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									                   COSTA DELIZIOSA FIRST CALL AT MUSCAT
             IN WINTER 2009/10 85,000 GUESTS (+40%) IN TRANSIT
                           FROM COSTA’S SHIPS.

Costa Deliziosa, Costa Cruises’ new “top of the range” ship, called at Muscat on her way to Dubai, where
       on February 23, 2010, she will be the first cruise ship ever to be named in an Arab country.
                       A delegation of high dignitaries of Muscat visited the ship.
               Costa Deliziosa’s first call inaugurates the new cruise terminal in Muscat.
     In winter 2009/10 Costa Cruises deployed in Muscat the 2 diamonds of the fleet, Costa Deliziosa &
      Costa Luminosa, with a total forecast of 85,000 guests in transit, a 40% increase compared to the
    previous year, and an estimated economic impact of 5 million euros. Costa’s commitment is already
                                       confirmed also in winter 2010/11.

  Muscat, 20 February, 2010 – Costa Deliziosa (, the latest “diamond” in the fleet
  of Costa Cruises, the largest Italian travel group and Europe’s n.1 cruise company, called at Muscat for
  the first time on her Grand Inaugural Cruise.

  To celebrate the arrival of the new ship and Costa Cruises’ commitment in the Region a delegation of
  high dignitaries, including H.E. Ahmed Abdul Nabi Yousuf Macki, the Minister of National Economy,
  H.E. Maqbool bin Ali bin Sultan, the Minister of Commerce & Industry, H.E. Dr. Rajiha Bint Abd Al-
  Amir Bin Ali, the Minister of Tourism, H.E. Khamis Mubarak Al Alawi, the Minister of Transport &
  communication, and H. E. Cesare Capitani, Italian Ambassador in Oman, visited the ship.

  Costa Deliziosa was the first ship to call at the new cruise terminal in Port Sultan Qaboos. The new
  terminal ensures fast and trouble-free handling of cruise ships as well as offer tourists and passengers
  comfort, service and safety. Its facilities include shopping arcade, duty-free shopping, Omani
  handicrafts store, cyber café.

  Costa Deliziosa left Savona (Italy) on February 5 directed to Dubai with about 2,200 Guests on board.
  The itinerary includes calls at Civitavecchia (Italy), Port Said (Egypt), Suez Canal Transit, Sharm el
  Sheik (Egypt), Aqaba (Jordan), Safaga (Egypt), Aden (Yemen), Salalah (Oman), Muscat (Oman), Abu
  Dhabi (UAE). Costa Deliziosa will be the first ever cruise ship to be named in an Arabian city: on 23
  February 2010, Costa’s new flag ship will be named in Dubai, at the end of the first part of her Grand
  Inaugural cruise voyage, thanks to a partnership between Costa Cruises and the Dubai Department of
  Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM).

  Costa Deliziosa (92,600 gross tons and 2,826 total Guests), an emblem of “made in Italy” excellence, was
  delivered last January 29 by Fincantieri, the world’s leading cruise ship builder, in Venice Marghera’s
  ship yard, at a final cost of 450 million Euros.

  “I would like to express all my satisfaction,” said Costa Crociere Chairman & CEO Pier Luigi Foschi,
  “for the debut of the Costa Deliziosa in Muscat and thank Omani authorities for their cooperation. I am
  also very proud that the new diamond of our fleet is the first ship to call at the new cruise terminal.
  Since 2006, when we started our regular cruises in the Gulf, we have been increasing our presence in
  Muscat. In winter 2009/10 we expect a 40% increase of our Guests, with an estimated economic impact
  of 5 million euro for the city. The new terminal will support us for a further development of our cruises
  in Muscat”.
  In winter 2009/10, Costa Deliziosa, together with its sister ship Costa Luminosa, the “top of the range”
  ships of the fleet, are positioned in the Arabian Gulf offering 7-day cruises with 2 nights in Dubai and
  one-day stopovers in the ports of Muscat (Oman), Fujairah (United Arab Emirates), Abu Dhabi (United
  Arab Emirates) and Bahrain. Costa Deliziosa will be sailing from Muscat every Tuesday from March 16
  through May 4, 2010; while Costa Luminosa is departing every Monday from December 14, 2009
through April 5, 2010. Four additional calls are scheduled on the occasion of the positioning cruises of
the two ships from Italy to the Arabic Gulf and from the Arabic Gulf to Italy. In addition to the two
diamonds of the Costa fleet, the Costa Europa (54,800 gross tons and 1,830 Total Guests) is offering a
new itinerary: 18-day cruises from Savona to Dubai and Dubai to Savona – on an exclusive route
crossing the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal and the Red Sea including also Muscat.

Costa Cruises was the first Company to market regular cruises in the Arabian Gulf, turning Muscat
into a cruise destination and contributing to its growth as a tourist resort. Operations started in winter
2006/2007 with one ship, the Costa Classica bringing a total of 25,000 Guests. According to current
forecasts, in winter 2009/10 Costa will make 40 calls in Muscat with 85,000 Guests in transit, a 40%
increase compared to the previous year. The estimated economic impact will be about €5 million*,
coming from Costa Guests direct spending, shore excursions, transfers, cruise operation expenditures,
general expenditures. Most of Costa’s Guests will come from Europe (Italy, Germany, UK, Spain and

Costa’s commitment in Muscat is confirmed also for winter 2010/2011, with 33 calls and 85,000 Guests
forecasted. The diamonds of the fleet Costa Luminosa and Costa Deliziosa will be back in the Arabian
Gulf on 7-day cruises departing from Dubai and calling at Muscat (Oman) Fujairah, Abu Dhabi and

In addition to Costa Cruises ships, also one ship of AIDA Cruises - the German brand also belonging to
Costa Crociere’s group - called AIDAdiva (69,200 gross tonnage and 2,500 total Guests), will be calling
20 times at Muscat in winter 2009/10.

