             Belgian students are required to fill out the
      detailed list of results per academic year        application form in PDF format (downloadable
      and per course). The grades obtained              from the MEPP website) and submit it with the
      should also be mentioned. One copy of all         required application materials to the Faculty of
      the documents should be notarised.                Social Sciences.

      “Notarised” means that the documents
      must be authenticated by the educational          K.U. Leuven
      institution that issued them, by an official      Faculteit Sociale Wetenschappen
      authority of your country, or by the local        Studentenadministratie
      Belgian diplomatic office. Photocopies will       Parkstraat 45
      not be accepted.                                  B - 3000 Leuven , Belgium

      Add also a document explaining the
      grading system of your country (i.e.
      comparing the grades to numeric score).
                                                        Deadline for submission
      If you are still preparing for an examination
      at the time of application, you are
                                                        of your application
      requested to forward – as soon as the
                                                           1. Non-EEA (European Economic Area)-
      results are available – a certificate attesting
                                                              students should apply before the 1st of
      to the results to the same address as the
      application form.                                       April of the year they wish to enroll for the
                                                              MEPP programme.
   3. A translation of the diplomas into English,          2. EEA (European Economic Area)-students
      French, German or Dutch. These
                                                              should apply before the 1st of June of
      documents must be notarised by the
                                                              the year they wish to enroll for the MEPP
      educational institution that issued them;
      by an offical authority of your country or
      by the Belgian diplomatic office.
                                                        We regret that incomplete applications and
   4. Proof of proficiency in English (i.e. TOEFL/      packages not received postmarked by the
      IELTS/CPE- see above)                             deadline will not be considered.

Specific MEPP requirement:

   5. Motivation letter (2 pages), where you                       Financial
      describe your reasons for wishing to
      attend the MEPP programme.
The Unit for International Admissions, Exchange
and Scholarships (UIAES) will verify whether
your application meets the requirements,                Tuition fee
whether your file is complete, etc… and will
then pass your application to the Vice-Dean for         For the academic year 2007-2008 the full tuition
Education of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The        fee has been fixed at 2500 euro for EHEA-
latter will submit the application to the Selection     students and 5000 euro for other students.
Committee of the MEPP Programme.

Eligible applicants will be selected on the basis
of their qualifications and with regard to a degree     Living costs
of geographical balance.
                                                        You need a minimum of 8.000 euro a year for
The Unit for International Admissions, Exchange         your living expenses (single person). For a
and Scholarships (UIAES) will inform the                breakdown see table 3.
applicant whether or not he or she is accepted
to the programme.
                                                                        Master of European Politics and Policies   5
    Books                                        475 euro              Contacts
    Housing (including rent,                2.800 euro
    heating, water, electricity)
    Meals                                   2.400 euro      website:
    Clothing (including washing)                 650 euro
    Kitchen utensils and bedding                 400 euro
    Medical expenses and                         400 euro   Coordination Office
                                                                  Valérie PATTYN
    Transportation in Belgium                    275 euro         Co-ordinator MEPP Programme
    Others, including recreation                 600 euro         Parkstraat 45 Bus 3602
                   Total                    8.000 euro            B-3000 Leuven, Belgium
                                                                  Tel +32-(0)16-32 31 01
               Table 3: estimated living costs
                                                                  Fax +32-(0)16-32 30 88

    Financial aid
                                                            Academic Director
    The MEPP programme itself does not grant
    any scholarships, but a limited number of
    scholarships is available from other sources,
    primarily for students from developing countries.              Prof.dr. Marleen BRANS
    Inquiries should in the first place be made                    Public Management Institute
    to institutions in the country of the applicant.               Parkstraat 45 Bus 3609
    The KULeuven gives a limited number of                         B-3000 Leuven, Belgium
    scholarships to Third World students, covering                 Tel: 0032 16 32 32 88
    the living expenses for a single student during                Fax: 0032 16 32 32 67
    one year. Deadline for applications is November                e-mail:
    30 of the year preceding the beginning of the
    MEPP programme. Candidates should write to
    the Unit for International Admissions, Exchange
    and Scholarships (UIAES) of the K.U.Leuven.


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