Action Research Project Work in Progress by qhq29331


									Action Research Project:
Work in Progress

Elizabeth H. Naylor
CCT 693
Monday, March 26, 2007
My Interests:

  Teaching is about more than just a
  Social Development
  Curriculum changes
  Education Reform
Teaching is more than just
a subject
  Teachers have a responsibility to teach
   more than their subject
  Social development is just as important
   as reading, writing, and arithmetic
Social Development

  Social development is as important as
   test scores and grades
  The term social development allows us to
   focus on ‘morals’ and ‘values’ without
   focusing on specific (and debatable)
  These definitions can get in the way of
   productive research and development.
Curriculum Changes

  Curriculum development should take into
   account the ‘whole child’
  A good curriculum will go beyond testing
   and grades
  Changes in curriculum can lead to great
   changes in the educational system
Education Reform

  Curriculum changes will lead to better
   educational development
  Education reform will lead to better
  Better students will lead to adults that
   more positively participate in society and
   societal changes
Schools that are
trying to address
social development
within the curriculum
New Haven, CT Public
  This school district addresses Social
   Development within their curriculum
   frameworks at all grade levels
Hartford, CT Sports and
Medical Sciences Academy
  This school utilizes a guidance program
   as well as a mentoring program to
   address the issues of social development
Portland, ME Waynflete
  This school utilizes an advising program
   at all grade levels to address the social
   development of all students
Continuing research:

  Interviewing individuals from schools that
   are currently addressing social
   development issues
  Survey teachers in schools with and
   without social development curriculum
  Survey students in schools with and
   without social development curriculum

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