Costa Deliziosa
Together with her sister ship Costa Luminosa, Costa Deliziosa represents Costa Cruises’ top of the
range offer and is the most exclusive and innovative member of the fleet. All the features of the ship
combine to create an experience of “sheer pleasure”. This is readily apparent in her cutting-edge design
and use of premium materials such as various types of marble and granite, stucco applied by spatula
using the technique known as “spatolato veneziano” and other decorative interior finishes including
“parchment scroll” lamé, refined Zebrano wood and Wenge timber, Murano glass, stylish polished and
glazed steel, and 970 La Murrina chandeliers. Featuring in the stunning atrium, very much the focal
point here as on all Costa ships, are fine works of art, notably “Sphere” by Maestro Arnaldo Pomodoro,
and “Physical delight and intellectual delight” by leading contemporary Italian painter Maestro Mario

Costa Deliziosa is an ultramodern ship also in terms of environmental compliance, which has always
been one of Costa Cruises’ distinguishing features. Indeed, the Italian Company stands out on account
of its environmental excellence and innovation. Like her sister ship Costa Luminosa, Costa Deliziosa is
the first vessel in Italy and one of the first in the world to be equipped for “cold ironing”, namely a
system whereby the ship is plugged into shoreside electrical power, enabling generators to be shut down
during stopovers in port. This is a way of further reducing the environmental impact of liners when
they call at ports. Other energy- and fuel-saving measures have also been introduced on Costa
Deliziosa, with a reduction in CO2 emissions and the objective of cutting down on wastage in the use of
electricity and water.

Whether it’s fun or relaxation, there are an incredibly large number of entertaining things to do on
board Costa Deliziosa, all involving the use of leading-edge technology: 4D cinema; roller skating track;
the latest generation super-realistic Golf simulator, with a real outside putting green; Grand Prix
driving simulator, produced from an original GP car with the same software and technology used by the
F1 champion drivers themselves in training; the exclusive 3500 m² “Samsara Spa” wellness centre with
the Technogym Kinesis circuit, a world first, as well as the innovative 24-carat gold facial, the ultimate
skin rejuvenating treatment using a sheet of 24-carat gold leaf; and “Playstation World”, an area on
board dedicated exclusively to PlayStation3, plus the “PlayStation on demand” cabin service.

In winter 2010/11 and 2011/12 the ship will be offering 7day cruises in the Arabic Gulf from Dubai,
while in Summer 2010 and Summer 2011 cruises in the Fjords and Baltic Capitals with departures
from Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

Round the World Cruise
Testimony to the Company’s reputation for innovation and reflecting its pioneering spirit, Costa
Cruises’ brand new 2011 brochure – available at leading travel agencies – features the return of the
historic “round-the-world” cruise, on the Costa Deliziosa herself. This wonderfull 100-day trip will
provide an unforgettable travel experience and the opportunity to follow in the wake of the world
voyages of yesteryear while enjoying world-class amenities. Costa Deliziosa will be the first Costa ship
to offer once again the historic “round-the-world” cruise, for so long a highlight of the Italian company’s
operations spanning more than 6 decades.

On December 28, 2011 the Costa Deliziosa will depart from Savona on a 100-day world voyage. The
cruise can also be done buying 3 stand-alone legs: from Savona to Los Angeles via the Caribbean and
the Panama Canal; from Los Angeles to Singapore with stopovers in Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand
and Australia; and from Singapore to Savona via Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, the United Arab
Emirates, Oman, Yemen, the Red Sea and Egypt.

*Partially based on equivalent expenses done by cruise guests in EU ports as estimated by the
European Cruise Council in 2008.

Costa Cruises is Italy’s largest tourism group and Europe’s no. 1 cruise company. For more than 60 years its ships
have plied the seas of the world, offering the best in Italian style, hospitality and cuisine and providing dream
holidays with the utmost in terms of fun and relaxation. In 2009 about 1.3 million guests chose to go cruising with
Costa, a record for the European cruise industry. Its fleet has a total of 15 ships, all flying the Italian flag, each
with her own distinctive characteristics and unique style; together each year, they offer the chance to visit some
250 separate destinations in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, South America,
the United Arab Emirates, the Far East and the Indian Ocean. Two more new ships are due to enter service by
2012. Costa Cruises has been certified by RINA (Italian Shipping Register) with the BEST4, an integrated system
of voluntary certification of corporate compliance with the highest standards governing social accountability (SA
8000, issued in 2001), environment (UNI EN ISO 14001, 2004), safety (OHSAS 18001, 2007) and quality (UNI EN
ISO 9001, 2008). All the ships in the Costa fleet have been assigned RINA’s Green Star notation certifying that
they are operated in compliance with the highest environmental protection standards. Costa Cruises is an official
partner of WWF Italy for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea. In Mediobanca’s 2009 survey of over 3700
Italian enterprises that recorded revenue of at least 50 million euros the previous fiscal year, Costa Crociere S.p.A.
ranks in 10th place as regards profitability and in 65th in terms of sales. In the “Global Reputation Pulse 2009
international study, Costa Cruises is 1st among Italian “service industry” companies; Pulse scores are a measure of
the corporate reputation (in terms of trust, esteem etc) of the 600 largest enterprises located in 32 countries
worldwide. Costa Crociere S.p.A. is a member of Carnival Corporation & plc (NYSE/LSE: CCL; NYSE: CUK), the
world’s largest cruise company.

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