Qualities of a Good Group Member

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					                                                                                                            Fall 2008
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                                                                                                                   High School
       I desire to join with my fellow Christians in                Qualities of a Good
  order to more faithfully pursue Christ. I have                     Group Member
                                                                                                                Discipleship Groups
  read the “Qualities of a Good Group Member”
                                                               Be patient. Accountability is best built
  and will do my best to live up to those traits. I                 over time as a natural outgrowth of              Ellinwood First Baptist Church
  understand that being available is an important                   relationship.
  part of building the trust necessary for account-            Be deliberate. Accountability, just like
  ability and am committing to attend and fully                     following Christ, is a choice. Think
                                                                    about whether or not you really are
  participate in at least 5 of the 7-8 meetings it
                                                                    willing to make a commitment to
  will take to study Faith that Breathes.                           yourself, God, and others.
                                                               Be vulnerable. Accountability requires
                                                                    you to take risks at being transpar-
  Please Print Name                                            Be real. Accountability comes out of
                                                                    depth of relationship. You can't stay
                                                                    on the surface and expect to experi-
You will be with at least one of these people, but you
                                                                    ence the benefits.
will not be with all of these people.                          Be teachable. Accountability is a learning
                                                                    process. Defensiveness and pride
                                                                    breaks it down.
  Name of Friend #1
                                                               Be open. Open to learning, open to
                                                                    sharing, open to allowing God to
  Name of Friend #2                                                 change you, and open to wrestling
                                                                    with dying to self.
  Name of Friend #3
                                                               Be available. Be able to, and commit to,      Faith that Breathes
                                                                    attend at least 5 of the 7 weeks of
                                                                                                             Does your faith breathe? Is it filled with peace, love,
                                                                                                             contentment . . . hope? Is it renewed daily by the
                                                               Be diligent. Give a good effort to com-
                                                                                                             Source of life?
                                                                    plete the daily/weekly disciplines
   Name of Preferred Leader #1                                      your group commits to achieving
                                                                                                             Or is your faith suffocating – weighed down by sin,
                                                               Be faithful. Be on time! You cheat your
                                                                                                             entangled with legalism, and choking on religion in-
   Name of Preferred Leader #2                                      group, your leader, and yourself
                                                                                                             stead of relationship?
                                                                    when you steal their time. Be a
                                                                    faithful group member.
            RETURN TO :                                                                                      By the time you’re, say, seventy, what would you
                                                                                                             like your relationship with God to be like? Will you
                                     First Baptist Church                                                    have been faithful to God? Will you have forgotten
                                         Attn: Pastor Joel     **Current Groups will start                   Him? What will you have accomplished for God or
                                        503A SE 110 Ave.                                                     for yourself? What will your most important rela-
                                    Ellinwood, KS 67526      studying Faith that Breathes for
                                                                                                             tionships look like? Whom will you have signifi-
                                                                        7-8 weeks                            cantly influenced for God’s Kingdom? Will the
                                     Phone: 620-564-2875        starting November 2nd**                      temptations, hassles, and doubts you struggled with
                      E-mail: joeldewey@ellinwoodfbc.org                                                     have brought you closer to God or pushed Him
                                                                                                                                 Starting November 2nd!
           Discipleship Groups
away? When your life is over, will others say      What is Accountability?                                       What's in it for me?
that you “fought the good fight . . . finished                                                                      James 5:16 indicates that healing is in store for the
the race . . . kept the faith”?                    Often accountability runs against the grain of our self-         person who puts himself in a place of accountabil-
                                                   sufficient, individualistic society. We like to be our own       ity.
The Bible says that everybody will stand be-       person, do our own thing, and not have someone else
fore God to give an account for his life. Jesus    tell us what to do or believe. Sometimes people fear
told His followers that death was not an op-                                                                     What's in it for others?
                                                   that opening up to accountability means allowing others          Colossians 3:9-10 states that accountability is a
tion, but an inevitable reality for every single   to do harsh things like rebuking, challenging, warning, and
person. He also promised eternal life                                                                               reflection of the new life we have in Christ which
                                                   admonishing. While it is true that the Bible says at times       is a wonderful testimony to the world around us.
to all who accept His sacrificial death            those actions are necessary, accountability primarily
on the cross and live according to His             means support, counsel, encouragement, and affirmation.
design for their lives.                                                                                          What's in it for God?
                                                   Above all, having an accountability group/partner is about       Ephesians 5:21 lets us know that Christ is honored
Oxygen is necessary for the body.                  recognizing that our first accountability is to God. In          through accountability because this kind of fellow-
Faith is necessary for the soul. Do you            sharing our needs with another person, we hope that he/          ship is the backbone of unity.
want a faith that breathes . . . a life that       she will be an encourager who points us beyond judg-
matters . . . a relationship with God              ment to the grace of God through Christ. Think of it
that’s deeper and more real than any-              this way, Christian accountability has two dimensions:
thing you’ve known before?
                                                                                                                 Initial Goals
                                                   internal and external. The internal dimension with God is
                                                                                                                   Daily Devotions
Then get ready to take a deep breath . . .         primary. Here, we invite Him to examine our behaviors
                                                                                                                   Group Discussion on Devotions
                                                   as well as our motives. We recognize that He knows us
                                                                                                                   Daily Prayer
                                                   better than we know ourselves.
FBC Youth Discipleship Groups                                                                                      Memorize One Verse a Week
• Meet during Sunday School                        The external dimension of accountability occurs in com-         Pray for fellow members Once a Week
  (9:30-10:30am)                                   munity with other Christians. Having examined ourselves         Ask accountability questions that are known
• Includes 2-3 High School Students                before God we offer what we have learned about our-                 and agreed upon in advance
• Led by a caring, mature Christian                selves to a few, safe individuals, and they in turn, do the
  who understands the challenges of                same. Here we describe our experiences and invite their
  being a disciple                                 feedback. This process allows personal accountability to
• Committed to pursuing Spiritual Dis-             be a time of encouragement for all.
  ciplines both individually and as a                                                                                    Long Term Goals
  group                                            Some Sample Accountability Questions                                    Deep Prayer Life
• Faithful to encouraging one another                Have you spent daily time in Scriptures and in prayer?                Additional Bible Reading/Study
  to remember our accountability be-                 Have you done your 100% best in your school, job,                     Meditation on Memory Verses
  fore God                                              etc.?                                                              Application of Devotions
                                                     Have you been a testimony this week to the greatness                  Acknowledging/Seeing God’s presence in
                                                        of Jesus Christ with both your words and actions?                      our daily lives
 **Current Groups will start                         Have you damaged another person by your words,                        Witnessing
studying Faith that Breathes                            either behind their back or face to face?                          Service
         for 7-8 weeks                               Have you told any half truths or outright lies, perhaps               Personal Worship & Thankfulness
  starting November 2nd**                               putting yourself in a better light to those around