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					South West England
Biomass Company Directory
September 2007 edition
This directory lists South West England companies with a significant involvement in
biomass. The main Directory is an alphabetical listing of all the companies with a
brief description of their capabilities, contact details and assurance schemes*.
Summary tables list firms working in each main area of activity.

A fully searchable and regularly up-dated version of this directory is available at

All the Right Elements
South West England stretches from Gloucester and Swindon in the east to Lands
End and the Isles of Scilly in the west and is a natural home for renewable energy. It
has the best climate in the UK, and the highest levels of solar radiation. There are
strong areas of wind resources in all seven of our counties, one of the largest
woodland resources in the country, and the potential to generate substantial amounts
of renewable energy wave and tidal resources.

A Record of Firsts
South West England has a track record of developing 'firsts' in renewable energy.
There are over 200 companies and organisations engaged in the renewable energy
sector, with particular strengths in consultancy and project development. The region
is a positive environment for the renewable energy industry with 94% of West
Country residents supporting the use of renewable energy, county level renewable
energy targets, and pioneering policies and projects.

A Thriving Industry
South West England boasts companies with expertise across all the main renewable
energy technologies. With a strong base in consultancy services supporting
companies and projects throughout the UK and around the world. We are also home
to a number of developers and R&D intensive companies. Bristol alone boasts three
tidal turbine device developers, reflecting our world leading status in marine
renewables, spearheaded by the Wave Hub project. Our innovative companies are
supported by world class expertise, resources and graduates from 14 universities
and outstanding research at organisations such as the Met Office and Plymouth
Marine Laboratories.

Contact us
Regen SW welcomes enquiries for information and advice on project and supply
chain issues. Please contact Steve Schofield, on 01392 474325 or

Disclaimer: Regen SW accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided in this
Directory. Inclusion of a company in this Directory does not imply endorsement of it by Regen SW.

* Where applicable, the Directory includes details for companies registered with principal national
assurance schemes and trade association Codes of Practice. See back page for further details.

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South West England:
Biomass companies by category

Project Developers / Operators
Alkane Biogas Ltd                      AnDigestion Ltd                         Ark Energy Ltd
Compact Power Ltd                      Econergy Ltd                            Ferguson Williams Ltd
Peninsula Power Ltd                    Pure Energy Professionals               Renewable Power Ltd
Roves Farm / Roves Energy              Wastegen (UK) Ltd

Consultancy / Services
Aardvark Em Ltd                        ADAS Renewable Energy                   Advanced Recycling Technologies
Ark Energy Ltd                         Arup                                    Ashfords
Atlantic Energy Ltd                    Bishop Flemming                         Burges Salmon
C A A Barnes & Partners                Centre for Sustainable Energy           Calash Ltd
Carroll Consultants                    Chilli100                               Community Energy Plus
Compact Power Ltd                      Econergy Ltd                            Energy For Sustainable Development
Entec UK Ltd                           Environmental Development Technology Ltd
Ernst & Young                          Environmental Resources Management      Ferguson Williams Ltd
FIM                                    Foot Anstey                             GasTech at CRE Ltd
Geoscience Ltd                         Halcrow Group Ltd                       IT Power Ltd
Juniper Consultancy Services Ltd       Land Use Consultants                    Osborne Clarke
Pell Frischmann Consultants Ltd        Project Management Support Services Ltd Pure Energy Professionals
Quantock Energy & Environment          Redler Ltd                              Renewable Heat and Power Ltd
Scott Wilson                           Terence O'Rourke Plc                    Triodos Bank
Wardell Armstrong International        Waste Management Engineering Ltd        Wood Energy Ltd

Material or Equipment Supply / Manufacturing
Advanced Recycling Technologies        Alkane Biogas Ltd                      Alvan Blanch
Burdens Environmental                  C A A Barnes & Partners                 C C & J E Whinney
Centrax Ltd, Gas Turbine Division      Compact Power Ltd                       Econergy Ltd
Flamefix                               Forbio Europe Ltd                       Loglogic
Melcourt Industries Ltd                Milbury Systems Ltd                     Powermann Ltd
Profactus Ltd                          Redler Ltd                              Renewable Heat nd Power Ltd
South West Wood Fuels Ltd              Wood Energy Ltd

Construction / Maintenance / Operation
Alkane Biogas Ltd                      AnDigestion Ltd                         Compact Power Ltd
Econergy Ltd                           May Gurney Ltd                          Powermann Ltd
Renewable Heat and Power Ltd           Wood Energy Ltd

Anaerobic Digestion
ADAS Renewable Energy                  Advanced Recycling Technologies         Alkane Biogas Ltd
Alvan Blanch Development Co Ltd        AnDigestion Ltd                         Ark Energy Ltd
Environmental Development Technology   Esterco Biofuels Ltd                    Halcrow Group Ltd
Juniper Consultancy Services Ltd       Organic Power Ltd                       Waste Management Engineering Ltd

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South West England:
Biomass companies by category

ADAS Renewable Energy           Alkane Biogas Ltd                      Alvan Blanch
Ark Energy Ltd                  Arup                                   Atlantic Energy Ltd
Biofuels Matters Ltd            Biomass Industrial Crops Ltd (Bical)   David Fripp BioFuel
Ecolane Ltd                     Ecovector Consulting                   Esterco Biofuels Ltd
Green Fuels Ltd                 Greenstar Biofuels Ltd                 Hamworthy Combustion Engineering
Quantock Energy & Environment   Plymouth Biofuels Ltd                  Wessex Biofuels

Sewage & Landfill Gas
Canford Renewable Energy Ltd    Hamworthy Combustion Engineering       Viridor Waste Management
Wessex Water

Biomass Heat (Micro)
ADAS Renewable Energy           Atlantic Energy Ltd                    Biomass Industrial Crops Ltd
BFC Solutions Ltd               Bramshaw Heating and Plumbing          Burdens Environmental
Dunster Woodfuels               Econergy Ltd                           Eco-Exmoor Ltd
EcoFirst Ltd                    Ecovision Systems Ltd                  Element Energies
Flame Fix                       Freepower Ltd                          Freesource Energy Ltd
Halcrow Group Ltd               Heating South West Supplies Ltd        IT Power Ltd
Kernow Coal & Fires             Microgeneration Ltd                    Redler Ltd
Profactus Ltd                   Renewable Heat and Power               Scott Wilson
Sarum Solar Ltd                 Solar Ray Ltd                          Southern Solar Ltd
The Energy Crops Company        Treco Ltd                              Wessex Independent Self Help
Wood Energy Ltd

