BULAN APRIL 2008
BIOSTATISTICS, 9 (2) April 2008
Daftar Isi:
201 Probability of Detecting Disease-associated Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in
       Case Control Genome-wide Association Studies – MH Gail, RM Pfeiffer, W
216   Robust Combination of Multiple Diagnostic Test for Classifying Censored Event
      Times – T Cai, S Cheng
234   Regression Analysis of Multivariate Panel Count Data – X He, X Tong, J Sun, RJ
249   A Penalized Latent Class Model for Ordinal Data – SM DeSantis, EA Houseman,
      BA Coull, A Stemmer-Rachamimov, RA Betensky
263   The 20Sample Problem for Failure Rates Depending on a Continuous Mark: an
      Application to Vaccine Efficacy – PB Gilbert, IW McKeague, Y Sun
277   Principal Stratification with Predictors of Compliance for Randomized Trials with
      2 Active Treatments – J Roy, JW Hogan, BH Marcus
290   Stochastic Segmentation Models for Array-based Comparative Genomic
      Hybridization Data Analysis – TI Lai, H Xing, N Zhang
308   Joint Inference for Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Models and Time to Event at the
      Presence of Missing Data – L Wu, XJ Hu, H Wu
321   Small-sample Estimation of Negative Binomial Dispersion, with Application to
      SAGE Data – MD Robinson, GK Smyth
333   Cross-study Validation and Combined Analysis of Gene Expression Microarray
      Data – E Garrett-Mayer, G Parmogiani, X Zhong, L Cope, E Gabrielson
355   Efficient Resampling Methods for Nonsmooth Estimating Functions – D Zeng,
      DY Lin

Daftar Isi:
284 Compound Cytoxicity Profiling Using Quantitative High-Throughtput Screening
       – Menghang Xia, Ruili Huang, Kristine L Witt, Noel Southall, Jennifer Fostel,
       Ming-Hsuang Cho, Ajit Jadhav, Cynthia S Smith
292 Particle Size Distribution of Airborne Microorganisms and Pathogens During an
       Intense African Dust Event in the Eastern Mediterranean – Paraskevi N
       Polymenakou, Manolis Mandalakis, Euripides G Stephanou, and Anastasias
297 Outcomes of the California Ban on Pharmaceutical Lindane: Clinical and
      Ecologic Impacts – Elizabeth H Humpreys, Sarah Janssen, Ann Heil, Patricia
      Hiatt, Gina Solomon, and Mark D Miller
303   Urinary Concentrations of Triclosan in the US Population: 2003-2004 – Antonia
      M Calafat, Xiaoyun Ye, Lee-Yang Wong, John A Reidy, and Larry L Needham
308   In Utero and Lactational Exposures to Low Doses of Polybrominated Diphenyl
      Ether-47 After the Reproductive System and Thyroid Gland of Female Rat
      Offspring – Chris E Talsness, Sergio N Kuriyama, Anja Sterner-Kock,
      PetraSchnitker, Simone Wicher Grande, Mehdi
315   Nutritional Status Has Marginal Influence on the Metabolism of Inorganic
      Arsenic in Pregnant Bangladeshi Women – Li Li, Eva-Charlotee Ekstrom, Walter
      Goesler, Bo Lonnerdal Barbro Nermell, Mohammad Yunus, Anisur Rahman Sham
      El Arifeen, Lars Ake Person, and Marie Vahter
322   Low Phytoestrogen Levels in Feed Increase Fetal Serum Estradiol Resulting in
      the “Fetal Estrogenization Syndrome” and Obesity in CD-1 Mice – Rachel L
      Rehlen, Kembra L Howdeshell, Jiude Mao, Julia A Taylor, Franklin A Bronson,
      Reha R Newbold, Wade V Welshons, and Frederick S von Saal
329   Hypertension and Exposure to Noise Near Airports: the HYENA Study – Lars
      Jarup, Wolfgang Babisch, Danny Houtshhuijs, Goran Pershagen, Klea
      Katsouyanni, Ennio Cadum, Marie-Louise Dudley, Pauline Savigny, Ingeburg
      Seiffert, Wim Swart
334   Phthalate Diesters and Their Metabolites in Human Breast Milk, Blood or Serum,
      and Urine as Biomarkers of Exposure in Vulnerable Populations – Johan
      Hogberg, Annika Hanberg, Marika Berglund, Staffan Skerfving, Mikael
      Remberger, Antonia M Calafat, Agneta Falk Filipson, Bo Janson

