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									       Volume 8, Issue 2                                                                                       Summer 2005

                        Alcohol Interlock                                   Conference Registration Reminder
                        Programs: Enhancing
                                                                        Don’t forget to register for the following conferences:
                        Participation and
                        Compliance                                                  TIRF is organizing and hosting its 6th Annual
                        Douglas J. Beirness, and Robyn                              Ignition Interlock Symposium, on September 25-
                        Robertson                                                   27th at L’Imperial Palace in Annecy, France.
                                                                                    Building on the very successful symposia from
                         The proceedings from the fourth                            previous years, the theme this year will be “A
                         TIRF International Symposium on                            Global Perspective”. The symposium will focus
Alcohol Ignition Interlock Programs, held in Hilton Head,                           on the development and expansion of interlock
South Carolina in October, 2003 were recently published.             programs around the world. The full registration fee is €450. To
The theme of the symposium was “Enhancing Acceptance,                register and obtain further information about the symposium, go
Participation, and Effectiveness of Interlock Programs”.             to: or call toll free
                                                                     (888) 847-3463.
The program included sessions on Implementation Issues,
the Status of Interlock Programs Around the World, and
two panels on Problems and Solutions. There were also                                                    The purpose of the
two workshop sessions: one dealing with Enhancing                                                        International Conference on
Acceptance; the other discussing issues associated with                                                  Distracted Driving is to identify
Enhancing Participation and Compliance.                                                                  rational and effective programs
The proceedings provide a summary of each of the                                                         and policies for controlling the
presentations at the symposium, as well as a section                 problem of distracted driving, based on solid facts about its
outlining some of the common ideas and themes that                   magnitude and causes. The conference will take place on Oct.
emerged from the discussions in the workshop sessions.               2-5, 2005 in Toronto, Canada at the Toronto Hilton. The
                                                                     registration fee for the full conference is $400 CAD. To register
The report is also available on the TIRF website at:                 and obtain further information about the conference, go to: The conference is being co-
ns.cfm                                                               organized by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) and

U.S. state-specific survey results on impaired driving now available
State-specific results from four national surveys of criminal justice professionals on the issue of impaired driving are now
available from TIRF. Sample size permitting, jurisdictions that participated in these national surveys can now request results
specific to their state that will assist them in identifying priority problems and practical solutions for improving the effectiveness
and efficiency of their DWI system.
Survey participants included: 2700 police officers from 16 states; 390 prosecutors from 35 states; 900 judges from 44 states and
890 probation and parole officers from 42 states. This information can be useful to those states wanting to make improvements
in their DWI system or planning to undertake a statewide review of it.
The surveys were part of a comprehensive research project by TIRF that looked at ways to improve the efficiency and
effectiveness of the U.S. criminal DWI system for dealing with hard-core drunk drivers.
To find out which U.S. jurisdictions have state-specific information available, go to the TIRF website at:

                           Traffic Injury Research Foundation                         Established 1964
                                               A DRIVING FORCE FOR SAFETY

                       TIRF AGM                                               Staff Activity Update
          nd                                                    Standing Committee on Justice, Human Rights, Public
TIRF’s 42 Annual General Meeting was hosted by the
                               th                               Safety and Emergency Preparedness: Herb Simpson
Bank of Montreal on May 19 in Toronto. In addition to a
                                                                and Doug Beirness testified before the committee on
review on marketing and communications activities,
                                                                Bill C-16: An Act to amend the Criminal Code (impaired
research staff gave presentations on: Roadside suspension
                                                                driving). Ottawa, ON. June 16.
for drinking drivers; How senior drivers crash; Distracted
driving and traffic safety; Drugs and driving; and, Making      Transportation Research Board (TRB) Alcohol, Other
the impaired driving system work better.                        Drugs, and Transportation Committee Midyear Meeting
                                                                and Workshop - Drugs in Traffic: Doug Beirness gave an
The newly elected TIRF Officers include:                        invited paper on the contributory role of drugs in road
                                                                crashes. Woods Hole, MA. June 20-21.
Chair: Howard Collins, President & CEO, Brewers
Association of Canada; Vice Chair: John Lee, General            Canadian Automobile Association’s Annual General
Manager, Enterprise Solutions, Canada Post; Past Chair:         Meeting: Herb Simpson gave an invited presentation
Diane Brisebois, President & CEO, Retail Council of             entitled, “Challenges on the bumpy road ahead”. Regina,
Canada; Treasurer: Ian Anderson, President, Temple Scott        SASK. June 20.
Associates Inc.; and Secretary: Herb Simpson, President &       American Probation and Parole Association 30
CEO, TIRF.                                                      Annual Training Institute: Robyn Robertson gave an
                                                                invited presentation in a workshop panel entitled, “DWI
In addition to the Officers, the newly elected Board            offenders - the good news and the bad news”. New York
includes:                                                       City, NY. July 25-27.
Yves Boyer, Executive Vice President International, Dollar      2005 Traffic Records Forum: Robyn Robertson organized
Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc.; David Flewelling, President,    and moderated a panel session entitled, “The role of traffic
CAA; Michael Lowe, Executive Vice President, Human              records in the justice system”. Buffalo, NY. Aug. 4.
Resources U.S., Harris Trust and Savings Bank; Barry            Journal of Safety Research: Dan Mayhew has been
McLellan, Chief Coroner for Ontario, Ministry of Community      appointed to the Editorial Board.
Safety and Correctional Services; Stan McNeil, Officer in
charge National Traffic Services, RCMP; Wayne Mitchell,
President, Ontario Inc. Consulting; Doug Munro, President
and CEO, M-O Freightworks; Jane Voll, Vice President,                Marketing and Communications
Policy Development and Chief Economist, Insurance
                                                                Law Enforcement Technology Magazine: Herb Simpson
Bureau of Canada; and John Westbrook, Vice President,
                                                                was quoted in the article, “Driving home a message: DUI is
Client Services, Acart Communications Inc.
                                                                a serious crime, and prevention and enforcement efforts
                                                                need improvement.“ This U.S. monthly magazine is written
                                                                for members of law enforcement management. May 2005
         TIRF Board Member Profile
Diane Brisebois has been the President and CEO of the                                New Donor
Retail Council of Canada (RCC) since 1995. The RCC is           TIRF would like to welcome Monitech, Inc. as a new bronze
the country’s largest retail industry association, with more    level donor to the Foundation.
than 9,000 members from coast to coast. Prior to joining
RCC, Diane served as CEO of the Canadian Office
Products Association.                                                                    HOW TO ORDER
In addition to serving on the TIRF Board of Directors, Diane                    To order reports/brochures, inquire about
is a member of the Board of Directors of Covenant House                         donor/member privileges, be added to the
Toronto, a Director of Ryerson University’s Retail Sector                           TIRF Bulletin mailing list, contact:
Advisory Board and the University of Montreal’s School of                                  Barbara Koppe
Retailing Advisory Board. Most recently, she was named a                      Manager, Marketing and Communications
member of the Leadership Council for the Partnership                                  171 Nepean St., Suite 200
Strategies initiative of the Ontario Ministry of Children and                       Ottawa, ON Canada K2P 0B4
Youth Services.                                                               Tel: 613-238-5235 Fax: 613-238-5292
Diane joined the TIRF Board in 1996 and served as its                          Website:
Chair from 1999-2005. We thank Diane for her dedication                  There is a $25 handling and postage fee to send
and service to the Foundation, which she continues in her                            reports to non-members
capacity as Past Chair.                                                     Registered Charity No. 10813 5641 RR0001

                         Traffic Injury Research Foundation                   Established 1964

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