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South West England:
Biomass companies by A to Z


Aardvark Em Ltd                                  Consultancy, Biomass Heat
Higher Ford, Wivelscombe, Taunton, Somerset      Aardvark provides environmental excellence in water, waste, energy and
T: 01984 624989                                  environment delivering consultancy, design, assessment and management
E:                   services to those sectors. Integrity, commitment, knowledge and innovation.
Contact: Nick Leaney

ADAS Renewable Energy                            Consultancy, Biomass Heat
25 Herbert Street, Whitehall, Bristol, BS5 9BL   ADAS Renewable Energy (a group within ADAS - one of the largest land-based
T: 0117 9552495 F: 0117 9552495                  consultancies in Europe) specialises in delivery of renewable energy
E:                         consultancy , research and project development, for organisations working in                 the environmental, agricultural and rural sectors. Our projects can range from
Contact: Mark Osola                              heat supply for a single building to electricity generation from large-scale power
                                                 stations. We also provide energy crop advice (producer group development,
                                                 grant applications, and crop agronomy), commercial energy crop planting and
                                                 harvesting services.

Advanced Recycling                               Consultancy, Biomass, Anaerobic Digestion
Norton Barn Offices, Ditcheat Hill, Ditcheat,    ART is a long established company of specialist design engineers with technical
Somerset, BA4 6TL                                expertise and over 25 years of experience in the waste processing and
T: 01749 860787                                  renewable energy sectors. The team have a proven track record in many
E:                    aspects of project delivery in several commercial scale mixed waste processing                        facilities in the UK: Municipal Solid Waste, Commercial and industrial wastes,
                                                 Construction and demolition Transfer Station residues.

Alkane Biogas Ltd                                Project development, biomass, anaerobic digestion
5 Royal Crescent, Cheltenham,                    Design and operation of biopower plants; anaerobic digestion of animal manure
Gloucestershire, GL50 3DA                        and organic waste.
T: 01242 24211

Alvan Blanch                                     M&E supply, biomass
Chelworth, Malmesbury, Wiltshire,                Alvan Blanch is a British manufacturing company specialising in the design,
SN16 9SG                                         production and supply of complete integrated crop processing systems
T: 01666 577333                                  throughout the world.

AnDigestion Ltd                                  Operation & Maintenance, Anaerobic Digestion
Holsworthy Biogas Plant, Holsworthy              AnDigestion Ltd has been established by the Summerleaze Group to develop
Devon, EX22 7HH                                  the technological base and commercial exploitation of anaerobic digestion (AD)
T: 01409 253861                                  in the UK. Summerleaze has extensive experience in the fields of waste
F: 01409 254888                                  management, landfill gas generation and project development, both through the                           parent company and AnDigestion's renewable energy sister, Summerleaze                            RE_Generation Ltd. This expertise makes it the ideal enterprise for the
                                                 development of a new waste-management and renewable power generation

Ark Energy Ltd                                   Consultancy, Installation, Hydro, Wind, Micro-renewables
PO Box 2098, Bristol, BS99 7QN                   Developer of renewable energy projects with widespread experience of many
T: 0117 914 7158                                 technologies including wind energy, biomass, energy from waste, landfill gas,
E:                             small-scale hydro and new marine energy devices.
Contact: Gerry Swarbrick

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South West England:
Biomass companies by A to Z

Arup                                              Consultancy, Construction, Wind, Biomass
63 St Thomas Street, Bristol, BS1 6JZ             Our core skills are in the fields of structural, civil and building services
T: 0117 9765432                                   engineering, including facilities management. We also provide specialist advice               in a wide variety of areas, includin g transportation, environmental assessment,
                                                  geotechnics, acoustics, economics and planning, and IT consultancy.

Ashfords                                          Consultancy, wind, wave & tidal
Ashford House, Grenadier Road, Exeter,            Solicitors with specialists in energy, renewable generation, project finance and
EX1 3LH                                           environment
T: 0870 427 7001

Atlantic Energy Ltd                               Consultancy, Biomass Heat, Hydro
Quenchwell, Carnon Downs, Truro,                  Energy & environmental consultancy. Specialists in renewable energies, wind,
Cornwall, TR3 6LN                                 waste-to-energy, biomass and hydro.
T: 01872 864488 F: 01872 864411
Contact: Charmian Larke


BFC Solutions Ltd                                 Consultancy,Micro-renewables
Mowbarton House, Kingston St Mary, Taunton,       An international consultancy with 25 years high level experience in the
Somerset, TA2 8AS                                 renewable energy industry and the deployment of innovative and practical low
T: 01823 451378                                   carbon, state of the art solutions across a broad range of technologies. BFC's
M: 07979 696906                                   special experience in the field of renewables and the intelligent use of energy in
F: 01823 451378                                   the public and private sectors , has provided the company with special insight to
E:                    related policy areas; planning & regulation, energy services and ESCo's, waste,
Contact: Michael Pitcher                          procurement, education and promotion, habitat management, health, fuel
                                                  poverty, employment and climate change. BFC provide consultancy, advice and
                                                  insight for renewable energy, sustainability, CSR, compliance, carbon mitigation
                                                  strategy, feasibility studies, carbon footprint assessment, specialist research
                                                  and evaluation, strategic and tactical market support, business development. An
                                                  expert package dedicated to delivering a sustainable high added value, low
                                                  carbon economy.
Biofuel Matters Ltd                               Biofuels
17 Bryony Gardens, Gillingham, Dorset             Biofuel Matters provides specialist consultancy services to government
T: 01747 825389                                   agencies, trade associations and NGOs on biofuel issues with particular
F: 01747 825389                                   emphasis on commodity risk management, feedstock selection, supply networks
E:                    and competition for crops.
Contact: Malcolm Shepherd

Biomass Industrial Crops Ltd                      Material Supply, Biomass Heat
Kingsmill Arable Centre, Kingsmill, Cullompton,   Bical is one of the leaders in the successful development and production of
Devon, EX15 1BS                                   Miscanthus (also known as Elephant Grass) as an energy crop and for horse
T: 01884 35899                                    bedding.

Bishop Fleming
16 Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4NT                 Bishop Fleming has a wealth of experience from providing financia l advice on a
T: 01179100250                                    range of renewable energy projects including wind, wave and biomass power.                           We are capable of providing a full range of services including advisory,
                                                  transaction support, project evaluation and financial modelling. Company
                                                  employs about 230 st aff in the southwest, and was established in 1919. We
                                                  have offices in Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Torbay, Truro, and London.