340   Neonatal Exposure to Low Doses of Diazinon: Long-Term Effects on Neural
      Cell Development and Acetylcholine Systems – Theodore A Slotkin, Bethany E
      Bodwell, Edward Levin, and Frederic J Seidler
349   Direct, Continuous Monitoring of Air Pollution by Transgenic Sensor Mice
      Responsive to Halogenated and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons – Ayumi
      Kasai, Nobuhiko Hiramatsu, Kunihiro Hayakawa, Jian Yao, and Masanori
355   Low-Level Human Equivalent Gestational Lead Exposure Produces Sex-Specific
      Motor and Coordination Abnormalities and Late-Onset Obesity in Year-Old Mice
      – J Leigh Leasure, Amand Giddabasappa, Shawntay Chaney, Jerry E Johnson, Jr,
      Konstantinos Pothakos, Yuen Sum Lau, and Donald A Fox
362   The Effect of Ambient Air Pollution during Mid-Pregnancy – Craig A Hansen,
      Adrian G Barnett, and Gary Pritchard
370   Temporal Variation in the Association between Benzene and Leukemia Mortality
      – David B Richardson
375   Effect of Inhaled Carbon Ultrafine Particles on Reactive Hyperemia in Healthy
      Human Subjects – Alpha P Shah, Anthony P Pietropaoli, Lauren M Frasier,
      Donna M Speers, David C Chalupa
381   Antigen Sensitization Influences Organophosphorus Pesticide-Induced Airway
      Hypereactivity – Becky J Proskocil, Donald A Bruun, Jese K Lorton, Kirsten C
      Blensly, David B Jacoby, Pamela J Lein, and Allison D Fryer
389   Meeting Report:Batch-to.Batch Variability in Estrogenic Activity in Commercial
      Animal Diets – Importance and Approaches for Laboratory Animal Research –
      Jerrold J Heindel and Frederick S voom Saal
394   Renal Effects of Dental Amalgam in Children: the New England Children‟s
      Amalgam Trial – Lars Barvegard, Felicia Trachtenberg, and Sonja Mc Kinlay
400   Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) and Bioaccumulative Hydroxylated
      PBDE Metabolites in Young Human s from Managua, Nicaragua – Maria
      Athanasiadou, Steven N Cuandra, Goran Marsh, Ake Bergman and Kristina
409   Glutathione S-Transferase P1, Maternal Smoking, and Asthma in Children: A
      Haplotype-Based Analysis – Yu-Fen Li, W James Gauderman, David V Conti, Pi-
      Chu Lin, and Walter J Rogan

Daftar Isi:
83     Review of Corruption in the Health Sector: Theory, Methods and Interventions –
       T Vian
95     Has Donor Prioritization of HIV?AIDS Displaced Aid fr Other Health Issues? – J
101 Saving Newborn Lives in Asia and Africa: Cost and Impact of Phased Scale-up of
       Interventions Within the Continuum of Care – GL Darmtadt, N Walker, JE Lawn,
       ZA Bhutta, RA Haws and S Cousens
118 Hierarchical Linear Modelling of Smoking Prevalence and Frequency in China
       Between 1991 and 2004 – Z Pan and D Hu
125    Comparison of Cost-Illness with Willingness-to-pay Estimates to Avoid
       Shigellosis: Evidence from China – S Guh, C Xingbao, C Poulos, , Z Qi, C
       Jianwen, L von Seidlein, C Jichao, X Wang, X Zhanchun, A Nyamete, J Clemens
       and D Whittington
137    The Crisis in Human Resources for Health Care and the potential of a „Retired‟
       Workforce: Case Study of the Independent Midwifery Sector in Tanzania – B
       Rolfe, S Leshabari, F Rutta and SF Murray
150    Public Social Policy Development and Implementation: A Case Study of the
       Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme – IA Agyepong and S Adjei

