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OPC-SNMP Enterprise Agent - OPC SNMP Enterprise Agent 30


									      The Obermeier Software
       OPC-SNMP Agent 3.0

                     Obermeier Software SNMP
                     OPC Gateway Features and
                     The S4 Group, Inc. Services

 Presented by
 Steve Jones
The S4 Group, Inc.
          Integrated Enterprise Management Concept
       The OPC-SNMP Agent is enabling middleware
       Integrating Industrial Control, Process Control, or
        Building Automation with Network / Systems
        Management, and Business Processes
       Single Point of Administration

                 Integrated Enterprise Management

        Automation              Network /                  ERP /
          System                Systems                  Back Office
        (OPC-based)            Management                 Systems

       Reducing Costs!
       Increasing Reliability!
       Enhancing Business Performance!
2                  The S4 Group, Inc. / SNMP OPC Agent            April 08, 2004
          OPC-SNMP Agent 3.0 Highlights
       The SNMP OPC Gateway is a family of products
       Each has it’s own documentation and user interface.
       Documentation and error messages are improved
       Installation and administration are greatly simplified
       Configuration file import and export is via spreadsheet
       The OPC-SNMP Agent is a full featured SNMP agent
        supporting Get, Set, and Trap operations

3                  The S4 Group, Inc. / SNMP OPC Agent   April 08, 2004
          OPC-SNMP Agent 3.0 Features
       SNMP Get requests are mapped to OPC Process Point
       SNMP Set requests are mapped to OPC Process Point
       OPC Process Point threshold exceptions are mapped to
        SNMP Traps
       Custom OEM versions can support OPC Alarm and
        Event mapping to SNMP Traps

4                 The S4 Group, Inc. / SNMP OPC Agent   April 08, 2004
               Process Point Threshold Monitoring
       The Agent monitors configured Process Points for thresholds and
        creates SNMP Traps
       The SNMP Variable OID sent with the Trap enables the SNMP
        Manager to monitor the OPC Process Point in Alarm
       A standard SNMP MIB allows the SNMP Manager to handle Traps
        as an array of Process Points in rows with attributes in columns
       Facilitates the implementation and operation of vendor specific
        Plug-Ins for SNMP Managers like HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, or CA

                                                                                 "LowAlarm   "LowWarning   "HiWarning   "HiAlarm
    "Source"                                                                        Level"      Level"        Level"       Level"

    "S4.N2OPC\BurgerKing\Arizona\Phoenix\ Street\ColdStorage\Door                         TRUE
    "S4.N2OPC\BurgerKing\Arizona\Phoenix\ Street\ColdStorage\Deep
      Freezer Temp                                                                       5            12           20          28

    "S4.N2OPC\BurgerKing\Arizona\Phoenix\ Street\ColdStorage\Refrigerator
      Temp                                                                              35            38           42          45

    "S4.N2OPC\BurgerKing\Arizona\Phoenix\ Street\UPS Battery Fail                         TRUE

5                               The S4 Group, Inc. / SNMP OPC Agent                                            April 08, 2004
                   Operations Center Integration Concept

     Center                                           Any commercially
                                     Operations       available Enterprise
                                      Center         Management Software

    Remote Sites
        SNMP-OPC    OPC-SNMP
          Server       Agent
                                                  SNMP                       SNMP

          Application                                               UPS

                                        Network Switch / Router    Other SNMP-Devices

6                   The S4 Group, Inc. / SNMP OPC Agent                         April 08, 2004
        Flexibility in Meeting Customer Needs
    The new distribution and licensing structure facilitates either
    centralized or distributed installations depending on the customer

       The OPC-SNMP Agent base product can threshold monitor 50
        OPC Process Points.
       Agent expansion options are available in 50 unit increments

7                The S4 Group, Inc. / SNMP OPC Agent           April 08, 2004
                    Custom SNMP Agent 3.0
       OEM Versions of the Obermeier Software SNMP OPC
        Agent 3.0 are available for special applications
       Contains all the standard Agent product features
       In this sample OEM application support was added
        for an OPC A&E Server Interface to publish OPC
        Alarms and Events as SNMP Traps
       Contact The S4 Group, Inc. to discuss specific needs
                                     READ / GET

                                    WRITE / SET
                                                        Network /
         Automation                                     Systems
         Application                A & E / TRAP
                                PPT THRESHOLD / TRAP

          OPC DA
           OPC                  OEM SNMP                 SNMP
          OPC A&E                 Agent
8                The S4 Group, Inc. / SNMP OPC Agent         April 08, 2004
                          Product Availability
       The Obermeier Software OPC-SNMP Agent is available
        from The S4 Group, Inc.
       OEM versions are available for custom applications
       Contact Steve Jones for details

    The S4 Group, Inc. is uniquely qualified to integrate
        SNMP support into your Building Automation, Industrial
        Automation, Process Control, or SCADA application

9                 The S4 Group, Inc. / SNMP OPC Agent   April 08, 2004
                   The S4 Group, Inc. Services
        Management Consulting
        Process Reengineering
        Network Services
        System Architectural Design
        System Integration and Testing
        Product testing and evaluation in our systems Lab
        Iconics System Integrator Program Services
        Custom applications with Obermeier SNMP OPC
         Gateway products
                      .... And many more

10                 The S4 Group, Inc. / SNMP OPC Agent   April 08, 2004
                 The S4 Group, Inc. Company Profile
        The S4 Group, Inc was founded by Steven E. Jones after years of experience with
         telecommunications carriers, networking vendors, and system integration companies in both the
         government and commercial sectors.
           –   The early years of his career were in the telecommunications industry with Bell Laboratories,
               Siemens Corporation, and TRT Telecommunications designing and developing industry
               specific applications.
           –   More recent experience was in senior management positions with system integration
               companies providing IT facilities management, and Network integration, management, and
               outsourcing services.
        Before forming S4 Mr. Jones held multiple positions with Johnson Controls, Inc. Controls Group.
           –   As Manager, Architecture and Planning for the IT Communications team he played a key role
               in the design, implementation, operations, and management of the corporation-wide WAN.
           –   As Controls Group Representative for the Global Telecommunications and Connectivity team
               he influenced corporation-wide networking and telecommunications standards
           –   As a senior member of their System Integration Services group he focused on developing
               enterprise solutions and integrating the Metasys® Building Automation System into
               customers’ IT environments, network infrastructure, and management platforms.
           –   In this capacity, he led the effort to SNMP enable the Johnson Controls Metasys ® BAS.
        S4 is vendor agnostic and will not enter into exclusive or anti-competitive relationships.
        We will actively seek out and establish strategic partnerships where combining the joint skills of
         both organizations are more beneficial to our customers than either organization could deliver on
         their own.
        S4 understands that in order to be successful with these goals we need to very carefully manage
         proprietary and partner company confidential information using the same degree of diligence as if
         they were originated by S4.

11                         The S4 Group, Inc. / SNMP OPC Agent                                April 08, 2004
              The Logical Choice
     Obermeier SNMP OPC Gateway Products
      The S4 Group, Inc. Integration Services

      A complete SNMP Integration Solution
         for Automation Systems Needs.

     For additional information please contact:
                The S4 Group, Inc.
                  (801) 621 1970
                  (414) 828 0166

12    The S4 Group, Inc. / SNMP OPC Agent         April 08, 2004

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