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South West England:
Biomass companies by A to Z
Bramshaw Heating and                       Installation, Solar Thermal, Biomass Heat
19 Ashwood Road, Exeter, EX2 8JL           Solar Thermal and Biomass Heat installers.
T: 01392 277199
F: 01392 209142                            LCBP Accredited Installer for Biomass Stove, Biomass Boiler
Burdens Environmental                      Material & Equipment Supply, Biomass, Solar Thermal
Earl Russell Way, Lawrence Hill,           Suppliers of renewable energy , heating and microgeneration products,
Bristol, BS5 0WT                           including Biomass boilers and CHP , Solar water panels , Solar Photovoltaic
T: 0845 601 1188                           (PV) panels, wind turbines and ground source heat pumps. We also supply a
F: 0845 609 2525                           vast range of environnmentally safe and integrated natural buliding products,
E:                       including, sustainable drainage systems, rainwater harvesting , bacterial water               treatment systems, Ecological building systems and natural insulation products

Burges Salmon                              Consultancy, wind, biomass
Narrow Quay House Bristol BS1 4AH          Burges Salmon has a dedicated Renewable Energy Team which brings together
T: 0117 939 2000                           experts from various departments of the firm to provide clients with an
E:            integrated team, which is familiar with the sector and has practical experience.                      We are at the forefront of advising on the legal issues associated with new and
                                           developing technologies such as wave and tidal power, gasification, pyrolysis
                                           and hydrogen/fuel cells as well as being closely involved in biomass and wind

Buro Happold                               Consultancy
Camden Mill, Lower Bristol Road, Bath      Consulting Engineers.
Somerset, BA2 3DQ
T: 01225 320600
F: 0870 7874148


C A A Barnes & Partners                    Consultancy, biomass
Loyton Farm, Morebath, Tiverton,           Loyton Energy (part of CAA Barnes & Partners) is a R&D company specialising
Devon, EX16 9AS                            in the development of Short Rotation Coppice willow. It has also developed
T:01398 331051 F:01398 331052              agricultural equipment used in the RE industry.

Calash Ltd                                 Consultancy
Rectory Cottage, Upton Hellions,           Calash Ltd. provides operational, commercial, marketing and technical diligence
Crediton, EX17 4AE                         and assessment services, to clients in the UK and overseas. Our clients range
T: 01363 774955                            from SME’s and multi -nationals to public bodies and academia who are looking
E:                         to acquire either technology, companies or want specific, focussed market                             intelligence. We work extensively with development funding programmes to give
                                           independent diligence on companies or start -up ideas.

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South West England:
Biomass companies by A to Z

Canford Renewable Energy Ltd                  Project development
White House, Magna Road, Wimborne,            Developer of Land Fill and Sewage Gas projects.
Dorset, BH21 3AP
T: 01202 583500 F: 01202 591858

39 Henleaze Avenue, Henleaze,                 Carroll Consultants is an executive search and selection consultancy. We
Bristol, BS9 4EU                              specialise in the inter-related sectors of property, environment, economic
T: 01179 629793                               development, regeneration, energy, waste and water. We work with clients
E:         throughout Europe, the Middle East and USA as retained consultants to identify                  and recruit the best candidates for s enior and specialist functions.

C C & J E Whinney                             Supplier, biomass
Holdridge Farm, North Molton,                 Suppliers of Willow and Poplar cuttings from over 100 acres of high quality
Devon, EX36 3HG                               propagation material, mainly recent improved Willow clones from Svaloff
T: 01598 740314 F: 01598 740314               Weibull.

Centrax Ltd, Gas Turbine
Shaldon Road, Newton Abbot,                   Manufacture gas turbines and assemble generator sets for combined heat and
Devon, TQ12 4SQ                               power installations. Able to manufacture complex components and sub -
T: 01626 358000                               assemblies.

Centre for Sustainable Energy                 Consultancy
The CREATE Centre, Smeaton Rd,                Feasibility studies for community scale and micro-renewables; support to local
Bristol, BS1 6XN                              authorities in development of sustainable energy/ carbon reduction strategies,
T: 0117 929 9950                              policies and action plans; renewable energy training for local authority officers
F: 0117 929 9114                              and councillors, architects and other construction professionals; support to local
E:                   authorities and new build developers in developing, enforcing and meeting                                requirements for on-site renewable energy generation in new build; working with
Contact: Martin Holley                        local authorities, social landlords, building occupants, community groups etc to
                                              facilitate low carbon buildings; support to develo pers and local authorities on
                                              public engagement in larger scale renewable electricity projects; specialists in
                                              policy research and stakeholder engagement on sustainable energy issues.

Chilli100                                     Consultancy & Support Services
74 Hermitage Road, Plymouth, PL3 4RY          Marketing, communications and exhibition management services
T: 01752 661354
Coastline Surveys Ltd                         Consultancy & Support Services, Wave & Tidal, Hydro
Pearces Mill, Falmouth Wharf, North Parade,   Established in 1991 Coastline Surveys Ltd is an independent company
Falmouth, TR11 2TF                            specialising in coastal, marine and riverine surveys and research. The highly
T: 01326 311220                               qualified and versatile professional workforce undertake surveys ranging from
F: 01326 311220                               marinas to commercial ports, reservoirs and lakes to rivers, estuaries and the
E:                open seas. The uniquely mobile inshore service is available from isolated                    beaches to industrial centres and, together with the offshore surveying services,
                                              provides full coverage of the coastal zone within Europe. In -field services
                                              include Bathymetry, Geophysics, VibroCoring, Grab and Water Sampling,
                                              Benthic Sampling, Diving, Underwater Video, Trawling, Tidal Measurements,
                                              Wreck Location, Salvage, Towage, Buoy Inspection, Buoy Maintenance, Outfall
                                              Inspection, Quay Inspection, Equipment & Stores Transfer, Education, Filming,
                                              Dredging & Dredge Research
Community Energy Plus                         Consultancy
2 The Setons, Tolvaddon Energy Park           Community Energy Plus is a registered charity (Number 1068990) and a
Camborne, TR14 0HX                            company limited by guarantee (Number 3533571). CEP manages the Cornwall
T: 01209 614971                               Energy Efficiency Advice Centre, Cornwall Sustainable Energy Partnership, the
E:                            Cornwall Community Renewables Initiative and the Home Health Programme.                                CEP works in Partnership with all the local authorities in Cornwall plus a wide
Contact: Alec Rice                            range of other public, private and voluntary organisations to encourage the
                                              sustainable use and provision of energy as a means of addressing climate
                                              change, energy security and the elimination of fuel poverty.

