Chatham County Gang Prevention Outreach Initiative by tgv36994


									                                                           TWO-YEAR ACTION PLAN FOR ______________(Insert title of grant proposal here)
PROJECT/PROGRAM VISION: Insert what would look different if your project or program was successful (Example: Youth in the county would be involved in positive activities rather than
criminal activities and gangs).

NOTE: Each grant proposal is unique so you may want to add or change some of the categories below to such items as: long-term/short-term outcomes, target audience, collaborating partners,
gaps addressed, or sources of funding. Use as many pages as you need to cover all of your goals.
          Goals                                Strategies                                                  Timeline                                    Desired Outcomes                                 Evaluation Measures
Goal #1                   EXAMPLE                                                      EXAMPLE                                                  EXAMPLE                                          Law enforcement officers will document at
EXAMPLE: Develop a         Visit schools at least 2 times per year to assess &         Dec. 06—Make sure all law enforcement agencies          Provide effective benchmarks to track           least five cases per year where GangNet was
countywide monitoring       document gang activity and to counsel faculty and            sign up for GangNet database                             gang activity in the county over time           valuable resource during investigations of
system to track youth       school resource officers on prevention/intervention         Jan. 07 & July 07—Visit schools, law enforcement        Assessment reports will identify                youth criminal activity
gang involvement and        measures                                                     agencies and juvenile court officers to collect gang     potential problem areas to address with        Orange-Chatham JCPC will identify at least
related activities over    Contact law enforcement agencies and juvenile court          activity data                                            intervention/prevention strategies              two examples of how it has used the annual
time                        officers at least 2 times a year to assess and document     March 07 & Sept 07—Schedule meetings with at            At least 10 officers in Sheriff’s Dept. and     monitoring reports to develop and implement
                            potential gang-related investigations and crimes             least 10 community groups to assess gang activity        2 officers each from Siler City &               new gang prevention/intervention strategies
                           At least once a year, contact 10 or more community          Dec. 07—Compile annual report on gang activity in        Pittsboro are actively using GangNet            for 08-09
                            groups that work with youth, including at-risk youth, to     the county                                               and can document it as useful resource         75% of post-survey respondents will indicate
                            assess their observations about gang-related activities     Jan. 08 and July 08—Visit schools, law                   in youth crime investigations                   that the annual monitoring reports are helpful
                           Compile annual report at end of years one and two            enforcement agencies and juvenile court officers to                                                      to very helpful in identifying the level and
                            summarizing findings of assessment                           collect gang activity data                                                                               types of youth gang activity in the county
                           At end of year two, survey law enforcement, community       March 08 & Sept. 08—Schedule meetings with at
                            groups and school administration concerning value and        least 10 community groups to assess gang activity
                            effectiveness of tracking system                            Dec. 08—Produce annual report with comparative
                           Provide law enforcement agencies in the county with          data for 07 and 08
                            access to GangNet database                                  Feb. 09—Conduct post-survey to assess
                                                                                         effectiveness of tracking system to identify
                                                                                         improvements needed
Goal #2                                                                                                                                                                                      

Goal #3                                                                                                                                                                                      

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