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					                     informal ....                    cruising
                                                          Island Cruises offer relaxed, informal cruising. They
                                                          are British owned, the captains are British or Irish
                                                          and you can use £ on board which means no nasty
                                                          € exchange rates. The cruises are suitable for both
                                                          couples and families and depending on time of year,
                                                          you can cruise the Med, the Caribbean or transatlatic
                                                          to Brazil and the Caribbean.

                                                            exclusive cruise à la carte offers
                                                                 aboard the island star

                                                              mediterranean essence             from   £629
                                                              departures from Luton and Gatwick on
                                                                     23 Aug 0 for 7 nights

                                                                   Day 1: Fly to Palma, Mallorca
                                                                   Day 2: Cruising
                                                                   Day 3: Ajaccio, Corsica
                                                                   Day 4: Civitavecchia for Rome
                                                                   Day 5: Santa Margherita for Portofino
                                                                   Day 6: Villefranche for Nice
                                                                   Day 7: Mahon, Menorca
                                                                   Day : Palma to UK

                                                          STOP PRESS - Caribbean Journey Easter 2009 from
                                                                 just £99 from Barbados to Palma

                                classic caribbean from £1,129
            departures from Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow on 29 Jan 09 for 15 nights
                                       Day 6: Montego Bay, Jamaica
                                       Day 7: Grand Cayman
                                       Day : Cruising
                                       Day 9: Cruising
                                       Day 10: Isla Catalina, Dom Rep
                                       Day 11: Tortola, Virgin Islands
    Day 1: Fly UK to Barbados          Day 12: St Maarten
    Day 2: Barbados
                                       Day 13: St Kitts
    Day 3: Cruising
    Day 4: Aruba                       Day 14: St Lucia
    Day 5: Cruising                    Day 15: Fly overnight Barbados to UK

    mediterranean discovery from £959                                                                               Guy Lockwood,
     departures from Luton and Gatwick on                                                                           Island Cruises
            30 Aug 0 for 10 nights                                                                                 newest captain
                                                                                                                    writes our

            Day 1: Fly to Barcelona for 3 nights                            ‘Do you have any artistic qualities?’ I remember being asked by the
            Day 4: Fly Barcelona to Palma                                   MD at my interview. At the time I failed to appreciate the sideways
            Day 5: Cruising                                                 glances as the interview board fought to stop themselves from smirking.
            Day 6: Olbia, Sardinia                                          ‘Of course I have’, but little did I know what I had unwittingly let myself
            Day 7: Civitavecchia for Rome                                   in for…..
            Day : La Spezia, Italy                                         My interest in working on cruise ships had begun some years earlier
            Day 9: Villefranche for Nice                                    after I had been approached by another cruise line and been offered
            Day 10: Mahon, Menorca                                          a Captaincy on one of their ships. I had to decline as my wife and I
            Day 11: Fly Palma to UK                                         were looking to start a family and as she said, ‘I kind of need you
                                                                            here for that’!

                                                                            Two years on, one happy little chap later, and battling near hurricane
          latin caribbean from £1,099                                       force seas, my thoughts strayed to that cruise ship offer. Work as a
  departures from Gatwick, Manchester and                                   Cruise ship Captain; attractive uniform, blue skies, sunny weather and
    Glasgow on 26 Feb 09 for 15 nights                                      most of all, calm seas – what was I waiting for?

                                                                            Five days and one interview later saw me stepping onto the ship’s
                                                                            launch in Brazil, and boy, was I in for some surprises.

                                                                            In my mind I had run through most of the elements that I believed would
                                                                            be required of me, and had it been a normal run-of-the-mill cruise
                                                                            company, then I would have been fully prepared.

                                                                            However, if somebody had said just a short time later, I would be
                                                                            on stage, in front of packed audiences, hosting officer introductions,
                                                                            performing Renewal of Wedding Vows, answering unusual questions
              Day 1: Fly UK to Barbados                                     during Captain’s Chat, judging dance competitions, hosting parties
              Day 2: Barbados                                               for hundreds of repeat guests or simply making surprise stage
              Day 3: Cruising                                               appearances, then I would have just laughed.
              Day 4: Curaçao
              Day 5: Cruising                                               Later, my mind wandered back to those artistic qualities I allegedly
                                                                            had, as I saw fifteen officers, as well as the Captain, putting on a late
              Day 6: Cartagena, Colombia
                                                                            night show during a deck party to an astonished audience, as they
              Day 7: Cruising
                                                                            danced in unison to traditional Brazilian music.
              Day : Limón, Costa Rica
              Day 9: Cristóbal, Panama                                      Their motto of being ‘Relaxed, Friendly and Informal’ is only half the
              Day 10: Cruising                                              story as Island Cruises like to surprise people with their Wow! Factor.
              Day 11: Aruba                                                 They certainly had done this for me as my career as a Cruise Captain,
              Day 12: Cruising                                              Host, Comedian and Spectacular Dancer began.……….
              Day 13: Trinidad
              Day 14: Grenada
              Day 15: Fly overnight Barbados to UK

Prices valid at time of going to press, subject to availability and
confirmation at the time of booking. Prices are based on two adults
sharing an inside cabin and include accommodation, meals, flights,
transfers (except in Barcelona), on board gratuities. Items of a personal
nature, drinks and excursions are extra and payable on board.


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