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South West England:
Biomass companies by A to Z

Compact Power Ltd                              Technology development, Project development, Biomass
Yara House, St Andrew's Road                   The Compact Power Process is an advanced thermal conversion technology
Avonmouth, Bristol, BS11 9DQ                   specifically designed for the safe, economic and environmentally acceptable
T: 0117 980 2900 F: 0117 980 2901              disposal of a range of wastes. The process is a fully integrated system for the
E:                   pyrolysis, gasification and thermal oxidation of the wastes, the recovery of                         energy released from the process, and the treatment of the solid and gaseous
Contact: Richard Hogg                          emissions to satisfy authorised limits. Compact Power builds, owns and
                                               operates plants to process a wide range of waste streams including municipal,
                                               industrial and clinical waste.

David Fripp BioFuel                            Biofuels
2 The Cross, Tarrant Crawford,                 Wood Briquettes, Logs, Kindling and Charcoal.
Blandford Forum, DT11 9HX
T: 01258 857524

Dunster Woodfuels                              Equipment Supply, Biomass Heat
Loxhole Sawmills, Dunster,                     Dunster Wood fuels are a supplier of wood fuelled boilers, logs, wood chip and
Somerset, TA24 6NY                             pellets - a carbon neutral, "green" and clean renewable fuel resource.
T: 01643 821188
E:                 LCBP Accredited Installer for Biomass Stove, Biomass Boiler.


Eco-Exmoor Ltd                                 Equipment Supply, Solar Thermal, Biomass Heat
The Old Post Office, Parracombe, Barnstaple,   We are an ethical and ecological local company, installing Solar thermal
Devon, EX31 4QG                                systems and ÖkoFen Pellet boilers approximately across the EX and TA
T: 01598 763595                                postcode area. We are Clear Skies and HETAS registered; STA members and
E:                       are currently working in the domestic market. A Solar Trade Association                           Member.
Contact: Nick Backhouse
                                               LCBP Accredited Installer for Biomass Stove, Biomass Boiler, Solar

Ecolane Ltd                                    Consultancy
46 Green Street, Bristol, BS3 4UB              Transport Consultancy
T: 0551 436349

Econergy Ltd                                   Material & Equipment Supply, Construction & Installation,
                                               Biomass Heat
69 Hampton Park, Bristol, BS6 6LQ              The UK's premier wood energy company providing cost effective reliable wood
T: 0870 054 5554                               heating solutions based on well-tried Continental designs. We deliver
F: 0870 054 5553                               - large-scale (100kW – 10MW) wood-chip and pellet boilers for district heating,
E:                       country houses, commercial developments and the public sector.                            - small-scale and domestic boilers for logs, pellets or wood-chips.
                                               Econergy Ltd can offer a nationwide service for: -
                                                 - Project scoping and outline proposals with payback and emission reduction
                                                 - Detailed designs including specifications, schematic diagrams and control
                                                 - Energy services packages
                                                 - Project management, supply from a range of manufacturers and installation
                                                 - Full service backup including remote monitoring and servicing contracts
                                               - Advice and training on, or provision of, wood fuel supplies including chip and
                                               pellets. REAL Assurance Scheme Members

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South West England:
Biomass companies by A to Z

EcoFirst Ltd                             Material & Equipment Supply, Consultancy, Construction &
                                         Installation, Micro-renewables
The Tithe Office, Abbey Manor Business   We are uniquely able to provide homeowners, self builders,
Centre, Preston Road, Yeovil,            architects/specifiers, house builders/developers and commercial project
Somerset, BA20 2FJ                       specifiers with a complete design, supply and installation service for sustainable
T: 0845 257 5064                         technologies and sustainable equipment. Also supply rainwater harvesting
F: 01935 848544                          equipment. Clear Skies accredited. REAL Assurance Scheme and
E:                     Solar Trade Association Members.
                                         LCBP Accredited Installer for Solar Thermal, Wind

Ecovector Consulting                     Consultancy & Support Services, Biofuels
6 Beech Avenue, Claverton Down,          Ecovector Consulting provides strategy and technical advice to support
Bath, BA2 7BA                            sustainable energy implementation. Our staff have over 30 years of international
T: 01225 460392                          business and energy research and consultancy experience, covering energy
F: 01225 460392                          efficiency, renewable energy and energy in transport. We are part of the
E:            Sustainable Transport Solutions Network, which offers specialist advice,
                                         research and consultancy to help the public and private sectors address the
                                         environmental and social impacts of transport energy use.
Ecovision Systems Ltd                    Supply, Installation, Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal, Biomass,
                                         Micro-Wind, PV
Dream House, Lampern Hill, Uley,         Ecovision Systems offer a fully integrated and tailored service incorporating the
Gloucestershire, GL11 5BX                design, installation and commissioning of a comprehensive range of renewable
T: 01453 861 354                         and sustainable technologies. We also offer a complete project management
F: 01453 861 365                         service, as well as specialist advice on Building Regulations compliance, SAP
E:           assessments and government grants. Whether you are a self-builder or               renovator, consulting engineer, architect or developer, we can assist you to
                                         achieve the most efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective renewable
                                         energy system for your building project. A Ground Source Heat Pump
                                         Association Member.

Element Energies                         Equipment Supply, Installation, Heat Pumps, Micro & Small
                                         Wind, Biomass Heat, Solar Thermal
The Mill, Bish Mill, South Molton        Devon based company supplying and installing solar hot water, wind turbines,
Devon, EX36 3QF                          pellet stoves and sun pipes. Clear Skies registered installers.
T: 01769 550 555

Energy for Sustainable                   Consultancy
Development Ltd
Overmoor Farm, Neston, Corsham           ESD is an international sustainable energy consultancy company. We design
Wiltshire, SN13 9TZ                      and develop sustainable energ y systems and projects, carry out market and
T: 01225 816648                          feasibility studies in all areas of energy, conduct international technical and
F: 01225 816644                          economic assessments for a range of clients and promote policies to improve
E:                     the enabling environment for the rational and sustainable use of energy.

