Knouse Foods and Noetix by qhq29331


									Special Report                                                                                                 November 13, 2007

                                                Case Study:
        Knouse Foods and Noetix
  Background: Founded in 1949, Knouse Foods is a coop-             see production reporting information such as batches and
erative of 1,500 men and women working together to provide         usages. Noetix is also used for quality assurance reporting and
the highest-quality fruit products for their customers, opportu-   production planning.
nities for their employees and services to their community.
Knouse Foods operates seven processing plants in three states.       Practical Advice: There are certain issues that are somewhat
Their brands include Musselman's, Lucky Leaf, Apple Time,          unique to the processing of fruit, and until recently, very few
Lincoln and Speas Farm. Over the past 50 years, Knouse             systems even existed to handle those types of things. Noetix
Foods has become one of the largest suppliers of processed fruit   offered a solution to help smooth the process of getting
products in the industry.                                          the information our users needed.

   Implementation Summary: Knouse implemented                         Success Factor: The great thing about Noetix is that I don’t
Noetix in mid-2003 and determined it would roll out Oracle         always have to run over to IT to get the information I need.
Process Manufacturing along with the Noetix reporting solu-        I can easily access and manipulate the data more than I ever
tion in order to provide the most effective implementation.        could before and download it to a spreadsheet. Once we’ve
Knouse employed two consultants from Noetix who came on            created and saved a view or query, probably 95 percent or more
site and assisted the team with developing the views for           of the reporting can be done by non-IT people. They can
the manufacturing suite. This was no easy task, as the team        simply take that existing view and generate exactly what
had to rely on a test database for analysis. Oracle Process        they need from it by changing a field or adding a column.
Manufacturing was not yet live, and many of the views had
to then be rewritten once the new suite was fully implemented.        Today, the biggest benefit of Noetix is that it provides
                                                                   flexibility for non-IT end users to pull their specific data out
  Finally in a position to roll out Oracle Process Manufac-        of Oracle and integrate it with Microsoft Excel in order to use
turing along with Noetix, Knouse set up a system where each        business intelligence insight to be more successful at their jobs.
department contained one super user who helped the other
end users to develop and run their reports. If the super user                NoetixViews and Noetix Platform
wasn’t able to help, the request then got escalated to IT.
                                                                     NoetixViews greatly simplifies report development against
  Soon after implementation, end users across the company          Oracle enterprise applications by auto-generating easy-to-use
– clerks, managers, warehouse employees – were all using           business views of the underlying database.
the solution to access information they needed to do their jobs.
End users at Knouse mainly run reports on order management            Noetix Platform provides organizations with an end-to-end
and process manufacturing. This information enables them           business intelligence reporting solution — complete with seam-
to determine if inventories are balanced and available, and to     less integration to NoetixViews or as a standalone BI platform.


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