Daftar Isi:
3      The Impact of „Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA)‟ Implementation on
       the Effectiveness and Cost (CEA) of Healthcare in Acute Geriatric Ward –
       Czeresna Heriawan Soejono
11     Pattern of Germ Cell Testicular Carcinoma in Dharmais Cancer Hospital Between
       January 2000 – December 2004 – Yenny Dian Andayani, Syafrizal Syafei
14     Serum Complement 3 (C3) and Complement 4 (C4) Level in Febrile Neutropenia
       Patients at Dr Kariadi Hospital, Semarang and Dr. Mawardi Hospital, Surakarta –
       Suradi Maryono, A Guntur H, C Suharti
19     Comparison of Pro B-Natriuretic peptide in Hypertensive Patients with and
       without Diastolic Dysfunction – Yudistira P Santosa, Anna Tjandrawati,
       Noormartany, Erwinanto, Ahmad F Yahya, Erwan Martanto, Pintoko
       Tedjoksumo, Agustine Purnomowati, Ekon Antono

24    Conventional Radiology and Right Heart Catheterization in Estimating Primary
      Pulmonary Hypertention and Pulmonary Hypertention Secondary to Left-sided
      Valvular Disease – Dan Radulescu, Sorin Pripon, Caius Duncea, Nicolae A
      Constantea, Iulia Gulei
29    Neutropenic Enterocolitis in Breast Cancer Patient After Taxane-Containing
      Chemotehrapy – Amalyia Oehadian, Trinugroho Heri Fadjari
34    Blockade of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System in Kidney and Heart
      Disease: How Much do We Need? – Salim Lim
38    DVT in Tonsil Sarcoma – Ikhwan Rinaldi, Abdulmuthalib, Endang Cipto
      Mangunkusumo, AN Kurniawan, Bambang Hermani
40    Oral Anticoagulant Treatment in Management of Elderly Patients with Atrial
      Fibrilation: Is It Beneficial or Detrimental? – Edwin Setiabudi, Idrus Alwi, Siti
48    Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome – Ceva Wicaksono Pitoyo

Daftar Isi:
1      Understanding the Increased of Child Height for Age Index During the Decline
       Coverage of Posyandu Using Intrinsic, Extrinsic and Macro-Environmental
      Factors Approach: a Literature Review
8     Dampak Giliran Kerja, Suhu dan Kebisingan terhadap Perasaan Kelelahan Kerja
      di PT LJP Provinsi Kalimantan Timur – Iwan M Ramdan
14    Diversifikasi Konsumsi Masyarakat Berdasarkan Menu Seimbang dan Skor Pola
      Pangan Harapan pada Keluarga Balita di Kabupaten Pacitan – Sri Sumarmi, Lutfi
      Agus Salim
21    Hubungan Pengetahuan dengan Sikap terhadap Operasi Katarak pada Pasien
      Katarak Senilis di RSUP Dr. Kariadi Semarang – Sofia Arditya K, Fifin L Rahmi
25    Pengaruh Pembelrian Jus Buah Belimbing dan Mentimun terhadap Penurunan
      Tekanan Darah Sistolik dan Diastolik Penderita Hipertensi – Lailatul Muniroh,
      Bambang Wirjaamadi, Kuntoro
35    Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Tingkat Kecemasan pada Wanita Perimenopause –
      Nur Isyana Aprillia, Nunik Puspitasari