Entec UK Ltd                             Consultancy & Support Services
155 Aztec West, Park Avenue              Engineering and environmental consultants.
Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4UB
T: 01454 629712
F: 01454 629713

Environmental Development                Consultancy
Technology Ltd
18-20 Barton Street, Tewkesbury          Energy and Environmental Consulting Engineers to the Commercial and
Gloucestershire, GL20 5PP                Industrial Sectors
T: 01684 292767
F: 01684 292 878

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South West England:
Biomass companies by A to Z

Environmental Resources
Management (ERM)                                Consultancy & Support Services
ERM, 1,The Friary, Temple Quay                  ERM has a well-established reputation as a leading provider of services to the
Bristol, BS1 6EA                                renewable energy sector in the UK and worldwide. With its unique combination
T: 0117 3445790                                 of commercial, environmental and technical services, ERM is able to provide
F: 0117 3445175                                 outstanding cross cutting advice. ERM provides a full range of consultancy
E:                       services from site investigation and remediation to Environmental Impact                                     Assessment and planning as well as waste management, climate change, due
                                                diligence and compliance and environmental information systems services.

Ernst & Young                                   Consultancy
Broadwalk House, Southernhay West,              With a dedicated 25+ – strong team of advisors, supported by an international
Exeter, EX1 1LF                                 network of specialists, Ernst & Young’s Renewable Energy Group helps clients
T: 01392 284395                                 to maximise value from r enewable energy activity. The Group provides a
F: 01392 284302                                 complete range of financial and strategic advisory services to the renewable
E:                             energy industry.
Contact: Jonathan Johns

Esterco Biofuels Ltd                            Material supply, Biofuels
33 Trevarthian Road, St Austell,                Supplier of biofuel.
Cornwall, PL25 4BT
T: 01726 66763

Ferguson Williams Ltd                           Project development, consultancy
Mardyke House, 16-22 Hotwell Road,              Study, design, development and implementation of all forms of cogeneration
Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4UD
T: 0117 927 7731

FIM                                             Wind, Biomass Heat
Glebe Barn, Great Barrington                    We are an investment firm focused on renewable energy in the UK and selected
Burford, OX18 4US                               countries in the EU25. We consider mid to large scale projects (£10m-£150m)
T: 01451 844655                                 and interested to discuss advanced projects with the respective developer.
F: 01451844509

Flame Fix                                       Installation, Solar Thermal, Biomass Heat
Charlton House, 32 High Street, Cullompton,     Installers of solar thermal and wood pellet systems, we are CORGI and OFTEC
Devon, EX15 1AE                                 registered engineers which enables us to work with any heating system. As
T: 07883 037667                                 water board approved plumbers you can be sure your installation complies with
F: 01392 468755                                 building regs. A Solar Trade Association Member.
                                                LCBP Accredited Installer for Solar Thermal

Foot Anstey                                     Consultancy
21 Derry's Cross, Plymouth PL1 2SW              Comprehensive Legal Services
T: 01752 675000 F: 01752 675500
Contact: Richard Sutton

Forbio Europe Ltd                               Equipment supply, Biomass Heat

c/o International Plant Laboratories Ltd, Ham   Specialists in plant production for supplying to biomass indust ry
Street, Baltonsborough, Glastonbury
Wiltshire, BA6 8QG
T: 01458 851000

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South West England:
Biomass companies by A to Z

Freepower Ltd                                 Equipment Supply, Biomass Heat
PO Box 1642, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 0SE    Developing systems to harness waste heat to genera te electricity.
T: 01722 746800

Freesource Power Energy Ltd                   Installation, Consultant, Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic, Wind,
                                              Ground Source Heat Pumps, Biomass Heat
39 Market Place, Chippenham,                  Freesource are an independent provider of renewable energy products to
Wiltshire, SN14 3UT                           homes and businesses. They Offer free surveys of your property, a choice of
T: 0800 619 1262                              technologies, free energy saving advice, access to grant schemes, UK coverage                          and an experience installation team.
Contact: Alex Lockton
                                              LCBP Accredited Installer for Solar Thermal, Wind

GasTech at CRE Ltd                            Consultancy, Biomass Heat
The Orchard Business Centre, Stoke Orchard,   Energy consulting, training and appliance testing.
Gloucestershire, GL52 7RZ
T: 01242 677877

Geoscience Ltd                                Consultancy & Support Services, Heat Pumps
Falmouth Business Park, Bickland Water Rd
Falmouth, TR11 4SZ
T: 01326 211070

Green Fuels Ltd                               Material supply, Biofuels
Green Fuels House,Brunel Way,                 Green Fuels Ltd. was formed to bring affordable and sustainable biodiesel
Stroudwater Business Park,                    technology to the UK and European marketplace. Our products range from
Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 3SX         small scale 45,000 litres per year to medium scale 5,000,000 - 15,000,000
Tel: 01453 828003                             litre per year processors. All of our products incorporate the latest techniques
Fax: 01453 823350                             in biodiesel production and are operational throughout the world.
Greenstar Biofuels Ltd                         Material and equipment supply, biofuels
14 Brunel Way, Mart Road Industrial Estate     Greenstar Biofuels - formerly Bioco Green Star is involved in the development
Somerset, TA24 5BY                             of producing biofuel and biodiesel from waste cooking oils and fats. This
T: 01643 706951                                procedure has absolutely no harmful emissions to the environment.

Green Spirit Fuels Ltd                         Project development, Biofuel
Henstridge Trading Estate, The Marsh,          The company was founded to produce and market bio ethanol and is in the
Henstridge, Somerset, BA8 0TN                  process of obtaining planning permission for a bio ethanol plant to be built
T: 01963 362989                                adjacent to the current Wessex Grain site. It is planned that the company will                       produce bio ethanol on a number of sites in the UK from locally produced
                                               feedstocks, principally wheat, with its first plant expected to commence
                                               production in 2007.

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South West England:
Biomass companies by A to Z

Halcrow Group Ltd                               Consultancy; Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal, Biomass Heat
Burderop Park, Swindon, SN4 0QD                 Halcrow Group was founded as a partnership in 1868 and is now a business
T: 01793 812479 F: 01793 815020                 owned by the Halcrow Trust and staff with over 6,000 people around the
E:                         world. Swindon is one of two world centres and there are also three local                                 offices in the South West of England. Halcrow provides a full range of
Contact: Rod Hacker                             consultancy services in the renewable energy sector ranging from
                                                management of R&D to market and feasibility studies, design, supervision of
                                                installation, monitoring and dissemination of results. A specific renewable
                                                energy team was formed in 1979 and has worked continuously since, providing
                                                expertise on solar (photovoltaics and thermal), wind, biomass, marine and
                                                other technologies.

