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					To all AT&T employees and contractors,

Are you aware, within our very organizations, AT&T is placing national security at great risk? The
Company either has or is in the process of off-shoring the programming and maintenance of the
major engineering systems and databases. Worse, AT&T is training foreign nationals to perform
network programming and maintenance for the 4E and 5E switch networks. One disaffected
individual could wreak catastrophic damage to the long distance network.

Such a person, with access to the switch network, may do anything from crashing the entire
network to monitoring a single T1. The 4E/5E switch network is the most reliable in the world.
Because it is so, the overwhelming majority of U.S. military, financial services, utility and
transportation infrastructure and emergency response long distance voice and data
telecommunications run across it. That one disaffected individual, typing on a keyboard, holds
countless lives of U.S. soldiers and civilians in his/her fingers.

We, the undersigned, are Communications Workers of America (CWA) local union presidents.
CWA is a labor union that represents 25,000+ AT&T occupational employees. From some of our
locals, management and occupational work has already moved off shore. In the others, foreign
nationals, from various countries, are currently in training to perform management and
occupational work in preparation to move it out of the country. In each case, the trainees are
sequestered in secure locations. Other employees and union officials are denied access.

In Oakbrook IL, Indian foreign nationals are in training to perform 4E and 5E maintenance. AT&T
Labor Relations advised CWA National Vice-President Ralph Maly, these people are training to
be a contingency work force in the event of a strike. In White Plains NY, and Pleasanton CA,
AT&T trainers are schooling Chinese nationals in what is believed to be occupational and
management programming work. In Cincinnati OH, extensive amounts of network and systems
programming work are already gone. The primary engineering systems, most notably TIRKS,
moved to India by way of IBM. If you call to open a trouble ticket on TIRKS, the system, you will
speak to someone in Bangalore, India.

Although we are obviously concerned about the loss of domestic employee work, that issue is of
minimal consequence compared to the national security risks. By investing the maintenance and
programming of the switch networks in foreign nationals AT&T is placing U. S. military, financial
and infrastructure communications in the hands of potential terrorists, perhaps operating from
their own countries. Our concern is so great we drafted a letter that was carried by the delegates
to the CWA Legislative Conference to every member of Congress they met with during the week
of March Fourth. At this point, may we suggest you follow the link and read the letter? Click on "News." Scroll down to the 3-9-02 entry and the link
entitled "Letter to Congress".

The issues raised by the letter received a great deal of attention from many members of The
Senate and The House. A number of congressional offices called AT&T. To date, AT&T has no
comment. Not coincidentally, the March Fifth issue of ESAP included a piece prohibiting
employees from speaking to the press, government officials or analysts about any aspect of the
business. Numerous wire services including Reuters, Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal
picked up the issue and published articles.

We are sure you noted AT&T CEO Armstrong's disturbing history of placing profits before
national security. The following link will provide you with nine articles from the New York Times
and Washington Post regarding his sale of missile technology to China while CEO of Hughes. Click on "News." Scroll down to the 3-10-02 entry.

AT&T perpetrated this catastrophe-in-the-making by abusing the H-1b Visa program. Passed in
1992, by the Clinton administration, the program allows companies to recruit foreign nationals to
perform types of work for which there is a lack of skilled Americans. AT&T uses this visa to simply
replace its domestic work force. Programmers in Cincinnati were forced to train their H-1b
replacements who then returned to their country of origin to perform the work. The programmers
were separated or reassigned. This scenario is playing out in each of the locals above. For
extensive information on the H-1b visa debacle visit Click on "Just
US News and Views" and "Community and Political Action."

Armstrong has a lot of nerve. Even as he offers no comment to our national security issues he
trumpets the CEO wide area network hotline that AT&T just announced it would build. The
network will allow CEO's to contact each other in the event of a terrorist attack. What switch
network do you think it is going to run through?

At this point, the locals involved are gathering further information. We seek any information
pertaining to: the types of work and systems, who performs the work, where they are, who lost it,
numbers of jobs lost and most importantly, national security ramifications. The CWA National
office is working with members of the Senate Armed Services and Intelligence Committees. We
will not let this issue rest.

Not surprisingly, the Company carefully controls any documentation relative to off shoring. Most
managers associated with these issues were required to sign non-disclosure agreements.
Apparently, the Company has a great need for secrecy.

Nonetheless, we need your help. If you or someone you know is in a position to provide
information on the off shoring of our work please contact any of us. All communications will
remain strictly confidential.

We fully acknowledge the Company's extreme sensitivity to these issues and the corresponding
high risk of disciplinary action. But with all due respect, we ask you to consider whether your
loyalty to this country is greater than your loyalty to, or fear of, AT&T senior management. Do you
have a family member in the military? Our soldiers and perhaps even our families' lives are at

Any one can help. Whether or not you can provide information you can write your congressmen
and women. Go to Input your zip code and start e-mailing. Or when you
go to your representatives' websites make note of their fax numbers. We were advised that
because of the high security for regular mail most offices are now backed up on their e-mail.
Faxed personal letters are the current best method of congressional communication.

We wish to make clear our separation between AT&T and its current senior management. We
wish no harm to the Company itself. Most of us are or were AT&T employees. It is the current
senior management team, led by Armstrong, whom we deeply resent.

Further, nothing in this letter is intended to show disrespect or hostility towards any other country,
its culture or its citizens. We bear no animosity towards any individual H-1b or other visa carrying
employee. Like us, you are trying to earn a living and feed your families. It is not your fault AT&T
upper management exploited some of you to replace U.S. employees.

Please contact us at the addresses and numbers below.

Seven months ago, we all would have been more inclined to ignore these risks. But now, we
cannot afford to. Especially, when such a disaster is within our power to prevent.

In Unity,

Mary Lou Algiere, President CWA Local 1153, White Plains, NY 914-761-1157
Dan Danaher, President CWA Local 4998, Lisle, IL 630-455-4990
Steve Tisza, President CWA Local 4250, Chicago, IL 312-988-9177
Kathy Kinchius, President CWA Local 9415, Oakland, CA 510-834-9415
Keith Adams, President CWA Local 4351, Cincinnati, OH 513-721-2074
cc. Ralph Maly