Daftar Isi:
43     Do Social Sciences Have Little to Contribute to Public Health Investigation and
       Intervention? A Critical Analysis – Trias Mahmudiono
48     Effect of Circardian Rhythm Changes on Innate Immunity Response – Tri
52     Perbandingan Metode Brass dengan Metode Trussell dalam Menghasilkan Angka
       Harapan Hidup – Agus Sulistyorini, Soenarnatalina Melaniani
59     Stress Akibat Kerja pada Tenaga Kerja yang Terpapar Bising – Erwin Dyah
       Nawaminetu, Retno Adriyani
64     Hubungan Tingkat Sosial-Ekonomi dengan Kesehatan Ibu dan Anak pada
       Masyarakat Pendatang di Surabaya – Arief Wibowo
69     Aplikasi Uji Hotelling‟s T2 untuk Mengkaji Perbedaan Pengetahuan dan Sikap
       tentang Kesehatan reproduksi pada remaja di Pedesaan dan Perkotaan – I Gusti
       Bagus Juli Purnawirawan, Mahmudah

INTL J OCCUP ENVIRON HEALTH, 14 (10 Jan/March 2008
Daftar Isi:
1      Export of Electronics Equipment Waste – Joseph Ladou, Sandra Lovegrove
11     Employers‟ Concerns Regarding Research Participation – Alicia M Johnson, Ann
       Marie Dale, Jaime R Strickland, Pat Vendith, Bradley A Evanoff
18     The Trends in Occupational Asbestos Exposure and Asbestos Consumption Over
       Recent Decades in Korea – Donguk Park, Sangjun Choi, Kyongnam Rhu,
       Jeongim Park, Namwon Park
25     Pesticide-related Dermatitis in Saku District, Japan, 1975-2000 – Nobuyuki
       Horiuchi, Shinji Oguchi, Hiroshi Nagami, Yoshio Nishigaki
35     Occupational Injuries Reported in a Population-based Injury Survey in Viet Nam
       – Dung Tri Phung, Hong Tu Nguyen, Charles Mock, Matthew Keifer
45     Suicide and Occupation in New Zealand, 2001-2005 - Lou M Gallagher, Carol
       Kliem, Annette L Beautrais, Lorann Stallones
51     A Web- and Case-based Learning Program for Post-graduate Students in
       Occupational Medicine – Lutgart A Braeckman, Ann M Fieuw, Herman J Van
57     The Defense of Chrystile: 1912-2007 – Morris Greenberg
67     Yokohama Declaration for Fair and Equal Compensation for All Asbestos
       Victims and Their Families. With an Introduction by Benedetto Terracini

Daftar Isi:
15     Sipshape: Sanitation Inspections on Cruise Ships, 1990-2005, Vessel Sanitation
       Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Elaine H Cramer, Curtis J
       Blanton, Charles Otto and Vessel Sanitation Program Environmental Health
       Inspection Team
24     Determination of the Feasibility of Using a Portable X-Ray of Lead Content of
       Sieved Soil – Andrea M Markey, Scott Clark, Paul A Succop, and Sandra Roda
31     Survival and Growth of Foodborne Microorganisms in Processed and Individually
       Wrapped Cheese Slices – Richard H Linton, and Nigel Harper
40     Antimicrobial Resistance in Escherichia coli Isolated in Wastewater and Sludge
       from Poultry Slaughterhouse Wastewater Plants – Paulo Martins da Costa, Paulo
       Vaz-Pires, and Fernando Bernando
46     A Novel Technology to Improve Drinking Water Quality Using Natural
       Treatment Methods in Rural Tanzania – Shaaban Aman Mbogo