Hamworthy Combustion                            Manufacture, Landfill & Sewage Gas
Engineering Ltd
Fleets Corner, Waterloo Road, Dorset            Manufactures environmentally friendly combustion systems: burners, flares for
BH17 0LA                                        biogas, incineration systems.
T: 01202 662700
F: 01202 669875

Heating S.W. Supplies Ltd                       Install, Biomass
2-3 Miller Business Park, Station Road,         Providers of bio stoves and boilers for domestic clients .
Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 4DA,
T: 01579 345680
                                                LCBP Accredited Installer for Biomass Stove, Biomass Boiler
Contact: Jim Hardy

IT Power Ltd                                    Consultancy, Photovoltaics; Hydro, Biomass Heat, Wave
16-18 Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2LG        IT Power is an international consultancy focusing on sustainable energy,
T: 0117 980 9441                                climate change and international development with particular expertise in
E:                   renewable energy. The company is a leader in the commercialisation of wave                              and marine current technologies and provides support to developers of wind
Contact: Jamie O’nians                          farms and solar, hydro, biomass, wave, tidal, CHP and CDM projects.

Juniper Consultancy Services                   Consultancy, Biomass
Sheppards Mill, Uley, Gloucestershire          Market research, technology evaluation and business consultancy services
GL11 5SP                                       for the biomass and waste management industry.
T: 01453 860750
E: <>

Kernow Coal & Fires                            Installation, Biomass
Unit 2, Bess Park, Trenant Industrial Estate   Kernow Coal and Fires, have experience in supplying and installing a
Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 6HB                 comprehensive range Fires, Fireplaces and Stoves. They also have the
T: 01208 812527                                addi tional benefit of being an established business in the supply and
E:               delivery of solid fuels, as well as gas and wood, and we also carry an                   extensive range of accessories and spares.
Contact: Simon Breckon
                                               LCBP Accredited Installer for Biomass Stove, Biomass Boiler

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South West England:
Biomass companies by A to Z

Land Use Consultants                       Consultancy
14 Great George Street, Bristol, BS1 5RH   Land Use Consultants (LUC) is one of the leading Environmental Planning
T: 0117 9291997 F: 0117 929 1998           Consultants in the UK with offices in London, Glasgow and Bristol. LUC has
E:           been advising Government, local authorities and developers on issues                          relating to renewable energy and planning for a number of years. We have
Contact: Sarah Young                       experience in the preparation of sustainable energy strategies and planning
                                           guidance for national, regional and district/ borough authorities. We also have
                                           extensive experience in the preparation of Environmental Impact
                                           Assessments for renewable energy schemes and have completed EIAs for
                                           over 18 windfarms.

Loglogic                                   Consultancy
Peverstone, Mutterton, Cullompton,         Consultancy, design, installation of biomass harvesting equipment.
Devon, EX16 4BZ                            Manufacture all terrain vehicles and harvesting equipment.
T: 01884 243699

May Gurney Plc                             Construction
Hatchmoor Industrial Estate                May Gurney delivers integrated construction services through five industry
Hatherleigh, Devon, EX20 3LP               focused service streams – Infrastructure Services, Highway Services, Rail
T: 01271334755                             Services, Utility Services and Building & Asset Services. Established in 1926,
E:                the company, which has 3,200 employees across the UK, focuses on long-                        term partnered contracts with public and private sector customers. Through
                                           the Utilities sector of the business we are able to offer a full range of services
                                           within the renewables and waste management industries, for medium to large
                                           scale projects. These services include every aspect of construction and
                                           design. We can provide all services from in-house resource including the
                                           construction, mechanical and electrical disciplines. Whether it is a small
                                           recycling centre or large wind farm installation May Gurney can provide the
                                           solution. ISO 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 accredited.

Melcourt Industries Ltd                    Supplier
Boldridge Brake, Long Newnton,             Supplier of: bark and wood based mulches, soil ameliorants and composts,
Gloucestershire, GL8 8RT                   loose impact absorbing play surfaces, compost additives, peat replacements
T: 01666 502711                            and pre -mixed composts, walk and equestrian surfaces, reptile bark, oil ab
E:                     absorption, bio-filter media.

Microgeneration Ltd                        Equipment Supply, Installation, Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic,
                                           Heat Pumps, Biomass
Amity Lodge, Freathy Cliff, Millbrook,     Microgeneration Ltd design and install renewable energy solutions such as
Cornwall, PL10 1JT                         solar water heating systems and air source heat pump space heating
T: 0845 434 8084                           systems for homes and also solar heating for swimming pools and industrial         applications. A Ground Source Heat Pump Association and REAL                    Assurance Scheme Member.

                                           LCBP Accredited Installer for Ground Source Heat Pumps, Solar
                                           Thermal, Wind

Milbury Systems Ltd                        Services, operation & maintenance wind
The Long Barn, Clevedon Road, Tickenham    Specialise in supplying prestressed / precast concrete structures for storag e
Bristol, BS21 6RY                          and retention of materials.
T: 01275 857799 F: 01275 853123

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South West England:
Biomass companies by A to Z


Organic Power Ltd                              Technology development, Biomass
Goulds House, Horsington,                      Producers of the Maltin® System. The multi-tank process treats a wide
Somerset, BA8 0EW                              range of organic materials, either solid or liquid, particularly industrial
T: 01963 371 100 F: 01963 371 300              wastes, energy crops, food processing residues and agricultural slurries.

Osborne Clarke                                 Consultancy, services
2 Temple Back East, Temple Quay,               Lawyers with expertise and experience of renewable energy projects
Bristol, BS1 6EG
T: 0117 917 4222

Pell Frischmann Consultants                      Consultancy
Burrator House, Peninsular Park, Rydon Lane      Pell Frischmann is one of the most innovative firms of Consulting Engineers
Exeter, Devon, EX2 7NT                           in the UK construction industry. Born as a structural design practice, the firm
T: 01392 444345 F: 01392 444880                  has grown to offer engineering services in all areas of construction including
E:                    buildings, transportation, water, power and telecommunications. Over the                           last 75 years we have been associated with many landmark projects all over
Contact: Chris Rogers                            the world, and are proud to be known for our Excellence Through Innovation

Peninsula Power Ltd                              Project development, Biomass
Station Business Park, Lapford                   Developer of the Winbeg biomass project at Winkleigh in Devon
Crediton, EX17 6AE

Plymouth Biofuels Ltd                            Material supply, biofuel
5 Lister Close, Newnham Ind. Est.                Suppliers of bio-diesel. Member of the Bio-Power Association, which
Plympton, Plymouth, PL7 5BA                      promotes the collection, reprocessing and marketing of waste organic oils
T: 01752 349840                                  and fats for use as transport fuels, and other purposes.
F: 01752 338569

Powermann Ltd                                    Construction & Installation
Mitre Court 16 Commercial Rd, Poole, Dorset,     Electrical contractors, electrical engineers (industrial)/engineering services &
BH14 0JW                                         electrical equipment testing services
T: 01202 722111

Profactus Ltd                                    Material Supply, Biomass Heat
Genville, Fairmile, Dorset, DT11 OLU             Manufacturer and supply of fuel pellets including pellets made from
T: 020 8424 2637 F: 01258 458587                 hardwoods.