KESMAS, Jurnal Kesehatan Masyarakat Nasional, 2 (4) Februari 2008
Daftar Isi:
145 Mencegah dan Mengendalikan Osteoporosis dan Patah Tulang pada Usia Lanjut,
       dengan Sinar Ultraviolet B Matahari – Nasrin Kodim
147    Pengaruh Sinar Ultraviolet B Matahari terhadap Konsentrasi Vitamin D dan
       Hormon Paratiroit pada Perempuan Usia Lanjut Indonesia – Siti Setiati
154    Pengaruh Asam Lemak Jenuh, Tidak Jenuh dan Asam Lemak Trans terhadap
       Kesehatan – Ratu Ayu Dewi Sartika
161    Regulasi Pengendalian Masalah Rokok di Indonesia – Anhari Achadi
166    Analisis Beaban BiayaSendiri Pasien Rawat Inap Peserta Askes di RSUD dr.
       Achmad Diponegoro, Putussibau, Kalimantan Barat – Johanes Eko Kristiyadi
173    Perbandingan Gangguan Pernapasan Kronis antara Penggunaan Briket Batubara
       dengan Bahan Bakar Lain pada Pekerja di UKM – Johan Mardansyah
179    Faktor Prediksi Persepsi Inu tentang Diare pada Balita – Joko Supono
186    Hubungan Aktivitas Fisik Berat dengan Back Pain pada Penduduk Usia Kerja di
       Jawa dan Bali – Achmad Zaki

MEDIKA, XXXIV (4) April 2008
Daftar Isi:
229 Penetapan Kadar Timbal (Pb) Dalam Buah Salak, Alpukat, dan Melon Dengan
       Metode Spektropometri Serapan Atom – Zainul Kamal, Imam Prayogo, dan
236 Deteksi Limfonodi Sentinel pada Kanker Payudara Stadium Dini dengan
       Limfoskintigrafi dan Gamma Probe – Yuyun Yueniwati, and DiananYulisa
246 Evaluasi Hasil Program Rumatan Metadon – Diah Setia Utami, Riza Sarasvita,
       Asliati Asril, I Nyoman Hanati, Ratna Mardiati
256 Komorbiditas angguan Pemusatan Perhatian dan atau Hiperaktivitas (GPPH)
      dengan Gangguan Perilaku Disruptif – Agung Frijanto
266   Epidemiologi Risk Assessment of Asbestos in association with Health Among
      Wokers – Puti Sari H, Noor Edi Widya Sukoco

Daftar Isi:
657 Intrinsic Growth Rates and Net Reproduction Rates in the Presence of Migration
       – Samuel H Preston, Haidong Wang
667 New Evidence on the Urbanization of Global Poverty – Martin Ravallon,
      Shaohua Chen, Prem Sangraula
703   Rethinking Historical Reproductive Change: Insights from Longitudinal Data for
      a Spanish Town – David Sven Reher, Alebrto Sanz-Gimeno
729   Sexual Behavior in China: Trends and Comparisons – William L Parish, Edward
      O Laumann, Sanyu A Mojola
757   The Decline of Son Preference in South Korea: The Roles of Development and
      Public Policy – Woojin Chung, Monica Das Gupta
785   Religiousness and Fertility among European Muslims – Charles F Westoff, Tomas

PUBLIC HEALTH , 122 (1) January 2008
Daftar Isi:
3      Raising Taxes to Reduce Smoking Prevalence in the US: A Simulation of the
       Anticipated Health and Economic Impacts – S Ahmad and GA Franz
11     Prevalence, Awareness, Treatment and Control of Hypertension in Malaysia: A
       National Study of 16,440 Subjects – L Rampai, S Rampai., MZ Azhar and AR

19      Prehypertension in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, West Africa: An Opportunity
        for Early Prevention of Clinical Hypertension – C Agyeman and E Owusu-Dabo
25      Evaluation of a School-Based Health Promotion Programme for Adolescents
        Aged 12-15 Years with Focus on Well-Being Related to Stress – KS Harraldsson
34      Do School-Based Tobacco Prevention Programmes Pay Off? The Cost-
        Effectiveness of the „Smoke-Free Class Competition‟ – D Hoeflmayr and R
42      Inequalities in the Reported Offer and Uptake of Antenatal Screening – F
        Alderdice, J McNeill, R Rowe, D Martin and J Dornan
53      A Conditional Probability Approach to Surveillance System Sensitivity
        Assessment – R Majdzadeh and F Pourmalek




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