Project Management Support                       Consultancy & Support Services, Wind, Wave & Tidal
Services Ltd
Tramshed Business Centre, Beehive Yard,          Strategic and Project Consultants in
Walcot Street, Bath, BA1 5BB                     1. Onshore and offshore wind
T: 01225 731319                                  2. Biomass
F: 01225 731301                                  3. Wave and Tidal energy
E:                                 Project management, EHS specialists

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South West England:
Biomass companies by A to Z
Pure Energy Professionals                     Consultancy, Project Development, Wind
58 Coinage St, Cornwall, TR13 8EL             Advisors to Financial Institutions and trade players on merger and aquistion
T: 01326 572720 F: 01326 564144               strategy as well as partnering in renewable Industry.

Quantock Energy & Environment                 Consultancy
Crossways, Hill Top Lane, Kilve,              The focus of our consultancy support services is in the areas of sustainable
Somerset, TA5 1SR                             transport, energy efficiency and renewable energy, and how these relate to
T: 01278 741354                               the issues of local air quality management, climate change and the use of
E:                natural resources.

Redler Ltd                                    Equipment Supply, Biomass Heat
Redler House, Dudbridge, Stroud,              Bulk materials handling expertise and able to manufacture and supply
Gloucestershire. GL5 3EY                      biomass furnaces, hoppers, etc.
T: 01453 763611

Renewable Heat and Power                      Consultancy, Construction & Installation, Biomass Heat
Pinkworthy Barn, Oakfield, Tiverton,          Consultants, developers and contractors for automatic wood heating
Devon, EX16 9EU                               installations and wood fuel supply, specialising in wood pellet production
T: 01398 351166

Renewable Power Ltd                           Project Development
The Old Forge, Langford Budville, Somerset    Developer of wind and biomass projects.
TA21 0RW
T: 01823 401444

Renewable Power Systems Ltd                   Project Development, Anaerobic Digestion, Wave & Tidal
Higher Tale Farm, Payhembury,                 Renewable Power Systems is a dynamic project development and
Honiton, EX14 3HJ                             consultancy company that has been active in the delivery of a wide range of
T: 07799 836344                               generation projects for almost 20 years. We are now actively looking for
F: 01234 271709                               partners to bring forward wind, bioenergy and marine projects where we can
E:                  contribute our specific technical and project management expertise.
Roves Farm / Roves Energy                     Project development, biomass
Roves Farm, Severnhampton, Highworth,         Fuel Suppliers - Growers/Supplier, Forestry and Timber
Wiltshire SN6 7QG
T: 01793 763939 F: 01793 763939

Sarum Solar Ltd                               Equipment Supply, Installation, Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic,
                                              Biomass Heat
Units 14 & 15, The Malverns, Cherry Orchard   Sarum Solar Ltd is a worker's co-operative with 8 Employees founded in
Lane, Salisbury, SP2 7JG                      2004. Sarum Solar Ltd is incorporated as an Industrial and Provident
T: 01722 421 021                              Society, and is registered with the Financial Standards Authority. Sarum
F: 01722 338 228                              Solar Ltd is a Clear Skies registered installer for small scale solar thermal,
E:                      registration number 2134149 and a Member of the Solar Trade Association.
                                              LCBP Accredited Installer for Solar Thermal

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   South West England:
   Biomass companies by A to Z
   Scott Wilson                                      Architects & Design Consultants, Engineering Technical
                                                     Consultants, Project Management, Environmental Planning
                                                     and Surveying.
   3rd Floor, Mayflower House, Armada Way,           Scott Wilson is a dynamic, international consultancy group providing inspiring,
   Plymouth, PL1 1LD, United Kingdom                 sustainable designs for development and infrastructure. We are able to offer
   T: 01752 672124                                   civil/structural design, project management, environmental consultancy and
   F: 01752 227627                                   have project managed phases of the development of the wave hub project.
   E:                    We have a considerable track record in renewable energy projects of all                               kinds. We employ over 5000 persons in 69 offices worldwide

                                                      Equipment Supply, Installation, Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic,
   Solar Ray Ltd                                      Biomass Heat, Micro & Small Wind, Hydro, Heat Pumps
   Oakhampton Park, Wiveliscombe, Taunton,            Solar Ray Ltd will work with your business, organisation, charity, community or
   Somerset, TA4 2RW                                  individual to create cost effective solutions to reduce dependency upon existing
   T: 01984 624950                                    fossil fuel sources and thereby reduce Carbon dioxide emissions. Solar Ray is an
   F: 01984 624949                                    accredited Clear Skies installer.
   E:                                 LCBP Accredited Installer for Solar Thermal

   South West Water                                     Developer, Hydro, Sewage Gas, Biomass, Anaerobic Digestion
   Peninsula House, Rydon Lane,                         Provide water and sewerage services in the SW. Developing renewables energy
   Devon, EX2 7HR                                       sources such as generating electricity from sewage gas.
   T: 01392 446688

   South West Wood Fuels Ltd                            Material supply, biomass
   SCC Highways Depot, Station Road, Brushford,         To increase economic activity associated with the production, processing,
   Dulverton, Somerset TA22 9AD                         promotion, marketing and utilisation of wood fuels.
   T: 01398 324558                                      Cooperative promoting wood fuel and able to source supplies of wood chip and
   E:                                    wood pellets.

   Southern Solar Ltd                                   Equipment Supply, Construction & Installation, Micro-
   Monarch House, Smyth Road, Bedminster, Bristol,      Specialists in the design and installation of renewable energy technologies.
   BS3 2BX                                              Our energy solutions include solar water heating, solar electric, wind
   Contact: Toby Abbott                                 turbines, ground source heat pumps, rainwater harvesting and wood pellet
   T: 0845 456 1706 F: 0117 9539090                     boilers. Accredited on all UK grant schemes. A Solar Trade Association
   E:                          Member.

Terence O'Rourke Plc                              Consultancy
Everdene House, Wessex Fields, Deansleigh         At Terence O'Rourke, we are dedicated to creating successful environments and
Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH7 7DU                to making good projects happen. An award winning practice formed in 1985, we
T: 01202 421 142                                  specialise in town planning, urban design, environmental consultancy, landscape
F: 01202 430 055                                  architecture, architecture and graphic design. One of our key strengths is master
E:                          planning which draws on the skills of all of our professionals. We offer specialist                                  expertise in energy and renewable energy developments, including wind farms,
                                                  hydro power, combined heat and power, passive solar design, biomass,
                                                  anaerobic digestion, energy from waste and district heating. We are also able to
                                                  advise on sustainable design. Our planning experience is supported by
                                                  capabilities in environmental impact assessment, landscape and visual
                                                  assessment and appropriate assessment. Our clients include developers, the
                                                  government, regional development agencies and trade associations.

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    South West England:
    Biomass companies by A to Z
The Energy Crops Company                        Biomass Heat
Elm View, Higher Vellow, Stogumber              The Energy Crops Company was set up in 2005 to provide sustainable wood-
Taunton, TA4 4JH                                fired heating solutions to a wide range of commercial and industrial customers.
T: 07766 314 264                                We specialise in the supply of wood pellet fuel and, through our network of
F: 01984 656518                                 partners, deliver a complete service for converting to biomass heating.

Treco Ltd                                       Equipment Supply, Installation, Biomass Heat, Solar Thermal
Howe Complex, Kentisbeare, Cullompton, Devon,   TRECO is committed to providing sustainable, economical and environmentally
EX15 2BR                                        friendly heating solutions in the form of Biomass Boilers, Wood Pellet Room
T: 0845 130 9012                                Heaters and integrated Solar Equipment.
E:                                 LCBP Accredited Installer for Biomass Stove, Biomass Boiler

Triodos Bank NV                                 Consultancy / Services
Commercial Manager, Brunel House,               Triodos Bank is a pioneering force in the world of sustainable banking. It aims to
11 The Promenade, Bristol, BS8 3NN              help achieve a more decent, dignified and kinder society and a world that
T: 0117 9809767                                 respects people, the environment and different cultures. Triodos Bank finances
F: 0117 9739303                                 companies, institutions and projects that add cultural value and benefit people
E:                    and the environment, with the support of depositors and investors who want to                               encourage the development of socially responsible and innovative business.


Viridor Waste Management                        Operation & Maintenance, Landfill Gas
Great Western House, Station Approach,          Waste management and recycling, including significant production of renewable
Taunton, TA1 1QW                                power both via landfill gas utilisation and energy from waste & CHP.
T: 01823 250988

Wardell Armstrong International                 Consultancy
Wheal Jane, Baldhu, Cornwall, TR3 6EH           Wardell Armstrong International is a world class consultancy operating in the
T: 01872 560783                                 Minerals, Environmental and Energy sectors with some 35 staff working out of its                       Truro offices. Part of the Wardell Armstrong Group, WAI has more than 15 years
E:                    experience in renewables and provides consultancy and technical services for all
                                                renewable energy technologies both large and small scale.

Waste Management Engineering                    Consultancy
8 Leastone Road, Clevedon,                      WMEL is a high quality specialist environmental engineering consultancy. We
Somerset, BS21 7QR                              offer up to date knowledge on all thermal, biological and mechanical related
T: 01275 795539                                 processes, allowing tailored and proven solutions to industrial waste issues. Our
E;                         dedicated team of experienced engineers deliver expertise in: Incineration of                                 hazardous, clinical, MSW and other waste streams; Pollution abatement and
                                                control; Waste treatment technologies; Crematoria surveys and upgrades;
                                                Trouble shooting and optimisation of existing facilities; Legislative requi rements,
                                                both current and proposed; Targeted waste minimisation; Training and
                                                accreditation to meet and surpass OPRA standards.

Wastegen (UK) Ltd                               Technology development, project development, biomass
Fort Lee, Rodborough Common,                    The WasteGen's Materials and Energy Recovery Plants combine pyrolysis with
Stroud, GL5 5BJ                                 recycling and composting in an integrated design. It is an innovative combination
T: 01453 751729                                 of proven technologies that will enable Local Authorities and their Waste
E:                    Disposal Contractors to achieve their recovery and landfill avoidance targets.

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    South West England:
    Biomass companies by A to Z

Wessex Independent Self Help                Small Biomass Heat & CHP, Consultancy & Support Services
Fiveways, 7 Butts Pond,                     Community Wood Chip Fuel project.
Sturminster Newton, DT10 1AZ
T: 01258 446258

Wessex Water Services Ltd                   Supply, operation & maintenance
Claverton Down, Claverton Down Road,        Water and sewage company
Bath, BA2 7WW
T: 01225 526 000 F: 01225 528 000

Wood Energy Ltd                             M&E Supply, Construction & Installation, Biomass Heat
Pinkworthy Barn, Oakford, Devon, EX16 9EU   Wood Energy Ltd are a leading UK supplier of high efficiency automatic wood
T: 01398 351349                             chip and wood pellet boilers. Our systems range from domestic, to large scale
E:                multi -megawatt industrial heating. We offer Austrian Binder wood chip and wood                     pellet boilers from 25kW-10,000kW; Danish P&H wood pellet boilers for smaller
                                            heat loads from 12kW-47kW; Standalone automatic pellet stoves from 5kW -
                                            15kW. We also offer solutions for wood chip and wood pellet storage facilities
                                            and work with wood chip suppliers across the region. We supply and deliver
                                            wood pellet fuel across the UK. A REAL Assurance Scheme Member

                                            LCBP Accredited Installer for Biomass Stove, Biomass Boiler


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South West England:
Biomass companies by A to Z

Further Information
A number of organisations operate within the onsite renewables industry providing
information, advice and grants*.

Information, Advice & Grants

 Energy Savings Trust – providers of information, advice and grants for energy

      management –

 Low Carbon Buildings Programme (LCBP) – the principal government grants scheme

      for onsite renewables –

 REAL Assurance Scheme – a renewable energy assurance listing scheme provided by

      the REA -

Trade Associations

 Micropower Council – a trade body for the onsite renewables industry –

 Renewable Energy Association (REA) – a trade body for the renewable energy

      industry -

*Disclaimer: Regen SW is not responsible for the content of external websites. Listing does not imply endorsement by Regen

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